Haircuts for young adults-Good Haircuts For Men ( Guide)

It's time to get your hair ready for the imminent hot weather. Prep for the heat by lightening up your hair cut to something shorter and easier to manage. Depending on your hair type and maintenance preference, some short hairstyles will work better than others. To help you figure out your perfect warm-weather 'do, here are 15 of our favorite heads of Hollywood hair—short-hairstyle edition. This is good for guys who want low maintenance, but don't want to commit to something super short, like a buzzcut or a crewcut.

Haircuts for young adults

The haircuts with bangs that are worn loose and a bit messy are extremely popular among teenagers. Hairstyles Like Your Favorite Fod. Use the product on dry hair and slick it backwards. These cool haircuts for men in range from the hot trends to modern … Continue Reading about Cool Haircuts For Men. This look is best for boys with fine, shiny, thick, and straight Haircuts for young adults.

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This haircut gives some height to the hair and is ideal for a square or round face because it adds dimension. The high and tight recon is different from the standard Naked justice video and tight in a couple of ways. Fix it with a little hairspray if needed. The Haircuts for young adults is buzzed with clippers of varying lengths, depending on the area. Often, the stylist will ask how steep you want your taper to be. This one has been around for audlts but is still seen across Hollywood. Maybe you have decide to try to use the pose fashion for your long hair? Yes, everyone. The hair is combed back Haircuts for young adults in a diagonal way to create some buzz around the look. Frankie Cocozza Hairstyle. It started with Elvis but has come back with a bang.

Every great hairstyle begins with a great haircut.

  • Supershort hair, like this pixie, can still be long on style and individuality.
  • Looking appealing and provocative on the principal date or on the school prom night is a key piece of each high school life!
  • Really, you can find still so several numerous short haircuts for young adults which can be available for you.

Every great hairstyle begins with a great haircut. Lucky for you — getting a great haircut is not rocket science. There are tried and tested haircuts which are versatile and suit the majority of men. These hairstyles intersect the main elements which a man seeks in an attractive hairstyle…smart and presentable, low-maintenance, and easy to style. Read on to find out which popular style will work best on you. The undercut combines short and long men's hairstyles that stand out from all angles.

The back and sides are shaved while hair at the top is swept right, left or backwards. But recently the dubstep crowd started to experiment with undercuts. One thing about undercuts is they bring the ears to the foreground while the hair on top stays long.

The sides are cut shorter while the hair on top is combed forward except the front part. The strands in front are unevenly brushed up. Nobody sported quiffs better than Elvis and the Rockabilly back in the day. These days other young musicians and actors are paying it tribute.

Pinterest sees it trending over the next few years — especially those with a windswept twist at the top. The classic quiff is manly-stylish when done properly. This classic men's hairstyle has been a statement since the 's Vanilla Ice wore his hair short on the sides and back, and long on the top.

Longer hair on top and shorter on the sides is a standard formula for attractive men's hairstyles. The additional length on top provides styling options with a product while the sides and back are easy to manage with or without product.

Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, there is a style that suits you — slick back, comb over, or leaving it loose and natural. Sometimes we see trends cross over gender boundaries. This was the case for pompadours. Now men in fashion have pompadours because they work with various lengths. You show massive confidence when you pull off a classic pompadour.

Men with this hair are perceived as wealthy and style-conscious. And ladies like men who have taste. The Crop is a truly versatile mens' hair cut. It works well for older men and is the choice of hairstyle for the professional man constantly on the move.

This haircut is easy to dress up for work with a small amount of hair product or can be left messy and tousled for a casual weekend. This is another low-maintenance hairstyle that does not require a brush or blow-dryer to style it. A small amount of clay or paste rubbed between your palms and applied to the tips of the hair is sufficient to keep the frizz under control. Ask your barber to feature a gradual fade on the sides and back while keeping some texture on the top.

The crop is fully scissor cut, the use of clippers on the sides and back is optional. This hairstyle suits men with fine hair because it creates an illusion of thickness on the top of the head.

Men who prefer short hair with little weight will also find this hairstyle appealing for the ease of styling and the little effort it takes to maintain it. You can brush it forward or sideways to add volume. Sometimes crew cuts are referred to as Ivy League cuts. So is the suit. You see it on TV with all those fictional lawyers, spies and con artists alike. They endorse the beauty of classic short men's hairstyles.

