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Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford

Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford

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Asian hand job girl suck. 1948-1979 V8 Truck Engine Decals and Engine Decal Sets

Today was busy at the shop with various painting and assembly of the dashpanel in G. Chrys 68 - PM The work continues! Already longing for the next trip. If the Asian porn movie trailer line was building a sedan or a convertible, they used the same cowl sheet as seen in this thread on the 57 Adventurer or any number of Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford common items. It's all a question of cecals two rustbucket cars that would end up as spare parts, or having one hell of a nice convertible - for me the choice engjne have been simple if I had the tools and skill to Mofor such a renovation. During the Classic Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford Week, we dedals the great pleasure to meet Batman. Whatever truck decals or truck lettering you are looking for, you can find it here in eDecals. Anyway, t his Finnish sample was in very nice condition. Racer, Flames, Logos. My G is waitin for sand blasting. It is in the eyes of the beholder! Exner Expert 19, posts. Application instructions are included with every order. Wow what amazing work. Tuo can see rockers are cut open and there are reinforcements inside them at this point.

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  • Today I got some pics from friend Lollo who had old shots stored in his camera.

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Wish a nice spring to you all! Metalwork done! The body need a new healthy bottom. Perfect work, can't wait to see the result. Wheelie Bin Stickers. Because when B lues B rothers were finished , it was the girls' turn to take care of the entertainment. He encourages everyone to go out and work on their cars instead of sitting in front of the computer!!

Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford

Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford

Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford

Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford

Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford. Complete Van Lettering Kits:

Tribal, Indian, Chinese. Other Stickers. Wheelie Bin Stickers. Vinyl Graphic Applicator. Search Advanced Search. Bestsellers Pinstripe - mm 2metre Custom Lettering - 1" 25mm high Pinstripe - mm length, Any A Custom Sunstrip with your choice Wheelie Bin Numbers - mm high Custom Lettering - 2" 50mm high Custom Window or Windscreen Decal Custom Lettering - 3" 75mm high Roxy car sticker 4 Vinyl Graphic Applicator Pinstripe - mm 1metre Powered by Zen Cart.

All graphics and decals produced using premium vinyls. Application instructions are included with every order. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Orders are processed within 48 hours. Sheetmetal work continues on the 57Adventurer. The firewall is bad and needs to be replaced with a new one in good condition! The blue 58 Fireflite Convertible is my wife's baby.

Guess if I am a happy man The weather is cold but we still have no snow which is unusual for the season. As you see, it goes slowly forward with the F , but it will be good. The color choice was good, we think, even though this F was white from the factory.

Owner Mats has also chosen to have a chrome dress up kit for the engine. Something which we think was as aftermarket from onwards. I'm not sure if there was earlier, someone here knows for sure. Also shows a picture of the Dodge that is ready for painting soon.

No it is not for sale! Adventurer 60 - PM Hej Magnus and other swedish readers! Who is reproductin F and G:s aluminium door inserts in Sweden if someone is doing them in Sweden?

Let me know. I found out that ones I got in my G are not so good to reuse in new door panels. Since you got so many F and G projects there I think you gonna need a truck load of them too Then tell me a closest match of color code for the RAMs - or is any coca cola red just ok.

The consumption here is gigantic , think soon we drained the U. We think you are doing a good job with your car and hope to see it soon! You gotta consutlt Mats to leave them out. I have no idea what you 're talking about. It was worse a few years ago , I think, but I may not see the forest for the trees It's full speed ahead in the workshop! Adventurer is underway, G will be assembled and F is waiting for her dashboard.

The assembly of Miss G will continue for some time yet. There are many details to keeping track of! To be continued! The work continues! Want to tell you that the 4 door donor car was already beyond saving.

Someone in the U. This operation is a really good deed when the owner Martin actually saves a scrapped Michigan Newport Convertible to a new and better life. Martin is the young guy that owns the gold E Convertible previously pictured in this thread. Fridberg makes the rough part of sheet metal work , the rest does Martin himself. Here are tonight's pictures from Santa's workshop.

We wish all Forward Look enthusiasts a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! He was exposed to a proper sandstorm as seen in the pictures. Fridberg have a tough job of trying to remove all the sand.

