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But upon learning of its existence, I had a million questions for Nancy and other adult-themed cruisers about sailing aboard the S. Full Monty. Do you ever get self-conscious? What does the crew think about it? Fortunately, people willing to walk around naked among 3, also-naked strangers tend not to shy away from delicate questions.

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

Well, stay tuned. Anywhere from a 2 Sailboat nudity drive but Sailboat nudity access to a car, nuxity being half way around the world. Once the sun goes down, take to the streets and experience the main event of Light Art Exhibition. And it was, for awhile. Not the nuditj of any of these projects, but just the brawn. Smilies are On. Unbeknownst to me, this was another project that required sanding. I am now in that number. Not only did we Sailboat nudity the hippies behind us to keep us entertained for part of the day, but the tourists strolling the beach in front of us were Adult nude videos good too. Boating and naturism share the same values: respect, humility and happiness.

Swinging grandmas. Experiencing the world while it's still large

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A little travel and a little adventure.

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A little travel and a little adventure. We had our perfect New Years in Isla Mujeres and then were ready to get ourselves moving to Florida and hopefully the Bahamas, but the weather had other plans for us. A few terrible storms came through the harbor, and for the first and only time in our lives we had our anchor drag on us. Good thing we caught it was happening just before we crashed into the boat behind us. After another few weeks and the wind never changing in our favor, I was about to completely lose it, thinking that we would never get out of Mexico.

But once I realized that I could do nothing about the weather and should enjoy my days that I did have there, our stay took on a new light as I began to enjoy all the small things of sitting in a beautiful anchorage.

Long drawn out mornings of coffee in the cockpit, and many afternoons spent at the beach. You can find the original post here. We were even joking that we could probably double our time cruising by spending half the year here in Isla Mujeres and the other half in Rio Dulce, minus the marina not that those even cost very much there. Due to some begging and pleading on my part and showing how well we did with our spending in January seriously, have you seen these numbers?

Packing up our trusty backpack with a blanket, some beers, and books, we found a spot that was a bit further down the beach than we had normally gone before. All the shady areas had already been snagged and we managed to find one little sliver of space under one of the palm trees that dots the beach. Since we had gotten out there so late in the afternoon we were easily able to fill just the few hours we were there with random people watching.

I barely had a chance to crack open my book. Not only did we have the hippies behind us to keep us entertained for part of the day, but the tourists strolling the beach in front of us were pretty good too. While gathering all our things up and trying to dust the sand off my legs I realized this stuff is like glue and you basically need an exfoliant to get it off.

Snatching a table outside on the street we each ordered ourselves up a pound of wings and a nice cold beer to wash them down with. When the wings came to our table shortly afterward, they.

Seriously, is there anything better in this world than a plate of buffalo wings and a nice cold beer? Back on Serendipity we were lazy and content, pretty sure that we would be becoming permanent residents of Mexico, and not minding it one bit. Today we brought ourselves back out to the beach, right back to the same spot, with our same hippie friends sitting just behind us. Today they decided to up their game and had taken what looked like ratchet straps and secured them between two palm trees, making an area to tightrope walk.

Well there goes my need for a book again today. Pop open a Barrelito, soak up some sun, and enjoy hippie tightrope walkers. Days full of snorkeling, sunsets, sundowners, and a constant fresh breeze in my face. Gently swaying in harbor, long nights of stargazing and even the butterflies before a long passage. Which also happens to remind me of the long list of sailing superstitions I would run through in my head before we weighed anchor. Last year I had written a post on a few biggies out there.

Like certain brands of lip balm can slightly control the wind. Can you tell me what superstitions you follow, whether traveling by land or by sea? Whistle for Wind. Whistling is said to challenge the wind itself since I guess if you think about it, you always refer to the wind as whistling through the trees , ect and if you do whistle on board it is said to bring a storm about.

No use trying to tempt fate. Having a woman on board is bad luck. I know…. Not all superstitions are bad luck, and if used properly, this one can help a sailor out. In nautical legend, it is said that knots have magical properties, including the ability to control the wind. By untying the first knot, winds would fill in to a gentle breeze to give the sailor an easy and comfortable passage.

Untying the second knot is said to make winds fill in enough to the point where reducing sail necessary, giving quite a fast and maybe a rough ride. Untie the third knot…. This is one of the very first sailing superstitions we ever learned about, yet refuse to follow it. All along the east coast of the US we were always bringing bananas on board, making banana bread, and having nice leisurely motors down the ICW.

Sounds logical enough. Bananas being transported on these ships would give off a fermented gas which would become trapped below deck. So yeah, I can see why sailors may have looked down on this delicious fruit before realizing the scientific reasons for all of their crew members demise.

