Juliper riding equipment-Riding equipment and riding clothes

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Juliper riding equipment

Juliper riding equipment

Juliper riding equipment

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Main articles: Breastplate Juliiper and Martingale tack. Your Filters:. Transportation Horse trailer. Horse trailer. Helpful customer support. No products found. Horze Reflective Wrap Riding Sheet. Horze Fetlock Boots. Views Read Edit View history. All Rights reserved. They are also seen in Western riding events, particularly in rodeoreining and cuttingwhere Juliper riding equipment is particularly Juliper riding equipment to prevent a saddle from shifting. Color Clear all. Ready to Ship. There are two main styles of harnesses - breaststrap and collar and hames style. Asmar Willa Sweater.

I would like to convey my dissatisfaction with a brand new specialized bike that I bought a few weeks ago.

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When you are going for a ride, it's important to choose the right basic equipment, the important safety equipment that will protect you should an accident occur. Equestrian sports sometimes involve risks, but there is a lot we can do to limit the risk of accidents and injuries.

Learning to handle and understand the horse is one and choosing the right protective equipment is another. You don't need to have the latest equipment or specially adapted clothing and shoes in order to ride — but it is often easier if you use clothes and shoes that the market has developed specifically for the purpose. We begin closest to the body. Choosing the right underwear can actually contribute to improving the riding session.

It is important for women to have a good sports bra, this takes the strain off both the bust and the spine. Briefs and underpants should preferably not have any seams that can rub against you when sitting in the saddle.

It is easy to get warm when riding or working in the stables. This is why you should choose to wear some type of functional clothing closest to the body so that moisture is transported away and you do not become cold. The jumper or jacket you wear over this should also have the ability to wick moisture so that you keep warm and dry. For jackets equipped with hoods, it is good if these can been easily removed as hoods can cause accidents if they become entangled in branches, for example, when you are out on a ride.

Riding breeches are a little tighter in order to prevent unnecessary creases that could result in blisters. The seams on riding breeches are also placed where they will not cause discomfort. Riding breeches can been made from various materials — cotton, polyester, micropolyamide and elastane are commonly used. Riding breeches can be full seat, knee-patch or completely unpadded. Full seat breeches generally provide a better grip on the saddle, while many people feel that they get deeper into the saddle with unpadded or knee-patch breeches.

On the other hand, if you have jodhpurs, these are worn with riding shoes. Jodhpurs are somewhat straighter and a little wider at the bottom, many also have a foot strap that is placed under the foot to prevent the trouser leg riding up when you sit on the horse.

There are also various covers to provide protection and keep you clean, dry and warm. Chaps are a practical and simple to pull on over riding breeches, you can also take them off and put them on when you are sitting on the horse.

The majority of chaps are made of suede or napa leather, but there are now some made of waterproof nylon and they work brilliantly in rain and foul weather. Thermal riding breeches are also available for use in winter. These can either be pulled on over riding breeches or simply over thermal leggings, for example. The benefit of thermal riding breeches over normal salopettes is that they are usually equipped with zips that go the full length of the legs, making it easier to get them on and off, and that they normally have a full seat, giving you a better grip on the saddle.

Using gloves when you work with a horse or in the stables is a good way to protect your hands. It is really easy to "burn" your hands on the halter strap if you are leading a horse that is trying to get away.

Use gloves that are as smooth as possible. Three-finger gloves are a good choice for winter riding. You may sometimes need further assistance when riding; spurs and whips are available in various sizes and designs to suit both you and the horse. This is something that we should never forget. If you intend to compete, it is important that you check the competition rules to see what you are allowed to use. Never leave your protective equipment sitting in the sun, on the parcel shelf in a car, for example, as the sun's rays can affect the material in the equipment.

Shopping Cart. Items 0 pcs. Checkout My pages Log in. In stock. Riding equipment and riding clothes. N When you are going for a ride, it's important to choose the right basic equipment, the important safety equipment that will protect you should an accident occur. Riding boots or riding shoes? Upper body It is easy to get warm when riding or working in the stables. Gloves Using gloves when you work with a horse or in the stables is a good way to protect your hands.

Spurs and whips You may sometimes need further assistance when riding; spurs and whips are available in various sizes and designs to suit both you and the horse.

Important to bear in mind! Hay bag XL. Jump cups.

There are two main styles of harnesses - breaststrap and collar and hames style. Apply now. Bracelets, Rings, Watches, Key Chains,. From sparkly browband to a pony saddle pad, you'll get inspiration from the Horze Gift Guide. After-sale services Provide considerate services to minimize clients' worries.

Juliper riding equipment

Juliper riding equipment

Juliper riding equipment. BOOTS ACCESSORIES

It is used for training and exercise. Reins consist of leather straps or rope attached to the outer ends of a bit and extend to the rider's or driver's hands. Reins are the means by which a horse rider or driver communicates directional commands to the horse's head.

Pulling on the reins can be used to steer or stop the horse. The sides of a horse's mouth are sensitive, so pulling on the reins pulls the bit, which then pulls the horse's head from side to side, which is how the horse is controlled.

