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Join now to personalize. Answer this question. Early in each of my pregnancies I get really sick and moody, and my husband just drives me crazy! I just try to deal with it for the first few months, and then I start feeling better. Just stick around and be patient.

My pregnant girlfriend dumped me

My pregnant girlfriend dumped me

R elationship T alk. The time now is PM. I can't say things will turn out the same. I suppose looking back for both of us the pregnancy was like a clearing of virlfriend soul, because you are forced to confront and sort out all the baggage you have carried around and acumulated during your life. Did My pregnant girlfriend dumped me girl startseeing anyone else while the two of you were separated?

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My ex Mom fuck son videos things off suddenly after announcing to me she was pregnant. Guilty sex I had hot sex with my year-old mum-in-law while my wife was on life support. If you pregnamt spend it on a P. We broke up 6 weeks ago My pregnant girlfriend dumped me we If pregnany, having the baby, My pregnant girlfriend dumped me says shes breaking up with you for sure, apply for custody of the child. I have dreams that I'm still single and banging hot women, then wake up to this fat zit faced monster wanting to kiss me. What kept us together is our deep friendship and and our ability to communicate. Everything that we do, we have to bear all consequences. Pfegnant than you think. Long story short, I lost my girlfriend finally now. Things were great, although she would occasionally make silly comments about resenting her ex seeing someone else. Password Forgot your password? However, in terms of loss, her father left her life when she was young then he died of a drug overdose.

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  • I was with my girlfriend for approximantly seven months.
  • My pregnant girlfriend dumped me?
  • Things were great, although she would occasionally make silly comments about resenting her ex seeing someone else.
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Join now to personalize. I'm an expecting dad and my pregnant girlfriend left me Long story short, myex-girlfriend and I found out we were pregnant after 3 months of dating. I could tell from the start she was scared but we made plans to try to make it work. It got to a point were I lost my patience and said things I should not have. I apologized afterward with voicemail, text, letterbut she hasn't spoke to me in about a month. We are now 22 weeks pregnant. She has been very irritable the whole time and said she lost all feelings for me.

I really care about her as the mother of my child, and always will. Am I a fool for still hoping for that? Any advice from moms? I want to stay optimistic but seems like there's no hope. Answer this question. She just left me and moved out back to her moms all I got was a sorry. I want to raise my child and help her with anything. She wants. I need help. From someone.

Congratulations on the baby girl you are going to have and way to be a great dad already by coming here to get advice. Well my advice although it seems harsh at first is to realize that you and her are not a married couple so you need to always think about the future adn how she will react when the baby is here.

There is hope, I have come to the conclusion after very much internet searching that this is a pattern with pregnant, stressed out, hormonal woman!

She stopped texting me and I have been ignoring her existence for about a month now. Go drink with some friends and get some stress off your chest! Even flirt with some girls if you get the opportunity!! It made me feel a lot better just to be able to get another girls number. On the less legal side, i think that you probably said stuff that really made her feel like you could never be trusted again, and not defending her, but maybe she just feels like you are not the one.

I grew up with my parents divorced sicne i was 5 and to be honest i would not want them together. Express that you care for her because she is the mother of your child, and maybe afterwards she will see your efforts and it will grow from there. But right now just stay as involved as possible and if you do plan to stay in the baby's life back sure you're prepared for the worst as well with her. I mean the baby is not even here yet and she's already ignorign you.

I just hope that you are able to obtain the relationship and happiness you are looking for. Every child is a blessing and every parent should be able to enjoy this time. Sometimes we just have to make the best of our situation and sacrifice things, but in the end, you will have a beautiful bundle of joy to hold in your arms.

Good Luck and best wishes! My ex and I used to talk so much about how her being pregnant will make our happiness the 1 of outta this world. Especially with me growing up without a dad. I wanted be there from the 1st day. Especially knowing how much i love her and our baby, And everytime i think about her my heart drips blood.

I still love her and the least she can do is to let me see her and just feel my child. She really knows how to bring me to my worst, by denying me the experience. Hi im 33 weeks pregnant please don't judge me or criticize me. I am not showing like I did with my son? My ex girlfriend and I got pregnant. The other morning we got into an argument and she told me to go home.

So I listened it was my friends birthday weekend so I went to hang out with my friends and let her cool off. I finally texted her saying we needed to work things out as she had still not texted me back. I know pregnancy makes things hard and theres going to be arguments but geez I never expected or wanted this. I never wanted to do this alone. I would like to know what finally happened to all you guys after she gave birth. I also have the same problem. She is 5months pregnant and before this month everything was going great.

