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Simply thinking about it always sets my heart to thumping. We were neighbors. Neither one of our homes was very much by today's standards. We lived in one of those lower middle class neighborhoods, which seem to sprout amongst the cracks and fringes of every big city. Except for the occasional pink, plastic flamingo displayed in the small plots of lawn out front, or perhaps a slightly different color of paint on the shutters or door, it was virtually impossible to tell one house from any other, row after row after row.

Literotica shot

Literotica shot

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Chapter 01 - Deception It had been nice, great even, having the place myself for the past year but the day my sister was to move in with me had arrived.

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  • Author's note: Well been awhile since I put something up and far, far longer since I delved into some good old brother sister fun.

Chapter 01 - Deception It had been nice, great even, having the place myself for the past year but the day my sister was to move in with me had arrived. Mom and Dad had set me up in a nice two bedroom apartment near the college campus after I had finished high school under the provision that Kara would move in with me when she graduated a year later. I had really grown used to living alone and wasn't looking forward to having to deal with permanent company, even if it was my sister.

Kara and I had been somewhat close as kids but had drifted apart when we entered high school as we pursued seperate interests and hung with different friends. Well, at least she had a group of friends. I often thought back to how easily I could talk with Kara when we were younger and yet I had so much trouble talking with everyone else. Perhaps our built-in relationship as siblings automatically advanced us to conversations beyond the casual. But there was another factor at work too. As my sister emerged through puberty I found myself strongly attracted to her.

She developed an amazing figure on her petite frame and her take-charge yet flirtatious attitude was intoxicating.

My inability to talk to girls carried over in a big way to my sister once she became desirable to me. She became yet another unattainable girl, although for entirely different reasons. None of the other girls at school struck my fancy as much as my sister did. Kara was very social, had lots of friends, was a vicious flirt and had a date every weekend it seemed.

I felt jealous of the guys she went out with and wondered what grand treasures she bestowed to her dates. I channeled my energy into working out and developed a good build that attracted compliments from many girls. I went out with a few of them and even had sex a couple of times but my awkwardness and my deep secret of lusting after my sister kept anything serious from developing.

When I moved out for college, I was glad to be on my own but deep down I missed having Kara's energetic personality around. Now, a year later, so much had changed in my life, so much had happened, that I knew I would have to be very careful around her in regards to my job. Heaven help me if she or anyone else in the family ever found out what I had been doing over the past year. My secret life began a few months after I had started college.

Although my parents payed rent on the apartment, they insisted that I get a job to cover any personal expenses. Due to my social awkwardness I had always had trouble working in retail or as a waiter. I was browsing the classifieds and discovered an ad hiring male models for an art class. I considered myself to be in good shape and figured it was worth a shot. The director of the art class offered me a job on the spot, saying that my physique was perfect.

I wasn't completely shocked when I was told the job would require me to pose nude but I did pause for a moment. In the end, even though the pay wasn't great, it would be enough to get by for a while and I agreed to pose twice a week.

During the first few sessions I drew the attention of several of the girl students who flirted with me after class. Several weeks in, the class instructor asked me to pose with a partner. I assumed I was being asked to work with another guy but was pleasantly surprised when I found out it would be with a girl.

During the session, the two of us posed together sitting on a bench, nude, while leaning in toward each other as if we were about to kiss. I stared into the girls eyes for over an hour and couldn't help but notice how much she reminded me of my sister, Kara.

My dick swelled due to the close proximity of an attractive, naked girl, but somehow I managed to keep from becoming fully erect. After the class, the girl introduced herself as Mia and asked if I had ever done any modeling in front of a camera. When I told her that I hadn't, she insisted that I call her to set up a meeting with her agent.

In the end, I agreed, for no other reason than I was drawn to her. A few days later, I meet Mia at her agent's office where she said she wanted to work with me on her next shoot. The agent was reluctant to deal with an untested amateur of such a young age but he consented only after Mia insisted and made threats.