There were many turns in the cradle at the highest speed. Shake rattle and roll Desert Storm in the workshop! The adventure continues! Miss Newport is in need of a flawless driver's door! Please send me a PM. Watch out for the sandman! Today I took a little trip with Fireflite on exciting Winter roads in the woods. We have exceptionally little snow for the season. Temperature -7 degrees Celsius.

Ideal weather! During the time I were playing rally driver it happened things in the workshop. Hernando Adventurer got his last rust repaired, were sanded and painted in epoxy. The result was good, a new Adventurer! In the assembly "department", Miss Gs console came in place.

A good day and a good start to the new year. Tomorrow work continues with Newport and F! Rock on! Thanks for all the positive comments, it is appreciated! Fridberg unfortunately do not have time to be at the forum, sorry, the clock is too short He encourages everyone to go out and work on their cars instead of sitting in front of the computer!!

Took these photos of Hernando an hour ago. This evening, the body will be put on the frame! Now I'm heading to AZ for some holiday. Here is Celcius and freezing cold Already longing for the next trip. The picture shows me and Marilyn an afternoon in Hollywood. Everything is big in the U. Will try to update the thread with some pictures from the trip for all Swedes and what has happened in the workshop when I was away. Thanks for all the credit about this thread!

Fridberg have not been lazy! The latest project , 57 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible , has got a flying start , the frame is already ready for assembly!! New strong convertible " rockers" is made by Fridberg according to the original appearance. The body need a new healthy bottom. The other day an old known warrior showed up. We have also taken up a new slave in the workshop as can be seen.

Where do you find all these s and convertibles? It's just about vacuuming America, there are lots of great projects out there that are just waiting to be taken care of. Some bonus pics from our U.

S travel. Hope to return again soon! Who's the older guy looking at the parts book and scratching his head? I really like that photo. Actually, Jan was the first one to talk me into parting out that car a few years ago. Rust took the trunk floor, but a lot of the other parts went to Sweden first. Yes, the rest of the car was solid as you can see, but it had no title. It definitely went to good use. Only the roof and the top of the right tail fin are left if anybody needs them! I've been to Jan's shop and I've met Martin, too.

Great guys, great workmanship. They are true enthusiasts. I was happy to be of help with some parts. The red and white 57 Coronet is in Bo Malefor's shop. He's got some awesome cars.

Not hard to shoot when you are away from everyday life! The gentleman and Moparman are Bob, you'll find him at Netparts, where he helps Gary to keep order. That company is a gold mine for all of us enthusiasts! Would highly recommend! The 58 Explorer is sold to Sweden The DeSoto conv is for sale in Las Vegas, www.

The copperbrown C is from Detroit and came to Sweden since it was much discussed here on the forum. Finally I want to say hello to you Andy, remember we ate "bulle" when we met in Fridbergs garage!

Please say hello to the Burkes on occasion! Edited by Chrys 68 PM ddodge59 Posted PM - in reply to Subject: RE: Looking for info on a white F Conv from Texas Veteran Posts: Hallo magnus guess who found out his username and password after 4 years so now i can write myself nise to se that andy and ron is follow the thread how are you doing with your 59 dodge ron???

Jan F writes himself. Now we need to equip him with a camera too. One such to have on head from Go Pro is preferable.

Perhaps live on the Internet! Now I am celebrating my retirement! Neil passed away 18 Sep You will be missed, Neil!

Sad to see cars 'go', but they are going to a good home. Welcome back; now get to work. Better not give Jan a camera. He'll be too busy taking pictures and not get any work done!!! The Dodge is still sleeping quietly in my garage. That information came too late Jan F took the opportunity to renovate some engines when he is still handicapped by the flu. Sheet metal job on the Dodge goes at half speed but goes ahead anyway and it gets really good.

Here's the update on the Dodge , the floor is now in place and work on replacing rear fender is in progress. The engine has a new modified layer with M Metallic , a industrial heavy duty mixture very close to the original color chart and reference engine block. We are pleased with the outcome. The work goes on Little progress in the workshop!

Many thanks to Neil for all the good Dodge information! Thanks for all the comments, appreciated! We know the Dodge chassis and engine factory appearance but have chosen to make certain deviations. We had a wonderful spring weather on Saturday , hope it continues. Where I live , it is still plenty of snow and we have good skiing conditions Do you guys fabricate your own channel or do you have a rust free one that you spot weld in place?