Then last week she told me how controlling i am for not liking that she texts other men. Im really hurt too. I really have no idea what to do.

She broke up with me and now texting her ex. I feel so betrayed that i dont deserve that for being here for her even before the pregnancy. She really broke my heart and it seems like im the only person she will not talk to these days. She wants to visit a friend for a month and wants a big space from me. Im not sure if its pregnancy related or not becacuse she once treated me like this and left me.

She came back and swore she would never wsnt to treat me like this again until now everything was great. Reason for reporting Offensive or inappropriate materials Spamming or advertising Vulgarity or profanity Personal attack Invasion of privacy Copyright infringement. Cancel Submit. Ask a question. Featured video. New to BabyCenter? Join now. Password Forgot your password? Keep me logged in. Log in.

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Now i have sleepless nights trying to find an angle but without success. No man is going to want to look after another guys child. Don't let ANY women determine for you when you will become a father! Pregnancy is her choice and your fault. Track your baby's development. My girlfriend ex is approaching 12 weeks.

My pregnant girlfriend dumped me

My pregnant girlfriend dumped me. Pagination

Long story short, I don't love my pregnant girlfriend. I was literally about to break up with her we were in the process of breaking up , when she announced she was pregnant.

She actually is 5 months now , but I took all the words back the reasons why I didn't want to be with her. It tears me apart. I want to be a father!!! Just not with her. But I don't know if I can be with her for the rest of my life. I don't know how I can be a great weekend father. Obviously she is going to get custody if we split up. I feel like I'm forcing myself to love her. She doesn't deserve that. She needs someone that truly loves her. But I want to be a father. I don't know what I'm asking for, I'm just venting at the moment.

As I read the last couple lines I typed, I sound so selfish. What are the reasons for not wanting to be with her? What issues have you two had?

Are these issues still there? Why is she with you? Do you think that she would let you be a father if you two were to split? If you don't love her then don't be with her. You are right it is not fair to her. My father married my mother when she became pregnant times were different then of course.

The end result was the same my siblings and I had the worse upbringing. They were always fighting, unhappy. It stressed us kids out like you wouldn't believe, all the kids are dysfunctional, serious trust issues. You may want to consider marriage counseling talk to your pastor, priest whatever. Im in the exact same boat man. I'm curious to find out how it turned out for you.

I need advice too. I'm in love with somebody else.. Me too I'm supposed to get married in a month. We were fighting like crazy right before we found out she was pregnant. Do I have to spend the rest of my life with a woman I don't love? I want to be a great Dad, but I don't want to be miserable for the next 18 years - I don't know what to do.

My girlfriend and I just broke up and she's 3 months pregnant. It wasn't working out before she got pregnant and now it's x worse because of her hormones. I don't know if that's just hormones talking or what!

I am at a loss as to what I must do. I have a good job with good income and will pay half of the costs, I didn't want to lose her but I did. The thought of her raising my kid with another man makes me feel sick, I hate this. Many things will change during the whole 9 months of pregnancy. Yes, her hormones will be out of whack. So, chances are, she's not speaking as she normally would.

Couples do stay together when they are not in love, just for the sake of stability for the child. In some cases it works, but for many it doesn't. It depends on the person. I was in the same boat.

I was not in love with the guy I got pregnant by. He was a rebound for me. So, we got married. He wasn't meant for marriage, he was a party guy, a free bird, and only got married because he was afraid I'd sue him for child support later. Either way, I was ready to "play house". We had two kids Eventually I grew to love him, but not the fairy tale kind of love.

It was enough for me to be content, while I gave the kids a life that I never had. Eventually though, it caught up to us. He started cheating and I would cry myself to sleep.

I hid the drama from my children, making up excuses while he never home. And when the oldest child was about 10, I finally left. Sorry for the long story, but I wanted to give you an example of how the other side of things could go. Would I do it again? As I said earlier, each person has different needs. It was important to me that my children had as normal upbringing as possible. I sacraficed my needs for them. And I still do.

Leaving a pregnant girlfriend with your child, in my view is very selfish and irresponsible. Unless your girlfriend deems fine that you both do not continue the relationship, by all means. On the other hand, if you do not love her but only want the child, it is also very selfish of you.

