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It is an awful mistake to assume that a child shares the same abilities of our own experiences as children. Fact is, when we are young and trying to train our brains to pedal and balance at the same time, the coaster brake tends to get in the way. This is easy enough on a bicycle with a freewheeling rear hub: Just spin the cranks backwards until the pedals are where you want them. Yet, getting the pedals set with a coaster brake usually means clocking the cranks before coming to a stop. Since it is impossible to freewheel a coaster brake backwards, the only alternatives while stopped are to pick up the back end of the bike while fumbling the crank into the right spot — or duck walk the bike forward until the pedals spin into place.

Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes that happens, she has no way of slowing down. I find a coaster brake is pleasant, but I would strongly recommend having a brakex brake. Anonymous February 25, at AM. When coaster brakes fail usually the result of chain breakage or derailment they fail suddenly and completely. There are plenty of folks here who can help you evaluate the differences between them.

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I have trouble with coaster brakes, because I still try to stop without putting a foot down.

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Converting a bike to have coaster brakes requires knowledge about the different parts of a bike and how they work with each other. Installing coaster brakes is a great way to teach beginners how to ride and balance properly.

Also called pedal brakes, they stop the bike when the user rotates and pedals backward. You will need the right equipment and tools to replace the rear wheel and complete this project.

Gather everything you need in one place. Set the bike upside down on its handlebars and seat or put it onto a bike stand to keep it stable. Remove the locknut and cone that secure the sprocket using the adjustable wrench. Take out the sprocket by twisting continuously until it is totally off. Remove the axle nuts on the rear wheel and then move the wheel forward and let the chain slack.

Remove the chain from the rear sprocket, axle bearings, rear wheel and brake pads. Slide the coaster brake reaction arm onto the axle and then secure it. Put the first bearing beside the coaster brake. Install the cluth assembly on the axle then place the brake pads on the clutch. Slide the intermediate bearing on the axle then place the axle into the wheel hub.

Position the sprocket, outer bearing and bearing cone and then secure the axle by tightening the locknut. Put the rear wheel back on the bike frame and then tighten the nuts on the axle. Place the clip on the reaction arm to finish the conversion. Using a coaster brake will prevent you from using a chain tensioner. You might notice chain slack after the coaster bike conversion, so check that the cog size and chainring are compatible.

An adaptor will also help maintain proper tension on the chain for smooth and efficient rides. You might need to replace the wheel hub, sprocket and chain as you install new parts of various types and sizes, so an ample understanding of bike mechanics is necessary.

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Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes.


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It only takes a minute to sign up. I am looking for an old fashioned style bicycle. I had a bad accident on a new bicycle and I feel safer with with an old-style bike. I've never crashed before and I've been riding bicycles for over 40 years. They are still made! Try a search for "bicycle coaster brake. If you want gears add "3-speed" or "internally geared. Once you find some that appeal to you, post some links. There are plenty of folks here who can help you evaluate the differences between them.

Your best bet is to find the bike you like with a coaster brake. Make sure that a the rear rim is "hand-brake" compatible chances are it will be rim brake compatible I have never seen a coaster brake hub with disc mounts! Have a shop add hand-brake add a rear for sure and a front if you need one which will likely be a V brake or cantilever brake. You could go the other direction and find the bike you like with the hand brakes you seek and change the rear wheel to one with a coaster brake.

Of course this wheel needs to be compatible with the hand brake. If you explain what you want to a bike shop they will guide you through the above steps. If you are trying to do this without a shop's intervention then I suggest posting some models of bikes with coaster brakes and members of the Stack will tell you if they are hand brake compatible. I will look for it and post here if I find it. Google shows many people sell bikes with coaster brakes.

Schwinn has a wide selection. Huffy also has a good selection. Target stocks many. Kmart does too. Many of these bikes are quite cheap, and qualify as BSOs. You get what you pay for. You could try the following brands, some have roller brakes with Shimano Nexus hubs etc.. In addition, you can attach panniers to these bikes to integrate the rides into your daily errands etc.

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Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Asked 4 years, 2 months ago. Active 3 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 1k times. By "step brake" you presumably mean a "coaster brake" where you pedal backwards to brake. Usually these don't have front handbrakes, but some do, or, on the right frame, a bike shop can add the front brake for you if you really want it. These bikes are still made usually the cheaper "department store" models, however , and many an older bike of this sort is stored in a garage or basement, waiting for the next moving sale.

I see ones by Schiwinn and Huffy , among others. DanielRHicks: About bikes with coaster brakes not having front handbrakes: This totally depends on the area. For example, in the Netherlands it is quite common, at least on cheap bicycles, for the coaster brake to be the only brake. A three speed bike would not have coaster brakes. I think Sturmey Archer also makes some. Shimano also makes some hubs that take "roller brakes" — I'm not sure what those are, but they seem to be pedal actuated.

DanielRHicks: Many internal-gear hubs are offered with coaster brakes. In Germany, internal-gear hubs with coaster brakes used to be so common that one German webshop displays a note with the gear hubs they sell: "Warning, does not have a coaster brake".

I'm guessing that the OP does not want anything "fancy", though, plus I didn't see any 3-speed "cruisers" with a front brake either. The bike you seeks is probably not available off-the-shelf new from a bike shop.

EDIT 2: The better answer includes a primer on the different kinds of hand brakes. In Germany coaster break bikes are sold with front wheel rim breaks, at least the cheaper ones. The combination is also available in the Netherlands, all bike shops should be able to adjust a bike that way. I thought I'd collect some US centric links to help find this kind of bike Google shows many people sell bikes with coaster brakes.

Finding a mix of step brake and hand is not going to be easy You may want to consider disc brakes. By old fashioned women do you mean step through? It would not be too hard to add one. Actually, I see quite a few kids bikes with coaster brakes and a front hand brake. In fact, this seems to be the norm for 20" bikes that we process through the local Christmas anonymous bike rehab shop.

I don't know why this isn't as common for adult "cruiser" bikes. Featured on Meta. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Linked Related Hot Network Questions.

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Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes

Adult bicycle coaster brakes