The next day, I found myself on a porn set for a series of hardcore still photos. At first I was thrilled with the prospect of having sex with Mia but I soon discovered just how demanding and odd performing in front of a camera could be. Not only was I forced to maintain an erection the entire time as Mia and I went through a series of uncomfortable positions but I had to fuck her for over an hour straight without cumming.

When it was all over, everyone seemed happy with my performance and I was offered a job to join a shoot for a video next week. I was slightly disappointed when, after our shoot, Mia had little to do with me. Now that we had worked together, she moved on to other conquests. On the bright side, however, I did find a dysfunctional comfort in the prospect of having guaranteed sex with a random attractive girl on another shoot.

One job led to another and by the end of the spring semester I had done dozens of shoots with dozens of different women. For the time being, at least, the job was perfect for me. I got to interact and have sex with gorgeous women without having to worry about my social awkwardness. I just had to stay in shape, show up, have sex, and cum on cue. In time, sexual thoughts of my sister slowly faded as I lived out a hedonistic lifestyle. I was sure that I could keep my job hidden from Kara when she moved in.

I had been telling my parents that I was working as a waiter at a high profile restaurant and decided to stick with that story as cover. I took some time off and told my agency I wouldn't be available for the first week that my sister would be here.

I wanted to be brotherly and show her around campus as she got settled in. However, I still very much recalled several years of her being my ultimate fantasy and I hoped that having her move in wouldn't cause me to relapse. When Kara arrived she was just as gorgeous as ever. She hugged me when she came in and I couldn't help but think how nice she felt. She hadn't changed and was just as cute as I feared she would be.

I felt guilty for my twisted desires. She looked me up and down. You've always been fit. I didn't know what she was talking about. As far as I knew I was still the same old dorky guy. Only now I was a guy who got paid to be a porn stud.

Do you have a girlfriend? If she only knew, I thought. There was a time when that comment might have stung, but now I secretly found it funny. We hadn't seen much of each other since I had started college and we were both going through the obligatory phase of getting to know each other again. My heart skipped a beat. What was she talking about? Did she know? She saw the confusion on my face and added, "If you can afford to foot the bill at a restaurant like that, then you must be making good tips.

Tips are good. I've be doing some research for legal cases. The hours are very flexible. I got everything set up over the summer. I've got to go in tomorrow and get started. At least I didn't have to worry about her finances on top of my own, I thought. I did discover an unanticipated treat to having her around in this setting, however. She would usually just wear only an oversized t-shirt that barely covered her panties.

Also, since there was only one bathroom, she usually walked backed to her bedroom with only a towel loosely wrapped around her after a shower. The only problem was that I hadn't worked in several days and my sexual appetite was beginning to miss its regular feedings. Having Kara prance around in skimpy clothes wasn't helping. By the end of the week, I was feeling desperate and called to see if any work was available on short notice. I was in luck. My agent told me of a project one of the larger studios was producing and needed extra male performers for a series of scenes that was filming this weekend.

I instantly agreed and took down the information. I was worried about telling Kara that I would be busy on Saturday but it ended up not being a problem. It turned out that she was going to in to work as well and wasn't bothered by me not being around.

On Saturday, I arrived at the location, which was a very posh mansion the studio had rented out for the weekend. There were dozens of people hurriedly milling about inside and out. I had never been involved in a shoot this large before and was amazed at the apparent chaos. Each of the main rooms were decorated with pumpkins and skeletons and I assumed we were making a Halloween themed film to be rushed into release before the end of October.

I was directed to one of the large rooms where I was to be assigned a wardrobe. Once there, I was given a black robe and a mask that closely resembled one I had seen in several scary movies.

When I stripped out of my clothes and began to put on the robe, the guy handing out the costumes stopped me and asked me stand up straight. I looked at him funny but obliged him. He looked at the muscles on my upper body and then picked up his phone.

