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If you watch enough porn and, cunning pervert that I am, I have you start to feel or at least believe you can feel when porn stars are genuinely enjoying something, or when they are faking it for an audience. When I saw women sit down on these giant sex saddles , my eyes bugged out of my head. Still, I never thought I would get to try a sex machine like a Sybian. These things sell themselves and they are notoriously expensive. For serious.

Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys

I need to tell you this right now: this is the single loudest Alicia duvall naked toy you will ever buy. Start slowly, sensually, or sdx things up a notch—awakening your body like never before. Please help improve it by removing promotional Sabian sex toys and inappropriate external linksand by adding tosy content written from a neutral point of view. Sign in. The unit is designed to work with or without a penetration attachment. It was like a particularly sexy Christmas morning in Sabian sex toys bedroom:.

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Quickly, the massive gadget would come to upend the small but growing sex toy industry.

  • It consists of a hollow saddle -like seat containing two powerful electric motors , motor speed controller boards, gearing, pullies and a platform on cranked axles such that a ridge on the top of the unit can be made to vibrate through a range of speeds as set using a wired external hand controller, and an upward pointing shaft set on an angle through the ridge can be made to rotate at speeds from zero rpm to several hundred rpm, again by use of the wired remote control.
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  • There was only one way to find out.
  • Are you a man trying to experience prostate orgasms, or a woman who wants to train to have anal sex with her partner?

It consists of a hollow saddle -like seat containing two powerful electric motors , motor speed controller boards, gearing, pullies and a platform on cranked axles such that a ridge on the top of the unit can be made to vibrate through a range of speeds as set using a wired external hand controller, and an upward pointing shaft set on an angle through the ridge can be made to rotate at speeds from zero rpm to several hundred rpm, again by use of the wired remote control.

In use, the rider locates the dildo into their body cavity for internal stimulation while pressing their external erogenous parts on the vibrating ridge. According to its inventor Dave Lampert, the Sybian was first conceived in the s, and developed in A prototype was built in from sheet metal mounted on a wooden frame with a vibrator projecting through an opening inside the housing; a second prototype became the basis for current production models.

Lampert and his team initially called the device Master Better , shortened to "MB" for about four years before selecting a new name for it. The prefix syb in Sybian was derived from Sybaris , an Ancient Greek city in southern Italy which was associated with luxurious living.

With this in mind, Lampert designed the Sybian to help women become proficient in the woman-superior position.

For many women, the external vibration of the clitoris produced by the Sybian while in the woman-superior position are enough to easily stimulate clitoral orgasms. In addition, the optional penetrating attachments gently rotate to stimulate the vaginal walls and G-spot at variable speeds while also vibrating to help a woman learn how to have multiple G-spot orgasms. Women are also instructed to rock their pelvis forward and back while using the Sybian with a penetration attachment to enhance stimulation of the G-spot.

The Sybian has a weight of 22 pounds The unit is designed to work with or without a penetration attachment. When in operation, the Sybian distributes powerful vibrations externally along the user's entire pelvic floor, including clitoris, vulva and anus.

The optional penetration attachments rotate using a ratio gearmotor providing. It has a padded cover made out of naugahyde and the casing has built in finger grips for carrying. Generally, the user of the Sybian straddles the machine and inserts the attachment vaginally. The Sybian is sold with up to eleven washable attachments of varying sizes made from synthetic rubber in various shapes including a finger, specially designed G-spot stimulator and various sizes of phallus and the addition of two premium silicone parts in with additional silicone parts being developed and released in the subsequent years.

The Sybian was featured in Penthouse magazine once it was released in Although the Sybian has been featured in many pornographic video productions since the early s, primarily on the Internet, the device came to prominence on The Howard Stern Show since the show's arrival on Sirius Satellite Radio.

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Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys

Sabian sex toys. Other free porn sites


My heart was racing so fast I felt as though it would explode out of my chest at any moment. I had been straddling a small but powerful device controlled by my partner that, within minutes, guided me to the strongest orgasm s I have ever had.