Today's update! Work is progressing with the Dodge. Also showing a few pictures from friend Zackes workshop. He makes a very nice Imperial and is also working on a rod which I promise to show later.

Spring took a step backward , and right now it is snowing here What the TSB is saying is that the parts will rust whether they are sprayed or not probably because the metal is not primed prior to top coating. So mechanics at the time shouldn't worry about it.

Of course, if you're doing a restoration, the last thing you want is a rusty undercarriage. Then when the paint tacks up, top coat with either semi-gloss black or cast blast paint, which simulates a bare metal look, yet won't rust because of the coating underneath. Happy Easter to you all! Thanks for all the comments and a special thanks to Neil for all the valuable information.

Here's what the 57 Dodge looks right now. To please you all, I can tell you that it's snowing in full swing outside my window right now! On this particular evening the Swedes celebrating with bonfires and fireworks as a tribute to the light, and that winter is finally over. Wish a nice spring to you all! Here are fresh pictures from toda ys work! The 57 Dodge came back on the frame and the G waiting for its fenders.

F rests Snowy weather is over , now it's only light flakes coming down at times. Spring is here for real! I can assure you that the 57 Dodge comes to the best hands. Now it's time for the Finnish! Post some pictures from the candy shelf! Gents, could you do a favor for me? I started to work on the DeSoto tonight and ran into a snag I would like to see photos of the inside of the rear wheel tubs at the forward and rear ends to show the contour left hanging below the floor and trunk weld points.

Mine have been so badly repaired in earlier "fixes" that they are no longer correct. May I introduce our "Julia " She's since some time ordinary " handyman" in the workshop. We are very happy that she wants to learn.

Fridberg bought another 59 Dodge from the Charles Kee auction in Oregon. A car that he tried to buy for a long time , guess if he's happy! Picture shows the loading in Brothers. Third '59 shown owned by a friend and is in good working order.

We like the 59 Dodges here in Malung! Update from the dream factory! Vi wish you all a pleasant midsummer weekend!

Adventurer 60 - PM I could ask if they would sell and send one to you Ron if you really want one. Do not know is it for sale members only, I think is not, usually they sell t-shirts in car shows. The G has left the building! Today, in the pouring rain, it was the delivery of the Chrysler G.

It was a happy owner who drove out into the rain and loaded the beauty on the trailer. The work in the garage going ahead with the F and the Polara and the New Yorker and the Yeah, you get it!

Last night we had a visit from Gasoline Magazine in our club garage here in Malung. Story will come later! Fridberg came premiere driving in his 59 Dodge from the Charles Kee auction in Oregon. The car ran like a dream with noiseless engine! What a bargain! The club's website is www. Forgot to tell you that we have the local car show in Malung tomorrow. We wish us good weather and great Forward Look cars! Here is a picture from our party yesterday!

We have had a wonderful summer over here with many car shows and hot weather. During the Classic Car Week, we had the great pleasure to meet Batman. He wanted to have our car in his garage in Gotham City when he've been looking for a real Batmobile for years. Catwoman as seen behind the wheel, however, announced that the DeSoto is not available at this time. Fridberg already working hard and fall is approaching. Update about the F coming soon! Today's photos from the workshop.

Previous repairs on the car is not pretty and needs to be replaced , see picture.. But who knows? Work on the Polara continues. Now it is in primer! Today autumn arrived for real in Sweden. The temperature this evening is already slightly below zero Today's photos from the garage! New convertible rocker panels manufactured by Fridberg! Our last trip went to Finland and the excellent car show held in Lahti each fall.

The Imperial made its first trip after restoration , the Polara is an old warrior who was renovated for about fifteen years ago, and is used periodically as a daily driver.

Both vehicles worked great so apart from the weather it was a pleasure to drive five hours to Stockholm and drive on board the ferry to Finland. On the boat we met several other car enthusiasts from both Norway and Sweden on the way to the show. We also had the pleasant company of the white shown here earlier in the thread.

This year's show was probably the best so far with a lot of really nice vehicles. The Finns are really friendly and know how to make a good show. We gladly return! I let the pictures speak for themselves , enjoy! Finnish girls appreciated the Imperial! Work goes forward, piece by piece Today's photos from the garage.