The Perfect Whore Ch. Katerina Shpitsa - russian nude teen celebrity 5 min Fs - Dad had always spoken of how when Alicia and I got older he would love one of us to take it over and keep it in the family. Feedback is always appreciated. Mom, however, had decided to put us first and paid off Alicia's last two years of school and my three. That dress really suits you.

Literotica shot

Literotica shot

Literotica shot

Literotica shot

Literotica shot

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Simply thinking about it always sets my heart to thumping. We were neighbors. Neither one of our homes was very much by today's standards. We lived in one of those lower middle class neighborhoods, which seem to sprout amongst the cracks and fringes of every big city. Except for the occasional pink, plastic flamingo displayed in the small plots of lawn out front, or perhaps a slightly different color of paint on the shutters or door, it was virtually impossible to tell one house from any other, row after row after row.

That day, I'd found her out on her porch. Summers here were always so hot, and come about late July a heavy boredom always set in. For those who remained, the hours stretched out interminably to where it seemed one could easily count from one to ten between each tick of the second hand. Ironically, during these dog days even the neighborhood animals seemed to have fallen prey to the monotonous languor, and it became rare to hear a dog bark, or for that matter, to see a car drive by and momentarily disturb the heavy hush hanging over the streets.

The very stillness of the air and the emptiness of the haze lingering in the sky were all just elements of the doldrums of summer. I'd come outside and noticed her right off. She was wearing one of those summery, cotton dresses. I can still recall, for a fact, it had a pattern of little, blue flowers sprinkled across a light, yellow fabric. Cynthia Marshall, two and a half years older than me, and an effortless beauty with soft brown hair and lips so rich, so sweetly pink, when she smiled those bright, green eyes of hers just seemed to melt my heart and snatch my poor breath away.

We'd known each other forever; you can't live fifteen feet from someone else's driveway all of your life and not get to know them. When I was little, Cynth used to trick—or—treat with my older brother and me, the two of them holding my hands between them as we ran from door to door. Our families would sometimes share Easter egg hunts between our houses and bar—b—ques on the Fourth of July. She'd always been sweet to me, but in a big sisterly way.

Yet, she'd been the one, through the luck of a spin, to endow me with my first real kiss, when we both found ourselves playing a game of spin the bottle during a neighborhood birthday party. Even before that unforgettable afternoon, when that empty Nehi bottle spun our way, she had been the featured highlight in every fantasy of mine ever since I could remember. I remember lying in bed, in the room I shared with my brother, Mark, and listening awestruck to stories about Cynthia ringing people's doorbells and running away, or teaming up with other kids to cause feuds between the cranky old ladies at the end of the block by switching around or stealing their prized ceramic garden gnomes and molded cement figurines.

She was rare for such a beauty, because she was fun, maybe even what some people might call a little rambunctious. I never remember having seen her out on the street when she wasn't either running or skipping, her long pony tail flying as she passed.

And as she began to mature, she was one of those girls who just suddenly blossomed. By the time she was in her middle teens, there wasn't a boy I knew who didn't hope she'd turn a smile his way.

Yet, along with her budding physical charms, she was one of those girls possessed of a rare nature, which complements a sincere sweetness and an ease of confidence about herself. And later, when she was a senior in high school, and I was just a gangly freshman, there wasn't a person I knew who didn't think she was someone entirely special.

But that afternoon, that became our own. It will always stand out so freshly in my mind. The frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel won't endure as long or shine as clearly in time as does the clarity of this memory.

I remember being bored, so bored I wandered outside, as that in itself was something to do. Seeing her out on her porch, I let the screen door slam a little too loudly and was rewarded when she sat up and looked my way. Sitting down on my porch railing I waved, and she waved back. Crossing my feet at the ankles, I hitched my thumbs in the pockets of my shorts, nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Come on over! There simply was no feeling uneasy around her. With some friends you haven't seen much of, it sometimes takes a bit to get the awkwardness out of the way and get back on track. But there was something just so easy about everything with Cynth, so amiable, so sincere, totally at ease and completely disarming.