The military has popularized the buzzcut by generating associations with masculinity, toughness, and authority with this low maintenance hairstyle. Achieved with electric clippers , the buzzcut requires regular trips to the barber every weeks to keep the hair looking sharp and in order.

Keep stray hairs under control by adding a pea-sized amount of matt clay or use a moisturizing hair oil to condition a dry scalp. For the average black man there two ways to go with his natural tight-curled hair. He either grows it or buzzes it off. The buzz cut denotes discipline and manliness. And women respond to that tough, authoritative image. They love a guy who looks like he can be their knight in shining armor. The classic side part requires a taper on the sides.

The hair on the top needs to be longer than the hair on the sides. A decent amount of length and volume is required on the top to achieve this look. Ask for a low fade for a conservative look. High fades are the rage at the moment, but keep in mind that it is a style that suits younger men. The side sweep is achieved completely with scissors, allowing for plenty of texture in the hair. It suits men with thick and wavy hair. The back and sides are not too short — this is a loose and free haircut that looks intentionally low-maintenance.

To enhance the waviness of your hair, add a paste to damp hair and scrunch dry using your fingers. This creates volume and texture, keeping your hair looking slightly tousled. Male models do fashion shows with a side part because it looks chic. Then we have the Mad Men characters sporting them just as well as their suits.

Your hair should first be mid-length with the sides partly trimmed. You get to play around and try different looks. The tousled style proves how times have changed. Women used to think of bad boys as like the characters in Grease who all had nice hair. Or others might think of an artist who could stay in bed all day and talk to them about life.

The cut is achieved completely by scissors. Ask your barber to leave your hair heavy on top but also soft and textured. Keep the hair on the crown slightly shorter so that when you sweep your hair back, it doesn't create an awkward looking bump.

Apply a soft-hold cream or paste to damp hair and blow-dry while using a brush or your hands to add volume and set the hair in place. Scrunch your hair to emphasize the waves or curls. The longcut requires few visits to the barber. It tends to grow out nicely if you have the right hair for it and the patience to get past the initial discomfort caused by hair growing out. Hockey cuts are pretty low-maintenance. They also fit guys who surf or like hanging out at the beach.

Women love the hockey cut in different ways. They might sense a laid-back vibe and feel like they can be themselves around you. This is a popular black guy's style in which the hair above the forehead is balanced and well-shaped. You don't face the issues of hair looking thin or too shaved.

The texture remains at the top while both temples sections near the ears are tapered halfway. The way the curls are neatly packed makes it an alternative to the crew cut. If it's not short-and-spiky it might as well be short-and-curly.

Men with fades pay homage to funky men's hairstyles of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in their younger years except the hair is shorter. We have singers like Usher and Drake who've tried it. A number of NBA stars have it.

And apparently women like those tiny curls. It's the least deceptive hairstyle of all — with nothing to hide or manipulate. You see either no hair at all or just a little along the sides. All you need is a good moisturizing conditioner in the shower to keep the scalp healthy. It's a simple style that needs zero time for fixing up. You don't worry about using the right gel, cream or wax. And let's not forget our fellow gentlemen with the balding gene who struggle with bald spots.

Going bald can be liberating. We see women swoon over Hollywood's alpha male action stars who rock the bald look. Those men make it so cool and macho.

There's an attractive boldness to baldness. There comes a time in the life of every man when he needs to decide what hairstyle suits his face, lifestyle, and profession. And then stick to it. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Express your personality by picking one of these classic hairstyles. So collaborate with your barber.

A pea-sized amount should be used to avoid a wet and oily look. This strand should be in the middle of your head. Styling is done along the top of the hair for some volume and texture. For the high and tight recon cut, the back and sides will be buzzed with a 1 or no guard at all. This style is a classic short haircut style preferred by teenagers all over the world but has one small difference — the forehead part of the hair is allowed to grow for an inch longer. It uses an undercut but allows the curls to retain their shape, giving your hair a unique personality.

Haircuts for young adults

Haircuts for young adults

Haircuts for young adults

Haircuts for young adults

Haircuts for young adults

Haircuts for young adults. cute short haircuts young adults

No matter what your hair texture, ask for chest-length hair with light layering only at the bottom to preserve that beachy fullness—especially if you have a natural waves like Lawrence. If your hair is thin, adding soft layers just under the jawline will create enough shape that you can still mimic Lawrence's volume.

