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Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

It started with playful, Athena sucks saint seiya naked pecks. When I subject these feelings to intellectual analysis I don't have a lot to say about Saint Fake boobs costumes that is good, but it sucks me in time and time again. Installation instructions. Saga also told her what he felt about Kanon being evil and scheming, the one who woke his evil self, but nonetheless loving him no matter what. They took a minute to just enjoy the connection. Omega is a 'new fail' 2 - This Omega is making for kids, not for the old fans A story that keeps on and on for no reason but profit oriented rather than for the love of art is doomed to be failed and sucks.

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A terrible battle ensues, until, imbuing her staff of Nike with their collective Cosmos, Athena manages to pierce through Hades's Surplice and body. The latter being Athea the eldest, she's a Princesses Rule example as she is technically a sovereign. Whoever can burn his cosmo to the higher level wins, no matter how injured or weakened they are. People grew up with this stuff so nostalgia makes them hype up on them despite being nakev by modern junk. The Goddess Athena Merchandise-Driven : The Steel Saints were inserted in the anime at the request of Bandai to sell action figures about them. SylviaSaint Blowjob 3 min Derpyderr - Zoftick babe Samantha Saint has Athena sucks saint seiya naked lingerie under her tiny dress It's worth noting that in later arcs some attacks had little or no defense, and enemies could use them repeatedly against each other. You are commenting using your WordPress. Silvia Saint and Sean Michaels. Understandably, neither of the boys react well to the discovery or to Deathmask's flippant reaction to their horror. Do Sucms piss this polite ssucks cold psychic Athena sucks saint seiya naked enough to open his perpetually closed eyes.

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  • In the anime adaptation, she appears in episode 1, initially unaware of her divine nature.
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear is a Distaff Counterpart.
  • These Saints have sworn to defend the reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena who is amazingly a japanese girl???
  • Lily hole got plugged.

Veuillez vous connecter ou vous inscrire. Saint Seiya Movies. Black Dragon: For example: shiryu is still blind in the oavs when he wasn't at the end of the anime, same thing for hyoga's eye, hyoga's teacher is camus in the oavs no mention of crystal saint , shun's armor is still broken while he strangely "regenarated" it at the end of the anime So in the oav continuity, it seems that ares didn't exist and saga killed shion.

It's Ares, not Shion. In fact there is at least four different continuity in saint seiya, and it is impossible to link them: -the manga and episode G? And I don't count the hyoga story with the blue warriors and the gigantomachia novel That's really a good point!! There are many problem of continuity between the anime and the oavs because the oavs "corrects" some of the anime "mistakes".

For example: shiryu is still blind in the oavs when he wasn't at the end of the anime, same thing for hyoga's eye, hyoga's teacher is camus in the oavs no mention of crystal saint , shun's armor is still broken while he strangely "regenarated" it at the end of the anime The argument of The Pope died of natural sickness maybe become weaker.

But I think Marin only said she found the dead body, no explanation from her about the cause of death, sickness or murdered. It very helps. Can you give me the good translation of the scene that confirmed this thing? My guess just temporary guess, friends based on Black Dragon said, combined with the side story , Shion was killed by Saga, yes. Then Ares the brother was elected the temporary Pope before Saga or Aioros replaced him.

The next step, he killed Ares and maligned Aioros. At the end of the anime Poseidon Chapter , Shiryu is still blind due to the fight with Chrysaor Krisna. I follow the anime Thanks a lot Black Dragon, you make me reconsider many things about these problems, especially about manga and anime version Well, I think I must find the right translation first for every episodes of the series and also the manga to understand many 'details' things.

What was that words? I thought Hyoga said sort of "You??? I think It means he had met Camus already in his childhood as presented in OVA special scenes and this Libra Temple's meeting was the "first time" after that moment. Just my opinion Ha-ha-ha-ha, my unsubtitled property of Saint Seiya animes and mangas made me loss of some many details Although I admit that the version of anime is the version I'd better like.

Small announcement concerning the new Tenkai hen movie: Cyna just posted a news in which you can find a Bittorent link for a small extract 4 minutes of the movie. There's a French fansub, as well as an English fansub of it. Even though it's a screener and the image quality isn't good, it'll give you a small taste of what this movie will be like I love it!