I haven't seen him around much either. They're going to be gone 'til Labor Day. Who knows? Time didn't mean a thing on such a sleepy summer's day. I hadn't really even said ten words to her in months, only "Hi" now and then in passing. But like old times, we fell back into ourselves, and before long we were remembering the old stories and recalling kids we used to know and things we used to do, just kicking back and chatting, again the best of friends.

After a bit she went inside and got us some lemonade. We talked and sipped at our straws, laughing, as she could always make anyone laugh. And when my lemonade was gone I sat back, sucking on the ice cubes and just listening to her ramble about nothing of any importance, which was exactly what I was in the mood to hear.

You know, he's going to be graduating from college next semester. For some reason my eyes were spellbound by the shape of those lips. I'll be able to get home weekends and holidays. I get real lonely so quickly being away from everybody. I guess I'm just a hometown girl at heart. Mark though, who knows where that guy will end up. When he graduates the plan is he's supposed to work at my dad's portrait studio for a while. But he really wants to get in with an agency, in New York or LA and do some advertising photography and maybe even some freelance or artistic stuff.

He's been shooting weddings to make a little extra cash. It was as if the air around us had gone suddenly still and the heat had grown up around us.

She was staring right into me, and I could see she was thinking of something. In a bit of panic I couldn't believe I had let that slip. I wondered what I could possibly have been thinking to have been so stupid as to have blurted that out. Mark, I'm sure didn't want it getting around. Even though it was , and Playboy had been around for quite a while, some of our local Neanderthals could still get pretty up in arms about that kind of thing.

Mark had told me about it when he was home over Memorial Day. I hadn't seen the pictures, but I knew he'd had to borrow my dad's private darkroom to develop the negatives and make the prints, as he probably would have gotten arrested had he tried taking the shots to a regular lab. Suddenly Cynthia leaned back and planted her feet, stopping the swing. She slapped her hands down on her legs and stared back at me with that Cynth wildness in her grin.

It's got a 28mm wide angle lens, f1. I scooted around a bit to better face her. My dad's been helping me get the knack of it; flash is tough though. But you need it if you want to get an indoor shot just right. Of course, my dad he knows it all.

He's got a full set of background lights with filters and gels, and he uses a system of umbrella strobes he's got synched to his large format Hassleblad. Maybe it was the air had changed, but we seemed very alone together out on that porch. And up close, like this, I became aware I could smell her too.

There wasn't any particular scent or flowery fragrance to her, just fresh, a breath of Cynth, clean and sweet. She started to say something, but didn't. Maybe it was the heat, but her cheeks looked hot and flushed. When she didn't say anything I asked, "What? What were you going to say? I must have been crazy because another wild admission came flying out of my mouth.

Does a Texan remember the Alamo? I'm flattered. It was my turn to lock my knees and twine my ankles. I'm sure it wasn't your last. Wait 'til you're a senior this coming semester, then everything will change. You've got everything it takes. You're good looking. Don't sell yourself short, Jimbo. That, coupled with that bod of yours, what else could a girl want?

You know, remind him what he's missing when he's gutting some fish instead of giving me a kiss. Do you think you could help me out? I mean, if you're not doing anything. I want to send something to shake that boy up. I was already thinking about where, indoors or outdoors, flash or no flash, wide angle lens or long focal length, sharp depth of field or soft focus. I was already across her driveway when I yelled back "Don't go anywhere, I'm getting my camera!

Standing with one foot on the stoop, I panted breathlessly. It's a shame I didn't have the camera already set up because the charmed way in which she smiled back at me from where she sat on the glider was priceless. Her elbows on her knees she spread her hands. Ten thousand ideas sprung into my bedeviled mind all at once.

Literotica shot