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Daddy hairy stories erotic

Daddy hairy stories erotic

Daddy hairy stories erotic

Daddy hairy stories erotic

Voyeurs Daddy hairy stories erotic people fuck. Suddenly he stood with his cock right near my face, and Treehugger bust magazine fall fashion issue my hand from it, and his from mine. That snowy Tuesday morning would be a different encounter that I will never forget. I go slow, gently twisting my fingers slightly to work them in. They think that I should be super happy to just be a receptacle for their nasty cum. About a half an inch erogic, I hit Daddy hairy stories erotic hymen. After dinner, we went into living room to watch some T. I was again terrified, I knew that at some point Jim was likely to take an interest in my ass, but I was still not prepared for this. In an instant I see her perfectly formed breasts with their hard nipples poking out, her flat but well muscled tummy and the cleanly shaved mound between her spread legs. Toggle navigation.

Daughter in law wants to fuck. Steam Room Daddy

She smiled into his face and took over rising and falling, riding his love lance. Melissa sat in his lap squirming her ass to get comfortable. Despite the delicious caresses she stood up and walked over to stand with her back to the bed. He was Daddy hairy stories erotic low enough that her pussy could feel his warm breath. A few days later Daddy knew the game was on when after taking a shower Melissa called him to her room. Serena was getting very excited and knew she wanted to feel his hand on her naked pussy. At first the two sat in silence. I love the feeling of your big cock stretching my pussy like that. Serena started moaning with pleasure. The Real Gabi Pt. Daddy hairy stories erotic Glass Zander and Remus. Being her first experience with stiries wonders Daddy hairy stories erotic oral sex the girl was quite over matched by a Father you had missed giving it for so long. The knowledge that Mommy watched and let Daddy fuck her unprotected and cum in her fertile vagina without erootic anything except play with her own pussy was sure to be of use to Serena before too long.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 21st of May Report. Introduction: Curiosity satisfied this Daughter. It all began innocently enough, I had gotten up early to take a leak. I woke up with a massive erection and an urgent need to drain the lizard. I headed to the connecting jack and jill bathroom my wife and I share with our 17 year old daughter, Kelli.

She has perfect 34B tits, a cute ass and walks around the house in short shorts and braless in loose tank tops. Being 3 a. I guess that I was too involved in peeing to notice Kelli had opened her bedroom door and was standing there, staring at my cock. I heard a gasp, turned my head and saw my daughter. Kelli said sorry she did not pay attention to bath light being on. I could not help but notice Kelli was staring intently at the bulging little towel I was holding in front of me.

Seeing this as an opportunity, I asked if something interested her. And I was just curious. She got a little closer and asked if she could just touch it once. She giggled a little when she felt it move. At that very moment, I heard my wife stir and immediately left my daughter and got back in bed, thinking nothing else would come of anything.

About a week later, my wife had to go out of town for a couple days to help her aunt who recently was in the hospital. Before I left for work, my wife said she was sorry that Kelli and I were left to fend for ourselves while she was gone. I just said we would manage and told her to just worry about her aunt. She gave me a kiss and I left for work. When I arrived home later that afternoon from work. Kelli was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I told her it was fine and headed up the stairs to take a shower and change into my comfortable shorts and a tee.

When I finished, dinner was on and Kelli and I had a quiet meal. After dinner, we went into living room to watch some T. About an hour later, Kelli said thank you to me for letting her look at my dick the other day.

I told her that a Dad just has to let his daughter explore her curiosity. A moment later, Kelli shocked me by asking if she could see it again. Immediately I began feeling my cock stir in my loose shorts.

I told her okay and fished my thickening cock out of the fly of my shorts. Kelli once again asked if she could touch it. She immediately had me in her hands. As she continued handling me, I grew harder and harder, which did not escape her notice. I told her yes, and it was a natural reaction, especially when a cute girl was touching it. She seemed very happy with this reply and asked if I really thought she was cute. I told her that I was not kidding and any man would be happy with her.

Kelli giggled and then asked something that nearly gave me a heart attack. I was wondering what it would feel like to be a real woman? Dad, could you take my virginity? It is incest and is not right for a Dad and his Daughter to have sex.

But, I told her I would, and that it could only happen once between us and that we must be very careful as there were no condoms in the house my wife had her tubes tied, so we felt no need for them and I would not want to knock her up.

Kelli reached up and hugged me and thanked me. Seeing those hard little nips made my cock throb and I ripped off my shorts and shirt, letting my little girl see my hairy chest and very heavy balls. Kelli pulled off her own shorts, giving me my first look at a surprisingly hairy pussy I thought all these young ones shaved. My daughter had no clue as to how much a furry pussy turned me on.

After a few moments of looking at each other, I took my daughter in my arms, kissed her and took her upstairs to her bed. I slowly worked my way down her throat to her perfect breasts. Kelli gasped as I touched the first nipple with my tongue.

I licked, nibbled and sucked that breast and moved to the other. As I took that second tit in my mouth, the fingers of my right hand were caressing her inner thighs, working their way up to her hairy pussy. I worked my tongue down to that curly forest, twirling my tongue through the hair as I sought out her tight crease.

