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Older sony xplod subs

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Mint nude. 12" 4-ohm subwoofer

Jul 27, Olfer You had it right the first time lol. Latest classifieds. I had an older Sony deck in my truck and all of the wires were the same thank you Sony. Govmint Cheese. And wont fry the subs. Exactly what I was Oldfr for in antique Mercedes S-class. See individual Older sony xplod subs pages for shipping details and restrictions. I did not say they are good subs. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Find products that fit. The polypropylene cone and Santoprene rubber surround contribute to the durability and exceptional power handling ability of this slammin' sub.

Structure-supporting stroke stabilizers reinforce the sub's surround, guiding the cone's pistonic motion for extra accuracy. The XS-L is designed for use in a small, sealed enclosure. Sony XS-L owner's manual. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with other customers. Please see our review guidelines for help and information. By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. Features Specifications.

Woofer Cone: This woofer has a red high-rigidity compound polypropylene cone. The cone is lightweight and rigid for low distortion and superior bass response. Santoprene Rubber Surround: The Santoprene rubber surround is durable and resistant to the elements, resulting in very reliable performance.

Vented Pole Piece: The pole piece is vented to help dissipate heat from the voice coil. Keeping the voice coil cool allows for reliable operation. Voice Coil: To maximize the amount of voice coil copper in the magnetic gap, this woofer uses edge-wound rectangular wire in 4 layers, instead of the typical 2 layers. Binding Posts: The gold-plated binding posts will accept bare wire, pin connectors, spade lugs and banana plugs.

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Don't u know why sony called it xplod? Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Every shop around here is like we dont deal with Kickers and SOny so you need to call the companys. Chauncey Brown. I didnt want something for compition just something i can have bass with. I work a min wage job and have car payments and other bills Dec 30,

Older sony xplod subs

Older sony xplod subs

Older sony xplod subs

Older sony xplod subs

Older sony xplod subs. Quantity Breakdown

I just want to know if it will be alright if i just leave it on the left side insted of bridging it. Like i said i dont want a system that is insane. Just something i enjoy and i enjoyed it with the I work 30 hours a week at a min paid job and have a car payment, cell phone payment, gas bill, insurance, utilities, some others and im currently workin on getting a motor for my car. So i dont have money for an amp right now, im just tryin to get a question answered if this will work or not.

Endofdays89 where you from. Aug 3, 2 somewhere. Doesn't really matter just make sure the ohm load isn't to low. This is a big help.

I don't even know what you be runnin. IF its bridge its at 4 ohms and when its on the left channel its 2ohms which i need for this box.

So do you think it will be safe to run this watt on it though on the left channel. Cause if its on just the left channel at 2 ohm its not the full watt right?

Apr 4, 2, 0 cleveland ohio. Jun 3, 7, 9 Russia. Wow i may have a V6 mustang with a crap system but at least i dont have a sunfire lol but its all good. I guess ill just leave it unbridged i dont like real loud just some hit.

Im sorry but i would take my Mustang anyday over a Sunfire. And you were makin fun of me over my crappy system. But to get back on topic. So that should be safe not bridged then. And wont fry the subs. Create an account or login to comment You must be a member in order to leave a comment Create account Create an account on our community. It's easy! Log in Already have an account? Log in here. Previous Topic Next Topic.

Output Error? Sony XBBT Latest posts. The Thunderdome! Trending topics. My first "Active" "SQ'ish" build attempt. Started by ThxOne Jun 23, Replies: Car Audio Build Logs. General Discussion. Finished Building System, Any thoughts? Latest classifieds. Speaker Classifieds. Amplifier Classifieds. Subwoofer Classifieds. As stated, unless you have done stereo installs before best to get someone to do it. If you do it yourself may need a wiring harness to match your car and a dash kit so that it will look good when installed Burns Ocean Springs, MS.

Very nice head unit. My favorite part is the ability to turn all the "circus lights" off and get to a normal mode. Exactly what I was looking for in antique Mercedes S-class. I only have one complaint, and that involves the installation. There is no reason for this, and with the microphone feed, the SiriusXM Tuner Kit, there was simply no room for this thing in the dash. Had to replace it with a much smaller form of protection to get all to Great head unit.

Paired it with 4 kicker 2 way 6. Got it for my dads 78th birthday to replace his old factory car stereo system and speakers. Now you can hear him coming from down the street lol.

Perfect rms power paired with the speakers i mentioned. I recomened. In Stock. Excellent sound in my Ford Ranger. Huge improvement over the stock speakers which we 25 watts each! Also easy to install, worked perfectly and no issues a month or so in! I'll edit this if any problems come up but they seem to be just what my truck needed sound wise! Only 7 left in stock - order soon.

The two complaints about this system can ONLY be due to lack of expertise. In fact, I was happily surprised with every new feature I discovered, since I didn't have he owner's manual. I wish u could change the display light but the radio is awesome. I love hw the Bluetooth automatically connects. I alsoike the hands free. I received this unit two days ago. Received it as scheduled. I went ahead and installed the unit. Installation was real quick, as everything is explained in the operation manual.

I did all tastes as required. Tuner was okay, playing music via cd was awesome, as well as playing music via USB. I have a Sony xperia z2, so configuring my phone to this head unit via NFC was wonderful. I did make a series of phone calls, and everything went on smoothly. Men, I was very happy. I love Sony.

