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AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. Old , PM - Thread Starter. Just like many people around here I'm doing the rope light under the riser nosing trick. What I want to do is control the light output via a dimmer switch.

Hard wired rope light

Hard wired rope light

Hard wired rope light

You can do that, but I think I'd hardwire a fixed outlet to the switch, then plug the rope Hard wired rope light or whatever into the outlet. Attaching rope lights to a controller will usually occur in one of two ways. Aug 30, Bob Vila Academy Make Things. Personally, I would install the lighting first, getting it exactly Hrd way I wanted it using an extension cord to test it. Since you want this controlled ropw a switch, make it a switched outlet that connects to the switch in question. Feb 22, Hard wired rope light

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You are right in your assumptions. OldAM. How do i make my mom belive me? Yes AHrd. The length I need is 12 feet. Just like many people around here I'm doing the rope light under the riser nosing Hard wired rope light. Toxarch is offline. It appears to have two wires inside it, but the connection that you see is the only info I have to go from. Installing Microwave Vent on Exterior Wall? Your new light looks wonderful! Need help Hard wired rope light our experts? I am ready to tackle the rest of my pesky fixtures!!!! They really look eired on a dimmer and mine are part of the same circuit as my five sconces. Haha nipple lights.

Trying to determine the age of this furnace.

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Call Us Toll Free Rope Light Instructions The following instructions are here to help you learn how to work with your rope lights and their accessories. Be sure to adapt these instructions as necessary to accommodate the particular type of rope light you are working with, LED vs. Important Notes: Always unplug the rope light before installing, cutting, or modifying in any way. Unroll rope light before attaching to a power source.

Do not plug in rope light while it is still wound on the spool as this may melt the rope light. Cut only at designated marks. End cap must be attached before attaching to a power source.

Do not pull on or stretch rope light as this will damage the inner wires, causing sections to fail. Rope Light Anatomy How do rope lights work? A rope light is comprised of bulbs LED or incandescent spaced along a set of inner wires. Rope lights are divided into sections and are wired in "series parallel".

This means that if a bulb fails, only the section it is in will go dark; the rest of the rope light will stay lit. Due to this wiring method, rope lights can only be cut at the dividing points between sections. Related Items. Continued from above Securing an End Cap End caps are a simple, but important, component of a rope light run.

They shield the exposed end of the rope from debris as well as protect any protruding rope light wires from getting snagged. To attach an end cap, simply push it into place around the plastic tubing of the rope light until it stops. Optionally, you can further secure and waterproof the connection using PVC sealant. Other Accessories There are many accessories that you can incorporate into your rope light design to help shape your rope light vision. These include inline splices, T-connectors, extensions, Y-connectors, etc.

While they all provide different functions, the basics of how they attach to the rope lights is the same. Once you understand the basics of how a power cord attaches to a rope light, through the ubiquitous power connector and the alignment of its pins with the wires of the rope light, you'll understand how to attach just about any other accessory.

The power connector is the common component in every rope light accessory, and once you know how it works, there's no limit to what you can do. A Brief Guide to Rope Light Accessories Knowing the basics of how to plug in rope lights makes it easy to hang rope lights in a straight line. But what if you need to trace around curves or attach various sections together? But no matter how you chose to mount your lights, there are a few guidelines you'll need to follow.

Be sure to unplug it again before installation. Rope lights are very flexible products, but they do not bend at degree angles. Always provide a curved radius of at least inches when turning a corner. Also, all rope lights generate some heat during operation and they need to be able to dissipate this heat throughout their length.

When mounting, do not crowd the rope light and be sure to allow ample "breathing room" around it. Again, allow some ventilation room for heat dissipation and do not let the rope lights touch each other as this could potentially cause them to melt or fuse together. This is the same reason why you should always unspool your roll of rope light before plugging it in. When installing rope light into place, it is very important that you do not pull on, tug on, stretch, or excessively flex the rope light!

This can stress the inner wires and damage them, the result of which will be immediately burned out sections. And nobody wants that. Rope lights are a very flexible product, but please use care when handling and installing them. If using rope lighting outdoors, be sure to use waterproof PVC or silicone sealant to secure all connections, power cords and end caps.

Add a small bead of sealant on the inside of the connector, slide the rope light in place and then place another small bead along the outside rim to seal the connection. Remember to secure your end caps in the same manner.

This will prevent corrosion of the metal due to any residual moisture present in the connection. Mounting clips are a general-purpose accessory that can be secured to just about any surface.

Using screws or nails, place the clips at constant intervals along the path of the rope light and carefully snap the light into place, making sure the bulbs are facing outward for the best light. Mounting tracks are very popular when you're looking to mount the rope lights in a nice, straight line. Like the clips, they can be secured to a variety of surfaces with nails, screws, or even strong adhesives.