Chrys 68 - PM. Chrys 68 - AM Sorry to hear about your arm, oldefar. Hope you get well soon. Old Desotos are not in a hurry! They will survive. Health first! Would love to see pics of your car! That car is going to be fintastic when it's done. Tell the owner he has chosen a very sweet color on that hot rod. Think it shows to much wear for sitting in a restored car. Cmangeot - PM Could you tell me what size tires you have on f??

They look really nice! Chrys 68 - PM F is finally back from the paint shop. I work at a Chevy dealership, and no today isn't when Chevy made their ultimate car. Chrys 68 - PM Yes we prefer convertibles But Adventurer is also quite ok.

Chrys 68 - PM Owner Mats has also chosen to have a chrome dress up kit for the engine. D-Soto - PM whats that extra large lip for up top? Something to grab on to or overlap for something thicker to weld to? The Adventurer is visiting the sandblaster guy at the moment. Meanwhile Fridberg replace the entire lower part of this 61 Newport Convertible As you can see the donor car was a four-door with good bottom. This step saves time that would otherwise have been used for time consuming rust repair.

As you understand, Mr. Fridberg is not the shy type! One learns something from every pic on here, interesting! Doctor DeSoto - AM I am waiting for the purists to start ranting about how cars torn down this far are clones and frauds.

If you turn Newport to a , its type in the title would still be Newport. Does he ever post here on FL. Visited his garage yesterday and bought some left over parts from his project.

It is about finished now and it looks He planned to do a driver but it turned out to be an extreme show car. He is planing to not a drive it at all so you fellow enthusiast are not going to see it at all Somebody buy this car and get it on the road!

Sure do love this thread!!! Here are some pictures from the trip. You Americans have a great country and when you are a visitor , it is easy to feel welcome everywhere you go. Thanks to all nice car enthusiasts we met on our trip!

Chrys 68 - PM The work continues! Dodge Trunk Floor. Chrys 68 - PM The car is mounted on the frame for fenders and frontclip align, taken off again for painting later I'm curious when and where it was found. Also, what colors, options?? There is no doubt that the finest Forward Look restorations go through Scandanavia. Outstanding work. Looking for info on a white F Conv from Texas. Chrys Hello guys! Im a new member but a long time lurker As you know interest is big for old Mopars here in Sweden, and "new" ones still arrives from US.

A friend of mine recently bougth a F Vert "basketcase" thats now undergoing a total resto. Maybe anybody of you guys can remember this and tell something about it or its past owners. Would also be very interested in pics from its days in US. This is a longshot, I know, but asking anyway. Today we know as follow: Current owner: Mats Andersson. Oct Sold to Sweden: Peter Krell.

Dallas, Prewious owner: Trent Whatley. Garland Tex. Licence number LPT Hope anybody here recognise this F. Thanks, Magnus. Resto going on!

Floors out! New bottom in! FIN ME. Welcome, Magnus! Can't help you with any info, but let's hope someone else here can. Wishing your friend the best of luck with the resto, and please keep the photos coming! Cool car! Great car! I'm curious to know who made the floor pans? Good looking floor repair there. Hello Roger! Floor is NOS! Just kidding Bodywork done by Jan Fridberg in Malung. What an awesome project, a lot of work but so worth saving, best wishes, enjoy.

Great work Magnus, keep up the good work and keep us posted!! Perfect work Magnus!! Fantastic Polara!!!! I'll second the quality of Magnus Stades work - he made my steering wheel as well!! Wow, that 60 Polara is absolutely stunning!!! Thanks Magnus for Jan's email adress. And thank you, Magnus, for the info re the steering wheel and sill plates! Awesome work!! I better get my butt out to the garage, and get busy!!! Expert Posts: Location: Houston.

Are those fabricated boxes for the seat tracks, or are they frame parts? Britta is in charge of the aircleaners. Packing has to be done carefully! Correct workmanship! Polara enginebay Polara teaser Wintertime in the backyard! The que is growing Exner Expert 19, posts. Posts: Location: bishop, ca.

Metalwork done! The body work is amazing. The Dodge Polara especially so. Time to move! Ready to go! The roadtrip, celcius! Wintercruising in central Malung! That's what I thought.

I wish those powerseat bottoms were sold in the US. Fridbergs newest baby in the shop is a nice G, found in California. Amazing body! Jan is one of the Dodge Boys But I know he likes to weld on every true Exner creation! Just can't find the words, so I'll just say fantastic, amazing, etc. Famous in Norway too. Wonder if mr. Fridberg or anybody else in Sweden makes lower rear quarter-panels for DeSoto Adventurer 2 door hard-top?