Katniss Everdeen—approved. Just ask Mila Kunis: If you've got wide cheeks and soft, nonangular features, hair that hits below the shoulders can lengthen the face's shape and camouflage roundness. Ask for baby layers at the ends, rather than choppy ones. True minimalists might opt for a middle part, but adding bangs—like those Roszak cut for Emma Stone—can take the edge off. One caveat: this cut isn't for every hair texture. Women with very thick or curly hair or those who aren't ready to commit to their flatirons should try a style with layers.

And those with superfine hair run the risk of this style falling flat. Miley Cyrus Supershort hair, like this pixie, can still be long on style and individuality.

Julianne Hough We've said it before, but it bears repeating: The lob, or long bob, flatters everyone. Kate Upton Not all of us are spending weekends posing for swimsuit shoots like Kate Upton, but that doesn't mean we can't model her lush layers and long bangs. Jennifer Lawrence A head full of sexy, choppy layers adds tons of volume, says hairstylist Mark Townsend, who works with Jennifer Lawrence. Personalized Dry Shampoo Now Exists. By Jihan Forbes.

They should merely accentuate the top, as the side part is the focal point of the hairstyle. Work with your hairstylist to achieve a side part that works best with your face shape and hair type. The high volume haircut is ideal for teen boys with smaller faces, since it accentuates the face nicely with its shape. The hair is medium length, so this is definitely a cut for boys who like longer hair. You can also combine this technique with other haircuts.

For example, you can get an undercut on the sides and style the top of your hair in the high volume style. If you have thick hair, no blow drying is necessary. Use a fiber or clay paste with ample hold. Apply the product on towel-dried hair to spike the ends and give the cut a windswept shape.

Harry Styles has proven that this haircut is sensation-worthy. While the straight shag has captured the world of prep, the wavy shag is better fitted for the casual teen boy. Depending on how unpredictable the hair is, it may need some styling with gel or mousse but can very easily be allowed to go wild. It works best with thick, wavy hair, round faces with strong cheekbones, and high foreheads. How to get it: This is similar to the straight shag.

Both are based on layers, but the wavy shag consists of long layers all around the head. The hair is usually cut with a razor instead of scissors or a clipper. This haircut, also called a burr, is an extremely short buzzcut. This sort of haircut also does not need to be styled.

Many boys will like its masculine appearance and the overall simplicity of the cut. How to get it: Simply ask for a butch cut. Depending on what kind of hair you have, it can be pretty low maintenance, requiring only a brush and maybe some mousse. Usually, this style works best for boys with naturally straight hair, long faces, round cheeks, and high foreheads.

How to get it: If your stylist is familiar with the shag cut, tell him you simply want a straight shag. Make sure to mention that you want the layers cut shortest at the crown of your head. The layers should then increase in length as the stylist moves away from the crown. How to get it: The disconnected undercut requires a trained stylist for maximum quality. The hair on top should be fairly long——2 inches is a good place to start——and the sides and back should be buzzed with a short clipper setting 2 to 4.

Our guide to the disconnected undercut has everything you need to know about this cut, including finer details on how to get and style it. Additionally, this hairstyle requires a surprising amount of maintenance.

Many think having a ponytail means that one simply grows out their hair and never goes to the hairstylist, but this is not the case. Regular trips to the hairstylist are necessary to keep a ponytail looking good. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for a barber to trim a ponytail hairstyle properly.

How to get it: Long hair is essential for a quality ponytail. Grab the hair you want to make into a ponytail, and band it together.

Cornrows are a traditionally African hairstyle, fashioned by using an upward, underhand motion to create rows of braids that lie close to the scalp. Normally formed in straight lines, cornrows can be manipulated to form different types of shapes or waves on the surface of the scalp. Cornrows are a low-maintenance hairstyle and can be left in for long periods of time, provided that the wearer takes care to gently wash the rows on a consistent basis and oil the scalp. Cornrows can take long periods of time to achieve, so patience is key.

How to get it: For the basic cornrow style, you simply tie your hair using elastic bands. Jaden Smith has been seen sporting this stylish hairstyle for African Americans. Although long dreads are still in style, short dreads are making waves. The dreads stand around the head with textured styling. It is often seen with the head shaved on the sides and back with dreads on top. This style takes little maintenance since dreadlocks tend to stay in place.

