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The scene was immortalized by photographer Thomas E. The image has been widely reproduced in the decade since it was first published. Thomas E. The now-famous photograph was never featured on the front page of The Record, the newspaper Franklin works for in Bergen County, New Jersey. The photo appeared on page 32 on September 12,

Flag on the rubble twin towers

Flag on the rubble twin towers

Flag on the rubble twin towers

Hewitt Bravest David A. Hazards at the World Trade Center site included a diesel fuel tank buried seven stories below. New York. Public Administration Review. Negative : New York City Fire Department. He is seen in at his home in Nuremberg, Germany. There were many health problems caused by the toxins.

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Lewis Mumford Center for comparative urban and regional research. The Rediff Special. Redirected from Survivors of the September 11, attacks. August 7, A special exception was thus made to the normal requirement by the United States Postal Service that subjects of stamps be deceased. The three stairwells were labeled A, B, and C, and eubble as tall as the buildings with two built to 44 inches in width and the third being 56 inches wide. Retrieved September 24, Daily Mirror. The safest F,ag is inside; stay calm and do not leave. Retrieved April 30, Marsh Inc.

The second tower of the World Trade Center bursts into flames after being hit by a hijacked airplane in New York in this September 11,

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After an assignment in the Dominican Republic, news photographer Thomas E. Franklin was back to his usual territory, the New York-New Jersey area.

His day began at 8 a. An editor told him a plane hit the World Trade Center. Franklin, who had been on the paper's staff since , headed down the New Jersey Turnpike to Jersey City.

Franklin stopped at Exchange Place in Jersey City and went to the riverfront. As a veteran of the news coverage area, he knew where the best views of the WTC would be. He put a memory card into his digital camera.

He witnessed ferries carrying wounded persons and the establishment of a triage area and took shots of the action. I was scanning the faces in Jersey City, hoping that I would see my brother. He works two blocks south of the World Trade Center. By noon the ferries began to taper off. Another photographer, John Wheeler, convinced the police to let himself and Franklin take a tugboat to New York.

He first arrived at WTC 7, a story structure that would collapse that night. As Franklin further penetrated Ground Zero, police threatened to arrest him about a half dozen times. Franklin was traveling with James Nachtwey, a Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist who told him he had just narrowly escaped death at Ground Zero. Around 4 or 5 p. A trio of firefighters caught his eye.

They were standing on a structure about 20 feet above the ground. This was a long lens picture: there was about yards between the foreground and background, and the long lens would capture the enormity of the rubble behind them," Franklin said. They took the banner and decided to raise it as a statement of loyalty and resilience. Franklin recalled, "I made the picture standing underneath what may have been one of the elevated walkways, possibly the one that had connected the World Trade plaza and the World Financial Center.

As soon as I shot it, I realized the similarity to the famous image of the Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima. It said something to me about the strength of the American people and of thse firemen having to battle the unimaginable.

The Battle of Iwo Jima also is recognized as the beginning of the end of the campaign against the Japanese in the Pacific. The firefighters of Engine and Ladder of Brooklyn had been digging in the rubble and searching for survivors at WTC 7, when they were told to evacuate.

The weakened structure was close to collapse. He took the flag and its pole from the stern and rolled it up so it would not touch the ground. He took it to the evacuation area. He slapped Johnson on the shoulder and said, "Give me a hand, will ya, George? Eisengrein, of Rescue 2 from Brooklyn, saw them and said, "You need a hand? The firefighters found a flagpole within rubble about 20 feet off the ground on West Street. They used a improvised ramp to climb to the pole to raise the flag.

As they performed their act, Franklin aimed his long lens in their direction. The three firemen decided to raise the flag on the spur of the moment. McWilliams said that "a big part of this is maintaining the unity of the whole team. In all, firefighters died in the Trade Center disaster, along with 23 New York City and 37 Port Authority police officers and six medical rescue workers.

Reaction was swift and emotional. The flag raising firemen were hit with numerous calls from friends and family. Their first reaction -- surprise, as they didn't know Franklin took their picture. Among the requests from commercial concerns were to reprint it on shirts and three-dimensional music boxes.

The money was distributed to charities selected by McWilliams, Johnson and Eisengrein. The photo eventually was made into an authorized poster sold through the paper's Web site and private companies. Slight variations and outright replicas began to appear across the US in fall a New Orleans prison bore a mural of the image, and copies of it were left as "calling cards" by troops in Afghanistan. Firefighters with flags began to appear in paintings and drawings, and on pins, buttons, T-shirts, hats and Christmas ornaments.

