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Her beauty really caught his eye, She seemed very easy going. Her breasts were enormous, Her milk flowing inside. Her beauty was flawless, Her body becoming wide. He just wanted to feel her breasts, Maybe even suckle on her tit. The excitement of feeling her chest, Was an erotic thought he did admit.

Breast milk sex story sucking

She instinctively moved her legs apart Breast milk sex story sucking I reached her pussy, which was hairy, wet and warm. Her breasts hung down a suckijg and she pushed them out a Nude weather video pushing her chest forward as she looked at me. Half an hour?? Want much longer Saucy Romance Books? I went to school with your daughter Penny. Soon after I gave her a second orgasm from me sucking her nipple, the doorbell rang and the girls ran. With grandma sleeping in the hall, how can we Breast milk sex story sucking in the kitchen?

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They filled Peggy with sperm until their balls ached The three of them then endured the entire night of Breast milk sex story sucking with Candice and Zex being tied up to each other and Roshni having her fun with them. Gumdrop Ch. I coul feel she suck in hard! Come; let us go Breastt the hall before somebody wakes up. Bessy let Karl feel her breasts while he drove. I wanted to suck danny's cock so bad. Sooby's first white man 2. His signature ending after fucking a woman for a long time was his ejaculation of large qualities of sperm on a woman breasts and face. A hate relationship turns into angry sex! Mom did like I said and sfory soft lips encircled my prick and started massaging it. She had to pick up Breast milk sex story sucking kids from daycare and was picking something up for supper on the way home. Oh god I wanted to cum so bad!!

I guess I knew I had a problem when my three little ones were born.

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Three months ago I became a new half-brother at the age of twenty-four. Though I know this can be completely normal, it still feels strange being so much older than my new sister. My dad is 55 and two years ago married a thirty-eight year old woman. Cutting to the chase, she had her child three months ago at the age of Unusual for many but it can happen.

It is still strange when I go over to see them with a baby. Walking into the living room I was a little startled as she was breastfeeding Lindsey on the couch. She must have noticed that. Going to put her down and let your dad watch her for awhile. Probably has a lot to do with the milk stored in them now. She used to probably be something like a B cup, I never looked that hard really, she is my step-mother after all. But now she must be a large C cup I would think.

I was sitting on the couch with a bottle of water by the time she came back into the living room. At her breasts and entire body, they really had grown a considerable amount. Jackie was very good looking at 40 years old.

She had pretty pale skin but thick black curly hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Her eyes were blue and her lips were a bit wide with great fullness. Not that she really need it. Since it was the middle of summer, it made sense that she had on the black spaghetti strap top which she had put back into place but still no bra.

She was then wearing light colored jean shorts that probably went to about mid thigh, showing off her legs nicely with a pair easy slip on sandals. Jackie then walked over and sat right next to me on the couch as she turned on the TV, probably only about four inches separating the outside our legs.

She turned the volume down low enough so we could hear each other talking still. She gently held her breasts underneath them on the bottom as she referred to how full they were. It was then that I noticed her nipples were really hard and pushing outward underneath her top.

I wrapped my arm around her, letting my hand rest on her shoulder as I held her gently. Her hair smelled good too, she must have taken a shower a little bit before I got here.

A fruity smell, maybe mango or something like that. You fully deserve it. Breaking the gaze she laid her head back on my shoulder. Looking down I noticed her nipples were still hard, maybe even harder now. Was I really turning her on? I think I was. Even though it was wrong, I knew that, I liked the thought of it.

I would think mothers would. Did you wonder what it tasted like? Not quite what I had in mind but this seemed o. As I moved to get up she stopped me by placing a hand on my chest, and softly pushing me back down onto the couch.

With that she pushed both straps of her top down her arms and her top down, over and off of her breasts. Exposing them to me. Her large pale skinned, luscious looking breasts were gorgeous. Her aureoles were really dark pink, big and swollen with her nipples hard and pushing straight out.

Her breasts hung down a bit and she pushed them out a by pushing her chest forward as she looked at me. I smiled back at her, looking her in her blue eyes before slowly lowering my head. I moved my mouth toward the one closest to me, her left one. As my mouth neared her nipple I slowly stuck out my tongue and gently flicked the tip of her nipple. As my mouth reached her nipple, I grasped it with my lips. Gently flicking it with my tongue inside my mouth, I began to softly suck on her hard nipple.

Feeling milk seep out of her nipple and into my mouth I sucked a little bit harder as then her milk squirted into my mouth. It did taste somewhat sweet with a hint of saltiness. After that larger suck I removed my mouth and ran my tongue from her nipple all the way across her other breast to her other nipple. Grasping that one in my lips just as I had the other, I began sucking on it taking her milk into my mouth. Moving my hand up I very gently pinched her other nipple as I sucked.

Moving my head up to be level with hers, I took a chance and leaned in and kissed her gently on her soft lips. She had wrapped her arms around me, pressing her breasts into my chest. I had one arm around her while my other hand was pinching one of her hard nipples.

