Afford being home mom stay-Yes, You Can Afford to be a Stay-at-Home Mom

While there is certainly nothing wrong with working outside of the home, for many women, being able to afford to be a stay-at-home mom would be a dream come true. How do I know? Because I did it and so have plenty of others. Hopefully they will inspire you to find the solutions that are just right for your family. Plan Ahead.

Afford being home mom stay

Afford being home mom stay

Afford being home mom stay

Afford being home mom stay

I also hope to be able to keep strong friendships. I trust God wil provide but we have to work sray much as possible untill my husband can find a higher paying job. Afford being home mom stay can you not use them? Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and all these helpful tips! We have three children, ages 13, 11 and 6 and it seems money is always flying out the door.

Phat lesbos. How to Be a Stay at Home Mom

For our kiddos we shop on eBay a lot. My monthly Afford being home mom stay was cut down by about 70 percent! Thank you so much! I too stayed home with my six children when we could barely afford it. This article will be my first go-to resource for Russell Money Coaching homme We let our kids know early on homw would have to pay for college themselves and worked on strategies to do that. It is comforting to know that I am not the only SAHM that tutors, works in child care, has a husband who has a second job, and still struggles financially. But I stumbled upon Mary Kay about a year and a half ago. My husband and I just a couple of Afford being home mom stay ago did a budget. Well, God called on his heart as well, and as I said, I am now home! I pray it will get us through the winter. Thank you for this post and your down to earth reasoning.

You may dream of becoming a stay-at-home parent SAHP , but can you afford it?

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  • Choosing whether to be your child's full-time caregiver can be a complicated emotional and financial decision.

Check out this post on staying at home with your kids when you can barely afford it! My husband is a high school teacher and a pretty amazing one, I might add! He makes a true difference in the lives of his students. But the pay is slim. Staying at home means that we wear our clothes until they wear out —or we grow out of them ahem, baby weight?

It means forgoing Earth Fare groceries and buying from the clean 15 at Aldi instead. And date nights might be coffee together instead of dinner and a movie. And you know what? If gas is running low, I may have to say no to a play date and stay home instead.

And we absolutely do NOT use credit cards. We have no debt, and we have no interest in acquiring any. We simply cannot afford to get into debt! Their wardrobes include many name and even boutique brands and several very nice smocked dresses!

My husband and I typically purchase new clothing for ourselves, but we do so very rarely and only if we need something. Since we rarely shop for clothes or anything else, I am mainly referring to food here. I normally do one big grocery shop per month, just like Anne of Authentic Simplicity recommends in her book, Your Grocery Budget Toolbox.

I do not typically use coupons because we eat whole foods , and there are not many coupons available for the foods we eat. Often, I even shop produce from the clearance racks.

Buying whole foods and cooking at home saves you money—and it benefits your health. Besides shopping for used clothing and furniture, etc. My mom, sister and even my dad see shopping as a hobby.

I used to like to browse places like Ross, Kohls, etc. We simply do not have the money. We do not have cable—or satellites. We use bunny ears to get the basic channels, and we have Netflix, which is very cheap. Netflix gives us both TV and movie options, so we very, very rarely go to the movies.

I take the girls to the library, or we participate in other free or very cheap activities through our local recreation department. I have a degree in journalism and Spanish. I also bring in some money through blog advertisers. Before our second child was born, I tutored children two days per week and taught some homeschoolers Spanish. I am using my degree without ever having to leave my home.

My husband tutors after school and has also brought in extra income by working as a freelance photographer for our local newspaper and taking on a few design clients when time permits. Do I think that every single woman can truly stay at home? If my husband were to make just a little less than he is making now, I have absolutely no idea how we would make it work. But, praise the Lord, we do make it work.

He has made a way—and we are incredibly grateful. Always funny to see date changes! Hi Kerri! We pay out of pocket for dentist visits. This might work for some- certainly wont work for others…. This is really inspirational, however, I love to be able to make extra cash by working at home and taking care of my 2babies. Kerri, that is our dilemma! And with insurance situations as they are now, it makes me discouraged. I cannot beleive how creative and wonderful you ladies are!

We are contemplating me being a stay at home mom and I am sweating bullets. We intend to pay off one car and all of our credit cards this year in Jesus name. I am a school teacher and I bring home 40k before taxes now but all of my money is going towards preschool! I want to stop that! Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated.

