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Users can no longer set their sexual orientation to "gay" on the site, leading to an outcry from some members of the gay community. From what we can tell, the option to select Gay as your sexual orientation was removed from the website on Tuesday due to an apparent technical issue. Conspiracy theorists and gay sites were quick to point to Rupert Murdoch's self proclaimed homophobic views as the reason for this change. MySpace responded with the below announcement from Tom who reportedly prefers the ladies. The cause appears to be purely technical, and MySpace doesn't provide a good platform for these users to make complaints unlike Digg , so there probably won't be much pressure applied to MySpace to get things sorted.

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A specialized event planning company for your specific needs, specializing in many types of creative venues and only recruits the best for entertaining your guests all around the state of New York. Reliability is very important for all the clients while throwing a special birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party. NYC strippers , either female or male dancers can perform or dress up aptly according to your party theme. Other events like a notorious divorce celebration or just the girls or guys night out are also possible ways to spice up your event. Another option is a midget dancer to do a prank on your event.

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Your feet are an integral part of your everyday life, and as such they experience a lot of wear and tear. Keep reading to find out how to identify and treat common foot problems. You may also experience foot blisters, crumbly toenails, and cracked, dry, and raw skin on your feet. The condition can sometimes be difficult to treat. Start with an over-the-counter OTC product.

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In a private visual arts party, our instructor will provide step by step guidance on a pre-selected activity. This activity can be based on a theme or our instructors can help come up with ideas for the activity. We provide the instruction and supplies so all you need to bring are any optional treats and decorations you would like to have. See our new Culinary Arts party options below as well. Adult Parties are for ages 16 and up.

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Land Rover has introduced a new one-hour Teen Drive Experience. This is an educational session designed to teach a teenage driver, even one without a driver's license or even a permit yet, how to drive off-road. It covers the fundamentals, anyway. Land Rover says the class teaches "steering, parking, and braking, all while having a little fun with our ascents and descents. These prices are the same as what Land Rover charges for its adult programs at these locations.