Taverns, hair salons and offices hung the picture. Through Associated Press distribution, the Franklin photo was used by many magazines and papers. The photo was on the short list of photographs considered for the Pulitzer Prize.

One revenue generating venture was approved -- a "Heroes " stamp issued by the US Postal Service with the Franklin image. President George W. Bush, as part of the six-month remembrance rituals of 11 March , unveiled the stamp in the Oval Office. Franklin, Johnson, Eisengrein and McWilliams attended the ceremony.

The stamps had a plus sign instead of a price. They cost 45 cents rather than the usual cent first class price. The extra revenue was to go the Federal Emergency Management Agency; a little paid for Postal Service operating costs.

One replica of the photo even generated controversy. In December , the New York Fire Department unveiled a study of a memorial statue based on the picture, but with the firefighers as black, Latino and white.

The three original men are all Caucasian. The sculpture was by StudioEis of Brooklyn. Many of the complaints about the statue came from New York firefighters themselves. They criticized their department for being politically correct and "rewriting history," as the father of fireman Thomas Casoria, a WTC victim, said.

After the complaints the fire department went back to the drawing board for another attempt at a memorial. Franklin remains modest about the picture, saying that it was only chance he witnessed the firefighters. But I've never seen anything like this," Franklin aid. Nothing had ever touched me as emotionally as this.

But I had a job to do Once I made deadline, all I wanted to do was see my wife and my son. Fresno, Ca United States christian christianparley. Christian Parley Commercial Photography.

Info Email. Parley's Blog. The Story Behind Thomas E. McWilliams remembered that other fire personnel yelled, "Good job! Source 1 Comment.

September 12, Repeating this message: the situation occurred in Building 1. October 28, Soon after its raising above Ground Zero, the flag disappeared. Daily Mirror. Archived from the original on November 8, International Office Centers.

Flag on the rubble twin towers

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The flag that toured the country to reassure the nation, flew over Yankee Stadium as a patriotic rebuke to terrorism, and flew over the USS Roosevelt as the battleship carried troops to Afghanistan in response to the attacks, was represented as the same flag that was raised at Ground Zero. It turns out the original flag disappeared shortly after it was photographed. Tucker and Epperlein interviewed the owners of the original flag, Shirley Dreifus and Spiros Kopelakis. They reveal key details about their flag that distinguish it from the imposter.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani , as well as fire fighters, police officers, photographers who were at Ground Zero, the makers of the flag, editors who used the Franklin photograph, and others, all speak about their memories of that day for the documentary.

Each discusses also his memories of the famous flag. CNN Films brings documentaries beyond the small screen by developing strategic partnerships to leverage distribution opportunities at film festivals and in theaters. Malhotra manages the day-to-day operation of CNN Films, and works directly with filmmakers to develop original projects. Follow CNN Pressroom via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Franklin is not to be confused with another picture of the same event but from a different angle by Ricky Flores for The Journal News. Flores also was able to get near Ground Zero on the day of the attacks and at around the same time that Franklin took his shot, Flores was able to get into a second story of a nearby building and capture the same picture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. North Jersey Media Group. Archived from the original on June 20, Retrieved July 17, Famous Pictures Magazine. Archived from the original on August 20, Retrieved July 16, August 22, Archived from the original on August 26, Retrieved August 29, The New York Times.

September 6, Archived from the original on September 6, Retrieved September 6, The Jawa Report. Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved September 11, Retrieved April 21, New York City Fire Department. Abram S. Hewitt Bravest David A. McKean Fireboat John H. Glenn Jr. John J. Harvey John P. Gaynor Willam M. Feehan Zophar Mills.

American flag recovered from the World Trade Center - September Bearing Witness to History

The local, state, federal and global reaction to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center was unprecedented. The equally unsurpassed events of that day elicited the largest response of local emergency and rescue personnel to assist in the evacuation of the two towers and also contributed to the largest loss of the same personnel when the towers collapsed. After the attacks, the media termed the World Trade Center site " Ground Zero ", while rescue personnel referred to it as "the Pile".

In the ensuing recovery and cleanup efforts, personnel-related to metalwork and construction professions would descend on the site to offer their services and remained until the site was cleared in May In the years since, investigations and studies have examined effects upon those who participated, noting a variety of afflictions attributed to the debris and stress. All people evacuating were ordered through a door on the mezzanine level that led to a bridge to another building, and everyone was evacuated through the neighboring building.