I had to laugh, I felt pure bliss and pleasure—there was nothing else left to do. Truthfully, I had no idea I would get so sweaty. I had been planning to keep my shirt on, for christ sake. Riding a Sybian , like I had seen in so many pornos both amateur and professional, was not the experience I had expected. Wil McLean of Sybian Toronto graciously showed us his place and finally lead us to the sex toy playground where the Sybian itself lay on a clean and soft surface blanket.

It looked simple enough; a black vinyl antifungal, marine grade for easy cleaning dome-shaped box. We found a couple of pillows and the three of us sat around the Sybian and began to chat. Wil offered us a couple of glasses of water, which we declined. He insisted. Before getting started, Wil sat with my partner and I and we all discussed a wide range of all things Sybian-related; the horse power of the machine, the easy cleaning methods, the specific functions of each pulse and vibration of the machine for each specific part of my vagina, clitoris and uterus.

It turns out, from middle-aged couples who are now free of the kids to bachelor and bachelorette parties who are looking for a unique experience, Sybian Toronto sees folks from all walks of life who are ready and willing to explore and push the boundaries of their orgasmic power.

Wil guided my partner through the control functions, turning the machine on and giving us a feel for the horsepower through the vibrations carried in the floor.

A master of technique, Wil taught us about the tantalizing precipice the Sybian waves of vibration could bring me to, and the importance of learning and using our own methods of communication. We both stripped down. I sat on the Sybian after changing the removable toy piece to a flathead, and tried to get comfortable. Once my partner began slowly moving the dials, the sensation was without a question very, very nice. My partner kissed my lips, told me I seemed tense and asked what he could do to help me relax.

The truth was, while I knew I was heading toward an insanely powerful orgasmic experience, I began to notice my lack of control in the situation; I had to give my body and my self over to this machine and let it have its way with me. While I expected to easily hop on and ride the Sybian to orgasmic oblivion, I instead faced my ego, which harnessed the youthfulness of my unexplored sexuality, holding back any little bit of control it could grasp.

Wil had told me to let go and allow my body to spill over the machine—I was here, I was naked, I had to at least try. And try I did. Until the sounds coming out of my mouth were ones I had never heard before. I climaxed, it felt like, five different but connected times.

With my partner at the controls under the instruction of vagina-whisperer Wil Mclean, I orgasmed with a power I had never experienced, for a length of time I had never known possible. Trembling, I asked my partner to take me down as he lowered the vibrational speed and intensity on the Sybian— delightful and powerful, it was overwhelming for my first time. Both of us panted as he helped me get off the machine; my legs were jelly, my heart was racing and we both had a permanent smile for the next couple hours.

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Well I worked away from home down in London for several years, only seeing my partner at weekends and I was simply bored. My flat at the time was private and noise was not an issue so I used it frequently and enjoyed it greatly.

When my role at the company ended and I was to return home to Birmingham I could not take the machine with me as my partner would have been upset and with others at home using it would have been impossible so I sold it off through Ebay. I regretted this very soon after as firstly I missed the thing and secondly I found myself off on another working away from home assignment, this time in Leeds.

As soon as I had established myself there I was on the hunt for another machine and again one came up on Ebay, this time a real USA sybian. I picked it up from the seller one evening, getting back to the flat around 11pm and was desperate to have a ride. Unfortunately the noise was too great and I had to stop when a neighbour came and complained about vacuuming so late at night!

Again this machine was sold off through ebay when my job ended and I was to return home. This one went, I recall, to Belgium so if you bought a used sybian from the UK about 7 years ago and live in Belgium Hi!.

The third machine is again a VX1 but this one was bought new and I still have it. See my relationship broke down and we divorced about five years ago. I blame the living apart for work as the root cause as we just lost the ability to get along and when I came home for good problems surfaced big time.

Anyway with the kids away at university and no partner I fill time masturbating on the VX1. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

With a sybian why do we need men? Let her sybian cook her breakfast in bed or run her a bubble bath. I just got a Motorbunny, similar style toy. Nobody is twisting your arm to read so feel free to see yourself out. Sounds to me like your the one who needs a sybian in your life though…Or sex in general. If this reduced our birthrate by a quarter, every woman on Earth should be given one free of charge.

This planet will not be able to sustain our explosive growth rate soon. Hey Gorgeous! Posted on September 27, Author Prima Feminista. Did you like this article? Post Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website.

Sabian sex toys