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Five locking strips are included with the M. We recommend the standard electrical tie-wrap which you can get at any hardware store be used to test the device and learn how to properly use it. This is the M. These strips are special electrical tie-wraps with a tab on them which the Mistress can write Her name and date on to insure the slave won't cut the strip off. A Mistress simply wraps the sturdy flexible plastic device around the slave's base.

Chastity mcd

Chastity mcd

Chastity mcd

Let's just pretend you had it on right now, and I am in charge and you have to please me to be free. Chastity mcd how horny I would be. In fact, this effect is so intense at first that newbies to chastity usually have to slowly build up the ability to withstand it by wearing chastity for a Chastity mcd, then a day off, then 2 days, a day off, and so on. In moments you were breathing hard and moaning, your body arching to push your hips up. You pulled down on me with your arms and legs, your entire body trying to pull my penis into you. If a woman has to put a man into a chastity device to Chastity mcd him faithful, one or both of them have Chastity mcd that need to be resolved before any kind of domination play happens. We are going to a wedding out of town, so I will be wearing it until we get back on Tuesday.

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Degraded and denied, his penis returns to the male Chasyity device. Also, it has 'teeth' which press into the penis when erect. All of our Chastity mcd are shipped in a discrete, moisture-resistant bag. It is a major mind-fuck. Men are chattels, human property. Male chastity is a practice of locking up the male genitalia in a male chastity device commonly referred to as a male cock cage. With a group of Domme friends, he can be permitted to go on for minutes. Sometimes it seems as if Femdom is all about enforced male chastity. Note signed Chastity mcd tab fits snugly on top side of MCD. With the morning hard-on it is quite painful. Software is available. Surely if he Chastity mcd the Chastity mcd he Idian sluts home to his Mistress, he deserves an orgasms. This Watersports store the basic model. He ceases to be lazy.

The result is a male chastity device which is very workable for short or long term use the MCD can easily be worn for many months at a time.

  • The example picture shows us a sissy being humiliated.
  • Here at Locked in Lust we strive to provide all of our customers with a complete and fulfilling chastity experience.

Some, adopting a purist stance, claim that is a man requires a MCD for orgasm control, claim that the man is not genuinely submissive. A flawed perspective. That there is one way and no other way for a man to surrender to the loving female authority of his girlfriend, mistress or wife.

Many of these devices are not really inescapable. Even though he might be able to get out of it some men are probably able to practice self-denial only with the aid of a MCD because they need an extra barrier to enable them to control their erotic appetites. It is a help. Some men treasure a MCD as a physical symbol of his surrender to the woman in his life. A binding that is always present even when he is away from her. Baldly: there are men who need penis bondage to help them eroticize the experience.

Without it the experience can become flat, dull: boring and lose all value. Meet a Mistress. Wearing a male chastity device is not sign of failure or insincerity. Rejecting the psychology of the individual man is foolish at best. Therefore surrender through CBT becomes a new method of subverting female sexuality by not only martyring male orgasm but making the penis not the vagina the centre of attention.

There maybe a historical fashion precedent with the use of cod peices in Elizabethan male clothing. Please note the irony in the feminine title of the era. Finally, a rational discussion by women about the pros and cons of MCDs. Many would argue that the woman that is doing everything correctly to control her male sexually should not need him to wear a chastity device.

However, I have found that my husband is, at his core, untrustworthy. We went around and around the cycle of him focussing his sexual attention on images of other women for sexual gratification, me throwing him out, him crawling back promising to reform, etc. I finally resorted to forced chastity for him, and it seems to be the only way. I found that if I have absolute control over his penis, then I have his undivided attention, loyalty, devotion, etc. On the one hand, he is willing to submit to this humiliation in order to remain with me.

I know that there are thousands of other women who have discovered male chastity devices as a means of living happily ever after with their men. I am in total agreement that MCD should be required of all men who report to and adore the woman.

It may depend on the amount of time between orgasms, though. At the same time, i would let my wife pierce my dick and lock me in a steel tube if that was what she wanted. I find a turnon that a woman could be so jealous and possessive of my genitalia as to want to lock it up. I have been married to the same woman for 29 years and not been into another woman.

I se no reason to refrain from having a good orgasm Keeps your mind right. If my wife would get the idea of me wearing one of these except for some kinky sex for an evening NO WAY. I have to ask why are you so obsessed with this if you have no interest in female dominant relationship?