On some types of harnesses there might be supporting rings to carry the reins over the horse's back. When pairs of horses are used in drawing a wagon or coach it is usual for the outer side of each pair to be connected to reins and the inside of the bits connected by a short bridging strap or rope. The driver carries "four-in-hand" or "six-in-hand" being the number of reins connecting to the pairs of horses.

A longe line is sometimes called a "longe rein," but it is actually a flat line about 30 feet 9. Horses should never be tied by the reins.

Not only do they break easily, but, being attached to a bit in the horse's sensitive mouth, a great deal of pain can be inflicted if a bridled horse sets back against being tied. A bit is a device placed in a horse's mouth, kept on a horse's head by means of a headstall. There are many types, each useful for specific types of riding and training. The mouthpiece of the bit does not rest on the teeth of the horse , but rather rests on the gums or "bars" of the horse's mouth in an interdental space behind the front incisors and in front of the back molars.

It is important that the style of bit is appropriate to the horse's needs and is fitted properly for it to function properly and be as comfortable as possible for the horse. While there are literally hundreds of types of bit mouthpieces , bit rings and bit shanks , essentially there are really only two broad categories: direct pressure bits, broadly termed snaffle bits ; and leverage bits, usually termed curbs. Snaffle bits commonly have a single jointed mouthpiece and act with a nutcracker effect on the bars, tongue and occasionally roof of the mouth.

However, regardless of mouthpiece , any bit that operates only on direct pressure is a "snaffle" bit. Any bit with shanks that works off of leverage is a "curb" bit, regardless of whether the mouthpiece is solid or jointed. Some combination or hybrid bits combine direct pressure and leverage, such as the Kimblewick or Kimberwicke , which adds slight leverage to a two-rein design that resembles a snaffle; [13] and the four rein designs such as the single mouthpiece Pelham bit and the double bridle , which places a curb and a snaffle bit simultaneously in the horse's mouth.

In the wrong hands even the mildest bit can hurt the horse. Conversely, a very severe bit, in the right hands, can transmit subtle commands that cause no pain to the horse. Bit commands should be given with only the quietest movements of the hands, and much steering and stopping should be done with the legs and seat.

A horse harness is a set of devices and straps that attaches a horse to a cart , carriage , sledge or any other load. There are two main styles of harnesses - breaststrap and collar and hames style.

These differ in how the weight of the load is attached. A breaststrap harness has a wide leather strap going horizontally across the horses' breast, attached to the traces and then to the load. This is used only for lighter loads.

A collar and hames harness has a collar around the horses' neck with wood or metal hames in the collar. The traces attach from the hames to the load.

This type of harness is needed for heavy draft work. Both types will also have a bridle and reins. A harness that is used to support shafts, such as on a cart pulled by a single horse, will also have a saddle attached to the harness to help the horse support the shafts and breeching to brake the forward motion of the vehicle, especially when stopping or moving downhill.

Horses guiding vehicles by means of a pole, such as two-horse teams pulling a wagon , a hay-mower, or a dray , will have pole-straps attached to the lower part of the horse collar. Breastplates , breastcollars or breastgirths attach to the front of the saddle, cross the horse's chest, and usually have a strap that runs between the horse's front legs and attaches to the girth.

They keep the saddle from sliding back or sideways. They are usually seen in demanding, fast-paced sports. They are crucial pieces of safety equipment for English riding activities requiring jumping, such as eventing , show jumping , polo , and fox hunting.

They are also seen in Western riding events, particularly in rodeo , reining and cutting , where it is particularly important to prevent a saddle from shifting. They may also be worn in other horse show classes for decorative purposes. A martingale is a piece of equipment that keeps a horse from raising its head too high. Various styles can be used as a control measure, to prevent the horse from avoiding rider commands by raising its head out of position; or as a safety measure to keep the horse from tossing its head high or hard enough to smack its rider in the face.

Martingales are usually attached to the horse one of two ways. They are either attached to the center chest ring of a breastplate or, if no breastplate is worn, they are attached by two straps, one that goes around the horse's neck, and the other that attaches to the girth, with the martingale itself beginning at the point in the center of the chest where the neck and girth straps intersect.

Common devices of this nature include the overcheck , the chambon , de Gogue , grazing reins, draw reins and the "bitting harness" or " bitting rig ". In some disciplines, use of leverage devices, even in training, is controversial. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Saddle. Main article: Stirrup. Main article: halter. Main article: Bridle.

Main article: Rein. Main article: Bit horse. Main article: Horse harness. Main articles: Breastplate tack and Martingale tack. Boston:Houghton Mifflin Co. Horse tack and other equine equipment. Saddles , component parts and accessories. Horse harness and carriages. Horse riding equipment horse hay bag strap Type 4 sided slow feed hay bag.

Premium quality with competitive prices. Any sizes according to requirements. Any critical Design Logo or combination is possible. Western saddle set horse riding equipment. We encourage you to shop the market place and compare prices. We are confident you will agree, our prices not only can't be matched; but are lower than those of any other manufacturer.