My husband makes about the same as yours. We have two little kids 2 and 7 and two grown kids. Now even though my husband makes a really decent income we have to budget. It really helped us budget and set goals. This works best if your house is located where you can walk to some things like parks. I just came across this post and thought it very well written. I would like to add something though. Sometimes in order to live within our husbands salary and be a stay at home mom as the bible actually calls us to do, it may mean that hubby and family need to relocate.

And the county we moved to offered a home buyer grant that we could utilize! Set any pride aside which we hate being reminded that pride could be that hindrance that is holding us back…. There is always a way the question is…. To be honest, I have a hard time relating to any of this. I still manage to stay home. I came here looking for real tips about how to save money. Sorry, but you seem to have too rich of a lifestyle. And we paid it off.

All I can do is read the comments here and shake my head. How can you leave such a negative comment? This is HER life, not yours and honestly it seems like you need to get one if you have the time to bring other people down. Everyone in this world have people richer and poorer then themselves and some would look at you and call you spoiled. Where did you find the money to pay for the internet? Everyone has a different situation with different challenges.

We have fantastic benefits but about a middle class income, however I have two children with disabilities and the copays add up quick as well as gas driving to therapy. There is simply nothing we can change about that.

These other families may have things they can not give up or choose not to. Be thankful the roof over your head is paid off and you can relax about that. I pray that God will bless you.

I was at home with my children until they were school age. We used to live in OH. We moved to NY. Flocks of 30 turkeys walk through my yard. Deer are everywhere. Black Bears raid my trash cans.

People who live in NY city have it worse. Hi Anne. Look him up and you may find some helpful information on his site for saving money. Honestly, we would be in very bad shape financially if not for that course. Her 2nd blog is about her quilting, with LOTS of beautiful pictures! Even if there is nothing really new for me to take from it, I still feel like part of the club, the stretch your budget club. I think the thing to remember is how much costs can vary between regions and sections of the country.

You should not be raising and fostering growing minds and spirits with such an ungrateful, judgmental, boredom-driven, condescending, presumptuous, unsupportive, attitude abd outlook on life and community. Shame on you. You would rather marinate in the bitterness and emptiness that stems from your own individual core. I am sorry for you and your life and ultimately the impact you must have on your kids. Stay far away in the country, keep your kids at home, your detachment is our blessing.

I wonder how your relationship with God is…But not really. There is none. Thanks for your input and the reminder of the the good in all the rest of us. You may be surprised how the numbers work. When you stay at home some expenses disappear or decrease daycare, gas, car expenses, some food costs, etc.

That part is totally free. Awesome tip! Did it take you a long time to get used to 1 income? I have no idea what you are talking about, honestly that is just nonsense. So true and so inspiring.

Afford being home mom stay

Afford being home mom stay. You Can Stay Home with Your Kids!


Staying At Home With Your Kids When You Can Barely Afford It

The argument is over: You absolutely, positively cannot afford to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. No need to delve into arguments about personal choice or what is good for children or families. This is about money. Your husband is a banker?

And your daddy is rich? Your spouse adores you — even though you gained, like, 40 pounds with each pregnancy? It makes zero financial sense for any of those 5. Want to find work-from-home or freelance jobs? My friends at FlexJobs. Read my FlexJobs review. Her reason? These challenges translate into a tougher time getting a new gig when you want one.

However, if you plan ahead and keep a hand in the game, things might turn out differently. Take me, for instance. I was married to a really nice, devoted guy who made a handsome income. We had a baby, bought life insurance, set up automatic contributions to our retirement accounts and emergency savings, and even started a college fund. He had disability insurance, but that never came into play after he fell off a cliff and nearly died of a brain injury — of which the lingering and devastating symptoms played a big role in dissolving our marriage.

After my ex moved out, I quickly ramped up my workload. So when the child support and health insurance stopped because he was fired again, related to the injury , I was able to swing my family financially, even after I had another baby.

Had I not had a career, or an ongoing business, my son, daughter and my life would be in a very, very different place. We would likely be broke. I would be angry. I would be selling stuff I really care about and making decisions about our futures out of fear instead of love and happiness.

I would have fewer choices, less power. Ask yourself: How can you keep a foot — toe, knuckle, nail — in your industry while still giving your children the time you feel they deserve?

