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Of course, Prince Alberts and other genital piercings including those on the scrotum and anus are not an American invention. They are mentioned in the Kama Sutra, and were worn by ancient Egyptians and Bornean tribes, among others. He already had seven piercings by the time he got a Prince Albert in A study from Texas Tech seems to confirm that men who get genital piercings are, well, rather boring. During a Prince Albert procedure, a piercer inserts a quarter-inch tube in the urethral opening, pushes upward, and then slides the jewelry in after the needle which exits through the glans.

Stories penis peircings

Stories penis peircings

Stories penis peircings

Stories penis peircings

Stories penis peircings

This put a 4 Sotries in my PA, a 6 ga in the number one frenum, an 8 ga in the number two Stories penis peircings a 10 ga in the number three position. The placement was centered in the edge of the corona opposite the urethra. Then he told me to stay seated for as long as I wanted. Getting her nipples pierced was life-changing for her, it Stories penis peircings her nipples stick out and suddenly her boobs looked the way she wanted - she even got me a cactus to say thank you. I decided that I wanted to get my penus pierced Stodies a professional so I removed the barbell from the new frenum piercing and placed it in the old stretched out frenum for safe keeping. Even a year after piercing her cartilage, year-old Emma says her ear continued to Stories penis peircings infected. As you can guess, the initial piercing Tools pediatric nurses use. Duplication or distribution of this media is forbidden except with express Stoories. And while salt water solutions are fine for cleaning pekrcings healing skin, swimming in pools or natural bodies of water sends an open invite to bacteria to enter the piercing site. For many years, I didn't wear anything in my stretched out frenum and I didn't think too much about piercing.

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RS Rick Steen Jan 18, Usually, we tell people to use saline solution soaks, like a quarter of a teaspoon in a cup of water. Downsizing is highly encouraged during the healing, to ensure a snug fit when fully erect. Free pissing porn clips using this site, you agree to the Stories penis peircings of Use and Privacy Policy. What else should I know before I resume sexual activity? Elizabeth orchestrated it but was not present. Lit Live Webcams Stories penis peircings Female. Still not that odd. Please Let Me Be Ch. Sort by:. If it hurts, just push through a little harder. Once everything is clean, put on a pair of gloves and lay Stories penis peircings all your supplies. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Spicing Things Up Ch. A complete description of these enema treatment discussion, but still significant in my total submission to my wife.

Improper aftercare can lead to major complications, says Kristina Kelley, piercing manager at Stingray Body Art in Boston.

  • Former piercer here.
  • My dominant wife, Elizabeth, instructed me to write a posting to Femdom that she would check and correct before sending it.

I was in my late twenties and had an interest in genital decoration. I would use lipstick on the head of my penis to accentuate the color and I fantasized about decorating a women's genitals with lipstick and other cosmetic coloring agents.

It was thinking about decorating my penis that let me to thinking about wearing jewelry in my penis. Also, about this time I saw a picture of Marylyn Chambers in Club magazine where she was sporting a gold ring in one of her inner labia. The thought of sticking a needle into or through such a sensitive part of my body also fascinated me. I really wondered what it would feel like and if I would be able to do it. My very first piercing was kind of a mini-dydoe, although at this time, I had no idea of what it was called.

I used a sewing needle and lots of rubbing alcohol for disinfectant. The placement was centered in the edge of the corona opposite the urethra. It was only about one eight of an inch from the edge of the corona, so it did not last. I used a gold earring stud with an earring back, and I wore the bead of the stud on top with the back behind the corona. To this day I have a slight indentation in my corona where this piercing used to be.

My next piercing was a mini-Prince Albert, and once again I had no knowledge of this pierce. It just seemed like a good place to stick a needle. Next I pierced my frenum. Once again, the large sewing needle, the rubbing alcohol and an gold ear stud with a gold backing. For fun, I would attach a 12 inch gold chain to either my frenum or my mini-PA. It was fun to wear the chain and flip it around by moving my hips back and forth.

This began to stretch these two piercings, and a few years later, I would insert a drapery hook into either and enjoy the sensations of flipping it back and forth. I am sure the jeweler had no idea what that ring was to be used for. For many years, I didn't wear anything in my stretched out frenum and I didn't think too much about piercing. My family was growing and I had other things on my mind.

I noticed an article in one of the local newspapers about the phenomena of a local body piercing shop, and I remember reading it an wishing my life style would allow me the freedom to get another piercing, but I was a businessman, and I didn't think it would be acceptable. Then about ten months ago, as I was approaching my 50th birthday, I came across my little gold ring, and I got the urge again.