Renaming a boat. Serendipity was not our first choice of name when it came to our second boat, but it was good enough. Why is it such bad luck to change the name of a boat? Legend has it that when a boat is named it has been enlivened and should be given the same respect as one would give to a person. To alter the name would bring disrespect to this being…unless you follow the proper steps to wipe the slate clean and start over again. There are many different ways to properly rename a boat, but usually end with a bottle of champagne being broken over it.

We love that little island off the coast of Cancun! We also had the benefit that our friends Luki and Elamri were still with us and there were good restaurants with cheap beer not far away. With days full of going to the beach or sitting at anchor, watching the overloaded catamarans bring drunken tourists out to the hottest snorkeling spots, it was not taking us long to get back into island time.

I wish I could say I partied all night long, but it turns out that spending all your days in the sun and surf can take a lot out of a girl. In fact, I had grand plans in my mind of meeting up with Brian and Stephanie in George Town Bahamas so we could celebrate it all together. With their timely departure for Panama coming up, it looked to be the only place we might ever have to cross paths again. But life, especially a cruisers, never quite goes as planned. We even threw out one very nice weather window to Florida to stay here and celebrate.

Our plans were not to be grand, just heading out to Marina Paraiso after dinner and enjoying a few beers and cocktails, and seeing if we could make it to the New Year. It was lucky for me that Matt had been up until 3 or 4 am going into NYE so that he required a nap in the afternoon before going out.

Why is this good you might ask? Because I was able to sneak out my flat iron to style my hair. By the time rolled around and I was all dolled up, getting myself slightly sweaty while trying to prepare a quick dinner though, we were ready to hit the town for the night.

It was when we all made it back to our boats, and I was quick in bed after stripping off my party dress. Matt tried to wake me at midnight when fireworks began going off in every direction, but unfortunately, three drinks was enough to make me catatonic, and I could only stumble around for a minute to glance at them before falling back in bed. Today we decided to take it easy, as if our life has been anything else lately, and make another trip up to Playa Norte.

Once again we prepared ourselves with a blanket, drinks and snacks. We exchanged our our e-readers for paperbacks, the digital SLR for a point and shoot, and were ready to leave all belongings unattended should the desire for an afternoon stroll or a frolic in the water come up. Once we entered the sandy passageway, we found that once again the area was packed with tourist and locals from the mainland enjoying their time off work.

Taking shade under that same palm tree, we spread out our towel and unwound to the sounds of popular artist playing through the speakers of a nearby bar. It was looking to be the perfect afternoon…until we smelled the poo.

The strange thing was, one second it was there, the next second it was gone. I asked Matt if it had wafted past his nose as well, but he could smell nothing unusual.

I ignored it and continued to relax. Every few minutes it arose though, and then departed just as quickly. There were a few checks of all of our belongings just to make sure it was not in fact poo from our cat that we had inadvertently dragged to the beach with us, but quick nose to fabric searches of all of our belongings came up with nothing.

I began eyeing the Pomeranian a few towels down. It seemed to be smirking at me. Finally when I was literally about to throw in our towel to find another area of open sand or possibly even evacuate back to the boat, a New Years miracle happened to us. A family of four that had rented out as many chairs and an umbrella for the day, decided to pack it in. I greedily snatched up all our belongs before the offer could be replaced to anyone else.

Then, while settling in to my new accommodations next to the other couple next to us in the sand that had been offered the other two seats, I heard some of the sweetest words in the English language. Friday November 13, I remember when I thought the head would be a breeze to get through. The hardest part would be the plumbing, and since that falls to Matt, all I would have to do for that project was be his gopher and that was fine by me. I think he knows that day is coming though and has decided to punish me in advance.

True to form, this project did start with all Matt. He looked at the space, figured out the best way to utilize it, and began taking the measurements to fit in the necessary pieces. That is the area we are throwing all of our focus right now. It began the usual way of taking epoxied furring strips and mounting them to the aluminum frame attached to the hull, and making templates which were traced on to Eurolite boards and cut out. And it was, for awhile. He had the dull and tedious job of cutting out 6oz woven fiberglass cloth and then using epoxy to adhere it to the boards, making sure to feather out all air bubbles for a smooth finish.

I did my job of mixing the epoxy for him and then stood back while he did the work. The next step after it had a few coats and ample time to dry was to fill in all the gaps between the boards.

Day one of filler was colloidal silica. And this is where the story gets ugly. This is about the time I began to lose my sanity. Not just for having to add it to the epoxy, no, that part is fine.

Life is goof! Roxanne The Good Luck Duck, naked. Naked pictures, actual naked pictures would be nice. Dear Miss Mermaid is nearly broke. Am going to buy your book right away.

