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Trapped inside my Panty-girdle. The Dawn of the Panty Girdle. I was trapped inside my panty-girdle! The Camp panty-girdle is well-renowned as one of. For three decades, the panty-girdle dominated the lower foundations sold to American women and their daughters.

Panty girdle tales

Panty girdle tales

Panty girdle tales

Lesbian Romance Real World Romantic. Does "Taking a Break" Ever Work? Fiction Serial Chapter. A young man discovers the delights of crossdressing but wants to be able to do so talez being discovered. But it all changed one day. She trusted me to work around the house whilst she went shopping and often I used tlaes enter her dressing room and at Panty girdle tales just have a look at her panty-girdles. A German panty-girdle with teutonic adjustable bands.

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He felt that whatever decision I made Oral robert bio to be right for me Panty girdle tales only me. She took her middle finger and gently rubbed on girde clit while she held her lips open with her other two fingers I undo your skirt and cast it aside on the floor. Inside the seat of the girdle she had sewn two circular patches of a very course material that she said was "horsehair. On this campus alone, that means that there are some students facing the same questions that you face. Go to your room until your father comes home - NOW. Roger shot his load into her girdel pussy. I too started with my mothers rubber Tsles OBG and stockings. Michelle began to take some nursing courses that required her to do some time Panty girdle tales the local hospital. It was easy living with her seeing Panty girdle tales was only we two.

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Trapped inside my Panty-girdle. The Dawn of the Panty Girdle. I was trapped inside my panty-girdle! The Camp panty-girdle is well-renowned as one of. For three decades, the panty-girdle dominated the lower foundations sold to American women and their daughters. It was amazing that such an essentially simple garment could prove so complex with multiple layers of elastic and satin, bones, hooks-and-eyes, zippers and sometimes straps and buckles.

Playtex even thought that constructing the device from rubber above right was a good idea! I feel we can assume that the lady mentioned above who se quote is the title to this page, like so many of her sisters, had tried on a panty-girdle in a size, say 34, when she knew that her waist was approaching A Sarongster panty-girdle from the early 's. This may sound like an odd title for a serious dissertation on the diverse aspects of corsetry, however, this page arose from an experience exactly as described above.

These two girdles pictured left and right show the evolution of the panty-girdle in the 's and 's. In those days, stockings were far shorter than they would become, simply because skirts were longer. One can already see the shortening of the suspenders that one decade makes. Soon, the suspenders would actually creep up the leg of the girdle; first on the outside, then latterly on the inside to accommodate the extra stocking length.

This led to some embarrassing revelation s when exiting from cars for example. The point, however, is that these are serious garments, and a far cry from the flimsy shapers of today. We even published the following short paragraph, however, it elicited such a response such are the delights of creating a web site that we felt obliged to research further. The story above has prompted several readers to ask how can you get trapped in such a flimsy undergarment as a panty-girdle.

Well, in the 's, they were far from flimsy the anecdote comes from the early 's. Regard the products that the Dutch matron might have been wearing in those days, and that were also available in Britain and America. Outwardly conventional, and obviously from the 's, it has a double laced underbelt!! Especially designed for post-pregnancy and the drastic return of the figure to normality, it is hardly likely that the lady in question was in such a delicate condition.

This amazing garment comes from the auctions of Trishypoo. The panty-girdle above, is an extreme example of its genre. Traditionally, this could be achieved by wearing a corset, and, to be honest, this garment is close to that description. The danger, as every mother informs her daughters, is that the girdle is returning the figure to normal, not the body's own muscles. Remember Playtex's exhortations to the year-olds of the 's, "Holds you in like firm young muscles".

Of course it does, but it doesn't replace firm young muscles, nor does it encourage them either!! Such girdles are still around today , but they seem to have become the preserve of the Latin countries, that is Italy, Spain and Latin America.

The example on the left below is currently available from Latin America and sold in various American outlets. It is specifically designed to flatten the post-pregnancy tummy, and judging by the description, " six straps secure a light, but rigid panel ", it will do so very effectively.

The very rare Spencers below right and the same idea from Coronation below left achieved the same ends by strapping the post-pregnancy abdomen into the confines of a rigid panty-girdle. The enclosed illustrations show the rigidity of the spinal steels in the Coronation girdle.

Returning to the theme of entrapment, I know of only a few genuine cases where a wearer has actually become stuck in her foundations. Infinite patience is required to set oneself free, or an expensive mistake will occur. We collected some images of panty-girdles, that apart from their potential to snare the unwary, are remarkable examples of how a simple garment can end up as a fiendishly complex garment. In these modern times, when the knowledge of proper corsetry is virtually unknown, we have so often encountered women referring to a corset, when in fact they mean a panty-girdle.

Whether this is levity, or simple ignorance of the subject is sometimes unclear, however, I could forgive these women for describing the garment s exhibited below as corsets, even if they are technically incorrect.

Every complication exists, from the double-lace under - belt to twin zippers, waist cincher, back steels, straps, belts, hooks-and-eyes, and, of course, Camp just had to add its ' adjustaband' control!

Even Jenyns couldn't resist adding hip bands to their industrial strength, reinforced elastic panty-girdle. On the right, this German confection manages to add to webbing straps attached to pads with leather reinforcement! The twin-zippered girdles above tell their own stories. The creases indicate a long period stored in its box or in a drawer. It was simply too complex, or too uncomfortable to wear! The upper garment shows how that lower zipper will bend and buckle with every movement of the thighs.