The firefighters in charge did not want anyone going through the front doors at first due to falling debris, and then because of falling people who had jumped from the towers. Standard evacuation procedures for fires in the World Trade Center called for evacuating only the floors immediately above and below the fire, as simultaneous evacuation of up to 50, workers would be too chaotic.

Chief Joseph Pfeifer and his crew with Battalion 1 were among the first on the scene. Due to falling debris and safety concerns, he moved the incident command center to a spot located across West Street , but numerous fire chiefs remained in the lobby which continued to serve as an operations post where alarms, elevators, communications systems, and other equipment were operated.

The initial response by the FDNY was on rescue and evacuation of building occupants, which involved sending firefighters up to assist people that were trapped in elevators and elsewhere.

Firefighters were also required to ensure all floors were completely evacuated. As a result, many chiefs could not keep track of the whereabouts of their units. Numerous firefighters reported directly to the building lobbies, and were ordered by those commanding the operating post to proceed into the building.

The repeater system in the World Trade Center, which was required for portable radio signals to transmit reliably, was malfunctioning after the impact of the planes. Also, many off-duty firefighters arrived to help, without their radios. The firefighters on the scene also did not have access to television reports or other outside information, which could help in assessing the situation. The battalion chief in the North Tower lobby immediately issued an order over the radio for firefighters in the tower to evacuate, but many did not hear the order, due to the faulty radios.

Because of this, firefighters died in the collapse of the towers. EMS chiefs experienced difficulties communicating via their radios, due to the overwhelming volume of radio traffic. At , an additional dispatch channel was set aside for use by chiefs and supervisors only, but many did not know about this and continued to operate on the other channel. The communication difficulties meant that commanders lacked good situational awareness.

Dispatchers at the call center, who coordinate EMS response and assign units, were overwhelmed with incoming calls, as well as communications over the radio system. Dispatchers were unable to process and make sense of all the incoming information, including information from people trapped in the towers, about conditions on the upper floors.

Overwhelmed dispatchers were unable to effectively give instructions and manage the situation. On the acute side, multiple makeshift tables, each with a physician, nurse, and other health care workers, and non-emergency service volunteers, were set up for the arrival of mass casualties.

Supplies, including equipment for airway and vascular control, were obtained from neighboring hospitals. Throughout the afternoon, local merchants arrived to donate food. Despite this, few patients arrived for treatment, the earliest at about 5 p.

An announcement was made around 6—7 p. Soon after, when it was realized that few would have survived the collapse and be brought to the piers, many decided to leave and the area was closed down. Immediately after the first attack, the captains and crews of a large number of local boats [11] steamed into the attack zone to assist in evacuation. Coast Guard to help evacuate those stranded on Manhattan Island.

Harvey , provided supplies and water, which became urgently needed after the Towers' collapse severed downtown water mains. Amateur radio played a role in the rescue and clean-up efforts. Amateur radio operators established communications, maintained emergency networks, and formed bucket brigades with hundreds of other volunteer personnel.

Approximately amateur radio operators volunteered their services during the disaster and recovery. I applaud the efforts of the independent radio operators and thank you for your selfless actions on September 12, Allow me to express my sincere gratitude for your participation with the New Jersey General Assembly on this day, December 12, Note: Government exhibits are from the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.

On the day following the attacks, 11 people were rescued from the rubble, including six firefighters and three police officers.

Discovered by former U. Marines Jason Thomas and Dave Karnes , McLoughlin and Jimeno were pulled out alive after spending nearly 24 hours beneath 30 feet of rubble. In total, only twenty survivors were pulled out of the rubble. Some firefighters and civilians who survived made cell phone calls from voids beneath the rubble, though the amount of debris made it difficult for rescue workers to get to them.

By Wednesday night, 82 deaths had been confirmed by officials in New York City. Rescue efforts were paused numerous times in the days after the attack, due to concerns that nearby buildings, including One Liberty Plaza , were in danger of collapsing. The search and rescue effort in the immediate aftermath at the World Trade Center site involved ironworkers , structural engineers , heavy machinery operators, asbestos workers, boilermakers , carpenters , cement masons, construction managers, electricians , insulators, machinists , plumbers and pipefitters , riggers , sheet metal workers, steelworkers, truckers and teamsters , American Red Cross volunteers, and many others.

New York City Office of Emergency Management was the agency responsible for coordination of the City's response to the attacks. Headed by then-Director Richard Sheirer , the agency was forced to vacate its headquarters, located in 7 World Trade Center, within hours of the attack.