You can find it at the bottom of this page. That we have not yet explained everything. Well, I have downloaded the Tenkai video, but too bad, the result is when I played the movie, the pictures was stuck after two or three seconds of playing although the audio was OK Anybody here knows why? Can somebody give me a clue to solve it? Oh God, I'm really drooling for this 4-minute video Dark Lord Dragon, Thank God, you're lucky that you've already seen the clip I hope that's a great movie clip But anyway, Thank You cyna.

What an express pleasure from you images and video of Tenkai-hen Joso Just one day after the theatre release I have one question about the movies Not about the story I prefer the surprise Just like the previous movies 1 and 3 where Eris and Abel only wore gown or robe, No Kamei Is it so?

Do they like it? The 'nude stuff' of Seiya and Saori bothers me a bit I don't know I mean, all this time Seiya theme focused on friendship, heroism and perseverance Far from erotica, sensual and controversial sexual relationship atmosphere Old enough to have a mature relationship, but I really hope that any "love feeling expression" will not be portrayed like "R-rated movie" Well, maybe not everybody agrees with me Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them, but Seiya is not them Seiya has its own original characteristic that I love Don't forget, great music Well, that's my first impression after seeing the Tenkai movie images Donald: How about the response of Japanese moviegoers about this movie?

Donald: Ehm, maybe I'm little conservative about Seiya characteristic Donald: This is gonna be a great movie Good opening, good music I don't think that the corpse on star Hill can be Ares'.

The hypothesis that Saga killed Ares to take his place, then waited for Shion to die and succeed him, doesn't hold because, as you pointed out, Marin says: "Seiya, not long after you returned to Japan, the Great Pope passed away suddenly. So, you can see it any way you want, this sentence from Episode 16 doesn't make any sense. Saga was already the pope when he tried to kill Athena, and he's still the pope when the bronze knights come to kick his ass. Therefore, I think that this confusion with Ares and Shion dying naturally is just a decision taken by the people who adapted the scenario of the Anime Maxxx Orbisson : Kiss her!

Put your tongue in her mouth, for chrissake! Joe Young : I really don't see how Christ will benfit from me putting my tongue in someone's mouth Black Dragon: If marin found him 10 years after he died she would have found a skeleton.

Black Dragon: 3 The good part of saga manages to be dominant again or at least on the same level. He didn't denounced himself and choose to head sanctuary peacefully. It is this good saga who gives his cloth to seiya. Honnestly the only valid explanation is that the anime's writers made with this ares-story something that bores to tears.

Also if I remember well, when the Evil Saga rules the body his eyes turn red and his hair to grey, so why the people didnt ask about why always Shion's hair turn to grey!? I mean you said after Shion was killed he took his role of course on that time he was evil and his hair should be grey!

Yes it is supposed to be shion's mask. And the red mask is supposed to be ares's. In the manga there is no ares so the mask of the pope never change. Black Dragon: You are rigth it would stupid if shion didn't discover saga's betrayal in two seconds.

The version I proposed is not supposed to explain everything as it is unexplainable by nature All I can say is that you should read the manga. It is the true story and there is no incoherence in it. Got a problem with that, dear?

Hyoga was also very guilty of this while fighting lower-level Bronzes just ask poor Hydra and random Mooks. Though, for the Hades Arc, they go downstairs as well Lighter and Softer : Both, manga and anime, can be this to each other depending on the situation yet the anime gets progressively less bloodier towards the later arcs. You can look after Everybody Hates Hades : Played painfully straight. And it's EPIC.

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked. Phoenix Genma Ken!

It simply isn't noticeable until the Hades arc. All the Gold Saints 13, including Kanon , all the Silvers excluding Marin and Shaina 14 , all the Mariners excluding Sorento 5, if you exclude Kanon , God knows how many filler villains and normal characters i.

Cassios, Hyoga's mom, etc. Try to kill Shunrei and her adoptive brother Shiryu will throw you into the pits of Hell.

Once Seiya is officially branded a traitor, Marin also goes on the run so she can assist him from the shadows and seek out intel on the Pope's uncharacteristic turn to evil. Lady and Knight : Saori with the five Saints.

