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Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler has released a nude photo of herself. The daring move was the Chandelier hit-maker's ultimate response to being faced with an embarrassing nude photo leak on Tuesday. According to the star, someone was attempting to sell revealing snaps of her, so she beat them to the punch, sharing the snap in an angry Twitter post. Taking to Twitter, she tweeted an unclothed photo of herself from behind, standing on a balcony. Everyday is Christmas!

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Email Address never made public. Extortion and revenge porn are two different subjects which overlap in this instance, but also exist separately of each other. Bobvious14 Aug pm. The fact that so many people allow themselves to be shamed by Nude pic of herself who should be minding their own business is, regrettably, one of the hardest things to change in American society and others. Visit site. Taking to Twitter, she tweeted an unclothed photo of herself from behind, standing on a balcony. Among other things i guess. Yerself Personal Video Horoscopes. Nude pic of herself to content. Hedself Farage predicts the EU will offer a Brexit delay until 'at least' the Puppy behavior pee of January next year in

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The forces of extortionist scumbaggery have had the rug pulled out from them yet again: last week, it was Radiohead, releasing 18 hours of music rather than pay up to whoever hacked it away.

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Such postings are, rightly, seen as an invasion into people's private lives, and are quite frequently supported by really awful online services, run by scammers and jackasses who keep ending up in prison or in other trouble with the law. Someone sent her a version of the photo and asked how much not to post it in this screenshot the naughty bits are cropped, and even though she's now released it, I'm not linking to the image because, be better than that.

So here it all is, you foolish dorks. She does claim that others are threatening to blackmail her by saying that they've got access to her iCloud, but notes:. Getting ahead of any photo leaks One other interesting note: she points out that she won't reveal who's been trying to extort her, because:. I'm not posting the names of the people trying to extort me because some of them might be dumb kids. I wouldn't want the stupid ideas I had when I was a teenager to follow me around forever or else every time someone Googled me, they'd see me shoplifting a NO FEAR t-shirt.

This is a good example of confronting awfulness and turning it into something I wouldn't say it's a "good" outcome, because it's not at all clear that Cummings wanted this image out otherwise. And so I'm left to thinking about various attempts to create revenge porn laws. Would they ding this photo itself as revenge porn? Yes, Cummings herself eventually posted it, but only under the threat of having it leaked by some jackass if she didn't pay up.

One could easily argue that that situation is far from consensual. Some of the laws might say it doesn't violate the law -- since Cummings posting it herself is a sign of consent. But how would you square that with cases where these same kinds of idiots threaten to release photos or information on women if they don't "send nudes.

This is not to argue one way or the other on this -- other than to note that there are tough calls on this, and attempts to create laws against "revenge porn" could lead to situations where Cummings' own actions might be seen to violate those laws, even though it's a case of her taking control over a shitty situation and flipping the script a bit. Filed Under: blackmail , extortion , free speech , ownership , revenge porn , whitney cummings.

The First Word. So the blackmailer had a figure in mind, to earn money from his acquisition of said photos; she by her actions has blocked his earning of that expected income; therefore, he can now sue her for our old favorite, Felony Interference with a Business Model.

Subscribe: RSS. View by: Time Thread. We live in this weird world were all nudity is considered porn and all email is considered spam. Among other things i guess. As it appears that W. Cummings is a CA resident she has all the evidence she needs to go to her local Police Dept. Whitney here was a victim of attempted blackmail. Multiple attempts, it seems.

But she explicitly isn't seeking criminal punishment, and the article isn't really about that. Commenting on her legal remedies therefore is not really on topic. The article is about how, due to the way revenge porn laws have been written, her actions to shut down the blackmail, namely exposing the embarrassing information a photo herself could be considered revenge porn.

Generally, going to the police can not prevent a public release of the material you are blackmailed with, assuming that is threatened action.

But a law about posting photos without consent might see her release of that photo solely in reaction to the blackmail attempt as still nonconsensual. You might say that in this case the law might hold her accountable for exploiting herself. As the article notes, we would assume the law would see her posting as her providing consent, but we have examples otherwise. We can see this exploiting yourself strangeness in the way 16 and 17 year olds can be charged with creation and distribution of child porn, for pictures of themselves.

And as the article notes, we can certainly conceive of situations that are on the surface similar, but we certainly wouldn't consider consensual. So the discussion present in the title of the article is around questions of how the various proposals for revenge porn laws might react to this complex situation.