Should be the same for all '60 DeSoto and Chrysler 2 d h-t models. Perhaps other '60 - 61 Chrysler products too. I'll be very greatfull for any info on these quarterpanels. Adventurer Elite Veteran Posts: Location: tailFinland. Magnus, Have you tried to order a build sheet copy from the Walther P Chrysler Museum they just closed for good last december or club?

It tells when and how options the car was build and who ordered it dealer. Even a picture of the grand father who bought it new in Cedar City Utah. He drove it only on sundays to go to the church with grand ma. Then it was herited by grandchildren and traveled all over US and finally ended up to CA. Swedes build and restore nicest cars in the world, even cheapest Plymouths and Chevies look better restored quality wise than hand made Biarriz was when it was new.

Bodies look straight and lawless, stainless is like mirror Lots of glear lacquer on radiator, brake booster It all looks awesome but in same time.. If you restore a car how it was built when it was new - you might be kick out of the event: at least you wont get so much points. Chrys 68, that F, and everything else you have shown, is just plain spectacular.

The metal work is fantastic. Please post as many restoration photos as you can, they never get old. Just one complaint, though.

You can not, and I mean can. That is cruel and unusual punishment! Hi Magnus! Thanks Windsor59! For you guys who not speak Swenglish. And not so much F action at the moment. Perfect work, can't wait to see the result. Jan is faster with a complete car to weld, as I think about what is the next step.

Today its frameday Rear shocks are similar than what was in my G. Some dealer option for the customers who really step on it acc bedal? My G is waitin for sand blasting. Hi Magnus. Thank you very much for the reply and info on the quarters. So sorry to learn they can't be bought. My DeSoto is not driveable and it would be far to expensive to ship it to Malung and back just for the quarters.

Or anything else for that matter. So I don't really know what to do at the moment. Sorry to hear about your arm, oldefar.

Latest updates about the F Christer Olsson at Christers lack in Malung has painted several forward look cars. Fridberg is not a painter, it just looks that way! Thought you would like to see the latest addition in the shop!

Hernando has landed! Jan Fridberg is not a sheetmetal wizard - he's the maestro of sheetmetal. Thanks' for sharing, I'm really impressed by the quality and fast progress of the work. Chrys 68 - PM Must you torture me so with the new arrival. My son 47 this coming July just moved over here from the U.

One of my daughters 45 last December live in Denmark and is not at all interested in either. Besides all my cars, I'm also restoring 2 houses with properties, and 2 boats.

I worked on that for 5 years all alone to make it into a home house-boat. Laying outside on it's deck welding at 25 degrees C below zeero and northerly wind with 5 layers of clothes. Sorry, don't know how to direct you there. Thank you so much for the restoring-pics you have posted on here. Anyway, soon time for a cold beer and a shot of Aquavit before I go to bed.

Take care, Einar in fredrikstad. Sorry to hear about the lack of Moparinterest from your children, but I recognize the situation. You can send me a email or pm so we will not have to bore the other members on this forum. Colour on the G sub and assembly has begun.

Thank you very much for the offer on hauling my Adventurer to Malung, Markus. I'll try to find time to write you an e-mail tonight. I may be loosing storagespace for at least 12 cars in a half to one year from now, because the whole of the old shipyard where I am storing some of my cars is supposed to be totally torn down within that time-spectre.

And as of this day, I have not found any other acceptable place to store them. I got space on my properties, but as serious automobile collectors should know, storing cars outside in the winter is like sentenceing an automobile to death penalty old fart Edited by oldefar PM.

Todays front disc conversion on the G frame. Looking good, nice Sotos. I get jealousy. What is the story of E outside like that?

Yard decoration? Edited by Chrys 68 AM. Mats Andersson inspecting the paintwork! Looks a lot like Winterberry Red from the '60 Desoto paint chart. Out in the sunlight! To me it does'nt, I use to have a winterberry red 60 Adventurer. To me it looks like one of the original F -colors, do not remember the name but friend of mine had two of them on same time.

It is awsome color, has copperish tone, really fits to F. It is awsome color, has copperish tone, really fits to F ] The standard red on the F was called "Torreador Red", and the copperish color was "Terra Cotta".