My tongue just barely scraped over her clit and Kelli yelped like a startled puppy. Dad, what are you doing to me? After just a couple minutes after, my daughters hips bucked up and she let loose a scream as she had her very first orgasm. I let her calm down a bit before diving back in.

Make me a real woman! I aimed my hard cock at her unprotected virgin pussy and slowly lowered my daughter until the head of my cock was just at her drooling entrance. Kelli responded by pushing down, letting my cock just enter as much as my hands holding her up would allow.

So, letting go of her and with a small thrust, I had a good 2 inches in my daughter. Kelli yowled as her tight pussy opened to take my thick cock. About a half an inch later, I hit her hymen. Take my cherry! Regaining her self, Kelli started naturally to ride my cock. I was already bottoming out in her and was pushing at the entrance to her unprotected womb. Throwing caution to the wind, I forced her cervix open with the final 2 inches.

Kelli instantly started cumming, rising up and thrusting down, impaling herself on my cock. As tight as my daughter was, I was surprised at how long I was lasting. We went at it like lost lovers, Kelli bent over and we tongued kissed as waves of orgasm washed over her.

The end came very hard and strong to me. Kelli just squeezed her pussy tighter around my cock, thrusting to take me deeper. Kelli gave one last thrust down and stayed there. Kelli came hard when I fired and collapsed on my chest. If it happens it happens. That was a little over a week ago and we have been secret lovers since. Read times Rated Please rate this text:.

Anonymous reader Report Then get pregnant by dad. At the doctor's scan showed doubled trouble twin girl lovelies wanting out to have dady's COCK to instruct them too. You manage with it perfctly:D. You are not logged in. Characters count:. All rights reserved.

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Daddy hairy stories erotic

Daddy hairy stories erotic

Daddy hairy stories erotic

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Erotic Fiction : A morning with dad changes my life! - A Gay Sex

I had been going to the local YMCA after work for about a week now, I was trying to bulk up a little bit to impress my girlfriend. I had always known I was an attractive guy, and many people had also said as much, but despite that I had very little luck with women. Erin was my first long-term girlfriend, and accounted for all of my sexual experience to this point.

I was 20 years old now, and had been dating Erin for 3 years, we got together towards the end of senior year in high school. I had always been called cute, and I think my red hair had something to do with that, I also looked a good deal younger than my age. Since that time my confidence had grown quite a bit, but I was still quite shy by nature, and generally quite sheepish in a conflict.

In fact the only other people that had shown interest in me sexually were gay men, particularly older gay men. I had never considered sex with another man, but I was somewhat flattered all the same, still I wish it had been girls giving me the attention.

After 3 years together I knew that Erin was the girl I was going to marry, and I had been saving up money for an engagement ring, but Erin had expensive tastes, and I knew that the ring had to be a good one. We both had the same sexual appetite, healthy and frequent, but nothing bordering on nymphomania. Erin was a pretty girl, long blonde hair, great big blue eyes, and a pretty nice body, I felt lucky to have her.

As I finished my workout the week was finally catching up to me, and I felt extremely sore. I decided I would go into the sauna and hope the heat helped soothe some of my muscles. I liked going to the Y late at night as it tended to be quiet, with not many people around.

As I stepped into the sauna it was completely empty, and I decided to take the opportunity to sit back naked, and let the steam do its work. I took a seat on one of the higher benches and stretched out.

Sure enough as I was in this precarious position I heard the door to the sauna open, I quickly grabbed my towel and turned around to look at the door. An older man walked in alone with a towel wrapped around his waist, the door closed behind him, he had clearly gotten quite the view upon walking in, and was now staring at my naked cock with a smile on his face. I quickly sat down and covered my lap with my towel, a bit embarrassed. His legs looked equally thick with hair as well.

He clearly noticed my embarrassment and my quick covering up with the towel,. I quickly looked away, but he had definitely noticed me looking, still he simply smiled and stared at me. I tried to ignore it, and just get back to my steam.

From my peripheral vision I could tell he was still staring at me, eventually I looked up at him, and saw that he was indeed staring, but he was also stroking his cock.

It was standing straight out from his thick nest of dark pubic hair, with a large pair of hairy balls hanging below it.

I shook my head no, and quickly looked away again. I could hear him breathing heavier, and increasing his pace, and occasionally letting out a deep moan. I finally gathered my courage, and decided I had enough steam, and it was time to go. I looked back to the door, and began taking quick strides towards it. I again glanced towards him, and he looked let down that I was not walking in his direction.

As I continued towards the door, he stood with surprising speed for a man his age and intercepted me. Without saying a word, he pushed me up against the wall, my back slammed into it rather hard, knocking the wind out of me a bit, as he ripped my towel from around my waist. He pressed his large belly against me, my thin frame being surrounded by its girth, and easily held me in place with his weight.

The combination of being winded and shocked left me feeling effectively paralysed. I could feel his hard cock hard pressing against my leg, and noticed he was still stroking it at a rapid pace.