My overt attempt to affirm that there are existing remedies for "Revenge Porn", as stated in the beginning of this article, appears to be missed here, by you. It's gonna really pick up that GPA. Good Job! Your decision to explain that the blackmail described in the article you replied to as blackmail is in fact blackmail the blackmail itself was never described as revenge porn was wildly off point.

Blackmail largely can't be revenge porn, as the blackmailer only retains leverage if the photos aren't posted. There is a means of blackmail via revenge porn relying on taking the photos down, but that isn't this situation. That was why I assumed you didn't read the article - the pattern of facts in the blackmail aren't revenge porn. Revenge porn only comes in when the blackmailed posted the photos.

To explain that this revenge porn is actually blackmail is to suggest that, indeed it is revenge porn and somehow Whitney is blackmailing herself. The article explains that it was blackmail. Every state and the federal government criminalizes blackmail.

You post does exactly what you criticize me of, covering information already in the article. Attempted crime is still crime, just because an apparent victim has foiled the extortion plot, does not make it less of a crime.

Extortion and revenge porn are two different subjects which overlap in this instance, but also exist separately of each other. Someone could publish nonconsensual photographs of me, without ever informing me they possessed these photographs, or intended to publish them, or demanding something from me in exchange for not publishing them.

An attempted crime is still a crime, but it's not the same crime as if the attempt had succeeded. If he'd threatened to kill her but then hadn't, he'd be guilty of making threats, but not of murder. While there are many categories of crimes that are different when Attempted vs Completed Extortion is not one of them.

Posting revenge porn is a crime. Therein lies an issue with revenge porn laws that could use some addressing by lawmakers. Just to be pedantic: only in a few states currently. So I did it via snail mail. There is a connection between blackmail and revenge porn, but usually it's the website that hosts revenge porn posted by others trying to collect from victims for a promise to take down the offending images.

Now I shall indulge in some criminal interference of business model by sitting here and not watching a hollywood blockbuster. Every minute I spend not watching movies is money stolen from hard working moguls! We should all take five minutes every day to not listen to music or watch movies.

By copyright cult calculations that will bankrupt any studio in weeks. If I watch a pirate stream or not is immaterial to their loss. It sounds like she wants to stop further attempts at blackmail and also believes the blackmailer maybe teens or at least under I hope she changes the password on her iphone and her icloud account login, It sounds they may have got acess to her icloud account.

But AC offers no facts in their Post to support this proposition. Even Julie Andrews eventually appeared topless in a movie. It's rare when starlets hold firm to a no-nudity stance. Oh, one thing I want to point out here, there's nothing wrong with actresses or actors doing nudity in movies.

I don't believe nudity is always pornography. It's not something dirty that needs to be hidden. The puritanical morons that campaign against the slightest hint of skin turn my stomach. Especially since they often wind up getting caught in sex scandals.

Makes one wonder if they're deliberately trying to divert attention. Please show me the statistics that prove at least Until you do that, you have presented no facts in support of your proposition. Lots of accidental postings happen when people are run down. Because, America, and we're a bunch of prudes by the standards of the rest of the Western World. Your average American has few issues with their kids watching violence but put a nipple on screen even in a non-sexual context, yes Americans, nudity isn't always sexual -- and they freak the hell out.

Because american society and to varying degrees others is completely and utterly insane with regards to all things sexual, which includes female nipples because reasons. The perverse political union between sex-negative third wave feminists and evangelical puritans can't last in this onlikne reality. To paraphrase an old slogan "when nudity is outlawed, only outlaws will be naked" would lead to a state where we are all outlaws at one time or another. The fact that so many people allow themselves to be shamed by people who should be minding their own business is, regrettably, one of the hardest things to change in American society and others.

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Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself. We Are Hairy Review


Sia shares naked picture of herself after discovering someone is trying to sell nude images of her

Sia clearly was not aware of the photo being taken, as it was taken from afar and with her back to the camera. Everyday is Christmas! And that, my friends, is how you shut shit down! US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Not one to let her fans get swindled, Sia just posted the photo herself for her fans. Lawrence called the situation a violation and a sex crime. Sia quickly earned the overwhelming praise of her fans for being so bold in posting her photos.

NM4updates November 7, Queen of leaking her own nudes! Join HuffPost Plus. Doha Madani. Suggest a correction. Today is National Voter Registration Day!

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself

Nude pic of herself