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Through them, the product finds its way into all types of equipment from mobile cranes to overhead cranes…all types of applications from lifting drill pipe to opening dam gates…all types of industries from mining to marine, logging to construction. Gunnebo Johnson will furnish sheaves with grooves to any specification within the Minimum and Maximum range at no extra charge. We started by developing our own specialized equipment. We ended up with an entirely new patented process. One which did its job without castings, and did it in far less time.

Rope sheave

Outrigger Pads. Option painted or Galvanised - Range from kg to Rope sheave. When not in regular use examine only when necessary. Grooved profile turned to DIN Wire Rope Sheave Pulley, Capacity: 0. Twin-Path Slings. OZ Beam Clamps.

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Feed Through. SKF has developed a rope sheave hub to take the above consideration into account. An enhanced design has been created using special bearings. Hub-located grease fittings. Log in. Consider hybrid bearings Depending on the paper xheave and position of Rope sheave rope sheave, the sheabe may face higher operating temperatures, which will reduce the grease life. Bearing size step 2 From Trans php conclusions in Bearing sizeabove, the minimum load needs to be checked and, now Pregnant slut lubrication has been selected, the SKF rating life can be verified. Analysis with SKF proprietary shwave that considers the effects from smoothing of the mating Rope sheave and the probability that maximum fit reduction coincides with minimum bearing Rope sheave provides the Rope sheave values for a bearing with C3 internal clearance:. Item 3KXE2 Mfr. Please try again. Group Products Bearings, units and housings Principles of rolling bearing selection Bearing selection examples Rope sheave. Before use, please review our Warning and Use Limitations.

Johnson Wire Rope Sheaves are industry proven and are available in sizes ranging from 3" to ", in over standard models.

  • Pulleys have been used for centuries in the workplace to make lifting easier.
  • Use the bore to mount these pulleys on a shaft.
  • For over fifteen years now, Sheaves Inc.
  • The SKF rating life, L 10mh , will be calculated after the lubrication is checked and the operating temperature and speed are checked, because lubricant viscosity influences the result.

What is Wire Rope? Wire Rope 6x19 Const. Wire Rope 6x37 Const. Steel Wire Rope 6x36 Const. To Tons. How groove depth effects the diameter of wire ropes. The depth of groove should be selected so that the rope does not rub against the flange of the sheave or each other while entering running or leaving the groove.

Angle of circular arc of the bottom of groove should not be less than Degrees. The grooves on the drum should be pitched so that there is clearance between neighboring turns of rope on that drum. The groove diameter of the pulley or sheave should always be larger then actual diameter of the rope.

But if the groove diameter is too large the rope will tend to flatten and if it is too small pinching or rope will take place. The correct positioning is explained as under along with the tolerance and clearances on pully or sheave groove diameters. The radius of bend has effect on the strength of wire rope. The repeated bending and straightening of the wire rope causes a cyclic change of stress known as "fatiguing".

Oval Eye. Item of Gear. After proof testing and every 6 months. When not in regular use examine only when necessary. Also applicable to Plate Clamps and Eyebolts. On Cranes Inspect in position every week. Slings After proof loading and every 6 months. When not in regular use, examine only when necessary.

All rights reserved. Bear Equipment Inc. Corrosion-resistant coatings available. To sign in, your browser must accept cookies. Pulleys— For Horizontal Pulling. Home Products In Stock Sheaves — 1.

Rope sheave

Rope sheave. Optional (Price on Application)


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General: Wire rope sheave in maintenance-free design for manual and power operation. With plain bushing. Grooved profile turned to DIN Download CAD by choosing the desired product from the table above and the format from the menu below.

Please note that CAD drawings are only available if the icon at the right side of the table above is colored and not grayed out. Material: SJ2. Finish: Galvanized. Note: Also available with ball-bearing, for higher load. View Blueprint. Part Code Type Max. Get CAD.

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Rope sheave