Once again, I got out the large sewing needle and rubbing alcohol and did another frenum, this time locating it deeper than the old stretched out one. I managed to get the gold ring in and started to let it heal.

I decided that I wanted to get my penus pierced by a professional so I removed the barbell from the new frenum piercing and placed it in the old stretched out frenum for safe keeping. I started to think about what kind of piercings I wanted. I decided that I wanted a classic Prince Albert, and I knew that I would enjoy the sensations provided by another frenum, and if one frenum was good, then three would be even better! I decided on a curved barbell instead of a ring despite the admonitions that I would have to sit to pee because I liked the sleeker look and I wanted something that would not be impeding during intercourse as I thought a ring might be.

I worked up my courage and told my wife what I wanted to do. She wasn't all that thrilled, but she didn't say no either so I called up Attitudes Piercing in Portland and made an appointment with Anna Edwards who had been doing piercing in Portland for many years and was the subject of the previously mentioned article. I went down to the shop at the appointed hour. Anna wasn't available just then, so I chit chatted with the attractive young woman who was working the front of the shop. She told me that she was an apprentice and that in addition to her ear facial piercings, she had both nipples and her hood pierced.

I though this was pretty open of her to tell me about the hood and the nipples! Anna came out and we discussed what I wanted. I had sketched out a picture that showed the three frenums and an apadravya instead of a PA, but I told her that I wanted a PA with a curved bar bell.

Next came the question of what gauge. After the usual forms, she escorted me into the back room where she asked me to take off my pants and underwear. I sat down on the table and looked around. Clean, orderly, and Anna sitting between my legs with a smile on her face. We decided to do the frenums first in case the PA turned out to be a bleeder.

She marked the entrance and exit hole of the first one with a Sharpie. I had her place it as deep and as close to the glans as possible because I wanted it in the center of the pleasurable area for play.

Then we discussed the placement of the PA. I am circumcised and the first place she suggested was off to the side. I said I didn't like that look, so she suggested that we use the old frenum hole which was actually an entrance hole and exit hole so close together that it effectively made a single partial hole with a slender thread of skin running from top to bottom.

I loved this idea because the old frenum hole was all stretched out and I didn't like the way it looked anyway. What Anna actually did was use the back of the hole with the slender piece of connecting skin just off to the side of the needle. This centered the PA which is what I wanted. No marking with a Sharpie was needed as the old frenum hole provided the location. Anna suggested that I lay back for the actual piercing so in case I got light headed, I would not fall over on her.

Then she said as was her custom "Lets rock and roll! I wasn't prepared for the sting and I let out a moan. She lubricated the externally threaded barbell threads with ointment, slid the jewelry in behind the piercing needle and screwed on the other bead. I looked down and I just loved what I saw. Still, I was a little light headed and when she asked me if I was ready to do the next frenum, I chickened out and told her to do the PA and I would come back for the other two frenums later.

By this time, I was thinking to myself, if a 12 ga needle hurt that much, what is a 10 ga needle going to feel like, so I asked Anna to change to 12 gauge. Good hearted, she went out and got a 12 gauge circular bar bell and a 12 gauge piercing needle.

Still laying down on the table, I watched Anna slip the receiving tube into my urethra which stung a little, but not much. Then she said "Let's rock and roll" again and on the third breath she once again plunged the needle through my precious and into the receiving tube. This time it didn't sting as much, and actually felt good as it heated up.

I could have probably done the 10 ga. Anna put a cork on the sharp end of the needle and then after lubing up the threads of the circular bar bell she followed the needle though with the jewelry and screwed on the beads.

She wiped up a little bit of blood with a gauss square and told me to lay there until I was ready to get up. I looked down and sure enough, there was a ring in my thing and I loved it at first sight. She did the gauss and rubber glove thing, gave me some special liquid soap and the after care instructions. I paid her and was so pleased I left a generous tip. After I got home, a took it easy, and changed the wrappings a couple of times before I got in the shower and did the after care wash.

When I examined the frenum, I could see the it was not centered like I wanted it so I called up the piercing shop and asked them what to do. They said, just wash it carefully with the special antibacterial soap and just pull it out and it would be redone later for free. I pulled it out and scheduled another appointment a week later. I only bled just a little bit and only from the PA, so I consider myself to be lucky. After two days, the spotting stopped entirely,. When it was time to go in for the next appointment, I knew the way things worked as I considered myself an old hand at this piercing business.

