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William West Spanked - Part 1. Rich has William kicking his sexy legs and yelling and carrying on like a. He gets it by hand and with a paddle and shows that even a grown young man. William West Spanked - Part 2. Part 2 starts off with William bent over, holding his ankles with his asshole,.

Cum control reluctantyoungmen

Cum control reluctantyoungmen

Misbehaving Sub- Clip 3 43, Bearing Titty fix Cocky Art Student. Johnny Angel Spanked - Part 2. Keywords: gay edginggay teasinggay cum controledgingteasing. Reluctantylungmen Orgasm - High Def. Cum control reluctantyoungmen used his stroke then rest technique, gradually increasing the number of strokes in each set until Greg was overwhelmed with the Cuj sensations and asking for permission to cum. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These are not guys who enjoy these activities. Hayden gasps and pants, his stomach muscles quiver, he slowly thrusts his hips and he asks Cum control reluctantyoungmen to stroke faster.

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Remove all Ads. We will send a reset code to Cum control reluctantyoungmen Funny gay men. You reluctantylungmen need this code on the next step. To learn how you can lock out this and other adult sites, please follow any of the following links. Then, to his horror and humiliation, the. Parents, you can use the Parental Control Bar to control what your kids see online. Beautiful sounds of boyish pleasure. Delightful study of sex slave undergoing Cum control reluctantyoungmen torture. If you are unable to differentiate fantasy and reality it would be in your best interest to seek treatment. The data is only saved locally on your computer and never transferred to us. Buddy of mine with a very sensitive cock is edged after saving his By entering this website I agree to the following:.

Dillon Tormented - Standard Def.

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  • Buddy of mine with a very sensitive cock is edged after saving his
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  • The 23 year old jock has a fuckin perfect gorgeous bod - and his responses and reactions to being edged and milked is priceless.

Dillon Tormented - Standard Def. Dillon is our favorite model these days, we just can't get enough of him. He's tall, lean, cute as hell, and hung, bi-sexual and always so horny. Chic tied him to the massage table and drove him wild, licking his neck, ears and nipples, sucking and stroking his hard cock. Poor Dillon was desperate, going crazy with lust, writhing and moaning, begging for permission, and Chic was so mean, working in slow motion, while Dillon panted and pleaded.

When Chic finally allowed him to cum , he shot a huge load everywhere, hitting Chic and the wall behind him. Dillon Tormented - High Def. Brad II - Standard Def.

New model Brad is a 28 year old, straight, former boxer and web page designer getting a handjob from a man for the first time. He tried very hard to appear disinterested, even bored, but gave his excitement away when he started asking for permission repeatedly as soon as I started stroking is big dick. I stroked his big, mushroom head and had his squirming on my table, asking and being denied until his legs shook and his toes curled before I finally gave in and let him cum.

Brad II - High Def. Tommy's Dilemma - Standard Def. Tommy is tied to a chair, his big, hard cock in my hand, and he has a dilemma. This feels so good, should he cum and end it, or try to postpone the ultimate pleasure a little longer to enjoy the handjob and blowjob. I lightly lick his nipple and tight abs while stroking and sucking his big cock. The pleasure is obvious on his face, and he makes a valiant effort to hold back.

Eventually I have my way and milked a load from him as he gasped and panted and shot on my hand. Tommy's Dilemma - High Def. Unauthorized Orgasm - Standard Def. I had gay cutie Nathan tied to my bench, licking, sucking and stroking his hard cock and big, full balls.

I told him he had to wait for permission to cum or I would tickle him he's extremely ticklish to ruin the orgasm. Then I set out to make sure he lost control. I slowly stroked and sucked until he was desperate to cum , moaning, gasping and shuddered, writing on the bench, asking me for permission, which I of course denied. In the end he was practically pleading, knowing he was about to lose control , as I ignored his pleas and took him over the edge, shooting ropes of cum high into the air.

Then I tickled him until he was begging me to please stop. Unauthorized Orgasm - High Def. New model Steve is 24 years old, straight, unemployed and nervous. He's 5'8" and lbs. Steve is super horny, his dick was hard even before we started. With Steve tied to the bench, I slowly stroked and caressed his cock and balls and fondled his smooth chest and legs. His cock was long, fat and hard and soon his was sheepishly asking for permission to cum.

But I strung him on, enjoying the feel of his hard throbbing cock and his gasping and panting as I tickled and teased his rigid erection. When I was ready to let him cum , I slowly stroked with just my finger tips, making him struggle and strain to shoot his load in an intense orgasm that landed high on his chest. Frankie's Long Slow RideFrankie is a horny, straight 19 year old, back for another tormenting session. I tied him spread eagle to the bedand took him on a long, slow ride, stroking and rubbing his hard young cock, licking and sucking his sensitiveballs, gradually increasing the pace until I stroked him to orgasm.

Cage Tormented - Standard Def. Cage is 26 years old and straight, the father of 2, with a smooth, skinny white-boy body and a hard cock that's fun to stroke and suck. This is his second video with us and again he's so horny and aroused that he kept asking for permission right from the start. But I wanted to have him for a while before I let him off. I slowly stroked and sucked, fondling his smooth, silky skin and playing with his tight, full balls.

Cage struggled to hold on at the end and there's some intimate dialogue between us, but I refused to let him come. Of course I couldn't resist milking his sensitive cock and tickling his vulnerable pits after he shot. Cage Tormented - High Def. Alone with Romeo with Time to - Standard Def.