My Queens loves the look of my penis trapped inside of a cage, balls purple or blue from both chastity itself, and the additional pooling of blood in the genitals caused by the device just make sure it is not too tight! It does not matter if the cage is plastic or metal. I have to say, the look of my penis in a ringed metal tube and my testicles popping out underneath is so much sexier than the naked penis. I also have to agree with Richard, Roadrunner.

If the situation were reversed, and she offered to wear a female chastity cage and give up her right to please herself to me, I would be honored and turned on as well, but it happened the other way around, so I am happy with that. An unknown side-effect of wearing a chastity device is the constant sense of arousal you develop, especially the longer you go without orgasm.

With self-control only, you get some arousal from your own mind and the phyical need to ejaculate. In fact, this effect is so intense at first that newbies to chastity usually have to slowly build up the ability to withstand it by wearing chastity for a day, then a day off, then 2 days, a day off, and so on.

Otherwise it can become mentally overwhelming to be that physically frustrated. If a woman has to put a man into a chastity device to keep him faithful, one or both of them have issues that need to be resolved before any kind of domination play happens. If you. Your sissy is so utterly himtliaued that You have decided to post these!!! But it is of course Your right of ownership.

Your panty slut t. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I had attempted to wear a Choirboy CD but this was not successful.

He can be rewarded for specific improvements. His Mistress Owner will still know. That is the root of the general appeal of bondage for all submissive persons. The slave will be permitted to have an orgasm if he meets a time limit. He will slam himself repeatedly against the wood or tiles. Recent Articles.

Chastity mcd

Chastity mcd

Chastity mcd. Drop files anywhere to upload

I must say that I am already VERY pleased with it and would be quite happy to share My slave's thoughts on how he feels wearing it. It's made of a durable plastic which means that washing is not a problem. Also, it has 'teeth' which press into the penis when erect. I am wearing an MCD which justarrived yesterday. This device is similar to the KTB, but made of plastic. I don't think I could remove it without major pain, and I'm sure I could not get it back on. This is my first experience with a device of this sort.

With the CB, I could still get pleasure from being teased. It is a major mind-fuck. We are going to a wedding out of town, so I will be wearing it until we get back on Tuesday. I think I will be quite willing to do anything that is asked of me at that point to get some freedom from the MCD, let alone even thinking about having a orgasm. Just thought i would drop a line.

We too find it very useful for punishment as well as for everyday wear. With the morning hard-on it is quite painful. As a side note we have met the wonderful designers of the MCD and they are wonderfully delightful people. Please check back. A mark is made where the M. We do have some sizes on hand.

Please check with us for availability. Your email address will not be published. This in turn makes it very comfortable, allowing it to be worn for extended periods. There are no angles whatsoever, which means the sheaths are very strong, yet aesthetically pleasing. All of our products are shipped in a discrete, moisture-resistant bag. The sheaths offer numerous air holes, allowing the wearer to wash it daily without needing to remove it. Ventilation is also very important: the sheath must allow the skin to breathe, especially if the product is worn regularly.

All of our products are packaged in plastic film, which is then sealed to ensure perfect hygiene. Users may engage in manual labor or sports without any concern about the sheath breaking and wounding them.

June leads Robert into redefining the MCD game he wants to play. Hope that is good enough. I think I captured the essence of our adventure. You and I had tried chastity games before, you even bought a few chastity belts for me.

It always seemed like it would be fun to me to get really horny wearing an MCD and after an unbearable period of time be freed and allowed to make passionate love with the one holding the key to the belt. Only trouble was, after a day or two, I only wanted out. I was horny and frustrated and you were in control, and happy about it.

My perspective changed and I just wanted out, forgetting I thought it was going to be fun just a few hours or a day before. So, I would get grumpy and angry and demand to be freed. And after I was freed, the sex was good, but not fabulous like I imagined. I understand that you were not in a great mood to make love after I demanded my freedom. I imagined if the game went longer, the sex after being freed would be incredible.

It still seems like a game with some potential even though our small amount of experience says otherwise. I seemed to forget how hard it was to be imprisoned especially when I am horny. I know, not logical, but true. I hope this is making some sense. The opportunity to explore this fantasy again, started on a Friday morning, a vacation day I took to get some work done around the house.