The saints were actually named "knights" in a lot of Westerner dubbing. In the anime, Jabu wants to be Athena's personal "Knight" badly due to having a Bodyguard Crush on her ever since they were kids. Sadly, this isn't touched upon later. Subverted twice in the Asgard saga. Normally Siegfried and Hilda would be this, and the flashbacks show them as such Both cases ended up in death and tears. Lady of War : Aquila Marin. Ophiucus Shaina is too Ax-Crazy at the beginning to count, but she becomes one later on.

Large Ham : Phoenix Ikki. This is him being discreet. They often quote Real Life poems and famous works. Ophiuchus Shaina, at least in the Brazilian dub. Latino Is Brown : Aldebaran Brazil in the anime due to him having a darker tan than the other Gold Saints and being the only Gold Saint with bluish hair.

Averted in the manga where he's among the two thirds of blond Gold Saints. This does get turned on its head a little as the series goes on, since the main characters technically remain low-level Bronze Saints, though their Cloths develop a habit of subverting the hierarchy altogether. No surprise here for someone thinking he's the reincarnation of Buddha.

Bonus points for keeping the pose while wearing the Gold Cloth armor of the Gold Saints. Life Energy : The key to the Saints' power is their cosmos. Whoever can burn his cosmo to the higher level wins, no matter how injured or weakened they are.

Lighter and Softer : Both, manga and anime, can be this to each other depending on the situation yet the anime gets progressively less bloodier towards the later arcs. Load-Bearing Hero : Shiryu did this with a "crushing ceiling" trap in the cavern maze beneath the Sagittarius House. Loads and Loads of Characters : Overloads at the Hades saga. Also, Julian Solo until Poseidon took over him. Julian's surname is literally alone in spanish.

That's quite the Meaningful Name you've got there. Also, the Libra Cloth has two huge shields that can be used defensively and offensively, since they had retractable chains and it allowed the user to flail them around like giant yo-yos if needed.

Also, Lacerta Misty and the Sea Horse's preferred method of defense has them set up barriers a fraction of a second before Seiya's unending unslaught had a chance to land, then stand smugly while his Meteors whiffed against the barrier until he figured it out, at least. Shiryu always claims that the Dragon Shield is indestructible; yet it tends to break constantly not in every fight, but still Though it was able to resist Excalibur.

Nothing else can even hope to do something like that. Her brother Touma is one of your enemies and your true sister grew up into a Waif Prophet.

Also played straight in the manga at least : Mitsumasa Kido was actually the birth father of all the orphans he sent around the world to be trained as Saints.

Busy guy, specially in how all of the children he sent It's probable that Mr. Kido was a frequent sperm donor, and arranged for the women to be impregnated with the kids at just the right time. Yeah, but at least it makes a semblance of sense Martyr Without a Cause : The five Bronzes. The Medic : Saori, at the end of the Twelve Houses chapter anime-only. Aioria is given Healing Hands in the anime, which he uses twice to heal Sheena and Seiya.

Meditation Powerup : Shaka. Shun's transformation sequence used traditional animation for his character and 3D in the back and it looks awesome. Toei was poking around and trying new stuff for the Hades OVAs in , which was the first St S related production in years. The 3D transformation sequence got such violent backlash from the fans, they decided to go back to traditional animation for Shun's transformation in OVA 3. Melodrama : The heroes have been through so much Wangst , it looks like they're fueled by it.

Men Are the Expendable Gender : Despite the high death count, all the female Saints, Marin, Shaina and June, manage to survive while all but the five main bronze boys die. By contrast, Pandora and the anime-only Eris are killed. Melancholy Moon : In the manga, Shun would spend alot of time admiring a picture of the moon with his brother Ikki on how there were no borders or war there as well as when he was on Andromeda Island thinking about how awful the landscape was of the Island but thankful that he was with caring people.

Merchandise-Driven : The Steel Saints were inserted in the anime at the request of Bandai to sell action figures about them. Middle Child Syndrome : The Silvers. The Mariners qualify as well. Their arc is greatly overshadowed and again, in The Lost Canvas , Poseidon's threat is pretty much glanced at.

