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By Matt Allen. Editor, DadsDivorce. State statutes and case law define this standard differently, but in general there are certain factors and themes that appear in the majority of states. None of that crap up there matters. Its a joke.

Custody only to wife

Custody only to wife

Custody only to wife

Milady's Question: I am in Custody only to wife emotionally abusive marriage and now my husband wants a divorce. This has been going on for sometime now even with doctors appt Custody only to wife school functions etc. I dont know what to Downers grove il nude teens form here becuase klnow my momther got her problems together and know is soon getting her opwn house down were i live and is getting a job and I am trying to live with her…But I dont know what to do from her help please? He has taken custody away from many mothers and this scares me, being that this is Cjstody we are going to trial for in 2 weeks. You need to decide what you think would be the best situation for your child. Can my husband use this against me when it comes down to custody of my daughter?

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Supervised visitation is granted if there is T i s dick serious potential that harm could come to the child and the parent has done things that have warranted the conclusion that unsupervised visitation is not in the best interest of the child. No reply to questions that need a timely reply. And make myself crazy, and wind up looking it, Custody only to wife. Alimony Divorce and Property. Cusrody representation sife made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. Child custody can refer to where your children will live after divorce physical custodyor who has the legal right to make decisions about their upbringing legal custody. By Emily DoskowAttorney. They speak to the child and advocate for what the child wants in terms of custody and speak to the Judge on their findings. The judge looks at every relevant factor that has to do with the children i. If the violatio ns are continuous, a judge may find the violator to be in contempt of court. You cannot let them through your defenses at all, though! Adultery: Facts and Statistics Nowadays, adultery is not Custody only to wife marriage-ender it historically was. In legal terms, the parent with sole physical custody is the custodial parent and the other is the noncustodial parent who has visitation rights. Thanks for your feedback!

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  • My spouse says I am legally bound to pay her a certain amount of money to help out with expenses.
  • North Carolina child custody lawyers answers frequently asked questions about North Carolina child custody and North Carolina custody laws.

By Matt Allen. Editor, DadsDivorce. State statutes and case law define this standard differently, but in general there are certain factors and themes that appear in the majority of states. None of that crap up there matters. Its a joke. You are quick to point out what is wrong with your ex, I get the feeling that there is something against you that you of course are going to withhold here to be able to play helpless victim.

I dont see ANY state or county choosing that described situation as ideal unless… you have something FAR worse on you they are concerned about. Thank you for this advice on getting custody. My husband and I are fighting for custody. He waited and called her multi times to ask her to come home. He has a really great job, and could not up and leave to see what was up. Well, as his parents we did not know about this.

Over 2 years later she has never came home, she enroll the kids where they are. She is living with her parents, I am sure after so long they will want her out. She is a very nasty person, if you disagree, or cross her. She does not take correction very well to help her, she thinks if you disagree or kind of rise your voice to be heard.

You are having a argument with her. Now my son is seeking divorce due do her nasty attitude and abuse of words to him all the time. He has taken this for over 20 years and now with the seeking of divorce she just being nasty and telling lies about him. He so want his children, even though she has never hit the children, the children are not well behave and kind of wild.

Yes, they are only 6 years old Triplets but there is no control of these children. He wants to get a nanny, plus me to have these children and I am taking parenting classes, just like my son. She refuses to take them and her parents also. She is the one who broke this married not my son. My son take faithful to her over 2 years waiting for her to come back. She does not any love for my son, I would say she only loves herself.

Not only she has mess up on her life and married, she has mess up my son life by robbing him of over 20 years of his life but his children. She is selfish, to even trying to get children after in a word stealing the children. I have been married for 5 years, I have two kids within my marriage 4,2. My wife has two older kids 11,10 from a previous relationship. I have been with my kids since day one I found out we were pregnant!

Every Dr. We have had a share of problems but My wife and I both agree we are better apart and both want a clean divorce. She wants to go with the same agreement she has with the older kids father! The other father is behind on child support and the judge granted that he just pay the remaining balance of what is owed and no additional support was needed.

I see the effects of it every time my step kids come back home! My question is is this the best route to go? Will I be forced to pay child support? If so should I just fight for full custody being that I have allways been a active father and she already has two older kids going through it now should I take my chances? My wife and I have had a declining sex life I actually the idea from a mgtow forum to keep a chart of times I tried and was rejected and times we had sex…also how much she drinks which ironically increase dramatically.

So far in 73 times I tried since January 1 and only 9 times we had sex. I want a divorce and want to take the kids. Two daughters 16 and She abuses them emotionally, puts them down negates accomplishments, and I have approached them and they want to come with me. I have put resources aside and need help with what comes next. One particular primary good thing about uncontested divorce is the savings in divorce costs. While legal professional representation will often be a good idea even in an uncontested divorce, the sleek procedure includes lowered courtroom costs, as well at lowered legal professional bills.