Boys with the cut only have to continue rolling the dreadlocks to keep them from becoming matted. This teen boy haircut works best with the texture of African American hair and a distinct chin or jawline.

How to get it: This cut requires medium-length to long hair. We recommend consulting a well-trained hairstylist to achieve this style. This style works best for African Americans who have the natural texture needed for an afro, round or oval faces, and short foreheads. Since the afro can be tricky to get right, showing your stylist a photo will help make the process much easier. Naturally, the long buzzcut is another style that caters to pursuers of low maintenance.

It works best with oval faces, short foreheads, and strong jawlines. How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want your hair buzzed with a 4 clipper. If you decide to stick with the buzzcut, you can always go a size up or down. Classic taper is a low maintenance haircut with a high degree of style.

While the sides and back of the head are shaved short, the top of the head still has a little hair for styling. The short hair at the top can be spiked for texture or combed forward with gel or mousse.

This haircut works best with oval faces, short foreheads, and strong cheek bones. Often, the stylist will ask how steep you want your taper to be. Some tapers are gradual and fade out over a long area, but others end quickly. Either can look great with a variety of face shapes and hair types. This razor setting is referred to as 0, and it effectively reduces the length of your hair to the shortest possible without leaving you bald.

This style also gives you the opportunity to decorate the entire scalp with razor-blade inflicted patterns, as the scalp is now, in a way, a blank canvas. Teen boys that live in colder areas may want to stay away from the induction cut, since it can lead to a constantly chilly head in the winter time. It works well with a wide range of face shapes and hair styles.

How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want your entire head shaved with a 0 setting on the clippers. Whereas the induction cut uses a 0 razor on the entire scalp, the burr cut can employ anywhere from a 1 to 3 razor.

How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want your head shaved with a 1, 2, or 3 razor setting. You can also do this at home using the same method. The rat-tail is the unexpected cross between a mullet and a ponytail.

It fell out of style in the 80s but has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Fans of manga and anime may have noticed several of their favorite characters sporting rat-tails, which can be curled, straightened, braided, or fashioned into a dreadlock. Admittedly, this variant may well be low on the list of desired haircuts for the average boy or young man.

Tell your hairstylist you want the top and sides of your hair trimmed. You can use whatever razor setting you like. This strand should be in the middle of your head. The hair around it should be cut shorter.

You can modify this cut to your liking. A haircut made famous by The Beastie Boys and re-popularized by the movie Joe Dirt, the modern mullet is a good choice for teen boys who prefer their hair to be long. How to get it: The area around the ears and the top of the head are clipped short, in the fashion of many other contemporary hairstyles. The hair in the back remains long, with layers added for effect.

You can modify the length and layers as you like. Surprisingly, it takes a bit of experimentation to get right. For this look, you should skip a haircut so that your hair is sticking at the ends. This will give the best conditions for the ideal tousled style.

How to get it: To go from untidy to effortlessly chic, some soft hold hair gel is required. A pea-sized amount should be used to avoid a wet and oily look. Finally, gently run your fingers through your hair, spiking where necessary and smoothing your sideburns.

This is another great cut for curly-headed teen boys. The curlier the hair, the less styling required. Like the pompadour and vertical haircut, it adds volume and dimension to the hair. While curly hair can be tough to work with, this cut allows you to fashionably rock your curls. This style also works well for wavy hair, which can be similarly hard to tame. Use some mousse for volume, strong hold wax for defining the tousle at the crown, and hairspray to finish off the look.

A teasing comb or blow dryer can be used at the roots for extra volume. The ever-popular pompadour is making a comeback, and this variation is a stylish, slick cut with personality. It combines the disconnected undercut and the pompadour for a noticeable look. In addition, boys who are involved with athletics might find the pompadour style difficult to keep. However, boys who like a clean-cut appearance will love this fashionable style. The hair on the sides and back should be cut much shorter than the top.

To style the pompadour itself, take some pomade and slick your hair back. Holding a comb in one hand, use the other hand to push the hair forward, and at the same time, comb the hair at the front upward.

After a little experimentation, making a good pompadour will be easy. Boys who are involved in several forms of athletics or simply like little to no hair will enjoy this cut. It accentuates the hair in the middle of the head and gives an extremely tidy look. For the high and tight recon cut, the back and sides will be buzzed with a 1 or no guard at all. Alternatively, the hair on the back and sides can simply be shaved.

