Wife dances with other men-Is It Okay If Your Girl Dances With Another Man? - AskMen

Listen Now - Marriage Builders Radio. Print Thread. The reason I am posting is that my wife has been going to dance clubs with her sister and mom both single. I can't dance and don't enjoy that atmosphere so I don't usually go with her. Well I went the other night and things didn't turn out so good.

Wife dances with other men

Wife dances with other men

Wife dances with other men

She knows you are unsure of yourself and will be Mr nice guy. I showed her the video and she said "Oh, maybe I bumped into Wife dances with other men unintentionally", previously saying she remembered the dance very well and there was no touching not even close to it. She danced her azz into a divorce due to her infidelity. I think there is some merit in having boundaries Do NOT make it into an argument whether dancing with another man is wrong or not. For a horrific few months, I dated Daniela, who was hot, charismatic, smart, and insane.

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Popular Products. But when he can, he comes because he knows it's something I love to do. You need to have trust. I remember starting Wife dances with other men thread on it As a man who has been heavily involved in dancing all his life he was saying he often forgets that something might be seen as sexual by other people as he is used to approaching it from a technical point Sinnitta naked view. Download Full Video. Well then,that sheds a whole new light on the subject doesnt it? He goes to car shows which are family events and takes my daughter with him. Suck up your fear, stuff a hankie in your discomfort, and just do it. I Wife dances with other men to partake in a recreational drug that my friends often did.

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The Social Spot Politics Religion. Vendor Deals Dadstartingover. OR Remember Me? Old , PM Thread Starter. Wife dancing with another guy. I really need some opinion on this matter. My wife and I have been together for nineteen years.

A few weeks ago we went to a party and both got a little drunk. Everyone at the party was having fun and dancing normally. Then a song my wife really likes was played and she went straight to the dance floor to dance with the guy who put the song on and they were the only people dancing. The dance got dirty, he went down, then she went down, then she got close to him so that her breast touched his chest. I'm not sure it was intentional, but she was so close to him it was bound to happen.

A woman at the party obviously thought it was a very inappropriate dance and she asked me isn't this YOUR wife? I was very surprised to see my wife dance like that with another guy. She has always been faithful and I have never seen her do a thing like that. Back to the dance floor, my wife turned around and the guy now behind her put his arm around her just beneath her breasts slightly touching them. At that time I got really angry and grabbed the guy and threatened to beat him, but the house owner got in between us and stopped it.

I am not a violent man, but I really wanted to beat him. My wife and I got into a heavy fight not violent and went home. The next day we argued about this. She said she never touched him not even close and it was just a dance. She admitted the dance was flirty and sexual but didn't mean anything and therefore it was ok. Two days later I saw a short video clip of the dance where she is very close to the guy and her breast touches his chest.

I showed her the video and she said "Oh, maybe I bumped into him unintentionally", previously saying she remembered the dance very well and there was no touching not even close to it. I am very upset with my wife because she says this dance was "just a dance" but also says she will never dance like that again with another man.

If she can dance like that with another guy in front of me what will she do when I'm not with her. This thing is tearing our relationship apart. What do you think? Digg this Post! Add to del. Trewavas is offline. Quick Reply. Remove Advertisements. Old , PM.

Re: Wife dancing with another guy. MattMatt and Yeswecan like this. Evelyn Hutchinson. As'laDain is offline. Tough one. Obviously you didn't approve.

And if she respects you and your marriage she should apologize and act accordingly. Yah, I agree not cool. If this was a very isolated incident, then maybe, but if a pattern, watch out! I like your reaction. She gets mad and defensive? So what. She needs too be told in no uncertain terms, not cool! Married but Happy. Lots of dances are very sexy. We've learned tango, salsa, rumba, etc.

Dance is a sensual art form, and can be very flirty in a ritualized sense, but does not mean it's sexual or has inappropriate intent. Now, some people won't even let there partners dance with someone else, but this seems needlessly restrictive unless there is a prior reason to question their intentions. Rowan and Suspicious1 like this. Love is an ideal thing; marriage is a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.

Married but Happy is online now. Go out one night and tell her you are going out dancing. Don't come back until late. Last edited by sokillme; at PM. Lesson: don't get drunk especially at a mixed party. You might do something you won't remember and will later regret. You will ruin your reputation, and send your marriage into a tailspin. Your wife was drunk. She has never done this type of thing before, right?

Of course you are upset by what she did. Next time get upset if you see her drinking too much, because you now know that with too much alcohol she looses all judgement and inhibition. Roselyn , bandit. Adelais is offline. Voltaire and She'sStillGotIt like this. Pretty disrespectful behavior before and after. The other woman who asked if that was your wife noticed it too as well as everyone else that was there. Her reaction is BS. You acted appropriately. Prodigal , Chaparral , The Middleman and 12 others like this.

Marc is online now. Any sort of sensual or sexual or flirty dancing needs to be with you own husband or wife. A married couple I know wanted to do something together so they started a salsa dancing class. They soon realised that they were being made to dance with lots of other people and said we want to dance together that's why we have come.