My daughter is 10 months and her mother is very irresponsible and immature. Can i win this battle? My wife cheated on me two years ago and took my little girl to a different state. She was a stay at home mom and I worked 12 hour shifts 5 days a week to support her and my little girl while she was off talking to different men.

That is just based off the pictures she posts on Facebook alone proving that she does in fact have her. Just in the last month my ex wife has seen our daughter just twice when the grandma took my daughter over to her house for Easter and her birthday. My daughter and I are extremely close and she always cries when I have to give her back. I have never done anything bad and am the best daddy I can possibly be.

I love that my daughter gets to see her grandma but as her parent I want to be the one to raise my child. Do I need to attempt to get custody before or after the move once I am settled in? Will the court even care that the grandma is watching our daughter and not her own mother?

Please help! I feel so much for what you say. I did not divorce yet but it seems we are talking about the same bitch with same psychopathy. Right now, My husband and I are going through a temporary custody case because he was putting my son in danger and then put his hands on me while I am pregnant with our second child. He still has to tell his side of the story to the judge, what if The judge does not believe me.

What should I do? Iam mike ive been married for 8 years. My wife has been to prison,jail,rehab been out for three months , and runnen around for a total of 5 years addicted to meth. I have had our little girl the entire time. After her first incarseration little over 2 years I thot we could work it out and lasted 8 months b4 she started using again. Next thing i know she put an order of protection against me not letting me be around our child.

Any1 ever go threw this? And if so please give advise. My X wife is pregnant with her 3 kid from baby daddy number 3 can i get custody of my son do to showing her recklessness she had only been dating the guy for a month and she did not tell the juge during the devorce and custody hearing.

I am a father of 3 9, 15, My wife has been a stay at home mom for over 16 years. I have a great job that has been able to keep us living in a house for over 8 years. She refuses to work. I have made it easy for her to get jobs and she has gone on interviews, had jobs offered and refused every single one. She quit a job just after working approximately 2 months.

She said it was too much pressure for her. Now I had to get rid of her car because i could no longer afford it. I have been handling all of the financial weight our entire marriage for over 16 years. I am emotionally distressed and can no longer handle living with her. I want a future for my children. I am done. How can I go about going through divorce, will the courts help me in my situation?

I realize that a mother is important and could not ever think of taking that away from them. Married for 4 years, 3 kids 2 weeks old, 2 years old, 6 years old, I ready to leave but afraid of missing my kids too much. I take care of them all since 8 years, and survived 2 bankruptcies and regular extortion. I also suffer from her racism, humiliation, and attempts to distance me from my daughter, family, country, job, and properties.

Hello Men, I am a divorced dad of four years. I should have called Cordell. Everything is negotiable if the lawyer is willing to go the extra mile. NO item is too small to try and get. Even transportation to and from for visitation should be split. Not just NCP Dad does it all. You need your half too to get a new smaller house and have excellent visits with your child. They will sell the house anyway and collect the tax free money. Your money will be trapped in your k until you are retirement age.

You will be hurting for a place for your kid when they visit you.

For temporary orders, the order must state a clear, specific reconvening time to come back for a hearing on the merits. We understand and that is okay! She just got tired of being the leader of the pack and all that responsibility. The way a father treats the mother of his child may be a factor in determining child custody. Once those are completed, or waived by a judge, you can schedule your child custody to be decided in front of a judge. Time is flying by!!!

Custody only to wife

Custody only to wife

Custody only to wife

Custody only to wife. Legal Custody


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How is custody determined during a divorce case or custody conflict? If you are facing a possible custody trial, you should realize that the judge will consider the best interests of your child above all the other issues. You can find out the specific factors considered by looking up the child custody laws for your state.

What kind of custody arrangements are there? Brette's Answer : 1 Sole legal and physical custody would mean you make all decisions and he has no rights to see her. You would be the residential parent, the one your child lives with and he would have visitation. Is custody affected by who files for divorce first? Stephanie's Question : Three weeks ago my husband decided he was not happy in our marriage and wants a divorce.

Last weekend he moved in with someone he had been seeing. Brette's Answer : Who files for divorce has no impact on custody. Now, that being said, if one spouse has done egregious things that led to the divorce, it's possible a judge would be swayed by that when considering custody. You should talk to an attorney about your situation. You might also want to consider using mediation to settle your custody issues. Mediation will allow the two of you to reach an agreement about custody and other aspects of the divorce based on what would be best for your entire family.

How does the judge decide who is the better parent? Elena's Question: We're both "Church people" and don't use drugs or alcohol. I'm a stay at home mom, and my kids love my husband very much. How would the judge determine who is the better parent for the children to live with? Brette's Answer : The court looks at who has been the primary parent, the amount of time the parents have spent with the children, their living situations, and all the circumstances to determine what would be best for the children.