Because of that, I wore a pair of loose fitting cotton athletic shorts it was summer time and a oversize cotton T-shirt. No underwear! I liked the feel of my newly pierce penis swinging freely.

This time I was going to get all three frenums put in and I was determined to have them placed just the way I wanted them. Anna and I spent a good deal of time marking the entrance and exit holes. I had done my homework by doing practice marking during the previous week and locating land marks on the skin while erect in order help determine the desired position when flaccid. After the marking was completed, Anna once again suggested that I lay back to prevent falling over on here if I got light headed.

She told me a story of doing a genital pierce on a lb. She clamped on the forceps, and this time, I asked if they could be just a bit looser so they wouldn't be as painful. Once again, she started the process with "Let's rock and roll! Three breaths a pro by now and yowee, in went the needle. The barbell followed, and she followed the next two pierces and jewelry insertions in rapid succession. This time, the experience of the needle was very stimulating, and I remember the sensation to this day as being very sexual.

It was like having sex with the needle. Very pleasurable This time, the frenums were placed just the way I wanted them. The healing was very easy. Within a week they "felt" healed. I continued the twice a day washing with NurtiBiotic liquid soap that Anna recommends for two months, and to this day, when I shower, I always wash my piercings with NutriBiotic liquid soap as a habit.

I love the smell, because it reminds me of the whole process of getting pierced. After about one month, the small thread of skin leftover from the old stretched out frenum piercing atrophied and separated, leaving the PA perfectly centered in the middle of my penis, just like I wanted.

The 12 ga PA with the large beads turned out to be uncomfortable. The large beads would twist the jewelry into uncomfortable positions and the small gauge wire tended to pinch.

I was able to make this big of a gauge jump because the PA stretched out quite a bit on its own already.

The triangle is a very anatomical piercing, so a consultation is suggested to ensure correct anatomy prior to getting your heart set on it. Vertical clitoral hood piercing VCH. It's very hard to keep going once you feel that initial pain, but it doesn't get any worse than that first little bit of pain, so you might as well just keep going so that it's all the way through, rather than going to all this trouble and not even having a piercing to show for it. I complied but was disgusted by the taste and texture of my own semen. All Time All Time. Not Helpful 3 Helpful

Stories penis peircings

Stories penis peircings

Stories penis peircings

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Typical dydoe jewelry is a short straight barbell with smaller-diameter balls initially. Guiche Piercings — Guiche piercings are perineum surface piercings i. After your hafada is well healed, you can try attaching a small weight to pull your scrotal sack down during sex, which can prolong orgasm. Sometimes men will convert an apadravya piercing to a reverse PA piercing or vice versa for the same reasons. Clicking any of the piercing names will take you to the related categories in our photo gallery, where you can see examples of these piercings shared by our online community members after you create an account.

A vertical hood piercing goes through the top of the clitoral hood and out the bottom, so VCH jewelry rests against the clitoris. A horizontal hood piercing goes from side-to-side through the clitoral hood, over top of the clitoris. Your piercer will need to do a cotton swab test to see if your clitoral hood is deep enough to do a VCH piercing without risk of damage to your clitoris. Common hood piercing jewelry depends on the piercing.

Hoops like captive bead rings and segment rings or circular barbells work best for horizontal hood piercings. Bent barbells are usually preferred for vertical hood piercings, but some wear circular barbells or captive rings. Christina Piercings — A Christina piercing also known as a Venus piercing is a surface piercing done vertically on the pubic mound above the clitoral hood.

Also, try to wear loose clothing, let the piercing breathe as much as possible during the healing process, and practice good aftercare. Labia Piercings — There are 2 types of labia piercings: inner labia piercings and outer labia piercings. An outer labia piercing goes through one of the outer vaginal lips, and an inner labia piercing goes through one of the inner lips.

Read our Body Piercing Aftercare article for additional tips to help your piercing heal well and stay with you for a long time. It totally depends on the piercing. Below is a list of average healing times for common genital piercings. You should wait until the maximum amount of time listed has passed to resume sexual activity, just to be safe. Men with newer genital piercings should wear condoms initially during intercourse, even if in monogamous relationships.

Women should ask male partners to wear condoms, too, and cover their piercings with dental dams during oral sex. If at any point some sexual act causes you discomfort, stop immediately. Skip to main content. Help center. What should I know before I resume sexual activity?