Totally absorbed in my reading, I didn't notice Romeo gasp, moan, twist, thrust, grimace, whimper and shudder as I absentmindedly stroked. I didn't rush, after all I had all day and he wasn't going anywhere. When he finally shot his load, really with very little help from me, he started to laugh and said "my god, that was one of the best orgasm's of my life, that was totally crazy.

Alone with Romeo with Time to - High Def. Cage is a 26 year old straight dad, an unemployed brick pointer, who was very nervous and shy but needed money to support his.

I had Cage strip down, revealing the smooth body of a skinny white-boy and tied him to a chair, then started to play with his cock while he watched straight porn. Cage's became aroused and in just a few minutes he started asking for permission to cum. I had to deny his requests several times, keeping him right on the edge with a slow, gentle stroke. When I'm ready, I tell him I want him to cum with a slow. I make him work for his reward, gently taking him over the edge just seconds after he asks for permission.

I had 24 year old straight guy Matt blindfolded and tied spread eagle to the bed for a long edging session, but he knows that he's going to be tickled after he cums, making him both dread and desire his orgasm. I stroke and pause his long hard cock, tickle and massage his balls and gently rub and caress the side of the shaft and balls, and Matt finds it hard to resist the slow, sensual pleasure being inflicted on him. My stroking is so gently that at times it seems like I'm tickling rather than stroking.

Matt's breathing becomes louder and he moans and whimpers in pleasure. When he cums, he shoots thick ropes of cum onto his chest and stomach. Then his torment begins. This is the edging portion only. I like to take control of young, straight guy's orgasms, to steal their loads. I'm someone they have no attraction to taking their load as a gift to me. That's what I did to Jay. Tied to my exam table, with his legs spread wide, his big cock fully accessible to my manipulation, I slowly stroke him, telling him I'm going to take my time to work up a nice big load.

Jay knows better than to disappoint me. Jay is writhing in a state of demented pleasure by the time I gave him permission and slowly milk every last drop, ignoring his obvious post cum sensitivity. It's enough to keep him aroused, his cock is hard and rigid, but not enough to get him off. The constant interruptions prolong the approach to orgasm and Eddie's torment.

Eddie is also surprised at how a fat old man can get him so aroused. In the end, Rich gives him slow but steady strokes, telling Eddie he has to work for it. Eddie's breathing becomes loud and labored, he thrusts his hips, his eyes roll up in the back of his head. Rich works the young man like a musical instrument, never loosing control of the situation.

Then he milks the sensitive head until Eddie is begging him to stop,. Eddie - Standard Def. Rich has 21 year old straight Eddie so aroused that his eyes roll to the back of his head, but he still won't let him cum.

Tied with his hands behind his back, his long, lean body looks so sexy as he gasps, pants and twitches while Rich strokes his cock. This is just the way Rich likes his young men, helpless and at his mercy, depending on him for sexual release.

He's very stingy with his strokes, going slow with a light touch, making Eddie yearn for release, enjoying the torment he's putting him through as he lightly fingers his erection. When he's had his fun, he gradually picks up the pace, and Eddie starts to thrush and heave. By now he's so overwhelmed with pleasure and frustration his eyes have rolled to the back of his head,.

Eddie very sweetly requests permission and shoots high into the air as soon as it's granted. Eddie - High Def. Romeo Begs - Standard Def. Rich has 28 year old straight guy Romeo tied up and slowly works his rock hard cock in a long edging session. The young man gasps, pants and moans, shudders and twitches as Rich teases him but refuses to take him over the edge. Romeo is desperate and starts to beg Rich to let him cum but Rich is determined to make him cum with the agreed upon number of strokes.

When he finally cums in an explosive orgasm Rich he forgets to ask for permission and Rich gives his sensitive cock a long, torturous milking. Romeo Begs - High Def. Sometimes old men forget just how desperate young men can be to cum. Poor Romeo has to settle for the distracted, inconsistent strokes Richhas to offer. He isn't even looking at Romeo, he's so dismissive to the young man, unconcerned about his frustration and agony as hegasps, pants, wiggles, whines and begs.

Romeo is young and hypersexual, his reactions are so pathetic as he endures Rich's slow torment. When Rich does take him over the edge Romeo explodes in an intense orgasm. This is Romeo's best performance yet by far. Garrett's Audition Edging - Standard Def. Garrett is a 33 year old, landscaper who prefers women but enjoys sex in threesomes with men and women.

He's 6'1", lbs with a strong body covered with reddish blond hair.

I will not exhibit or perform these images or videos to minors or to anyone else who might be offended by them or may be precluded by law in my local jurisdiction from viewing such content. They reluctantly agree to appear in a fetish video for the money. Ads By Traffic Junky. I have carefully read the above and agree to all of them. Best porn ever! Kept him riding the edge.

Cum control reluctantyoungmen

Cum control reluctantyoungmen

Cum control reluctantyoungmen

Cum control reluctantyoungmen

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I understand this is a fantasy site. At 21'33" I make him cum again. Ads by TrafficFactory. View Low Qual. View High Qual. Cum Control - Two Cum Explosions Comments 32 : Post a comment. : Watch Our Full-Length HD Porn Movies Here | Hot Movies

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Cum control reluctantyoungmen

Cum control reluctantyoungmen