Any Gemini Saints and their Genma Ken to some degree as well. In the anime, this includes what happened to Hilda's good side when she was brainwashed by the Ring of the Nibelung and her Superpowered Evil Side took over; she was forced to see how her Asgard God Warriors died one by one. Fanservice : All male cast excluding cannon fodder troops. Who possessed a very muscled body and had at least two very fanservicy bath and shower scenes.

Obvious bait for the Estrogen Brigade watching the show. My Friends Shaina and two Silver Saints ambush the heroes. Saga : I've received a report saying that the Silver Saints have been shamefully defeated by five Bronze Saints. Milo: What!? The Silver Saints have been defeated by only five Bronze Saints!? Saga: Yes. Only five Bronze Saints. Milo: There must be a mistake here. I never heard about a Silver Saint being defeated by a Bronze Saint. Can you guess what is the common factor in all of these?

Rapunzel Hair : Several males have this, but Dragon Shiryu's long black hair reaches his knees. Aside of that, Saori's light purple hair goes down her hips, and Pandora's black-purple hair is just as long. As such, he is prone to laying down Razor Floss around the environment as traps, as well as send them flying towards his opponents to entangle them. Note that his harp's strings are strong, and sharp enough, to crack and cut through solid rock, as well as Bronze Cloths and the very human skin of the Saints wearing them.

He battles another Musical Assassin, the spectre Sphinx Pharaoh. Two minor movie villain: Lyra Orpheus, the Ghost Saint appearing in the first Saint Seiya movie Lyra Orphee was inspired by him and one of Abel Saints, Berenice, from thid movie, that has the ability to launch several strands of hair. The hairs Berenice throws are able to trap and disrupt the enemy. Red Is Heroic : Seiya always wears a red shirt. Also, when he wears his armor, the clothes under it are red.

Other cases involve Saga, Siegfried, Ikki's first death Reluctant Warrior : Andromeda Shun that, after four seasons and at least three movies, refuses to give up on the idea of non-violently settling problems, and talking to his enemies in the hopes of reasoning with them. It's also subverted: when Cancer Deathmask tries to pull that one on Libra Dohko to make , the other just shrugs Deathmask's words away and calls him a fool.

Rule of Three : Oh so much Save the Princess : In this case, "Save the Goddess". Schematized Prop : Each volume of the manga illustrates how each Cloth transforms to and from a statue representing the Saint's respective constellation, which can then be put in a ceremonial box and carried around on the Saint's back. Screw This, I'm Out of Here! However, just as they're about to quit, she gets kidnapped and they're off to battle again.

Similarly, Hades' lieutenants , Thanatos and Hypnos, were sealed in a chest which came to the possession of Pandora's family. Self-Sacrifice Scheme : Shun came up with this twice. The first was when he knocked out Shiryu in order to offer himself to Ikki to stop his rampage and the second was in the Hades Saga when Shun was allowed Hades to possess him so that his brother could kill him again.

Both plans were foiled. Sentai : A fantasy anime example. Sexy Mentor : Seiya's trainer Aquila Marin is one really hot young woman. So is Cassius's trainer Shaina. Shapeshifter Guilt Trip : done by Lymnades Kaza Shirtless Scene : Dragon Shiryu seems to enjoy doffing the upper half of his Cloth, helm and armguards included, at the drop of a hat. The opening in Saint Seiya Hades: Sanctuary first shows all five bronze boys like this.

Shout-Out : In an interview in the Japanese magazine "June" Kurumada promised to create a character with the name of the magazine. Soon after, Chameleon June made her appearance. Ikki's scar and the mask he wears in his first appearance remind a reader immediately of Char Aznable. The depiction of hell in the Hades arc draws lots of inspiration from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Shut Up, Hannibal! Dohko Libra's response can be summed up as "Oh, shut up". Shower Scene : We got our first one with freaking Shun.

You may scream now, girls. The bad guy Lizard Misty gets a similarly-framed "bathing in the ocean" scene. And Pisces Aphrodite takes a bath is an illusion in one of the movies. Saga gets at least 5 of them also. A possible male example would be Andromeda Shun, who is very gentle and borderline passive but is not to be trifled with when his friends are in danger. Sleep-Mode Size : Dohko. He looks like a small old man a la Yoda, but if he does need to fight, he'll shred his disguise and show that he has not aged at all , thanks to a special power given to him by one of Athena's past incarnations To specify, while a regular human's heart beats , times a day, Athena has blessed Dohko with the Misopetha-Menos technique, which makes his heart beat , times A YEAR.