The high and tight recon is different from the standard high and tight in a couple of ways. The long hair on top contrasts with the fade on the sides, making this cut stand out. How to get it: For a good fade, we recommend visiting a barber or stylist. Specify how gradual you want the fade to be and how much hair you want left on top. The classic fade style features a gradual taper that blends in with the top of the hair. If the mohawk or faux-hawk is too wild, consider the mohawk fade.

It can be styled in many different ways, and it can blend in with other low-profile cuts. The mohwak fade takes the traditional mohawk concept and tones it down. We have a complete guide on the mohawk fade that tells you everything you need to know. While the crew cut is a simple, stylish option for boys, the Ivy League takes it to the next level.

The Ivy League is traditionally paired with a side part, but it can also be styled without one. How to get it: The Ivy League is usually cut with scissors. The top of the head generally has half an inch to an inch of hair, so make sure to tell your stylist how much you prefer. However, the hair should be a little longer in the front so that it can be parted. This beach-inspired cut is perfect for summertime. It can be left messy, spiked, brushed back into a short quiff——the possibilities are endless.

How to get it: The hair on top of the head should be fairly long. Anywhere from 1 to 3 inches will do. The back and sides should be about an inch long. You can have it cut a little shorter or longer, depending on your personal preference. To style the surfer cut, dry the damp hair and apply some product throughout.

Style the hair up and away from the face a bit for the surfer style. This is a fun style you can play around with quite a bit. The man bun is an ideal choice for boys who prefer longer hair.

The hair is drawn up into a bun that can be either messy or tidy, depending on your preference. Also, it allows you to wear a variety of hairstyles, since you can wear your hair long and in a bun. How to get it: Gather up all the hair you want in your bun. Tie it like a ponytail, but twist the band and make a second pass over the gathered-up hair. The top knot is a stylish variation on the man bun that takes the bun and adds some samurai-influenced flair to it.

Generally, this knot rests right above the crown. You can leave a few strands of long hair hanging down for additional style. Generally, the hair on top of the head is the only part left long. The sides and back are usually kept short, so you could pair this with an undercut. Take your long hair and draw it backward toward your crown.

Tie it up in a tight, neat knot this might take some practice , and you have a top knot. This is best for boys with naturally wavy hair, though you can get it with straight hair as well. The hair is a medium length and rises at the side like wings. You can go longer if you like.

Put on a hat and blow dry your hair so that the exposed hair flips up. This will give you the winged style. You can also use some hair gel or wax to keep the style in place. This hairstyle was popularized by the emo movement of the mid— to late s.

It features a choppy, uneven texture and is usually seen with longer hair. This is a nice choice for older boys who want to stand out and have a fun style to their hair. How to get it: This will require a high quality cut, so make sure you show your barber or stylist a picture of the finished product.

Ask for your bangs to be kept long but for the ends to be cut with a razor. Push your bangs to one side for an asymmetrical appearance. The hair on the back and sides can be cut short or left long. Next, take some product to your damp hair and spike up the hair near the crown of the head. Finish styling as you like. The blowout is a truly unique haircut that adds tons of volume to your hair.

This is a noticeable style, so boys who are extreme extroverts will probably enjoy this. The name comes from the look; the hair appears to be exploding from the head! The blowout requires regular maintenance and styling, so it might not be an ideal choice for busy guys. If you have time and love the look of the blowout, then go for it. Expect to spend roughly five to ten minutes in the morning getting your blowout ready. How to get it: The back and sides are normally faded for a blowout, and the hair on top is left long.

Using a blow dryer, lift all your hair up and blow dry it into place. Apply some strong hold hair gel to your hair and blow dry again. You might need to coat it with hairspray to fix it into place. The sides and back are cut short, while the hair on top is styled, making a high-contrast, high-volume cut. The brush up is a good choice for classy lads who desire a stylish appearance.

50 Superior Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys in

It's time to get your hair ready for the imminent hot weather. Prep for the heat by lightening up your hair cut to something shorter and easier to manage.

Depending on your hair type and maintenance preference, some short hairstyles will work better than others. To help you figure out your perfect warm-weather 'do, here are 15 of our favorite heads of Hollywood hair—short-hairstyle edition. This is good for guys who want low maintenance, but don't want to commit to something super short, like a buzzcut or a crewcut.

