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Yahoo wet underwear groups

Yahoo wet underwear groups

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Girl friend had wet panties? Report Abuse. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. It is simple. Add a comment. My ex girlfriend would always come home that way from when she'd go out clubbing with her friends. It always turned me on to the max, and she loved it when I'd go down on her.

Like a clearish period only less of it Its not gross. But yea completely normal. I started getting mine when i was like 10 and some girls dont get them till their like No - not horny or close to orgasm. Just normal flow around ovulation. But women in general get normal daily discharge. Pagination 1. Existing questions. Girls getting wet? Big girl panties or pull ups for potty training? The bottom of my panties is always wet, why?

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X Granny Tube How do I make make myself orgasm without toys? Like my panties? Existing questions. Wanker Lab Whatever your preference of pee soaked panties this is the group for you. Otilia Bagley.

Yahoo wet underwear groups

Yahoo wet underwear groups

Yahoo wet underwear groups

Yahoo wet underwear groups

Yahoo wet underwear groups. Pagination

Two things will make you wet "down there" Source s :. Add a comment. Wet Panties. Its normal. I have this too, and trust me its normal. If u r on bc, it could be the hormone fluxuations from them.

I heard someone call into a late night radio talk asking the same questionbecause she was afraid of sleeping with her BF and having this "problem" and all of the radio guys said right off "its normal, dont worry about it. Source s : i used to worry about it too.

How old are you? Umm it could be just regular vaginal discharge. If this is not your normal amount of discharge, it could possibly be an infection and you should see a doctor to get it checked out.

Some women just have in increase in discharge due to hormones. Maybe your body is chemically unbalanced so it's getting rid of the excess.

Consult your GP. I think you have your dicharged it is normaly for womans do not be worry i hoped i helped god bless you. Sounds like bladder or kidney problems, you need to see a Doctor. Pagination 1. Existing questions. How can I lose weight when I already exercise twenty four seven?

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My underwear is always wet? | Yahoo Answers

Health Women's Health. My underwear is always wet? Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest.

I'm nearly 16 and I have the same thing, I just wear pantiliners all of the time. At first I liked the Kotex ones, but I've found they wear out quickly.

Though they aren't as attractively packaged, you can get a box of 60 store brand unscented pantiliners very cheaply at Walgreens. They last well and come in a nice large pack - with these I've been able to only change twice a day - in the morning and before bed - without a problem. I hope this helps! Source s : personal experience. Add a comment. I don't think u can stop it but u can wear the mini pads for ur underwear when u aren't on ur period that help ur underwear ot get soaked.

They are very thin and do not bother at all and called Liners. Kotex is a good brand. U can find them at any drug store in the feminine section, I sometimes use them myself. It's normal it's just ur body is changing. Hope this helped :. Discharge is normal. Nevertheless whether it is immoderate like you might be describing then you will have to go see your medical professional.

It would indicate something else is improper. Ordinarily nothing bad though. What you are able to do to support with all the wetness and scent is to put on panty liners.

It's going to aid catch the moisture and confidently preserve it from soaking by means of your pants. Additionally being sexually active can increase discharge too. It's perfectly normal and the only thing that might help is wearing a pantyliner or pad if it's really bad.

I'm 17 and it still happens to me really bad :. Happens to me all the time!! They are like pads but much thinner and you won't notice it! No need to worry.

One is wear pads inside your underwear. Insert the tampon into ur vagina. And wear pad covering ur vagina. Then ur underwear won't become wet. U r growing and getting sexual thoughts. Its quite natural. So no need to worry about it. Do these 2 things. My sisters told me about this. So I came to know about these things. Just your body changing. You'll grow out of it. Panty liners, the really thin ones that you don't notice!!

Source s : Btw: guys like girls who are wet! Existing questions. Why does my underwear always feel so wet? Underwear always wet? Why is my underwear always wet!? Answer Questions How do I make make myself orgasm without toys? Having sex during period? Can a little girl squirt or cum or do they just pee when they pleasure themselves?

Is it normal that i get aroused from people peeing? Why do i feel tired after i had a orgasm that i gave myself using a vibrator.? Why does my girlfriend's vagina look different after not seeing her for a month? Iam 26 my cuzins are years my question is is it normal for them to ask about my sex life?

I was MAD. Is she still a virgin? Serious question.

Yahoo wet underwear groups