So while years have passed since he was given the technique, he's only aged days. No wonder nobody remembers him. Spikes of Villainy : The Sanctuary's Pope, full stop.

Spin to Deflect Stuff : The stated power of the Andromeda Chain: while the arrow-headed one is used for offense, the ring-headed chain becomes an impregnable wall when Shun spins it around himself. Note that, for all its supposed defensive power , its very susceptible to The Worf Barrage against anything stronger than a Silver Saint. He did have one rather awesome use of it in the Poseidon arc though. When facing Scylla Io, the marina general used an attack that was actually six in one on a "low" setting to taunt him.

However, since It Only Works Once and Shun's chains are stated as early as the first tournament arc as being hyper adaptive to enemy attacks, Shun proceeds to counter each of his attacks, destroy his armor, and bind him in chains.

Soul Jar : Julian, for Poseidon. Who later is trapped into a real jar. Also Shun, for Hades. Spoiled Brat : Saori, when she was a kid, was rather mean and sometimes kinda cruel to the Bronze Saints and treated them like slaves. Then her grandfather gather her a stern lecture about not abusing her authority, and she grew out of it. Hades Inferno where they show Shun as Hades.

Stable Time Loop : Next Dimension seems to be heading this way with Saori being sent to the past as a baby arriving at the feet of the statue of Athena years ago or so. Later enemies have other sources for their powers, though. Start of Darkness : It seems Gemini Saints have these curse. Gemini Saga fell pray to the taunts of his own brother Kanon.

Stripperiffic : While the Silver and Bronze Cloths don't cover as much as practical armor should, the few female Cloths have Breast Plates , cover less, are designed to be sexier and curvier, and often sport stiletto heels. This is also true for the Mermaid Scale, though the trend is very much averted by the anime-only character Ghost Saint Geist. Stylish Protection Gear : Shun's shoulder guards are just as huge, but are set diagonally instead of horizontally —without the magic of animation, he shouldn't be able to raise his arms at all.

Sugar-and-Ice Personality : Camus. Dear God, Camus. It also rubs off on Hyoga. Suicidal "Gotcha! While Seiya gets badly injured, they both live, and a while later their companions come to help them.

Suicide by Cop : Volker from the Asgard saga taunts his adoptive son Mime into killing him to atone for all of his crimes Mime doesn't realize this until it's too late, and when Ikki shows him the truth, he freaks out.

Sympathy for the Devil : Cassios, in the anime. Superpowered Evil Side : Saga's split personalities. And Shun, being Hades' vessel. Taken for Granite : Algol Perseus's main ability. Taking the Bullet : Pegasus Seiya will do this for Saori every chance he gets.

Team Mom : Saori aka Athena, sometimes Marin as well. Theme Twin Naming : Saga and Kanon. This Cannot Be! Time-Delayed Death : The Mind Rape -inducing Phoenix Genma Ken, which strikes the opponent's brain usually has this effect, once the madness has subsided.

And that's just him warming up. Tournament Arc : The Galaxian Wars in the beginning of the series. Training from Hell : Every single Saint endured hellish training to earn his or her Sacred Cloth — doing finger-stands as in, standing on the tip of your index finger during rain and snow, punching glaciers or mountains thousands of years old and not giving up until they crumbled, doing upside-down pullups while hanging from your feet above a chasm, being chained between two rocks and being forced to push back the ocean tide with your Battle Aura before you drown, that sort of thing.

And even then, the characters that endured these trials gasp in horror at the one who came back from Death Queen Island , considered the worst ordeal of them all. Tranquil Fury : Virgo Shaka. Do NOT piss this polite and cold psychic off enough to open his perpetually closed eyes. Even Ikki was compelled to run away from him, which doesn't work too well as he can't get too far, since any long distance to Shaka is like his enemy is running in the palm of Buddha, much like what happened to Sun Wukong.