Brainstorm, ask colleagues and mentors for advice, and get creative to make sure you remain relevant. Then, check out these posts about making money now, from home:. This post outlines popular, easily accessible careers that many people can start from home, without special degrees or training, including:.

Work from home jobs on a computer Work from home typing jobs Work from home data entry jobs Work from home customer service jobs chat jobs Work from home medical jobs and medical transcription jobs.

In addition to FlexJobs, which is an excellent source of quality, vetted flexible, work-at-home careers, also check out Steady , which lets you create a free account where you can find local and remote flexible jobs , and ZipRecruiter. Related: 82 legit websites to make money right now.

Emma Johnson is an award-winning business journalist, noted blogger, and bestselling author. Find out Emma's top Single Mom Resources here. Considering what the statistics show us, their kids suffer as well. I dropped out of college and became a stay-at-home mom for six years and loved it. I loved being home. We did get divorced, and I had to move back to my hometown and finish my degree. However, I do wish to stay home with my kids…forever. The only way we could do it is if I did something like home daycare, full—time.

Watching babies now, no problem. Watching babies in 20 years when I am 65? I am not so sure. So I watch my boys get older and older, spend my days counting the minutes until I am back in my sanctuary, and wonder how life got so far off track that I have to spend my days with strangers instead of doing the homey things I love. Or, maybe it is your desire to stay home […].

Life can be difficult. We all have to make choices based on our given circumstances. Some choices we look back on with regret and others, relief. The modern economy and workplace has changed dramatically in the last few decades and will continue to change. The workplace continues on with or without you.

I lost 4 years of paying into Social Security, which I will never be able to catch up because I will always be 4 years behind. It wont. You deal with one problem at a time, not 10 potential problems that are likely not going to happen. My mom was a stay at home mom and recently is going through a divorce. She got a job and a nice house. So, I will be a stay at home mom. If something happens, thats what emergency funds are for.

Love this Emma — thank you. I disagree with the previous post; LIFE can be mean spirited and miserable; and failing to plan is planning to fail. I have always felt like the women that are fiercely anti-working Mom operate from a place of fear.

Maybe you have a rock-solid marriage, but what happens if the police show up at your door to inform you your spouse was in a car accident and dead? Or brain damaged? You will be devastated, not to mention your kids.

Then, if you are lucky enough to have savings to pay the bills and allow yourself time to process that, you have to deal your kids another hard blow and tell them the SAHM they had grown accustomed to expired along with the other parent. The reality of leaving your children to go to work every day is harsh, but it protects their future because you protected your own.

Ha ha ha, I put a link on your blog to an article YOU wrote!! At least your message is consistent ;-. Emma you are really disgusting.

You are mean spirited and you sound miserable. Leave SAHM alone and get a life. You need an exorcism and prayer. You sound as though you hate your kids. You could of aborted you know?

Instead of spewing jealousy and hatred towards SAHM who love their kids and family. You are sickening. Hello, I have a question.

If having only kids means we can take care of them in a better way rather than sharing the same budget with kids. Someone please help me understand. This is bullshit. No job equals satisfaction of staying home taking care of your family. You have over plus yrs after your kids are gone to have a satisfying career and if your smart hard and hard working and know how to manage money than you will be fine.

No alimony, nothing, cleaned out the bank accounts, cut our college daughter off of insurance and when our car broke down, he refused to assist me in buying another one when I became laid off. I am working and going to school at The kids? I barely make enough to pay the bills by myself, I roommate with one daughter, who wants to start her own life. So we see time and again the price so many women pay for playing the June Cleaver role and we still choose to be foolish.

LOL, Trump!!! Why should the husband be the one to work and support YOU and the children! Not once do you make mention of the incredible cost of childcare and how some women would be working to literally just pay a nanny or daycare to watch their kids.

Take my job as an administrative assistant, for example. A better solution would be to help families learn how to budget and manage money. Help them figure out how to save so they can build a hefty safety net. Do you realize what that read likes? I went back to work full time after my first two children, but realized I was essentially working for free after childcare costs the second time around.

My youngest 3 goes to preschool part time, 16 hours a week. Suggestions for things I could do from home would be very much appreciated! I have a bachelors degree, never ended up going to graduate school.

Thanks for any suggestions! Hmm, maybe the title is overgeneralizing a tad, cause there are certainly some women who can afford to do that. However, I am definitely not one of those women.

Afford being home mom stay

Afford being home mom stay