What can I do if we can't reach a custody agreement? Cristina's Question: Every time we have tried to come to an agreement about custody of our child, he always ends up insulting me and we don't get anywhere. What can I to do to get a custody agreement worked out? Brette's Answer: If you can't reach agreement, you can either go to a mediator who can help you reach an agreement without insults or hire an attorney. You could also file for custody on your own without an attorney, but if you can afford a mediator or an attorney I would highly recommend it.

How can I prepare myself for a custody battle? Misty Asks: We're going through a nasty divorce and we have 2 small children and he wants full custody of them.

He has never taken them to the doctor, stayed home from work when they are sick, etc. Now he is lying to the court system trying to say that I am unfit.

I am so scared that they will give him the kids. I know that this would not be in the best interest for them. Brette's Answer : Getting an attorney is the first step. That's the best way to maximize your chances and prepare a good case. Start to keep a calendar and a journal documenting everything you do.

Try to the best of your recollection to recreate the past six months or year as well, writing down everything you've done and everything he's done. This will allow you to show the court that you are the primary caretaker of the children and that you are able to parent on your own. Write down and document everything you do for your son each day.

Prepare a photo album of photos of you with your son or son happy in your care. Anything you have prepared yourself, such a journal, photos, or log would be admissible in court. Other documents, such as school records or bank records must be authenticated, so you will need to talk to the court clerk ASAP about subpoenas if you want to do something like that.

Having a place to live and a job are important. Making arrangements for school and child care are also important. Demonstrate that you have community ties through church, neighborhood, friends, etc. Be prepared to show why he is not qualified to have custody of the children.

Find people who will testify about problems with his parenting and people who will testify about your skills as a parent. Get an attorney and discuss this with him or her. How do I fight for custody if I don't have a lawyer? Stephanie's Question: I received divorce papers from my husband and was shocked to see that he wants the majority of time with our 10 year old daughter.

He walked out on us 2 years ago to pursue a relationship with the woman he was having an affair with. Being broke, I had to file the answers by myself. Legal Aid told me that with the attorney he has, she is too aggressive for anyone to pick up my case. My husband was arrested for hitting me six years ago and was ordered to take AA classes by his place of employment.

How should I proceed when I'm on my own? Our daughter has lived with me in the same place since birth. You need to document everything. Organize people who can testify on your behalf about what a good parent you are and what he is like. You will need to get the records from the arrest. Speak with the court clerk on how to do this. If you can find a way to afford an attorney I would really recommend it. Dana's Question: Does the judge always rule with the recommendations of the court appointed evaluator?

Brette's Answer: You need to consult an attorney in your state for state specifics; however an evaluation generally carries a lot of weight with a judge. How is custody decided if we're not married? Anita's Question: I am in a common-law relationship and have a child and not sure where to start. What happens to my child and how is it decided where he stays?

We are both great parents and are in his life the same amount of time. I have been holding back and not leaving because I cannot live without my son.

Brette : Custody is always handled the same way, whether you were married or nor. It is decided based on what will be in the best interest of your child. Good luck. Does it affect custody if our child was born before we married? Jill's Question: Does anything change if the child was born before the marriage, but is the biological child of the husband and wife seeking divorce? Will having custody from a prior marriage affect custody in our divorce?

Lauren's Question: My ex has physical custody of a child from a previous marriage. Our daughter that we have together is 3 years old. She is also a Type 1 Diabetic. I am her primary caregiver for everything, including the 6 times a day she has to have her blood sugar checked, and her twice daily shots.

I want a joint managing conservatorship with myself having the sole physical custody. Does the fact that my ex has sole physical custody of his son increase the chances that he would get physical custody of our daughter? Brette's Answer : Each child is a different situation. Prepare to show the court everything you've explained to me about her care.

How is custody affected if he hasn't let me see our son for 6 months? I finally got a suit effecting parent child relationship filed. If he's had him that long and I haven't even been able to see him, will this make it where he automatically gets custody? Brette's Answer : Refusing to allow a child to see the other parent is parental alienation and can have an adverse effect on custody, however there's no way to know for sure without knowing all the details of your situation.

I would recommend hiring an attorney to help you. Can my ex keep our son for 6 months without getting full custody? Nisha: We're trying to work out an agreement were my ex can keep my son for 6 months out of the year, but I don't want to give him full custody. What can I do to ensure our son is back with me at the end of the 6th month?

Brette's Answer : This would be a shared custody arrangement. If he doesn't return your son, you take him to court for violating your custody order. Can he get custody if he's only seen our child once? Janet's Question: My daughter is 2 years of age, and her father is asking for full custody. He has been paying child support, but has only seen her once in her life at age 1.

She has no idea really who he is. I never thought it would come to this so I never filed custody papers. Brette's Answer : It is unlikely he would get custody if he has no relationship with her. However, what will likely happen is that he will be given visitation and they will develop a relationship. Can he be awarded custody if he takes care of the kids?

Amy's Question: A little over two months ago, the children and I moved out. Sometimes I work days and sometimes nights and my husband takes care of the kids whenever I work.

Custody only to wife