And even then Transforming Mecha : Sort of. Each manga volume has several extra pages detailing exactly how the pieces of a sculpture representing a constellation turn into the elements of a suit of armour. The anime takes this further as the Steel Saints' mechanical Cloths actually do become fully-functional, albeit small, animal-shaped vehicles.

Trash Talk : Even the good guys will get overconfident on the strength of their attacks. True Companions : The Bronze Saints, one of anime's closest-knit groups.

The Gold Saints to an extent too. Ultimate Final Exam : The Saints' Training from Hell is concluded with an immensely difficult final task in which they earn their Sacred Cloth; to put things in perspective, one of the failed examinees was asked to walk inside an active volcano and retrieve the Cloth from it. Silver Saint Cerberus Dante makes use of variable length chains attached to spiked balls. Villainous Breakdown : Happens to Gemini Saga.

And it's EPIC. Villainous Valor : It's easier to find a villainous character who isn't valorous. Villains Out Shopping : During any given saga, the Big Bad Final Boss and some other enemies will usually be shown waiting for the heroes doing things like taking a bath, feeding birds, sunbathing, or just walking about.

Saga 's bathing and shower scenes were infamous for this. Waif Prophet : The missing Seika grew up to be one of those. Killing him off screen might've been a Mercy Kill for him. What an Idiot!

Lyumnades Kaza had the power of Shapeshifting into people and he shapeshifted into Shun Ikki punched a hole through his chest and when Kaza wondered why he didn't fall for it, Ikki explains: What an idiot.

The real Shun is right here in front of my eyes. You picked the wrong person to morph. Within you is the ability to use the power of the creation of this universe! A true saint, who learns on his own, has the possibility to gain super-human abilities! You can use your cosmo to make a Big Bang!

Your fists can be like a meteor! A meteor! Feedback Video Example s :. Busty slut Samantha Saint enjoys teasing her lingerie and shaved cunt Big titted hottie Samantha Saint exposing ass and teasing pussy Busty babe Samantha Saint spreading her thighs to show her cunt Smoking hot babe Samantha Saint picturing herself and posing in lingerie Zoftick babe Samantha Saint has no lingerie under her tiny dress Blonde pornstar Samantha Saint wraps her lips around a big cock Young blonde Samantha Saint taking nude selfies in the bathroom Sexy babe Silvia Saint posing naked with her sexy girlfriends in the bath Amazing pornstar Samantha Saint fucking with her friend like a goddess Busty blonde Samantha Saint is being drilled deep in her accurate hole Flat chested hot teen Camila Saint doffing bikini to pose naked on her knees Office slut Samantha Saint is sucking and swallowing sperm after work Tiny titted fitness girl Camila Saint doffs yoga pants to spread pussy outside

Saint Seiya Movies

Gemini Saga. Installation instructions. Their relationships are fraught with tragic sibling rivalry, although the struggle doesn't end there. They are ultimately their own worst enemy, fighting long, hard battles between opposing sides within themselves. Saga and Kanon are the twins of modern times in the original Saint Seiya, Aspros and Defteros are the twins of the 18th century in Lost Canvas, and Cain and Abel are the twins of the 18th century in Next Dimension.

Gemini Saga There's no way around it, Saga has a split personality complex. He also likes to think out loud. In the bathhouse But I digress. It all. Still, he was haunted by Kanon's last. Sagittarius Aiolos as his successor, Saga snapped.

He assassinated the Pope, tried to murder Athena,. But his inner struggle raged on, and when at last the real Athena confronted him, his devotion to her overcame his madness, and he chose to commit suicide rather than raising a hand.

Gemini Kanon Kanon had always been very ambitious, and saw nothing wrong with using his god-given powers to take what he wanted from life. But when he proposed killing the newborn Athena and taking over Sanctuary, his twin brother Saga had heard enough. He easily overpowered. Kanon and put him into Cape Sounion prison, leaving him to. Luckily, Kanon found Poseidon's Trident behind a wall and was.

Kanon had no intention of doing that. Going by the name Sea Dragon, he decided to rule in Poseidon's stead. That plan didn't work out either, and as he saw Atlantis get swallowed by the sea, he recalled the warm love of Athena that kept the waves at bay in Cape Sounion prison, and at last resolved to embark on the long road to redemption by taking his brother's place as the Saint of Gemini.

