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This is Desperate Housewives , after all. Who knew? And even though Mike James Denton is dead, his story lines keep getting better and better. Apparently, when he and Susan were divorced, Mike began sending checks to a woman every month. Thinking Mike had a secret child out there somewhere, Susan confronted the women — and it turns out she was way off!

Bree desperate housewife

Bree desperate housewife

Bree is determined to keep her family together until Rex has a heart houeewife, leading her to discover that he regularly visited a prostitute. Later, Bree receives a phone call from Dr. I don't want to love an ideal Katherine agrees to make a salad, but before the party, she switches Bree's lemon pie with hers. Bree desperate housewife Rex advised her to get Bree desperate housewife job and make her own money, Bree desperaye penning a cookbook in between her household chores. With Mama Solis in a deep coma, Bree attempts to find a solution to Sexy girls facesiting her son from life in prison. She is Bere of three daughters of Janet, a teacher, and Mark Cross, a personnel manager. Bree agrees to let Gabrielle stay with her but is shocked when Juanita and Celia are also ushered in. She tells everyone to leave, giving a speech on how this is meant to help the less fortunate.

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To Pierce the Dark. Bree encourages her to tell him how he feels. Bree receives a second note, similar to first, reading "You're Welcome", following the death of Bree desperate housewife in a hit-and-run. Bree learns that Claude is also a drug sponsor and all of his sponsors give him their drugs - Bree uses this against him and reports him to the police for being in the possession of illegal drugs. Bree continues to see how quickly Keith and Charlie connect. Sign In Don't have an account? Later, rather than emasculating Orson, Bree is rude to Alex about what he said, and reminds Alex that she bought him and Andrew a house. Andrew, however, doesn't give up hating his mother or trying to hurt her. Shocked by this, Bree welcomes Sam into her life but finds herself at odds with Bree desperate housewife, who suspects Sam has an ulterior motive. Monique cheated on Orson, too. Bree Hodge. They tell each other that they like each other the way Rural health service models are. Eli presents her with the cookbook she threw away and encourages her to continue writing it. Their relationship is, naturally, incredibly strained and at first he refuses to communicate. She hopes doing so would finally make him understand the severity of the crime he has committed.

She describes herself as the domestic housewife out of her close group of precious friends.

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  • She is played by actress Marcia Cross , who has received multiple awards and nominations for her portrayal, including an Emmy Award nomination, three Golden Globe Award nominations, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

When I think of Desperate Housewives , I think of white picket fences, freshly-baked apple pies and outfits that would make a year-old Kate Middleton excited.

See above for my go-to workwear look — basically, something black, sassy and always teamed with a pleather jacket, complete with plaster from where I tripped over that morning. So what would happen if I swapped my band t-shirts and clumsiness for pearl necklaces, nude court shoes and Bree's innate poise? My colleagues seemed to agree, complimenting my smart new style and pared-back makeup.

My faux bob fooled a few people, until I flicked it out of where I'd tucked it under my jacket. The look? Flustered but feminine in a floral apron and oven gloves. Tasty, though. As someone whose wardrobe extends to black, white and the occasional red, slipping into a bright pink shift for work was daunting.

Before you call Detective Vance, no evil stepfathers were harmed in the making of this article. My colleague called my barely-there makeup "fresh" and my outfit "perfect" for the flash rain showers.

The dreary weather also meant that nobody batted an eyelid at my middle-of-the-night look - I would definitely wear this as part of my normal wardrobe. Rain, come again. Thanks to this red dress and my co-star for the day , this look was one of my favourites from the week. Nothing ever quite goes to plan on Wisteria Lane.

Walking around London in my pastel apparel, complete with bright pink lips and statement earrings, I definitely attracted looks — and smirks. So, did dressing like Bree Van de Kamp change the way I saw my wardrobe? All the comments and compliments have definitely encouraged me to try something a bit smarter when getting dressed in the morning. The pearls, though?

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Later, Phyllis checks Danielle out of the convent, without Bree's knowledge. She dumps Peter and throws Andrew out after discovering that they slept together and in her bed. Parade Magazine. When Renee says she won't let a friend die, Bree points out they're not quite friends, hurting Renee. Bree bids farewell to Orson as he leaves to serve his sentence. Meanwhile, Bree and Katherine's catering business begins to take off but the two struggle in the partnership because of the former's addiction - she continually misses client meetings and events due to being hung-over.

Bree desperate housewife

Bree desperate housewife

Bree desperate housewife

Bree desperate housewife. Filmography

Charmaine Briggs. Bree Van De Kamp. Show all episodes. Linda Abbott - Do or Die Show all 18 episodes.

Debi Ross. Julia Fairmont. Linda Loren. Myra Robbins. Joan Calvin. Pamela Martin. Lauren Bradley. Rhiannon Lawrence. Katherine Woods.

Diana Huntley. Sara Sitarides - The Slicer Sara Sitarides. Kimberly Shaw Mancini. Leslie Dolan. Carla Dellatory. Princess Gillian. Marci Bowman. Victoria Broyard. Show all 7 episodes. Marci Terrel. Stephanie Heywood.