Goodness knows what tortures accompanied even a simple sitting manoe u vre! Horrors; it might even be mistaken for the end of a corset lace! It is interesting to note that post-War liberation, whilst freeing woman from her corsets, forced her into equally uncompromising garments. Even without all the extras described above, the basic garment was restrictive enough in its own right. Look at the engineering below.

Howard Hughes would have been impressed! She states " It was curious that girls who appeared to us all as fearless Dianas, even Amazons, should have crushed themselves into such constricting garments ". And it wasn't just our mothers in the 19 60's that wore these formidable gird l es.

The modern Japanese Miss above has re-invented the wheel in the 21st century! I feel that these sentiments are echoed by the Australian advert above, where blatant 'peer pressure' is used.

At least, the young women pictured above and in the British advert on the right look happy in their decidedly substantial foundation wear. But when these pictures were taken, many young women would have had such garments in their possession. Pregnancy, before and after, gave rise to so many variations on the panty-girdle. Camp right is what just qualifies as a panty-girdle, allows sufficient engineering to cope with the expanding belly, and perhaps to help its return to normal.

Camp below right also provided back support for the woman fed up with her bulky corsets, or perhaps simply for the failing post-pregnancy back. Were these, however, as effective as their laced cousins? I suspect not. I've never believed that a laced or strapped girdle as distinct from a corset , could ever compete with a proper corset. Camp knew that of course and provided any number of effective corsets, but often the marketers have to pander to the requests of the masses who in felt that pregnancy or not, a corset was simply too old-fashioned!

A German panty-girdle with teutonic adjustable bands. A classic Sears panty-girdle from , left is the image from the Sears catalogue, and right is the real garment. To millions of American women, this was standard daily wear for several decades. Interesting, the 's model on the right wears a girdle so tight that her feminine curves are completely eradicated, unlike her sister immediately to the left.

In many respects, these formidable foundation garments by today's standards do not need adornments and complexities. I like my underwear to give me a good shape, yet to come off easily when required. The garments shown below, for which I do confess a fondness, are standard Young Smoothies' Long Stride , with zipper, and the traditional satin panels at the front, back and sides.

The Young Smoothie above and left , to my mind, represents the zenith of the American panty-girdle. As we have seen on this page, it did not necessarily mean a flimsier or less effective garment. The British equivalent from Marks and Spencer below left , tried to copy its trans-Atlantic cousin, yet somehow fails. Oddly enough, considering the splendid regular girdles that Marks and Spencer used to make, their panty-girdles left never achieved the same style and strength as their American cousins.

It was left to Spirella's Spirelette below, right to provide a bullet-proof panty-girdle! This girdle was worn by grannies and mothers as an alternative to their corsets and girdles. They relished its freedom, and mothers encouraged their daughters to take up the as well for exactly the opposite reason! Rayon, rubber, nylon, acetate power-net, satin lastex, Helanca and nylon tricot. This engineering marvel comes complete with zipper, elastic waist and leg bands. Suspenders and boning are, of course, too obvious to mention.

Indeed, one could get seriously trapped in this garment whilst writing a Master's thesis about it. Triumph of Germany left advertises its famous foundation garment range, the 'Triumph Doreen'.

Yet the advertisement seems to enhance the appearance of 'structured foundations'. Was there any quick way to get out of these contraptions? In the mid s, Montgomery Ward and Sears would sell you any number of restrictive girdles, but we all wore girdles then!

The Panty-girdle Comparison. O ur model Moira right trie s on the Spirella panty-girdle, possibly the firmest panty-girdle ever made on this side of the Atlantic. I am not so familiar with American versions, however, I d o believe that the Young Smoothie as worn by Lyn Locke must be up there with the firmest and, to my embarrassment, it is not even mentioned on our best foundations page although it gets a short review abov e.

Let us see how these girdles compare. These panty-girdles both contain the quintessential features: satin panels, boning, metal zipper and concealed suspenders. Spirelette and St. Aesthetically, I think the Smoothie wins this competition, however, we must get some of our models to give these garments a decent 'road test'. We have continued this discussion on the panty-girdle page. This picture, apart from anything else, ably demonstrates that women of similar height come in very different shapes.

An honourable mention might also be given to:. This table shows the 'vital statistics' of our favourite selected panty-girdles. Regarding the weight of the girdles, this has been normalised to a waist size of 30 inches.

This puts the Jenyns at grams or nearly a pound weight; massive by today's standards but half the weight of a good surgical corset.

We shared panty, as she screamed "fuck,fuck,fuck me, i could feel her hand go down toher swollen clitt. Anita is my student. When I was 14 my mother when shopping for the day leaving me at home so I dressed in her open bottom girdle, stockings and one of her bras, god did it feel good, I loved it. She said it was part of her she was so used to it, that she never felt right without it, and that it gave her much -needed support to her belly especially - she was a size 14 woman though not what you could call fat, just all there. Originally posted 85 months ago. I am never allowed out at night, shopping for over an hour, or to a social function without my chastity belt.

Panty girdle tales

Panty girdle tales. Girdle confession stories and sins


Trapped inside my pantie

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Panty girdle tales