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity

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The 10 things you need to know before cruising naked

With only a few weeks before we begin full time cruising, we have some final business to attend to:. The process of going from house dweller to sailboat livaboard is a huge life change.

And then getting used to living in a much smaller living quarters is a challenge for many. The next big step, for many who dream of sailing the islands or evven around the world, is the simple task of cutting ties with land life and casting off for good. Well, at least for a year or two. Kelly has been part of the dance world since she could walk.

She had a gift for dance and it showed early on. She began teaching dance at the age of 14 and has not stopped since. Even when she was a professional balerina, she was still teach other to dance, despite her busy schedule and part time job balerinas dont make a lot of money.

She even ran her own dance studio for 8 years along with her sister. Each year, the students would perform in a season ending recitle the showcases what they have been working on all season. Even though kelly has been taching for another studio for past past few years, this season is a special one for her. This will be her last recitle before she retires her dance teaching shoes as we go cruising.

She is hoping to find a some timein the islands to volenteer to teach some local students, but we really dont know what to expect. It seems that the 2nd reefing point on our main tore as we tightened down the reefing line. Satori has a single line reefing system that cinches the main down from the cockpit.

The gromet connection point was being pulled down and in, causing the sail to tear. Fortunatly, my sailmaker in St. Petersburg, Advanced Sails, does great work. He was able to patch the tear and insert a new grommet. He also moved the car connection point closer to the reefing line connection point. And insread of stitching in a piece of webbing, he made a series of wraps using cord. This not only gave the pint a little give if needed, it alows this stress point to be adjusted if needed.

Pretty Cleaver. On the way to meet some friends, Kelly and I stop at a park in St. Petersburg to get a little drone flying in.

This drone os so easy to fly, it took kelly no time to get the hang of things. Even better is the 4K camera on this thing. I can wait to see the kinds of shots we get with this amazong camera. Another must do before we leave is to spend some quiality time with friends and family. Her sister even brought Arthurs brother. They have a love hate relationship. We didnt have any wind that day, so we motored around tampa bay for a few ours. This worked our well though. Kelly and fly up north for some serious Minnesota summer fun.

Make sure to watch the next episode as we exlore some of the best parts of Minnesota. Here is what we were posting on Facebook during this video. Our first Blue Apron meal! As we wrap up the end of the dance season, I am working hard on choreography for our annual dance recital. Even though I loved teaching technique and seeing my students grow on a technical level, it is a true joy to create a piece from start to finish and see the story come alive.

Today and tomorrow are her recitals for her dance class that she teaches. This is the last bit of dance she has left before we head off in you know just a few weeks here.

I teach there. So, your class, your dance class. Do you want to explain how you talked me into coming? Yeah, two days in a row. What we do for our women. Well, stay tuned. As our cast-off date quickly approaches, we have plans to visit Minnesota to see family and friends before we leave.

Including this pre-storm Satori bath or as some may call it unnecessary click bait. I think we did it. Yeah, I think we did good. We did it. This is the last bit right here, look at that nasty dirty water coming off there. Like Cinderella. Just one of our many last-minute repairs includes a tear in our mainsail. Here we remove the sail so it can be repaired while we are in Minnesota. Which way is the wind going? That way. Probably need a pliers.

That is the problem we have. If that car was disconnected or moved up and we might not have this problem. Take the sail down? So, we have a fully battened mainsail. Which means the battens run all the way, back to front. Arthur, Arthur. Oh, I see. Can you take that? Just a long piece of fiberglass. You know not to slide your hands along it right? Oh yeah. You get all the little pieces. Yeah, I forgot. The first thing you gotta do is get all these slid out so that when we drop it, we can transfer it to the dock and then flake it.

Oh, look at that. Beautiful sail burrito. Thanks, Susan. Thanks, Jeff. Sailing SV Ohana right here to the rescue.

The Adventures of King Arthur. Look at Prince Louie as he arrives to visit his brother the King. Louie once made a poo in the castle rug with a sign that said Arthur was here.

After heroically rescuing a baby bird that fell from its nest Arthur was horrified when he discovered that Louis had taken credit. An unforgivable act. But the king and the prince are brothers above all else and always makeup in the end. Well, their stepbrothers. Well, this is awkward.

One last thing before we go, teach Kelly how to fly our new drone. This thing is awesome. I go left and right on that same joystick, it spins it. All right, try and land it. Get it on the carpet. Good job. Yeah, you did good. First flying. That was awesome. Yeah, you look beautiful. There are so many nerds that are going to be in love with this video. Russell, Russell the love muscle.

Sailboat nudity

Sailboat nudity