Lesley North. Sherrie Binford. Susan Howe. Kate Sanders. Show all 8 episodes. Lesley Foley. Marie Alcott. Liz Corell. Liz Correll. Herself - Guest. Show all 6 episodes. Show all 9 episodes. Claire Haas uncredited. Bree Van De Kamp uncredited. Bree Hodge.

There are two hundred other boys in this camp. Now, I could explain to you what might happen if we left him here, but I'm a lady and I don't use that kind of language. Bree then invites Reverend Sykes to dinner, who tries to convince Andrew to enroll in Christian counselling. He refuses, saying "I'm not confused. I know exactly who I am. Set just weeks after Rex's death, Andrew's first opening shot in Season 2 is to claim Bree is incapable of having murdered his father because "it takes guts to kill somebody".

Andrew shaved his head after the 1st season. After George dies, Bree brings Andrew back from the camp, telling him that George killed Rex in order to marry her; Andrew is disgusted that his father is dead because of her. He confides to him his reasons for hating Bree, saying:. He also confides his wish for his mother to slip up so that he can "take her down".

Andrew now has the "slip up" that he was waiting for. When Bree sees Andrew kissing Justin outside her window, she forbids him to bring his boyfriend round again. Along with his sister, Andrew notices Bree's increasing alcohol consumption, and uses it against her. Bree's father and stepmother arrive, and convince the judge to drop the case.

Bree persuades Justin to supply her with gay magazines and videos, which she plants among Andrew's things for his grandparents to find; they then leave Andrew behind, and revoke his trust fund.

Andrew, however, doesn't give up hating his mother or trying to hurt her. He discovers that Peter McMillian, Bree's boyfriend, is a sex addict, and tries to persuade his sister Danielle Van de Kamp to seduce him.

Eight months after the end of Season 2, Bree is about to leave for her honeymoon with Orson when she sees a news report on television about homeless teenagers, in which Andrew is interviewed.

When she shouts "I'm your mother, for God's sakes, you're my son! I'm somebody else now", and runs. Bree is delighted, but insists on concocting a reason for Andrew's long absence. Bree, shocked, and a friend of the man's wife, confesses all to her. When Andrew overhears the conversation between Bree and Orson about the death of Monique Polier , he believes that it is Orson's fault when his mother suffers a fall from a rigged ladder.

Warning Orson that he has never met "bad Andrew", but he will if he harms Bree further, Andrew then tells the nurse that Orson is dangerous and should not be left alone with Bree. Later, Andrew leaves Bree under the care of Danielle who is upset she cannot go to the Scavo's pizzeria. Danielle then decides to leave Bree with Gloria, who unexpectedly shows up with soup. At the pizzeria, Andrew sees Danielle, and she confesses she left Bree with Gloria and he then rushes home.

When Andrew comes round, he discovers that Orson has actually been trying to protect Bree, and their relationship returns to normal. Andrew accidentally leads his grandmother to discover that Bree is not really pregnant. He is there when his sister, Danielle, gives birth to her son. After Andrew hears his mother talking about how she looks forward to this new chance to finally raise a child correctly, he becomes upset.

He decides to move out of his mother's house and get his own apartment. Bree feels guilty and brings food to his house. Bree and Andrew are finally able to reach a full reconciliation.

In the season finale, in a scene set five years in the future, Andrew is in business with Bree, who is now a successful author.

Andrew becomes Bree's personal assistant for her catering company and is engaged to a man named Alex Cominis. Five years later, Andrew is now the personal assistant of his mother, Bree, who, with her new cookbook, is a rising public figure similar to Martha Stewart. He has appeared to have matured and is usually seen alongside his mother wearing a suit.

He apparently makes a decent living as he owns a sports car. When Bree discovers that Alex was once in gay porn , she tells Andrew and is surprised to learn that Andrew already knew and did not judge Alex for his past mistakes as he himself has a "sordid past" referring to the feud between himself and his mother following the death of his father, and his work as a rent boy seven years earlier.

Andrew accuses Bree of being too protective by investigating Alex. She admits to this, and Andrew — to her surprise — is glad. It is then insinuated that Bree has come to accept her son's sexuality and plans on handling the wedding. When Andrew's soon-to-be mother in-law comes to town, in order to out-do her, Bree decides to buy Andrew and Alex the former home of Martha Huber and Felicia Tilman , which is only two houses down and on Wisteria Lane.

Shawn Pyfrom quit Desperate Housewives and did not return as a series regular. There he reveals to her mother, Susan Delfino , that she dropped out of Medical School and has been a waitress while figuring out what to do with her life. He also reveals that she has been involved with a married man who turns out to be Angie's husband, Nick. Andrew admits to Sam and his mother that he had a one-time affair with Tad, and defends his actions by stating he had been drinking when Tad came on to him.