Apparently it wasn't allowed to dance with you own spouse so they sadly left. Getting drunk is never a good idea. She doesn't sound as if she was THAT drunk though if she was able to dance with this man. Hopefully she wont do it again, but she needs to stay away from alcohol.

Tatsuhiko , toblerone and cashcratebob like this. Last edited by Diana7; at PM. Diana7 is offline. The other guy crossed a boundary with his wife in public in front of her husband. He got what he deserved and his wife did too. Good lesson for both. Alcohol is a BS excuse. Chaparral , bandit. People like to use being drunk as an excuse for poor behavior but the liquor is just lowering her inhibitions. Meaning she was doing what she would like to do but needed the liquid courage to embolden her.

What do you know about this guy she was dancing with? You better make sure. Even if it was the first time they met, you better check that he didn't slip her his number or a "friend" didn't give her info to him.

As for making a scene, you showed her and douche dancer, that you will fight for what is yours. She fought you because she expected you to take this disrespect quietly. Don't cave in. Nice guys that try to be understanding, caving into ridiculous demands or fearing being called controlling are betrayed. I think you need to consider marriage counseling.

That being said, I'm 35 and have been joyously married for 13 years. If you trust her and you know she is a faithful wife, you have nothing to worry about. So, because guyguy doesn't want to go out and wants to sit on the couch and mope all night means she has to also?? Luis November 16, She had plans. She just happens to be moving around the same space as her partner. I know because I used to be like that.

Wife dances with other men

Wife dances with other men

Wife dances with other men

Wife dances with other men

Wife dances with other men. Top Trending Pornstars


Would you be okay with your wife dancing with another guy? | cherrycitykitties.com

Remember Me? Forum Chit-Chat Your girlfriend or wife dancing with other men. You may not vote on this poll. Thread: Your girlfriend or wife dancing with other men. Knowledge Bound. How do you feel about your significant other dancing with another person?

This has always been a touchy subject for me but i would like to know what you all think. At the copa Originally Posted by dwdrummer And I don't care if you don't like my drumming. I challenge anyone on this forum to a drum-off right now! I have played so long and studied so many different genres of music that I am absolutely proficient with pretty much anything I choose to do. Run Silent, Run Deep. Depends if shes dancing with friends or strangers. She dances with the girls and she will also dance with men.

She only goes out to country western bars. She loves that kicker stuff. I cant stand country music. So this might help. I don't have a problem with someone asking my girlfriend to two-step at a country bar. That's just a compliment for her.

If she goes clubbing with friends and not me I know she's not getting dirty with guys on the floor because that's just not her. If it were, we'd have a problem. That's not dancing, it's public dry humping. Originally Posted by mymindseye My girlfriend wouldn't want to dance with a male stranger, but I'm confident enough in my relationship with her that I wouldn't try to stop her if she did - unless, as Erwinner says, it was that kind of dancing.

Which she also doesn't do anyway. As for dancing with male friends of hers.. I'm fine with it so long as her intentions and those of the other guy involved are fine, because I can trust her with that kind of thing. If you trust your wife you should not be worried. It's all about intent. If she happens to dance with a man because the style of dancing she is doing requires a partner and the guy is respectful, then it's fine.

But if she is out dancing on singles night and the guy dancing with her is copping a feel, that's different. I dated a stripper, so if your wife dancing with another guy makes you uncomfortable, imagine knowing your girl is naked on another guys lap.

You need to have trust. Rogue Ex-Mod. I have some stories to share on this subject I was over talking with a group of guys and my girlfriend was dancing with a group of girls. A guy who I had never seen before came up to her and they started dancing together.

I kept an eye on the situation from my position about 20 feet away. They were standing close to each other, facing each other but not actually touching.

I didn't have a problem with it. After a few minutes, the guy moved in closer and started grinding on my girlfriend at which point I said "Excuse me a minute I walked over and grabbed the guy by the throat and walked him backwards into a parked car. I shoved him up against the car and said "Just stop man. Just stop. Get out of here. He apologized and left.

In the end, I was pretty embarassed that I had lost my cool but I did feel the guy was out of line. The dude turned out to be a nice guy, he was just super drunk and had no idea she was my girlfriend and thought she was hot.

On the other side, I have one friend who always refuses to dance in public and his girlfriend and I are pretty good friends she's like a little sister to me so I am her "Dance Partner" anytime we're at a wedding or a party. She and I have danced together many times including a few slow dances but again, my friend was right there watching or knew that she and I would be dancing together and it was never an issue for him or for my girlfriend.

So I guess I would say if you know the guy and he's a friend you trust, there are no worries. If some random drunk guy is grinding on your girlfriend, it's probably going to be an issue! As much it would make you mad to see another guy dancing with your girl, you have to realize that unless your girl is your wife and wearing a ring, how is a guy supposed to even know she is in a relationship?

It's not like every girl and guy who is at a bar or club wears a t-shirt that shows their relationship status. Registered User. I wouldn't mind.

I hate dancing, if someone else did it so I didn't have to I'd be grateful. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Some products discussed here may not be available outside the USA.

Wife dances with other men

Wife dances with other men