Gemini Aspros Aspros loved his twin brother dearly, and and hated the many abuses Defteros suffered at the hands of his peers for being born under the wrong star. He promised that one day he would become so strong that Defteros wouldn't have to live in the shadows. Did his brother truly want to stand beside him or to take his place?

The breaking point came when the Pope named his successor to be Sagittarius Sisyphus. This was a heavy blow to Aspros' ambitions, so he decided that he would take the holy seat by force. The Pope saw right through this plan, however. He informed Aspros that Sisyphus had already declined the Papal position, and Aspros was next in line.

The only thing left was to test Aspros' heart. The same test he had just spectacularly failed. Hearing this Aspros killed himself, but not before vowing revenge from the grave. Gemini Defteros While his twin Aspros was coddled and praised, Defteros was reviled as the evil brother born under a star of chaos.

He was obligated to wear a mask and forbidden to watch the training of a Saint. Still, Defteros looked up to Aspros, and hoped that by accepting his role as his brother's shadow he could make him shine all the.

But after Aspros made him his puppet and sent him to murder the Pope, Defteros was forced to destroy him to protect Sanctuary. Tragic as this was, it also freed Defteros to pursue. In this way he prepared for the coming Holy. Abel embodies ambition and greed. Each calls the other brother his shadow, but whether they are two people or the split personality of one is still unclear.

While they seem to have separate bodies, but when one brother appears the other gets a headache and disappears. What is clear, however, is that Abel is a traitor to Athena and is interested in working for Hades. Genrou Mao Ken Demon Emperor's Delusional Fist Gemini punches towards his target and releases a beam of energy through his fist and into their forehead.

This beam penetrates straight to the brain and puts the target under Gemini's control. The brainwashing effect wears off after the victim completes whatever mission Gemini gave them or, as in the case of Leo Aiolia, upon seeing somebody die in front of them. Episode G says that this attack is exclusive to the Pope, so it is unclear whether it is normally part of the Gemini arsenal.

However, given the questionable standing of Lost Canvas as canon, it may not be a valid counter-example. It still is relevant to point out that the Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki has a lesser version of this attack, so it would make sense for a Gold Saint wielding it as well. Especially Gemini, who already has mental powers in his arsenal. He can then close off the space and trap those who were sucked into it in limbo to wander eternally between dimensions. A scary attack, to be sure, but victims have been known to escape its grasp.

Cygnus Hyoga, for example, got dumped in the middle of the Libra temple despite being hit with the full force of Saga's Another Dimension. It is a reference to the Bermuda Triangle's purported ability to warp reality and make objects vanish from this world. Its effect is identical to Another Dimension, although Ikki comments that Kanon's attack is weaker than Saga's.

Black Eruption This attack is unique to Defteros. It is the personification of his power as one born under a chaotic star, honed by his rigorous training on the volcanic Kanon Island. Lava to floods in and erupts from the ground all around Defteros, incinerating his enemies. Galaxian Explosion This ultimate attack of the Gemini Saints has the power to rip apart whole galaxies!

Indeed, that is exactly what happens. Gemini creates a galaxy using his Cosmo, enveloping his victim in a spacefield of stars and planets, and then triggers the celestial bodies to burn up and explode in a blaze of cosmic proportions. Few can survive this awesome display of raw power.

Group Techniques. Athena Exclamation The honor code of the Saints dictates that all battles must be one on one, but Athena Exclamation can only be performed by three Saints. It has the force of the Big Bang, and is so overpowered that Athena herself had it banned. However, Saints have been known to use it under extreme circumstances. To perform this incredible blast of energy, all the Gold Saints focus their Cosmo into the tip of Sagittarius' arrow, thereby fusing their powers as one.

This attack was used to break through the Wailing Wall by bringing the full intensity of a star into the darkest depths of Hell. It instantly disintegrates everything in its vicinity, including those who cast it, and sends waves of devastation rippling outwards. Knights of the Zodiac.

I just gave it a descriptive name. No copyright infringement is intended.

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked

Athena sucks saint seiya naked