Sony XS-LP5B 12" 4-ohm subwoofer at Crutchfield

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Forgot Password? Members List. Mark Forums Read. Vendor Directory. Thread Tools. Received 1 Like on 1 Post. I just recently installed my system in my car and im running two sony xplod 6. View Public Profile. View iTrader Profile. Re: why does everyone dislike sony xplod? Well people discredit them because their an entry line for car audio. I heard one 12" sony and I didnt think it was that bad for the price but keep in mind your definition of pound may be a lot different than others I have 2 12" running watts and I dont think its loud but others cover their ears lol.

Also dont try to put anything near watts into those subs then you'll see them xplod lol. But overall there not too bad! My first set of speaker's were sony xplod and they sounded decent for the price im still running an xplod headunit and I'm overall happy with it works perfectly but I will be upgrading soon.

I've already got an mmats pro audio amp for my subs now I just need to get the rest of the system. Visit BumpaD82's homepage! The Project. Both my decks in my cars are Sony Xplod. One is a higher end unit I got from Crutchfield a few years back, the other is a cheap unit I bought from Best Buy. I like em both never had any problems with em. As for Xplod speakers I had a 12" Xplod that sounded terrible and seemed to blow really quick. I personally like the Sony decks because I like the options easy to use, wireless remote, aux input on the front of the deck plus I can switch the display colors to red.

I run Kenwood stuff for the 6x9's, amp and sub in both my cars. Visit Transmetal's homepage! I have a basic system, nothing fancy. BUT I have to admit that you do hear that the music isn't as full as with a pioneer deck or something. Last edited by Timmie; at AM. Originally Posted by wiweeds. Originally Posted by The Project. When I was in the business, Sony's subs and amps were crap. Their amps were constantly going into protect and their subs popped like popcorn when you gave them any real power.

That said, I never got any experience with any of their "high end" stuff. Of course, if you can't trust a company's entry line, why would you try their upper end? Originally Posted by -srs-. I should start out that I am a huge Sony lover. Very happy with them and their quality. I recently changed my amp from a Kenwood amp to a Sony MXZ can check on the model numbers if needed - don't remember off hand. I was excited to make the change and get something newer as the Kenwood is fairly old.

I only use the amp for the rear 6x9 set. The sub is powered by another amp, and the fronts have a small amp that won't overdrive the 4x6 little guys. I can definitely say that the sound quality of the Sony is much lower than the Kenwood. The lows are not as deep, the highs not as clear and the power is lower but not sure what the Kenwood is, so that may be correct. I am changing back to the Kenwood and will be selling the Sony.

Not bashing, as once again I am a huge Sony supporter. But this very real world experience says to me that this particular Sony was not as good sounding. Not the highest end, but certainly not crap.

The change to the Sony and the resulting loss in fidelity was noticeable. Just my two cents! Its cheap and you can get it anywhere, which in the car audio realm usually translates into entry level. Quality internals make up a large part of it; There is a noticeable difference between things as small as resistors, capacitors, etc.

Received 3 Likes on 3 Posts. I second every bad thing already mentioned about Sony car products. I had a complete setup in my wife's car a few years ago.

In less than six months we went through two decks, three amps, and five subs. I have a Kenwood deck and amps in my car along with Polk speakers and a Bazooka sub and have never had any issues with any of them. Just like n1ffer, my entire home theater equipment is Sony and I love it, but I would never put Sony in any of my cars ever again.

They might sound fine now, just give them some time and see how long they last. Visit blacksunshine'91's homepage! I have had a sony Xplod GT in my car, along with a xplod watt amp for over a year and a half. Sounds good to me! Only thing I don't like about it, is that the head unit beeps when you turn off the ignition because its supposed to remind you to take the faceplate off.. It gets annoying lol. The Xpod line is great for a beginner, or if the car is just a daily driver and you want an upgrade from stock.

I will be upgrading to pioneer when I get a chance, that sony was the first car audio anything I ever installed.. Hey nothing wrong with them if thats what ya got. I myself use kenwood only. But thats me. Pioneer was a good deck a long time ago. Sony is good if you have to have tunes in your car. And for the price on a budget it's fine. My friend has a Sony set up and it sounds like crap.

Pretty bad. I have kenwood, amps, speakers, deck, subs, the only thing I have that isn't is two 4x6's that are JBL. Sounds good. Don't know what you all are doing to blow speakers, I have yet to blow a set except for factory speakers. And I do listen to my music fairly loud. I can't put it that loud with others in the car with me.

The only thing I agree with is their head units are not very good on any budget. I've had them in there for coming up on 7 years and I have never had a problem with them. They sound great, I can't turn my head unit up even close to all the way because they're too loud and still very clear , and a single 10" Xplod Woofer powered by a watt amp don't recall the name is enough to tickle my nose hairs and have nice clean bass.

I had a Clarion headunit that sounded great, but it was stolen. For a "temporary" headunit, I installed an older Panasonic that only plays regular CDs. I've tried several newer units and i'm not satisfied with how they sound in comparison to my old Panasonic. If I do go with another headunit it'll be one that isn't cheap. Probably another Clarion. I have used many different brands for headunits, speakers, amps, etc in my Bird and other cars i've owned Last edited by CharcoalBird; at PM.

Visit CharcoalBird's homepage! Like a few people have said before me Sony offers a great cheap upgrade from stock papercone speakers, if your only using them with a stock radio you cant beat 'em. Just don't try putting even a decent amp to them. Sony should just keep to their home audio business. Sony kicks but inside your house but I stray away from them with decently powered and amplified car system.

They put dc offset in there amps. Speakers do not like dc. I have had a Sony Xplod head unit gt or similar, cant remember which bought for With the volume on 30, it will mash your brain and give you a back massage in the front seat.

Older sony xplod subs