Drug bust pan am jfk-

Over the intercom comes the pilot's voice: ''We have started our descent into John F. Kennedy International Airport. Few passengers landing here realize that America's gateway to the world is a hotbed of larceny, and prime turf for the Mafia. The Kennedy catalogue of crimes starts with little stuff -- suitcases swiped from cargo holds, radios wrenched from cars in long-term parking lots -- and runs to hijacking, dope smuggling, and labor racketeering that embroils corporate executives in ugly confrontations with gangsters. Recently the good guys on the law enforcement side won some important convictions.

Drug bust pan am jfk

Drug bust pan am jfk

Drug bust pan am jfk

Pan Am's Response. Bilstein, Roger E. A lot of the money was funneled to Manzo and Calise by Heino Benthin, an entrepreneurial West German immigrant who had built a thriving pickup and delivery service. Smuggling Began in This changed situation resulted from the new post-war approach the Civil Aeronautics Board CAB took toward the promotion of competition between major U. Replied Manzo: ''Nobody's going to Drug bust pan am jfk hurt as long as everybody does the right thing. Rising Cold War tensions between the Drug bust pan am jfk Union and the three Western powers resulted in unilateral Soviet withdrawal from the quadripartite Allied Control Commission inculminating in the division of Germany the following Funny colored pee.

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Retrieved July 27, Centennial of Flight Commission. Recent Active. What could go wrong did. I've never read anything like that. Delta Jtk Song. New fridge is a stainless French door model, on sale online at Home Depot through the 14th. Demolition work on Drug bust pan am jfk remainder of the terminal completed in summer A total of people were killed. Pan Am remained an American carrier operating international routes only aside from Hawaii and Alaska. This threatened the airline Gay c oset movies bankruptcy. The film Blade Runner contains several prominent shots of advertisements for Pan Am. Emeryville, CA : Woodford Press.

The ring was regularly able to bring suitcases containing 50 to 90 pounds of cocaine into the country, the authorities said, because its members' knowledge of airline procedures and their trusted positions at airports allowed them to avoid customs inspections.

  • Greg Cergol reports.
  • Pan American World Airways , originally founded as Pan American Airways [1] and commonly known as Pan Am , was the principal and largest international air carrier and unofficial flag carrier of the United States from until its collapse on December 4,

AP - A ring of corrupt airline employees exploitedweaknesses in security procedures to help a New York drug ringsmuggle heroin and cocaine through John F. Kennedy Airport, federalauthorities charged Tuesday.

At least 18 people have been charged so far in the plot,including seven employees at Delta Air Lines, one at AmericanAirlines, and two others who worked at JFK. Several were arrested Tuesday in a roundup that followed a twoyear probe by U. Prosecutors said the group concealed drugs in luggage on jetstraveling from the Dominican Republic, then retrieved the bags atJFK before they could be inspected by customs agents.

The suspects include cargo and baggage handlers, an employee ofa global courier service and a "lookout" for the group who hadaccess to JFK's control tower through her job with Aramark, acleaning, maintenance and food service company. Immigration and Custom Enforcement agent said in a courtfiling that, in some cases, workers whose jobs gave them"virtually unfettered and unsupervised" access to arrivingflights simply turned up, removed the drug-filled bags from thejet's cargo hold, and walked off with them while taking care toavoid security cameras.

The agency said it began investigating in after a suitcasecontaining cocaine and heroin was seized at JFK after arriving on aDelta flight. Agents built the case by tapping the phones ofseveral suspects, including some whom attracted attention when theyturned up to unload bags on shifts when they weren't scheduled towork.

Prosecutors identified the leader of the drug ring as HenryPolanco, a year-old resident of the Washington Heights sectionof Manhattan. They said the corrupt Delta employees were led byJorge Espinal, 38, a cargo supervisor for Delta. Both men were held without bail after an arraignment Tuesday onnarcotics conspiracy charges and were unavailable for comment. Anattorney for Espinal, Howard Jacobs, declined to discuss the case.

A spokesman for the U. Attorney in Brooklyn said he didn't knowif Polanco had an attorney yet. A Delta spokeswoman, Chris Kelly, said the airline has beencooperating with the probe for several months. Each of theimplicated employees have been suspended without pay, pending theoutcome of the investigation, she said.

She added that Delta performs a background check on everyemployee with access to secure airport zones, and the workersarrested in this case appeared to have passed that check. An American Airlines spokesman confirmed that one of the mencharged in the case worked part time as a baggage handler, butdeclined to otherwise comment. A spokeswoman for Aramark alsodeclined to comment. Please enjoy 20 complimentary views of articles, photos, and videos during the next 30 days.

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September 3, Pan Am had invested in a large fleet of Boeing s expecting that air travel would continue to increase. Archived from the original on August 5, New York Times. The Washington Post. Another first occurred in January , when Franklin D.

Drug bust pan am jfk

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Pan American World Airways , originally founded as Pan American Airways [1] and commonly known as Pan Am , was the principal and largest international air carrier and unofficial flag carrier of the United States from until its collapse on December 4, It was founded in as a scheduled air mail and passenger service operating between Key West, Florida and Havana , Cuba.