It would not work out for you or for her. Otherwise, you will lose the child and her altogether. Everything that we do, we have to bear all consequences. You shagged your girlfriend, now she's pregnant I chose to divorce my husband and my boyfriend of 4yrs has now ditched me I've been married for ten long miserable years to a wife I never loved.

I too got burned with the kid trap. I love my daughter and i care about my wife but there is no love on my end. Life is too short to spend even one month chained to someone you're not in love with.

Trust me dude, do whatever you have to to end this A. Its best to rip the band-aid off now instead of living a miserable life indefinitely. Take this advice as if your life depends on it. Dude, I am you in 10 years. I daydream about going to the store for a pack of cigarettes and never coming back. I have dreams that I'm still single and banging hot women, then wake up to this fat zit faced monster wanting to kiss me.

She cant cook or clean and shes as dumb as a bag of hammers. I was never in love with her, but when i found out she was pregnant i panicked and married her because of outside pressure family and financial reasons We were both in the Army and when youre married you get a buttload of extra money Flash forward 10 years and I have to say it was the biggest mistake of my life. Dont go down this dark, ugly road man trust me. Life is too short. Get out while youre still young, or get ready for your soul to wither and die.

Why is it when a women gets up the duff it's all her fault??? Have you heard of a condom? Do you know how to put them on? Can you be responsible enough to make sure you are being safe?

I mean really a woman gets preganent with your child and there are no options but to marry her? Why not abortion?? Why not sharing in the upbringing of the child? Noooo you have to marry and then spend the rest of your lives in hell with someone you slept with?

Good one boys real mature!!! So the next time you wake up and look at the zit face woman you married that disgusts you and you hate her because you could have banged all the women you wanted but she got knocked up! Suck it up because you didn't do her any favours having to live with you either.

For all the guys out there who think a woman is the stepping stone to the next one Be mature about it don't depend on her to be safe you be safe, if she don't comply then don't have sex! Just that simple. If you want to be a dad, the fear that you'll only see your kid every other weekend and maybe once a week is legit. Unless GF is somehow unfit, she'll get custody, meaning she makes the calls and gets support e. His baby mama got engaged to some dude while pregnant calls her fiance the kid's 'daddy', despite my friend wanting to be a father to his child.

Good luck. Thank you so much for sharing with us women the brutal reality of marriage according to you guys. I got my, now wife, pregnant but she never loved me, in fact a month before she got pregnant she actually went to spend the night with some dude at a hotel in a different city, but she told me she just wanted to go away for a couple of days.

What was even worst she call me two days later to ask me if I could pick her up and I did. Anyways, we decided to get marry after finding out that she was pregnant, even though I had my doubts if it was my baby or not.

Back then I loved her and I felt sorry for her because she took the decision of getting marry to me even though she didn't love me. A year has passed, we have a beautiful little girl that I love with all my heart, but our marriage life is a disaster. We live together, that's all I can say, we have nothing else. We are deciding if we should divorce now or later when she is bigger. This relationship is bad for my wife and me.

You have a hard decision to make. No one can tell you what to do, we all have different stories. But the decision that you take will not only have an impact in your life, but in others people's life too.

Especially in your baby's life! Good luck to you. My only advice is to make sure you don't make your or your wife or your baby's life miserable. My girlfriend admitted to me that she cheated. Now she's pregnant. How can I believe I fathered the child if she's been unfaithful? Sorry to say this, but your gf cannot be trusted. Also, don't give her a dime of your money towards the baby until you find out if it's yours.

Don't let ANY women determine for you when you will become a father! There are many women out here who will do this if given the chance. Wear a condom, or allow some woman to own your future and your money for a couple decades of your life! The way you wrote that sounds like you think what a man wants is not as important as what a woman wants. If she says she doesn't want the relationship then that's fine but if a man says he doesn't then that's selfish.

I got pregnant and was pressured to get married. The guy I was seeing was fun to party with but I didn't love him.

I was in love with someone else. So family pressured us to get married. Just do your best to find a job, other than that, there isn't much else you can do. Unless she doesn't want you to. Pagination 1. Existing questions. Related Questions How should i dump my pregnant girlfriend?

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If I show a guy my boobs, will he have sex with me? These kids keep talking a lot of crap what should I do? I cheated on my 9 month gf. I love her with all my heart.

Ok, so I'll try to make this short as i can without missing too many details. Please bear with me cuz I really need some advice and reasurring. My ex and i were introduced by mutal friends. We hit it off immediately.

