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Slashdot is powered by your submissions , so send in your scoop. To put things into perspective here's recent quakes [usgs. Back in the late 90's there were swarms of minor earthquakes around the Long Valley Caldera [usgs. Swarms of earth quakes, 4. Long Valley is the caldera of a very large, dormant volcano.

Bulge oregon site

Bulge oregon site

The author of this story is implying that Oregon, or at least part of it, is sexually aroused by them, and that this bulge is analogous to that caused by an erection. Related UBlge Top of the: day Bilge, weekmonth. Score: 3Insightful by El Cabri writes: This pisses me Bulge oregon site. The Bulge has only expanded 6 to 9 inches at the center of a square mile area. John Constantine: God's Bulge oregon site kid with an ant farm, lady. The good news is that such an eruption likely would not seriously affect any population centers, Chitwood said. Free image porn sex friend's email. Slashdot Top Deals. All the same, they are stepping up efforts to monitor the volcano and to predict how an eruption might affect the orrgon of Bend in central Oregon, just 22 miles away. Scientists studying a land bulge near Bend, Ore.

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The revolution in how we survey and image the surface of the Earth has had profound impacts on the geosciences. Add high-powering computing to model the physical processes and the geosciences of would look like straight up science fiction to a geologist from That gets us to the Palmdale Bulge. That is a lot of movement for what might have been only years of change.

Since the whole Los Angeles area is criss-crossed with faults related to the San Andreas fault system , it was thought that maybe this uplift was a sign that a huge earthquake was going to happen … and soon. A lot was riding whether the bulge was real as Los Angeles was growing and people lived in the area. Evidence of a big earthquake in the works would cause real estate values to plummet.

The problem was centered around how the bulge was discovered. It might seem very analog, but it was surprisingly accurate when it works, down to less than a centimeter of error over many kilometers.

However, there were two places where geologists thought errors might lie. The first was the accuracy of the rods themselves. They are certified by the National Bureau of Standards, but still, rods with inaccuracies were identified in some of the previous surveys.

Those previous surveys were vital as they set the baseline from which to compare to see this supposed uplift. If the rods were inaccurate and the elevations were wrong, then the bulge might not be real. The other source of error was how the air that you sight through could cause inaccurate readings. Hot and cold air stratify and bend light differently, so in the hot Los Angeles area, it could be easy to introduce errors if the conditions were such that light would bend when looking at the other rod, sometimes up to 60 meters away.

It is through this highly accurate satellite imaging that we could spot such a change in a mountainous and forested area like South Sister. Bulges and depressions near volcanoes have now been identified all over the planet. Many times these changes are caused by magma entering the volcanic system kilometers beneath the surface. Maybe they are signs of a new eruption in the works, but likely they are just everyday business at volcanoes.

However, without our new remote sensing techniques, we might not even notice them happening … or be able to assess the validity of such claims. This is why it is important to not get worked up if you see stories about inflation, deflation or bulges at places like active volcanic regions.

Jumping at every observed change could lead to misinterpretation, panic and distrust. So, even if the land surface might change a little, it could mean very little has actually changed.

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Bulge oregon site

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South Sister Bulge - Deschutes County, Oregon - Oregon Historical Markers on cherrycitykitties.com

By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies as provided in our policy. View waymark gallery. This geologic history sign is located at Devils Lake. Its expansion was caused by rising magma. Rising magma came from 3 miles beneath the surface of the earth. The Bulge has only expanded 6 to 9 inches at the center of a square mile area.

Prior to an eruption, warning signs observed would be an increase in seismic vibrations and gases such as chlorine, helium, and sulfur. Please upload a favorite photograph you took of the waymark. Although visiting this waymark in person is the only thing required of you to receive credit for your visit, taking the time to add this information is greatly appreciated.

Be creative. Download this waymark:. GPX File. LOC File. Long Description: This geologic history sign is located at Devils Lake. Visit Instructions: Include your thoughts and observations pertaining to this location and your visit. Provide any additional history that you are aware of that pertains to this location.

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Bulge oregon site

Bulge oregon site