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Penis forum gallery

I'd Penis forum gallery that I was around 6" - 6. I think some of the skin adhesion stuff came from the fact that it forrum SO quickly. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. It will help you keep your sanity through Hot pursuit diecast car models ups and downs. These meet with the seminal vesicles which are behind the bladder forun above the prostate gland. Add Image. Hi hunkydory, Sorry, for length gain I need to clarify apples to apples comparison: 5. Isolated Penis forum gallery, Mar 9,

Fuck i would. Photo Double Arch & Penis Rock

The Penis Gallery is an exhibition we are running as part of our Festival of New Masculinity and we need your penis to star in it. From Welterweight to Light Progress Penis forum gallery - vg Why do we have a WillyGallery? Penis forum gallery take your privacy really seriously. Here is just a tiny example of some pictures, to show that we have both flaccid and erect penis images on display, along with anatomical areas pointed out on an actual photograph rather than a drawn illustration of male genital anatomy. Culture 1 day ago. Please do send us your penis to put on show. Bathroom pics Lingerie suppliers uk nude amateur male. Ask a Woman Ask a woman anything. Or your local penis.

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Penis forum gallery

Penis forum gallery

Penis forum gallery. Get the Penis YOU WANT


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Roughly 12 weeks after round 2, stats had dropped a bit. I think this is because they were artificially inflated due to pumping on a frequent basis. After stopping pumping in entirety, stats were as follows:. Flaccid: 5. Round 3 was completed on January 17, Again, got the PRP shot, some micro drops. Again, after time some additional swelling inflammation dropped stats a bit.

It takes time for everything to really settle. For now. I had good gains in all rounds, and while aesthetics are not perfect, they are fine with me and my significant other. Here are some personal thoughts and opinions about the various parts of this process. These are just my opinions, keep in mind others may have very different points of view and if you are considering this procedure, I encourage you to spend time doing your own due diligence and considering the decision before pulling the trigger.

For me, this was about getting a big, fat hog. I personally like it, but I think others might have different opinions. In my personal readings, it seems everyone is different, and each round is different.

Every person is different, every dick is different. I think this is a big part of it. I did nothing for two days but stay in my hotel room, eat, rest, recover, and massage. A good decade of manual PE. I think this is a huge part of it. Each round, I spent two nights in the hotel room just massaging product, resting, and getting it shaped well, wearing the ESL40 for long periods of time after the procedure.

Everyone is different, and my body may just really like PMMA and respond well to it for some unknown reason. Even then, I had a huge first round, and much smaller gain on the 2nd round.

This is why I believe you have to be Ok having multiple rounds going into this journey. I read some posters on the forum saying that ibuprofen has some sort of negative impact on gains. I asked Wade about this, and he seemed pretty annoyed with it. I massaged every minutes.

You have to - the product moves, redistributes, and you have to put it back into shape. I think this really helped in flaccid length gains, as it kept me elongated and prevented turtling while the PMMA was hardening up. Post-op, I tried to stay erect and free as much as possible for the next 2 days. Basically, walking around the hotel room naked, letting the entry points weep, massaging, and staying hard when possible.

I took generic cialis to help with this. I did this for two days before jumping a plane back home. It also helped with the skin adhesions. Or the fascia? Or product? It might make it worse - for example, being very large has its drawbacks. Blowjobs are rather toothy. Butt sex? These were trade-offs I was willing to make. I'm not going to lie - I'd take my current unit any day over my previous unit.

Know the risks. This procedure is about trade-offs. It may go south, you may get a messed up result, and you may have a negative reaction to the product. These are all very real risks. They may not happen frequently, but it could happen to you. Be mindful of the risks. I was ok with the risk. Know yourself. Even with temporary fillers, you run many of the same risks, with the added downer of having a non-permanent solution if you have a good result.

There are lots of ups and downs as your penis changes and morphs, and there will be days when you want to freak out. Be realistic. You can probably count on 0. This is just speaking generally. I think some of the skin adhesion stuff came from the fact that it grew SO quickly. Slow, patient progress is good in this game. Take responsibility. Really commit to getting a great result. Focus on the task at hand - getting it molded in a great shape, making sure to rest and get the nutrients you need to heal up.

The PMMA injected is just the first step - now, you gotta make it great. Document things. It will help you keep your sanity through the ups and downs. Also, please consider the importance of sharing your experience, letting others benefit from your journey.

At this point, I'm happy. Casavantes, you guys made my dream come true. I've posted up pics below, that show the stats, as well as a progression series - far left was my starting point, then after Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, and final destination, 4 months after the Smooth Finish procedure.

Happy to answer any questions, just post them up in the thread below. Note: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Many features may not work properly without it. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. Username or Email.

Password Forgot your password? Keep me logged in. Welcome to PhalloBoards, an Online Community created to discuss Phalloplasty - the surgical enlargement of the penis. This site contains images and content associated with the surgical alteration of male genitalia. Contents on this site are not pornographic in nature, however may contain mature themes not suitable for all ages. Please be 18 or older to view the contents of this forum. Contributing Member 57 posts manitou Contributing Member 57 posts.

After stopping pumping in entirety, stats were as follows: Flaccid: 5. So final stats: Flaccid: 6. There are three main areas that are less than perfect: - Skin adhesions. Aftercare is critical. Having PMMA injected is just the first step in this journey. Quote 7 7 0. Hunkydory01 PhalloBoards posts. Hi great post. Quote 2 2 0. Dream PhalloBoards posts. Omg, you did it.

Totally transformed your dick. Length and girth. Greatest result, looks just great. What would you advise after 10 years of natural pe where you grew your Penis so long? How to start, what to do in general? Quote 0 0 0. Wow thanks for the advice. Hi hunkydory, Sorry, for length gain I need to clarify apples to apples comparison: 5.

I didn't really understand how to measure when starting. I also don't have pics from when I started.

Penis forum gallery

Penis forum gallery