In the middle of our embrace, she abruptly stopped and pulled away. This is wrong, what are we thinking? He could wake at any time. Jackie then cupped her breasts in her hands, gently kneading them outward squirting her milk out of her nipples at me, particularly my face. I smiled at her as she did it a few times before putting her top correctly back on. With that she got up off the couch and left the living room.

Was this not some sort of dream? I really had just sucked milk out of my step-mothers nipples and we had both enjoyed it immensely. The rest of the evening went by and we had our dinner, and talked about random things before saying our goodnights and heading to bed.

Getting up to my room at my dads, was all the way up on the third story of the house. It was somewhat of a loft as it was the only thing up here the staircase came directly into the room after opening the door. Getting into bed I decided to sleep naked like I normally do only at home. It was warm enough and this was kind of like home to me so I figured it would be alright. After a little while of dozing, I fell right asleep. But sure enough I was able to as at about 2 am when she started crying.

After about 30 minutes it seemed to be perfectly quiet again with no outbursts at all. About 15 minutes after that I heard the door to my room creak open and then close again. Looking up from my bed still in a groggy sleep, I saw Jackie standing near the door watching me. She was wearing what looks to be a silk nightgown in a light peach shade color that goes down to her mid thigh. Her nipples were hard again and pushing against the fabric. I smiled at her as she looked at me. I need and want your attention Max.

Smiling back at me as I said that, she walked over to the edge of my bed pulled back the covers and got in next to me. She placed her self close to me and facing me before she leaned in and kissed me long and hard. Then she ran her hand down the side of my body from my shoulder down to my thigh. Smiling at me, Jackie sat up in bed and pulled her nightgown off, over her head, exposing her wonderful breasts to me again as well as her pussy.

Looking down I could tell she had some hair down there before she wiggled back under the covers and pushed closer to me. I love it. Just for you. Our secret. Gently running my hand down her soft skin on the outside of her thigh I slowly moved inside and then upward. She instinctively moved her legs apart as I reached her pussy, which was hairy, wet and warm. I gently slipped two fingers into her wet throbbing pussy and began pushing them in and out of her, curling them inside as she moaned quietly in pleasure.

Taking my fingers out, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my body, pressing my hard thick cock into her mound of pussy hair as I kissed her deeply and passionately. She broke away a little bit and grasped my hard cock in her hand, starting to stroke it up and down with her elegant fingers from its base to its head.

As she continued to stroke my cock, I took one of her breasts in my mouth. Wrapping my lips around one of her hard nipples I began to suck on it letting her milk squirt into my mouth. She stopped stroking me as intensely as she was groaning in pleasure from my sucking and pinching of her other nipple. Smiling up at her after she said that, I moved to her other breast licking her big sensitive dark pink swollen aureole before grasping her nipple with my lips.

Jackie had moved her hand back to my hard cock and was slowly stroking it up and down, playing with the head of it and any pre-cum with her thumb.

With that she threw back the covers on the bed and straddled me. Kneeling over me she pressed my cock down on my stomach with her hairy pussy and grinded gently on it.

Smiling down at me she began to knead her breasts outward, squirting milk out of them toward my chest and face. You better because I want your hard cock so bad Max.

She also noticed that the baby was not comfortable sucking her breast milk because it had become unused to it for three months. I was next to him with one breast partially exposed and with my nipple hooked to the pump. My Big Nipples Pt. She sat down on the floor and started kissing my cock, rubbing it 'and caressed it. It throbbed with desire as I touched it. Mother and I played with each other long into the night before we slept.

Breast milk sex story sucking

Breast milk sex story sucking

Breast milk sex story sucking

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Milking My Step Mom - Incest Sex Stories

I guess I knew I had a problem when my three little ones were born. Instead I would get my fix with just watching our little ones partake from the open milk bar.

One day I was home alone and I opened the fridge to get a beer and came face to face with two bottles of breast milk. They were just sitting there and seemed to be calling to me to taste it for myself. I looked around to make sure no one was around and I reached into the fridge and pulled out one of the containers. I was hesitant to put the nipple part to my mouth, but I did open the top and dip my finger in.

I brought the milk up to my lips and stuck out my tongue to have a small taste. I savored the liquid on my tongue and I found myself getting a little excited by the whole thing. I started to wonder what it would be like from the source. I guess with so many months without any liquor was driving Meredith crazy. I left her alone and went to mingle and when it was time to go home she was feeling no pain.

I had to half carry her to the car. When I got back to the house, I had to carry my wife up to the bedroom and after that was finished I called my folks and told them that we would be picking up the three little ones in the morning. I went upstairs, got undressed and took a quick shower before bed. I came out with just a towel around my waist and I found my wife had turned on the bed and her breasts were trying to burst out from the top of the dress.