The airline is credited for many innovations that shaped the international airline industry, including the widespread use of jet aircraft , jumbo jets , and computerized reservation systems. Identified by its blue globe logo "The Blue Meatball" , [4] the use of the word " Clipper " in its aircraft names and call signs , and the white uniform caps of its pilots, the airline was a cultural icon of the 20th century.

In an era dominated by flag carriers that were wholly or majority government-owned, it was also the unofficial overseas flag carrier of the United States.

Spaatz , and John H. Pan American was able to obtain the U. Montgomery and Richard B. Bevier as a seaplane service from Key West , Florida, to Havana.

Trippe became operational head of Pan American Airways, the new company's principal operating subsidiary. The U. The government further helped Pan Am by insulating it from its U. Trippe and his associates planned to extend Pan Am's network through all of Central and South America. Critical to Pan Am's success as an airline was the proficiency of its flight crews, who were rigorously trained in long-distance flight, seaplane anchorage and berthing operations, over-water navigation, radio procedure, aircraft repair, and marine tides.

In bad weather, pilots used dead reckoning and timed turns, making successful landings at fogged-in harbors by landing out to sea, then taxiing the plane into port.

Many pilots had merchant marine certifications and radio licenses as well as pilot certificates. A Pan Am flight captain would normally begin his career years earlier as a radio operator or even mechanic, steadily gaining his licenses and working his way up the flight crew roster to navigator, second officer , and first officer.

Before World War II it was not unusual for a captain to make engine repairs at remote locations. Pan Am's mechanics and support staff were similarly trained. Newly hired applicants were frequently paired with experienced flight mechanics in several areas of the company until they had achieved proficiency in all aircraft types. Many crews supported repair operations by flying in spare parts to planes stranded overseas, in some cases performing repairs themselves.

The S , larger than the eight-passenger S, began flying for Pan Am in Carrying the nicknames American Clipper , Southern Clipper , and Caribbean Clipper , they were the first of the series of 28 Clipper s that symbolized Pan Am between and Pan Am reached an agreement with both countries to offer service from Norfolk, Virginia , to Europe via Bermuda and the Azores using the Ss.

On July 5, survey flights across the North Atlantic began. Trippe decided to start a service from San Francisco to Honolulu and on to Hong Kong and Auckland following steamship routes.

The first passenger flight left Alameda on October 21, Roosevelt for the company's "establishment of the transpacific airline and the successful execution of extended overwater navigation and the regular operations thereof. Six large, long-range Boeing flying boats were delivered to Pan Am in early Gray , made the first ever trans-Atlantic passenger flight. The second leg from Horta to Pan Am's newly-built airport in Lisbon took 7 hours and 7 minutes and covered 1, miles.

After the outbreak of World War II in Europe on September 1, the terminus became Foynes until the service ceased for the winter on October 5 while transatlantic service to Lisbon via the Azores continued into During the war Pan Am flew over 90 million miles million kilometers worldwide in support of military operations. Pan Am flew to Singapore for the first time in , starting a semi-monthly service which reduced San Francisco—Singapore travel times from 25 days to six days.

In Pan Am and TWA began using the Boeing Stratoliner , the first pressurized airliner in service and the first with a flight engineer in the crew. The Boeing 's airline service was short-lived, as all were commandeered for military service when the United States entered World War II.

The "Clippers" — the name hearkened back to the 19th century clipper ships — were the only American passenger aircraft of the time capable of intercontinental travel. Instead of being leather-jacketed, silk-scarved airmail pilots, the crews of the "Clippers" wore naval-style uniforms and adopted a set procession when boarding the aircraft.

In January , the Pacific Clipper completed the first circumnavigation of the globe by a commercial airliner. Another first occurred in January , when Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first U. Air transport's growing importance in the post-war era meant that Pan Am would no longer enjoy the official patronage it had been afforded in pre-war days to prevent the emergence of any meaningful competition, both at home and abroad.

This changed situation resulted from the new post-war approach the Civil Aeronautics Board CAB took toward the promotion of competition between major U.

AOA was the first airline to begin regular landplane flights across the Atlantic, on October 24, Time to Hurn was 17 hours 40 minutes including stops, or 20 hours 45 minutes to Lisbon.

A Boeing flying boat flew LaGuardia to Lisbon once every two weeks in 29 hours 30 minutes; flying boat flights ended shortly thereafter. Pan Am also acquired a few Curtiss Cs for a freight network that eventually extended to Buenos Aires. In January the California to Tokyo flight was a daily Stratocruiser that took 31 hours 45 minutes from San Francisco or 32 hours 15 minutes from Los Angeles.

In June Pan Am started the first scheduled round-the-world airline flight. All Pan Am round-the-world flights included at least one change of plane until Boeing s took over in PA 1 became daily in —63, making different en route stops on different days of the week; in January it left San Francisco at daily and was scheduled into New York 56 hr 10 min later.