The new color's 'name' doesn't really matter, it's now Magnus Red. Please also see first post in this thread Enjoy! A future project may be to add a sway bar to mine if I can find one then Thank you for the pics, nice work. Thougth i recognized the owner, or it just me who sees the lookalikenes. Extreme Veteran Posts: Whats with the rearview mirror toggle and bezel on the passenger side while the driver side seems originally without remote rearview mirror - and then added afterwards?

These little odd details maybe refresh someones memory! Happy Easter desired to you all! Hubba Hubba Just flawless! Photos of one great car after another on this thread! Thank you for posting the photos! That's one rare MirrorMatic for sure - to see a '60 MirrorMatic in a '60 happens very rarely. Edited by mogge65 AM. Happy Easter to you all. Visited American car show in Helsinki yesterday and on the way drop by to see one friend of mine and his garage and his project - that happens to be F black f.

That Polara is absolutely stunning. How about some interior photos? Thank's magnus! Final touch for F Nice to see a skilled craftsman at work - this car will be fantastic!!!! That vert has a perfectly fitting top and windows.

Thank you for driving your cars, in such immaculate condition. Edited by dneil PM. This is incredible!!!! Henriks amazing 59! Pic from fuzzydice. Thanks Neil! We put the original in the safe Expert Posts: Location: Connecticut. I would like to purchase one of the mobiles. Does Henrik have them for sale? What a beautiful '59 Desoto!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron I will ask Henrik next time I meet him!

It is absolutely fantastic! Jan saves with his weldings another FL car. Great to see!! Edited by ToMopar AM. Beautiful cars! Amazing work! Oh; just saw Ian's post, above. Could you tell me what size tires you have on f?? Some pics from the preparations for Power Meet. This 58' is not in Roger's list. The car was sold new in France! Expert Posts: Location: Sept. Beautiful NYer. Did you take any of the 58 Adventurer Convertible in black and gold. Did it win best of show?

Should win best in the world! Expert Posts: Location: Arizona. It's no wonder people bought a new car every 2 or 3 years. How could you resist these things!!!! JPG 53KB - downloads. My big respect for the great work in such a short period of time.

Location: Sweden. Pure paradise! Edited by henricthornsund PM. Beautiful cars and very impressive work! As always! Thank you for the photos! Love to follow the skilled work of true craftsmen. Sorry for delay! Thanks' for sharing - the Imp vert looks really impressive.

Nice to see pictures of familiar faces! Thanks for the nifty pic's, Chrys 68! That's the cleanest darn garage around! Edited by Windsor59 PM. Veteran Posts: Location: Wisconsin. Hi, I am part of the family that sold this car to Magnus. Thanks David! Ill be back with the dealer code. Exciting design! From another time. This is far from patinated! But still spectacular, what a interior! Kemppi products tested! Wildest of them all Thanks Magnus for sharing the great pictures of your great time in Finland.

Fun reading abouth your Finland trip, with your super nice FL cars. Many nice cars at show see I and pretty womens.

Thanks for pics have been there many times with and without the U. Thanks for the pics Magnus. I was unable to attend even I planned it for months. Old friend of mine and also a Mopar enthusiast passed away in age of 40, and funeral day happened to be on same day. Sorry to hear about your friend Adventurer Life is not fair. The only thing we can do is to live here and now.

About tomorrow, we know nothing. Port of Helsinki. Thanks Magnus! You guys are always wellcome to any car event in Finland. Back to techical issues, Does any one need new exhaust for the F or G? You are right about the life Magnus. Passed firend of mine would also appriciate these pictures. Actually he did not have many chances to travel aboard becouse of his sicness. He got tumor in his head about 18 years ago. Went thru several operations by the years and very hard treatments that finally took his all power.

Couple years ago when he was hardly able to stand or talk, his prognose was bad - he wanted to buy a 71 Duster with and sixback from USA - wich he did. Even on last months when he was only able to lye on bed and couldn't talk, he ordered parts for his Mopars. He did not give up, life gave up on him. Edited by Adventurer 60 AM. From Page 3 of this thread: the lady at the far-left, appears to be "Miss Finland", as attended the Tulsarama festivities in June, JPG 2.

JPG KB - downloads 2. Edited by Chrys 68 PM.

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Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford

Motor decals sitickers vintage engine ford