The building later collapsed. OEM reestablished operations temporarily at the police academy, where Mayor Giuliani gave many press conferences throughout the afternoon and evening of September By Friday, rescue and reliefs were organized and administered from Pier 92 on the Hudson River. Volunteers quickly descended on Ground Zero to help in the rescue and recovery efforts.

At Jacob Javits Convention Center , thousands showed up to offer help, where they registered with authorities. By the end of the first week, over one thousand ironworkers from across North America had arrived to help, along with countless others. Beginning on September 12, the Structural Engineers Association of New York SEAoNY became involved in the recovery efforts, bringing in experts to review the stability of the rubble, evaluate safety of hundreds of buildings near the site, and designing support for the cranes brought in to clear the debris.

Each zone was assigned a lead contractor, and a team of three structural engineers, subcontractors, and rescue workers. A nearby Burger King restaurant was used as a center for police operations. Numerous volunteers organized to form "bucket brigades", which passed 5-gallon buckets full of debris down a line to investigators, who sifted through the debris in search of evidence and human remains.

Much of the debris was hauled off to the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island where it was further searched and sorted. Some of the steel was reused for memorials.

In the days following the destruction of the towers, rescuers found scorch marks, likely made by a cutting torch on a basement doorway underneath 4 WTC; this was thought to be the result of looters. Further exploration of the building's basement revealed that the vault contained large amounts of gold and silver in the form of coins, as well as gold and silver bars.

Approximately , dollars worth of the coins, having been stored in the vault by the Bank of Nova Scotia prior to September 11, , were purchased by Lee S. Hazards at the World Trade Center site included a diesel fuel tank buried seven stories below. Once recovery workers reached down to the parking garage level, they found some cars that had exploded and burned. In the hours immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center, three firefighters raised an American flag over the rubble.

The flag was taken from a yacht, and the moment, which was captured on a well-known photograph, evoked comparisons to the iconic Iwo Jima photograph. Bush paid a visit to Ground Zero. Standing with retired firefighter Bob Beckwith , Bush addressed the firefighters and rescue workers with a bullhorn and thanked them.

I said that this was the first act of war on America in the 21st century, and I was right, particularly having seen the scene. The rest of the world hears you. And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon! After a couple of weeks, the conditions at Ground Zero remained harsh, with lingering odors of decaying human remains and smoke. Morale among workers was boosted by letters they received from children around the United States and the world, as well as support from thousands of neighbors in TriBeCa and other Lower Manhattan neighborhoods.

By , many of the plus organizations had disbanded due to lack of funding as the years progressed. Of the ones that remain, a handful remained functioning for those who remain in need. One of these organizations, Tuesday's Children, was founded the day after September 11 in hopes of supporting the children immediately affected by the attacks. The founder of this non-profit, David Weild IV , now calls them one of the "last men standing" in that they are now one of the few remaining organizations who "provide direct services for what social-service groups and survivors of the attacks call the ' Community.

Northeast Region placed their region personnel and assets on alert mere moments after they learned of the attack. CAP flew aerial reconnaissance missions over Ground Zero, to provide detailed analysis of the wreckage and to aid in recovery efforts, including transportation of blood donations. The 69th Infantry's armory on Lexington Avenue became the Family Information Center to assist persons in locating missing family members.

They conducted site security at the WTC, and at other locations. They provided the NYPD with support for traffic control, and they participated directly in recovery operations providing manpower in the form of "bucket brigades" sorting through the debris by hand.

Additionally service members provided security at a variety of location throughout the city and New York State to deter further attacks and reassure the public. Fs from the th Fighter Wing also ramped up their flying sorties and patrolled the skies. Marines were also present to assist in the rescue efforts. No official numbers of men who helped out was released but there was evidence that they were there.

Films such as docudrama World Trade Center talked of two Marines who rescued two trapped police officers in the rubble. The commanding officer was Navy Commander Hardy, and executive officer was Maj. These two oversaw military personnel of various branches, various police departments and EMTs.

The U. Comfort's hour galley also provided an impressive 30, meals. Its medical resources were also used to provide first-aid and sick call services to nearly people. Giuliani's triumph of leadership as having come with a human cost".

The article reported that the mayor seized control of the cleanup of Ground Zero, taking control away from established federal agencies, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency , the U.

He instead handed over responsibility to the "largely unknown" city Department of Design and Construction. Documents indicate that the Giuliani administration never enforced federal requirements requiring the wearing of respirators.

Flag on the rubble twin towers