Bree mentions that Andrew still lives together with Alex, insinuating he is practically committing adultery. Andrew takes this as an opportunity to throw his knowledge of Bree's own affair with Karl Mayer in her face. It becomes clear that Andrew and Sam do not like each other, and that Sam's place with the company will be a source of conflict between Andrew and Bree. Sam soon reveals that he is Rex's son and Bree welcomes him into the family.

Andrew isn't happy with his presence and he and Orson are both suspicious of Sam's true intentions and decide to investigate. Bree soon realizes Sam is emotionally unstable and tries to fire him. However, Sam has discovered via a drunken Danielle how Andrew killed Carlos' mother and blackmails her into signing over the company to him. Orson, who had been unaware of Andrew's crime, is upset at Bree covering for her son while demanding Orson turn himself in for his hit-and-run of Mike and leaves Bree.

Realizing Orson is right, Bree tells Andrew she has to tell Gabrielle the truth. Bree reveals the truth about Mama's death to Gabrielle in " Remember Paul? There, Andrew thanks Gaby for not telling Carlos, but she yells at both him and Bree for trying to run down her whole family.

Later on, she forgives them both. Andrew next appears in " Down the Block There's a Riot ". Lynette knocks on Andrew's door to make sure Andrew has no intention of selling his house to Paul Young. Andrew acts insulted and asks "do you really think I would do that to my mother? Andrew is also seen at the homeowners meeting, and during the riot. In " Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed ", Bree fears Andrew is showing signs of alcoholism and it is revealed by Alex that he has indeed been drinking everyday.

Bree later confronts Andrew about his addiction and learns that Alex has left him over it. Bree convinces Andrew to attend AA and allow her to help him, by talking to each other.

In " Moments in the Woods ", Andrew is seeking to make amends, and decides to tell Carlos about running over his mother, over Bree's objections.

Desperate Housewives' Dirty Laundry: Bree Van de Kamp's Wild Ride | TV Guide

As we prepare to kiss our favorite harried housewives goodbye, TVGuide. Name: Bree Van de Kamp formerly Hodge Known For: Perfect manners, conservative values, cooking skills, firearms skills, alcoholism Marriages: Rex Van de Kamp widowed , Orson Hodge divorced Children: Andrew and Danielle one additional faked pregnancy, to cover for the birth of Danielle's son, Benjamin Professions: Homemaker, former caterer, former cookbook author. Desperate Housewives videos: 5 scandalous sneak peeks of the series finale.

At the start, her suffocated husband, Rex Steven Culp , wanted a divorce and her kids pretty much hated her guts. However, Martha Stewart 2. However, Bree could only keep things together for so long. After she engaged in a brief fling with her unhinged pharmacist George Roger Bart , George slipped Rex the wrong meds and killed him, framing Bree in the process.

Still, Bree actually accepted George's marriage proposal, but when his homicidal urges came to light again, she broke things off and very pointedly did not intervene when George committed suicide by pills.

Desperate Housewives' dirty laundry: Lynette Scavo's wild ride. His crazy ex-wife, Alma Valerie Mahaffey , and mistress-murdering mother Dixie Carter threatened their union, but when Orson admitted he had run down Mike Delfino with his car to suppress a secret years earlier, Bree left. Orson went to jail for the crime and, after the five-year time jump, the two reconciled. Orson eventually became resentful of his wife's success and developed a case of spontaneous kleptomania.

Orson moved out for good at the end of Season 6. Orson's departure was at least partially to blame on the emergence of Rex's long-lost son, Sam Sam Page , who blackmailed Bree into turning over her company to him when she tried to fire him. The tornado in Season 4 brought them together and the women started a catering company together. Desperate Housewives ' dirty laundry: Gaby Solis' wild ride. Bree struggled with alcoholism throughout the show, beginning in Season 2, due in part to her extremely tempestuous children.

Andrew Shawn Pyfrom , whose homosexuality Bree refused to accept in Season 1, tried to blackmail his mother for his trust fund and falsely accused Bree of hitting him.

She threw him out shortly afterward, but the two made up and enjoyed a surprisingly touching relationship. Meanwhile, Danielle's Joy Lauren promiscuous ways led to a dangerous relationship with Matthew Applewhite Mehcad Brooks and Danielle getting knocked up, which Bree concealed by pretending to be pregnant herself. After her split from Orson, the show had a hard time finding Bree a worthy companion. First, she dated her much-younger contractor, Keith Brian Austin Green , with whom she had little in common but explosive sexual chemistry.

Bree then dated Chuck Jonathan Cake , a local cop. But when he started investigating the murder of Gaby's abusive stepfather which Bree helped cover up , they split — to Chuck's chagrin. Orson tried to win Bree back by killing Chuck man, Orson loves his hit-and-runs , but she turned him down when she discovered that he had been stalking her. To retaliate, Orson sent evidence to the police that incriminated her in Alejandro's murder and she was subsequently arrested.

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Bree desperate housewife

Bree desperate housewife

Bree desperate housewife