Still wordless he used his free hand to grab my face at the chin, and forced his mouth onto mine, before I could react his tongue was in my mouth, wrestling mine for dominance. He grunted a few times into my mouth before moving away. He placed his forearm across my hairless chest ensuring I would stay put, he stepped back removing his body from mine, and looked down at his cock. Finally he let out a loud groan, I looked down just in time to see him point his cock up slightly at my body as he shot a thick jet of white cum onto me.

I felt mortified as he looked back into my face still smiling, the final few spurts of cum left his cock, hitting my stomach and my cock. I still felt too shocked and scared to move, he leaned down towards my body and started licking his cum from my chest and stomach.

He dropped to his knees and sucked up all of his cum that was dripping from my balls. He stood again and grabbed my face like before, he squeezed my cheeks to open my lips, he then moved his mouth to mine, and began forcing his cum from his mouth into mine. He shoved his tongue back into my mouth, making sure I tasted his cum very thoroughly.

There was so much I had no choice but to swallow, he made a pleased grunt when he noticed I had swallowed it. He pressed his large belly back into my body and kept kissing me so forcefully. I finally got my senses about me, and tried to push him off, but that was useless, his weight made it easy for him to overpower me. I tried to force his tongue from my mouth with my own, but he seemed to either like my struggling, or mistake it for me attempting to kiss him back, as he groaned and increased the force of his kiss.

His large hands were rubbing all over my slender frame, he would rub all over my chest, pinch a nipple, then move his hand down my stomach until he firmly gripped my limp cock and my balls all at once. He gave them a hard squeeze which made me squeak in pain.

He chuckled a little into my mouth before finally breaking his kiss. He looked me in the face again,. With that he grabbed his towel from the bench and left the steam room. I still felt so shocked that I stood with my back against the wall in the same place for what must have been another 5 minutes.

I picked up my towel and began to wipe off what I could, I was definitely going to need a shower, but I was too afraid to leave the steam room in case he was waiting for me.

I let another 20 minutes pass, the heat was becoming unbearable and I was feeling light headed, so I left the steam room. I slipped into the showers which were empty and cleaned myself off. As quick as I could, I dressed and got the hell out of there! When I got home, Erin observed that I had a long workout today and congratulated me.

Though it had been my idea to start working out, Erin had become something of a coach, and was excited by the prospect of me getting into better physical shape. For the next 3 days, I skipped all of my workouts, too terrified to return to the Y. As I arrived at the Y that next night, my body felt numb with fear, every corner was turned with great trepidation.

After about 30 minutes of working out and not seeing Jim, I started to relax a bit, I hoped that he had stopped coming here after I was a no show for 3 days. Then suddenly I looked up, across the room staring at me, it was him, and he was giving me that same smile.

I quickly looked away, but was sure that a look of fear had taken over my face. There was only one other person in the entire place, and she was a less than attractive middle aged woman. For the rest of my workout Jim seemed to be following and observing me from a distance.

As my workout was winding down, the 3 days off were starting to show their effect, and my muscles were screaming they were so sore. I did as quickly as was possible, I finished and began to head to my locker. I felt like a character in a horror movie, just waiting for him to pop out from every corner and grab me. I made it to my locker safely, and began to get my clothes out to change. My heart nearly jumped right out of my chest, and I turned to see Jim standing there in nothing but a towel, his large hairy belly over top of it, and a wicked smile on his face.

I started to move away from him, and hoped to slip out, just as I was about to pass him, he reached out and shoved his hand into my pocket. The next thing I knew he had my wallet and was looking through it. My drivers license was his goal, and it was certainly easy to find. I reached for my wallet, but he quickly puled it away.

I tried again, but he lifted it above his head, and I crashed into his hairy belly. He wrapped his free arm around my waist and held me in place against him. Maybe my son Todd does want to go in the sauna with me after all.

I again tried to reach for my wallet, but as I did, Jim grabbed the back of my head, and forced his mouth onto mine, his tongue was in my mouth before I even realized what was happening. I pulled away, but he quickly moved his arm back around my waist, squeezing me so hard against him that air was forced out of my lungs.

I could feel his hard cock poking me in my groin, and Jim grinding it against my jeans for friction. Follow me. I had no choice, I followed him. We walked down a few rows, then turned into another row of lockers. Jim stopped and opened what was apparently his locker.

What else do you want?! I wont touch you, just show me. The quicker you do what I want, the sooner you get your wallet. Or I could just throw it in my locker and close it up? I love that young body. I began to stroke, but nothing was happening down there.

I was quickly getting frustrated, which only made my nerves worse. I tried to think about Erin, but the huge hard cock I was staring at made it hard to think of anything else.

Jim reached down and started stroking his cock too, I saw a ton of precum oozing out of the tip, and covering it. Jim could see my frustration and relented. I have another idea. Sit on that bench and spread your legs, keep stroking your cock….

Yes, very good son… Now spread your ass cheeks apart with your hands and say it again.

Daddy hairy stories erotic

Daddy hairy stories erotic