It does require a fair amount of product, however, so maybe steer clear of this one during the summer if you sweat a lot. Otherwise, simply ask for around two inches on top and about an inch on the sides, and then slick it back and to the side while it's wet with some high-hold pomade.

A cousin of the crewcut, the high-and-tight gets you as close to the ease of a buzzcut as you can without the latter style's commitment to the crop.

It's especially good if you have a square head shape, although pretty much anyone can wear it. Simply have your barber start with a low setting on the clippers—1 or 2 should do it—and then fade up.

The top should be left just long enough that you can work in some pomade to give it a bit of texture and maybe a part. For those willing to commit, the buzzcut is a perfect spring hairstyle. No maintenance, no muss, no product to worry about. The only choice is how short you want to go.

A 1 setting on the clippers gets you close to the skin, while a 4 gives you about a half an inch of fuzz. Just make sure you have a good skull shape before going this route. As far as short hairstyles go, this one is a bit higher maintenance—but it's worth it. The biggest issue is keeping that volume in the front. For the cut, ask your barber to go shorter on the sides, with layered length on top. To style it, comb pomade back from your forehead while your hair is wet.

Then break out the blow dryer and blow it back and up in order to create some height. And stay out of the rain. This is basically a modified a. Basically, it's a similar cut—a bit longer and layered on top, with a fade down the sides and back—you just don't have to do as much in terms of styling. All you need to do is blow dry your hair back, and once it's dry, add a medium hold pomade and style it over to the side.

Make sure to run your fingers through it to get a bit of volume. This is an especially good style for guys with straighter hair who want to keep things clean and clipped but not too conservative. Gosling sports one of the easiest styles to emulate for any face or hair type. Ask for something high and tight on the sides, and about an inch longer on top.

Add a side part, which you'll maintain by towel-drying, then using matte pomade with a comb. Side note: We can't guarantee this hairstyle will make you look like Ryan Gosling. Ask your barber for a skin fade, or, if you don't want that much skin showing, fade up from the sides and back with a 1 setting on the clippers.

Go with whatever length you want on top, although for a sharper look like Zayn, it's better to keep it pretty short. For guys with thick wavy hair, a little length on top can be a good way to keep things in check. Just have your barber point cut two- or three-inch layers to remove bulk and add texture.

If your hair tends toward the dry side, a little oil jojoba, argan, take your pick can help smooth and soften things as well. To style it, rub a dime-sized amount of texturizing cream in while it's wet and then, once it's dry, some strong-hold wax to break it up and add texture. Ditch your comb and style it with your fingers. This one's longer on top and the sides, and then fades down to the skin.

If it starts looking too bushy, it'll be pretty obvious you need a trim. Again, you'll want to keep this style regularly trimmed so it doesn't get too bushy. One thing to note: If you have curly hair, this style's probably not for you. For guys with straighter hair who don't want their hair too short—i. Stick with a scissor cut on the sides, about an inch and a half in length, and then cut it to medium length on top.

This style works best with a minimal amount of product, like a light styling cream. Basically, you want to be able to run your fingers through it for that natural and easy look. The best part is: You'll only need a minimal amount of product to tame it. For guys with thick hair that has a light wave to it, the side part swoop is an excellent— and fairly low-maintenance—option.

Ask your barber for about two inches on top and an inch on the sides. To style it, simply towel dry, apply a clay or a fiber, and comb it to the side.

Then run your fingers through it to give it a little volume and that jaunty wave. You can go longer if you're Jake Gyllenhaal. Use a a gel serum or a light pomade to comb it back.

Once it's partially dry, run your fingers through it to break it up a bit. And just keep in mind, too much length on top, or too much product, and you'll end up in '80s Pat Riley territory. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Jimmy Carter Is a Baller. In Defense of the Divey Pickleback Shot.

Gisela Schober Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Slicked-Back Side Part. Pomp Fade. Modified Pompadour. Long-on-top high-and-tight. Buzzcut with Skin Fade. Taper Fade. Round Cut. Square Fade. Side Sweep. Side-Part Swoop. Noam Galai Getty Images. How to Grow a Great Beard. Hairstyles Like Your Favorite Celebrity.

Haircuts for young adults

Haircuts for young adults