I climbed onto the bed and reached out to those magnificent tits. They had grown over the nine months of pregnancy and I was always excited to see them. I pulled down the straps of her dress and unhooked the bra that was holding them in. They came into view and I was awe struck by how beautiful and firm she was. That was one thing about my wife; she always kept her breasts firm and in shape. I looked at the nipples and I knew what they held.

I leaned in and licked her nipples and saw them get immediately hard. I used two fingers and squeezed one nipple till the milk started to appear on the tip.

I leaned in and licked it off of her and my cock literally sprang to full attention. I circled my lips around one nipple and sucked it deep into my mouth. I could see the lips were already wet and all I had to do was take off my towel.

I guess Meredith had the same thought, because she ripped that towel off my midsection and climbed up onto my lap.

I could feel the heat of her hot pussy on the shaft of my cock and I was in anticipation of what was to come. She reached down between us and took my granite hard cock in her hand and guided me to the right spot.

She settled down on top of me and my cock slid deep inside her. I could feel the lips circle the base and her muscles where rippling around my cock. I grabbed onto her waist and started to lift her up till only the head was in her and at that point I pulled her back down on top of me. I leaned forward and latched onto her left nipple drawing the milk out of her body.

Meredith was bouncing up and down on my lap and I was sucking that milk like a mad man. I came so hard that the cum I shot into her began to leak back out. I was 44 years old and I was still hard as a rock. My wife saw my predicament and smiled down at me. She crawled slowly down my body and I watched her squeeze both of her breasts and they began to shoot warm milk all over my cock.

I was entranced by the spectacle and I watched the milk slide down the shaft and over my balls. I growled at her and flipped her over onto her back. I climbed in between her legs and slid my cock into her effortlessly.

Her juices and the milk made my entry very easy and I fucked her deep and hard. I lifted her legs in the air and began to fuck her hard and fast, our bodies slapping together on each stroke. Meredith grabbed my head and pulled it down to her right breast and began to squeeze the milk into my mouth while I fucked her. I felt her cum all over my cock and I just kept fucking her.

My skin was tingling and my cock was extra sensitive. Our doctor told us that having another baby would jeopardize not only the health of the kids, but also the life of my wife. It has been three years since then and I was just concentrating on work. I was coming home and saw a moving van at the house across the street. She had to pick up the kids from daycare and was picking something up for supper on the way home.

I came around to the front of the truck and saw a buxom blonde carrying a baby in her arms. I was still glancing at her chest, but no longer in a perverted sort of way. Forgive me, for not shaking hands, but as you can see I have my hands full at the moment.

Her name is Sheila and was raising the kid on her own, while not only working as a waitress, but also taking Internet classes. For the next few days, I would make it a point to be at the window when she was out on the porch nursing the little one. I kept my distance, but I found out that my wife was taking the kids to see her parents and I was going to be home alone. This was going to take all my efforts to avoid her.

I was washing the car after my wife left and I saw a shadow appear over me. I looked up and saw Sheila and her huge tits looming over me. I looked at her and reached out and pulled her into the garage. I guided her into the kitchen and grabbed her waist. She pulled away from me and lifted her t-shirt over her head. For a girl that just had a baby, this girl had a fantastic body. I started to back away, when she unbuttoned those cut offs and dropped them down onto the floor. I tongue fucked her deeply while she ground her pelvis into my face.

Oh my god, you have an amazing tongue. I slid my tongue out of her hole and drew it lightly up to her hard and protruding clit. I circled my tongue around her clit and sucked it deep into my mouth. Her body started to tremble in my hands and I knew that it was just a matter of time. I got up and saw that her eyes were closed and she was leaning back on the counter with this dreamy look on her face. I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked it.

The milk poured out of her and I rubbed her hard clit with my fingers at the same time. I lifted her up onto the counter and pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I pushed my cock head up to her pussy and I pushed the head into her. I turned my head and saw my wife standing in the doorway with her hand over her mouth in shock. Sheila had grabbed my head and was squirting her milk into my face.

It soaked through the shirt I was still wearing and dripped down onto my cock and balls. I realized that my wife and Sheila had set this all up and I was putty in their hands.

This was my first threesome ever and I was licking milk at the same time. To say that I was in sensory overload would be an understatement. I fucked Sheila harder and began to pound her on the counter. I felt her pussy flutter around my shaft and I just kept fucking her even harder than before. Her head fell back on top of the counter and she thrashed her head from side to side. Give her all your hot nasty cum.

I pushed both nipples together and sucked them both into my mouth. My hips went into over drive and I felt my cum coming to the surface.

I felt my whole body let loose and my cum came spurting out of me. My wife pulled my cock out and sprayed my come all over our new neighbor. I slumped to the side and watched my wife and Sheila start kissing deeply. I looked up at her and we all started laughing at her little joke. Your email address will not be published. Want much longer Saucy Romance Books? Ones with real story matched with hot love making scenes?

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Breast milk sex story sucking

Breast milk sex story sucking