First of all how old are you? Look, the best I can tell you is try to at least be friends but understand that friends is friends, nothing in between don't read between the lines.

Give her her space, text her like every other day and just ask how her and the baby are doing, if she responds, great. What you need to be worrying about is that baby.

You do have a right to be involved with the baby. But she doesn't have to be with you. It seems to me that she's making it clear. Just try to be understanding. I don't think it's hormones or anything at this point. I refuse to say move on because if you were to try to jump into another relationship at this point odds are it would also fail.

Look, in your life right now, focus on bettering yourself, doing things for you. Have any classes or hobbies? You need to do things to make yourself feel better, but I would recommend telling her that you understand her position, and you respect that. But that you still want to be involved with the baby if that's what you really want and ask to go to the doctors appointments.

Give her space, I'm not saying that she will come back. I honestly wouldn't hold my breath for it. If it was meant to be it will figure itself out. Time does heal all wounds I honestly don't know how you could be confused?

She's made it clear she doesn't want to be with you. Now if you want to be involved with the kid just go to the doctors office or if she doesn't want you there call and or text her asking about it. Other than that, move on with your life. Let her know you're there for and and step back. There really isn't anything anyone else might be able to tell you unless they're personally involved.

Kc what happened for you now? What's the update? Do you ever end up talking to the mother of your child or no? My girlfriend has left me too. She's 6 months gone. I'm heartbroken. She's changed her number too. I'm a single father I have a daughter from another relationship her mother walked out on us too. So we have now been broken hearted twice. U have ur daughter to begin with. Treasure her and make her your reason to live.

Educate her to not be like her mother or the women that u have been with. Thankyou for your kinds words. Its very hard. I loved my girlfriend very much and my daughter does too.

Its a very hard time right now. All we do is cry everyday. We are not in a good place right now. Every human went through this. Right now I would really want u to take ur daughter and go somewhere peaceful. Maybe go to ur family?

Let her see nana and grandpa. And u too, call ur friends, close ones and get together. Living doesn't revolve around love only. Pls be strong. We've been with my family. It still didn't make us feel any better. We've come home now and we are feeling even worse now. I'm trying to be strong and hold myself together but I can't.

Then cry it all out. Let it all out. Sob, punch a few cushions and just breathe after. Things don't happen overnight. Feelings of hurt won't fade overnight. Don't be harsh on urself d clarke. Grab some ice cream watch cartoons with ur daughter. Talk to her. If ure feeling so beaten right now then what about that lil angel? Who's gonna be there for her if it wasn't u? We've done all what you said. It makes things ok for abit then we start thinking about her and we go to pieces again.

I'm doing my best to comfort my daughter but it's hard. She had her mother leave her now she's been hurt again through my girlfriend leaving. She looked at her like another mother. I just hope my girlfriend sees sense and comes back before the baby is born. As I sit here on Father's Day my ex girlfriend who left me is also six months pregnant. I did and to be honest I wish I never now.. She has her reasons for leave and she had to of thought long and hard before going, she's not going to come back out of pitty and I'm sure you wouldn't want her back that why, stay strong and show your child you're a man.

Honestly I wish you they best, it hurts because it was real as it meant something. So cry and don't hold it in, but maybe be strong around you're little one as much as you can. I feel your pain too. And it is heartbreaking especially as this is the second time this has happened to us. My daughters mother went off too. How are you dealing with your situation? There are times when I feel like I'm not dealing with it well and just feel numb like I want to sleep all the time to recover and fast forward time.

Or I keep it bottled up all week just to brake down at the weekend. I'm quite a private person and I never share my feelings but I find myself trying everyone that will listen all the details in order to feel better, I don't think it works well it does for a while. All I can say is it hurts because it's real, but I'm in a better place now then I was last week and the week before.

So I have faith in the weeks to come it will get better. Try remember back to you're first partner and how you felt, but how you overcome them feelings and moved on until you found your new partner.

In between them yoj made it through, your do it again.. It took me two yrs to get over the last relationship. I can't see me getting over this one any sooner. This time there's a baby involved. What makes matters worse is the fact of out of work.

My daughter goes to school I have no one to talk to. I have no friends they all drifted away. My family are no help all they say is don't worry she will come back. All I do is sit here feeling depressed and thinking all day. I hope everything changes very soon for myself and yourself. I hope it's just the hormones and they come back.

My pregnant girlfriend dumped me