It is strange on how it all seemed to just come together. I woke about 8 am, got up, brushed my teeth and made a cup of coffee. I poured a glass of OJ for you. I returned to bed to find you moving around but in no hurry to get up. I started thinking about sex, perverted sex you might add. As I sat there next to you sipping my coffee, I started up the small talk. Your large breasts just barely fit into the the skimpy top. You lay on her back looking up over her shoulder at me.

The sheets on the warm spring day was pulled up to your waist. I noticed the shape of your legs stretching out under the cool sheets. Give me a few minutes to finish my coffee.

What do you have in mind today. Confused you asked, "A week from today? Imagine how horny I would be. I don't want to go there again, please. You would be the judge and jury. Or better, you are the customer, Miss June. And you just have to take charge and make me believe you mean business.

If I try to intimidate you, you can just increase my sentence. You will not release me for at least 24 hours if I try to intimidate you or make you feel guilty or bad in any way. Say it, please. Do you know where we put the MCD? Don't you see you lose either way. Either you are free and not turned on, or imprisoned, unable to get a hard-on or come, and you are turned on out of your mind wanting to get off.

That's either funny or sick, I don't know which. My thoughts were becoming unclear. It doesn't feel to me like I am causing this. It feels to me like you, or you would be, the one that would, that is causing this.

I am having problem thinking right now. I have to admit that you are getting me wet, just watching you. So you would be like this or even worse as long as I kept you, your penis, a prisoner. It might be fun seeing you turned on and unable to get an erection or come until I decided you could.

Maybe I could enjoy being mean to you, it might even turn me on. Let's just pretend you had it on right now, and I am in charge and you have to please me to be free.

For the next five minutes I kissed the inside of your thighs and gradually worked my way toward your clit. Your hips raised slightly to met the very tip of my tongue that I pulled away as her clit seemed to try to reach up and touch my tongue.

A moan came from you, and your voice strained, you said simply, "To satisfy me, press a little firmer with the tip of your tongue, please.

Just do what I tell you. Suck on it, easier," June said with a firmer voice. I was lying on the bed, my penis pushing and humping the bed slightly as I watched you writhe in front of me. I rose to my knees with her hips still moving in rhyme to my tongue. If we play your game, I am going to be a tough mistress, is that what you want. I complied but realized we were both trembling with the effort of holding back. You looked so hot, June. I got it and nodded each time.

Doing whatever I want you to do. There may not even be any sex, my love. You seemed to love how confused and helpless I felt. You dropped your finger to your clit and started gently caressing it having me just watch as your hips started moving. You said to me, "Start rubbing your penis against my clit again. Your body rose up and your hips moved your clit against the tip of my penis as I rubbed it up and down on your clit and I moved it between her lips.

I was starting to drip. If you do your best, we might really play your game instead of just talking about it. In moments you were breathing hard and moaning, your body arching to push your hips up. I held my body over you and watched as your hand took my penis and began to rub it with a fury against your clit. You pulled down on me with your arms and legs, your entire body trying to pull my penis into you.

We had done this before, but you could never come with me on the outside and it always ended with you pulling me inside of you. You had just told me not to let you pull me in, so I continued to fight your desires and mine. After about three minutes, you started shaking with the effort of trying to impale me, but I just pulled away, holding my body and penis just above you no matter how you struggled.

My body shook with the effort of holding her weight and mine in the air. Out of the blue, her body shook with her first orgasm, a long one lasting about fifteen seconds. Our neighbors would be calling the cops by now I thought. You let up slightly as I continued to rub your clit with my penis as if my life depended on it. Suddenly you were coming again; my legs and arms shook and without warning I lost all my will power and impaled you as I came and you came a third time.

Thinking back to the game but not really caring since I just got off, I agreed, "You are. Let's have some fun with your fantasy. Until, say Monday morning. Can you stay in control that long. If you want to play the game, I want you to write up what just happened, in a story and email it to me.

If you do a good job perhaps we can play one of your games, the MCD or something else. It was so easy to lead him where I wanted once he got turned on. I feel so guilty. He did a pretty good job writing up the story. A little exaggerated and the conversations are a little off, but he got the main points. It does excite me how horny he gets when he talks about the game.

Its now Monday and he just sent me the story. I did minor editing on grammar, etcetera, but Robert did the heavy lifting.

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Chastity mcd

Chastity mcd

Chastity mcd