Los Angeles replaced San Francisco in ; when Boeing s finished replacing s in all stops except Tehran and Karachi were served daily in each direction. The airline had begun calling itself Pan American World Airways in Although Pan Am contemplated purchasing the United Kingdom 's De Havilland Comets having held the distinction of being the first jetliner in the world , they ultimately waited for Boeing to release their first jetliner, and thus was the launch customer of the Boeing , placing an order for 20 in October It also ordered 25 of Douglas 's DC-8 , which could seat six across the originally was to be inches 3.

During the next few days, Pan Am flew several s to major airports in the United States as a public relations effort, allowing the public to tour the airplanes. Kennedy to London Heathrow. An engine failure delayed the inaugural flight's departure by several hours, necessitating the substitution of another , Clipper Victor, which eventually flew to London Heathrow.

Kennedy Airport. Pan Am carried 11 million passengers over 20 billion miles 32 billion km in , the year it revolutionized air travel with the first widebodied airliner. Pan Am was the first U. It also held large amounts of information about cities, countries, airports, aircraft, hotels, and restaurants. The computer occupied the fourth floor of the Pan Am Building , which was the largest commercial office building in the world for some time.

The airline also built Worldport , a terminal building at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The terminal was designed to allow passengers to board and disembark via stairs without getting wet by parking the nose of the aircraft under the overhang. The introduction of the jetbridge made this feature obsolete. The airline was involved in creating a missile-tracking range in the South Atlantic and operating a nuclear-engine testing laboratory in Nevada.

At its height Pan Am was well regarded for its modern fleet [70] and experienced crews: cabin staff were multilingual and usually college graduates, hired from around the world, frequently with nursing training.

Rising Cold War tensions between the Soviet Union and the three Western powers resulted in unilateral Soviet withdrawal from the quadripartite Allied Control Commission in , culminating in the division of Germany the following year. The German National flight attendants were later taken over by Lufthansa when it acquired Pan Am's Berlin route authorities.

Pan Am had invested in a large fleet of Boeing s expecting that air travel would continue to increase. It did not, as the introduction of many wide-bodies by Pan Am and its competitors coincided with an economic slowdown.

Reduced air travel after the oil crisis made the overcapacity problem worse. Pan Am was vulnerable, with its high overheads as a result of a large decentralized infrastructure. High fuel prices and its many older, less fuel-efficient narrow-bodied airplanes increased the airline's operating costs. Federal route awards to other airlines, such as the Transpacific Route Case , further reduced the number of passengers Pan Am carried and its profit margins. On September 23, , a group of Pan Am employees published an advertisement in The New York Times to register their disagreement over federal policies which they felt were harming the financial viability of their employer.

The ad also contended that the United States Postal Service was paying foreign airlines five times as much to carry U. This threatened the airline with bankruptcy. Former American Airlines vice president of operations, William T. These measures aided by the use of tax-loss credits enabled Pan Am to avert financial collapse and return to profitability in Since the s Juan Trippe had coveted domestic routes for Pan Am.

Through the late s and early s, and in the mids, there were talks of merging the airline with a domestic operator such as American Airlines , Eastern Air Lines , Trans World Airlines or United Airlines. Pan Am remained an American carrier operating international routes only aside from Hawaii and Alaska.

The last time Pan Am was permitted to merge with another airline prior to the deregulation of the U. Pan Am wound up in a bidding war with Frank Lorenzo 's Texas International that boosted National's stock price, but Pan Am was granted permission to buy National in in what was described as the "Coup of the Decade.

This acquisition did little to improve Pan Am's competitive position in relation to nimbler, lower-cost competitors in a deregulated industry, as National's North-South route structure provided insufficient feed at Pan Am's transatlantic and transpacific gateways in New York and Los Angeles.

The airlines had incompatible fleets apart from the Boeing and corporate cultures partly as a result of National being perceived by some Pan Am employees as mainly a regional "backwoods" carrier with few trunk routes , and the integration was poorly handled by Pan Am management who presided over an increase in labor costs as a result of harmonizing National's pay scales with Pan Am's.

As progressed and the airline's financial situation worsened, Seawell began selling Pan Am's non-core assets. Before this transaction closed, Seawell was replaced by C. Edward Acker , Air Florida 's founder and ex-president as well as a former Braniff International executive. Acker followed up the asset disposal program he had inherited from his predecessor with operational cutbacks.

Despite Pan Am's precarious financial situation, in summer Acker went ahead with an order for new Airbus models in wide body and narrow-bodied aircraft, becoming the second American company to order Airbus aircraft, after Eastern Air Lines. Pan Am's decision not to take delivery of the As and to sell its delivery positions to Braniff meant that the majority of its short-haul U.

Miami services were added in This parallel move was intended to enable Pan Am to provide a high-frequency service for high- yield business travelers in direct competition with the long-established, successful Eastern Air Lines Shuttle operation. However, it did not address the pressing issue of Pan Am's continuing lack of a strong domestic feeder network.

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Drug bust pan am jfk

Drug bust pan am jfk