After positioning the tracks into location, carefully snap the rope light into place. Lastly, the common zip tie is a good choice when neither the mounting clips nor the mounting track are applicable for where the rope lights will be going.

There's really no rules to using zip ties. Just secure them to whatever you can, wherever you can, to hold your rope lights in place.

You are certainly open to use your own methods if you like. Just be sure to observe the common mounting guidelines described above. Controllers If you're looking to introduce some special effects to your rope light creation, it's time to look at controllers. By itself, a rope light will be in a solid, or "steady-on", state.

Certain controllers will only work with certain types of rope lights. For example, two-wire rope lights can be used with fading or flashing controllers, but not with a chasing controller. Refer to the particular controller to see what rope lights it can work with. Attaching rope lights to a controller will usually occur in one of two ways.

There can be a standard outlet in the back of the controller into which you simply plug in your rope light power cord. Or there may be an integral rope light power cord and power connector attached to the controller to which you will attach to rope light similar to how you would attach it to a normal power cord.

Summary for Outdoor Installation Refer to our Outdoor Installation Guide for tips on installing rope lights in an outdoor environment. Customer Support Customer Support.

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Me not so much, but I have painted a few rooms and as my mother makes the new quilt for our bed I am going to attempt to paint the room. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Understanding Rope Light:. Viewed 2k times. For clear v 2 wire rope light, the color temperature is Kelvin, which is a slightly yellowish, white light. You made it look really easy to install to.

Hard wired rope light

Hard wired rope light

Hard wired rope light. Active Topics

With a 3 wire controller, 3 wire rope light not only can dim and static flash, it gains the ability to use chasing effects.

The power draw on rope light is only 0. Also, where 2 wire rope light only has one version of white color, LED rope light has 3: cool white Kelvin , warm white Kelvin and moonlight Kelvin. LED rope light also has a wider range of color options as well compared to incandescent rope light. Since 12v LED rope light requires a transformer, it will lower the overall power usage however LED already has a lower electrical draw than incandescent so the difference between the two might not be readily noticeable.

The Final Word:. I would highly recommend running LED rope light over incandescent due to its greater flexibility in uses as well as the energy saving properties and color choices. Need help from our experts? Understanding Rope Light: What rope light should I use? The Final Word: I would highly recommend running LED rope light over incandescent due to its greater flexibility in uses as well as the energy saving properties and color choices.

Strobe and Chasing Effects. Old , AM. Fatman: Don't give up on those rope lights! They really look cool on a dimmer and mine are part of the same circuit as my five sconces. You just mount them and the rope lighting snaps in! I wired an outlet on a dimmer and then plugged the rope lights into the outlet. The rope light cord is too flimsy for my comfort. Randy My Bar Build. Great idea, HeyNow. Thanks for sharing that. Now I know. BB code is On.

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Originally posted by Fatman Thanks for replying, but I've given up on the rope lights. Originally posted by hoyski Great idea, HeyNow.

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Remember Me? Thread: hard wire rope lights into light switch. They come with a V plug for an outlet, but I'd like to simply wire them into a light switch instead. I was going to just cut the plug off the end of the given 10' cord and wire it straight into a new light switch.

Can this be done? Sure go ahead. Just make sure that you switch the black. You can do that, but I think I'd hardwire a fixed outlet to the switch, then plug the rope lights or whatever into the outlet.

She's a tired old barge but she's paid for! I hardwired mine to a switch with a dimmer, but they were conventional, not LEDs.

I see no problem hardwiring them. I didn't think about a dimmer. I wonder if the LEDs are capable of dimming or if I'll want to even dim them at all. Dang it! There's so much to think about and plan for! Some are dimmable, some are not. You'll have to check, but a dimmer might be nice. Which I cleaned then pressed them onto. My concern is how long will that adhesive hold up with high 90 's to daytime plus, metal cooling evenings day end day out, all is good the first year they are still nice an tight , we have decided to place them over the top of the new cabinets when they are instsalled for accent, they will be out of sight they have lots of options stairwell lighting on a motion sensor is next, very user friendly on the inverter too.

Last edited by dalehollow; at PM. While there IS some great adhesive these, days, I don't think they put it on 'everyday' stuff like rope lights, or in my experience, velcro. It just amazes me that velcro itself will hang on for dear life, but I can't get self-adhesive velcro to stay stuck to anything Last edited by 42gibson; at PM. I have my rope lights under my party top all hard wired to dimmer switches.

Works great. I bought the plastic track from link below and used adhesive to put it up. They are going on year 2 with no issues. Each on separate switches and dimmers. Being able to dim does help with bugs. Plus, if I only turn on the smaller set and turn the ceiling fan on, the bugs aren't an issue at all. I tried posting a picture. Hopefully it shows up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is AM.

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Hard wired rope light

Hard wired rope light