We hope you are pleased with our catalog selection. Horse riding equipment equestrian safety vest. Application Fully complies to the requirements of the CE Directive. Fully waterproof to keep you comfortable and day with a wipe-clean surface for easy maintenance and care. Horse riding equipment breastplate. Propro horse products equestrian Horses riding equipment horse equipment equestrian pants.

Horse riding equipment with bridle and rein. Horse Riding Equipment. Horse Riding Stirrups metal horse racing equipment. This alloy is best for stirrups because it extremely strong, resists salt and acids found in all stables, and will never rust or spot. An amazing stirrup iron with a quick release arm that releases with a magnet.

NL top selling horse equipments horse riding whips.

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Equilineridersteam Important riders of international fame have always been global ambassadors for our values. He began riding at the age of eight competing in pony classes. He was trained by Liz Edgar and then he moved to Switzerland, when he stayed for two years riding for Beat Mandli.

During his participation at the international showjumping competitions he obtained a lot of successes: three team gold medals in the Pony European Championship , and young riders ; and one team bronze medal at the Madrid European Championship.

He won the Olympic team gold medal at the Olympic Games of London in , and in , he also won the individual silver medal, and the team gold medal in the European Championship of Herning. Niels Bruyneseels Geboortedatum, 5 December is a Belgian show jumper. He began his career as a professional show jumper when he was 14, trained by his father, but only when he spotted his amazing capacity with different types of horses, he obtained the confidence of many important stables.

In he was named the best young rider of the European Championship in Copenhagen on Out of Blue, and he won the silver medal at the European Championship in Belgium one year later. In a very short time he confirmed his capacity to trained young horses and to transformed them truly international jumping champions.

In he was one of the first best riders in the World, but only one year later, he was on the Top 10 for his important successes. She began her equestrian career at the age of three and in , she was named an alternate in the American team at the Olympic Games of Barcelona, then in she participated at the Olympic Games of Sydney. Laura Kraut is an important member of the U. She trained a lot of young riders and horses, and she leads them at high level in International Competitions.

She is also the ambassador of Just World International, a charity foundation created by Jessica Newman a successful equestrian athlete. Lauren Hough Goshen, 11 April is an American international show jumper. Lauren began his agonistic career in hunter and jumping pony classes, with a lot of victories.

For two consecutive years and she won the National Horse Show Gran Prix back to back, and from to she competed with the U. Team in the Samsung Super League, winning it in For three times she competed for the U. During these last years she continues to collect important victories, and in she was also named in the GCL Chantilly Pegasus team. Thanks to his mother he grew up with a strong passion for horses, after a visit in Gothenburg at the International Horse Show, this passion came clear and brought him to the important working experience with Ludger Beerbaum in Germany, which permit him to competing at high level in the International Show Jumping.

He competed in four editions of the European Show Jumping Championships from to , and in three Show Jumping World Final Cup in , and with a third place. He competed at two editions of the Olympic Games: in London where with the Sweden team he was 6th, and 23rd individually; and Rio de Janeiro He took part in six World Cup qualified himself in the season, with three 2nd places and one victory in Gothenburg.

Eckermann and Toveks Mary Lou have agree on a long term partnership with the ambitious goal of Tokyo Dorothee Schneider Magonza, 17 February is a German dressage international rider. She comes from an affluent family with a strong passion for horses, her father Hans Eberhardt Schneider breed a lot of champions.

In he classifies herself into the freestyle dressage at the World Cup in Frankfurt on Diva Royal. They competed also in Neumuster, Dortmund and Monaco, and at the German Championship of Balve, where they obtained the 4th place into the special class and the 5th place in freestyle. In she won the team silver medal at the Olympic Games of London, and in the team gold medal at the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro.

Awards: For two times Dorothee Schneider was honored with the silver laurel leaf, the highest German decoration. The rider was awarded for her outstanding performances at the Olympic Games of London and Rio Scott Stewart is an American hunter rider. He is the best rider and trainer of high quality horses, each horse he rides in the ring become a top competitor, and they all have his same classic style.

For all these reasons he is considered one of the top American hunter rider of our times. He started to ride at the age of 11 with ponies, but his professional career began when he was eighteen, while he was working at Ox Ridge Hunt Club. During the first 12 years he trained a group of juniors and clients, but then he focused himself on his own horses.

He started this new experience with Ken Berkley and together they had approximately 80 horses between Wellington and the New Jersey. He the best U. Now he continues to competed at top level of international competitions in a brilliant way. Community equilineofficial.

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Choose Your Language:. This site uses its own cookies to improve your browsing experience and third parties to send you promotional messages in line with your preferences. Community equilineofficial Welcome to the word of Equiline! The Collection preview was presented to a selected group of buyers In Equiline, social and environmental responsibility is the heart of our strategy. Major is the new saddle model entering the Equiline Saddle Division.

Presented at Spoga Horse , the Major is the perfect mix of tradition and innovation. First Name. Last Name. Date of Birth. Gender Male Female Not Specified. Collections Dressage. Equestrian lifestyle.

Juliper riding equipment

Juliper riding equipment

Juliper riding equipment