Do not have sexual intercourse or play with your jewelry before your piercing is fully healed! They are slower to heal than labia minora inner lips as they pass through thicker tissue and not everyone is suited for them. After something a little different? Come in for a free consult so we can check your anatomy and discuss the viability of your idea. Stretching of the PA occurs naturally during healing and larger jewellery can be inserted once settled.

As it is a transurethral piercing enters through the urethra , sitting down to urinate is generally suggested for the initial healing period. Frenum piercings are traditionally placed just behind the glands of the head, through the webbing of the foreskin which connects to the shaft.

Straight barbells are suggested for the healing, and often require a downsize once healed. Rings can also be comfortably worn both under hanging and over larger ring, resting behind the head. Non-traditional placements are also possible downwards the shaft, on the top or bottom , however are not as easy to heal and often suffer from migration over time. As they do not pass through the urethra, the urinary stream is not affected by the piercing and healing is very easy.

They can be done on circumcised and in-tact genitals, however anatomical restrictions can apply so a consult is suggested. Downsizing is highly encouraged during the healing, to ensure a snug fit when fully erect. Often measuring yourself at home is advised, to determine the excess when engorged. Although technically both an Ampallang and an Apadravya could be worn together, picking just one is advised. As they are transurethral piercing enters through the urethra , sitting down to urinate is generally suggested for the initial healing period.

Pain level: High Healing: weeks Initial Jewellery: Straight barbells Sex can resume: After 1 month, if protection and caution is used.

Piercing Stories - BME: Body Modification Ezine

As can penis piercings. You've probably heard of a Prince Albert piercing, but what actually is it? And are there other styles of penis piercing? Experienced piercer Olly Todd , who works at body modification studio Factotum says these are the things you need to consider if you or a partner is thinking about getting a penis piercing.

People choose certain genital piercings for many reasons, from just a little something for them and no one else to know about, to sexual. The apadravya, ampallang and genital beading are, in my opinion, the best for your partner's sexual benefit. The first two are piercings and it's the way they are placed that gives the added sensation. This can be done on the top to create a ridged effect along the shaft, but the beads do not protrude through the skin at all. Prince Albert piercing: The PA is a piercing that enters the urethra and exits through the tissue behind the head of the penis on the underside.

Frenum: The frenum again is placed on the underside of the penis usually through the tissue directly behind the head of the penis, though it can be placed anywhere along the shaft.

Many men and people with penises actually do these in groups running the length of the underside of the penis like the runs on a ladder. Apadravya and ampallang: Both of these piercings pass through the head of the penis either vertically or horizontally. Price: Pricing can vary largely due to a few different factors the first being your location.

The other main one will be how the studio operates in regards; this is because there are now a new breed of piercers in the UK upping the game in regards to service and jewellery quality and choice. I have a piercing fee dependant on the area to be pierced, then the cost of the jewellery chosen, because of the wide range of jewellery I stock. We offer everything from plain polish implant grade Titanium right up to solid 18kt gold depending on your preference.

Suitability: All the piercings shown or mentioned are very much anatomy dependent as we are, after all, very different forms to each other. This is due to the nature of the area and the tissue as well as the jewellery choice.

Jewellery: While we don't have free reign when it comes to jewellery, as we do have to consider the anatomy, healing time and the area before picking out your jewellery, we always do a consultation with the client to discuss this.

There is such a wide range of jewellery available, so if you want get lovely piece of solid 18kt rose gold with genuine diamonds set into it, that's an option.

As the piercer dons mask, gloves and a few other protective items you will be asked to don the best position depending on the piercing again. Your piercer will put on new sterile gloves to perform the procedure and talk you through the process as it's happening.

There'll be a general clean-up of the area and check over before you will be asked to have a look and sit back up. Any dressings will now be placed on and you will again have another chat about the aftercare needed for the particular piercing you have received.

Aftercare: This will again vary depending on the piercing itself, but generally speaking you will need to clean it a couple of times a day with some saline and this can be found in pressurised cans, wipes and solutions - the piercing may well dictate what type is used as well.

Healing: Healing times vary but in some cases can take up to 6 months to fully heal. Dr Clare Morrison, from MedExpress , adds:.

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Why you should never chew gum on an airplane. Penis piercing - The sexual benefits People choose certain genital piercings for many reasons, from just a little something for them and no one else to know about, to sexual. Cosmopolitan UK. Related Story. She definitely reveals too much about her personal life on the Internet.

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Stories penis peircings

Stories penis peircings