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Bathing time is the time to rejoice for the baby in those soapy bubbles and heart quenching water. Providing a complete range of essential bath toys, Amazon. Make your baby happier in bath time with selection of one of these thoughtfully created bath toys. Many parents face a lot of problem when their babies just panic at the mere sight of seeing bath tub and water. The bathing activity, although being an essential daily routine job, turns into a nightmare.

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Color: Ramdom. These bath toys are a preferable gift for baby showers and birthdays in summer months of the year. There are two Unique baby rubber duck toys of each colour including bzby, white, green, red and yellow. They have brightly colored pictures and are completely Young teen girls hardcore, waterproof and non-toxic. These are designed to resemble a yellow duck and are made using non-toxic soft rubber. Certain books can also float in the water. Frequently Asked Questions. Easy to dry. Lighting effect: ducj color changing,flashing beatifully. They fit perfectly on the side of the bath and are fun to play with without overcrowding the tub Unique baby rubber duck toys bath time COLOURFUL - our bath toys for toddlers brighten up any bath time, and each duck is a different colour.

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August 25, Free International Shipping. Lanco Classic Rubber Duck Toy. Auction 2. Set includes 8 stackable cups. Free Returns. Green Toys My First Climax edaphic These Unique baby rubber duck toys cups are different sizes and colors to keep you baby playing happily in and out of the bath. Unique baby rubber duck toys was looking for a safe rubber duck and found your site!! Please provide a valid price range. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. All Listings It is also hand painted with food grade dyes. Bath-time is also a learning play-time for baby as she sees a cause and effect reaction when you and she make splashes in the water.

Bath time can easily turn into a nightmare for any parent when the child starts crying as soon as water is involved.

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Explore Plus. Baby Toys. Bath Toys. Combo Offer. Did you find what you were looking for? Yes No. Reviews for Popular Bath Toys. Hariom Enterprise Chu chu B But there were only three colours in them green, yellow and pink and only one purple ball there was no blue, red or Syeda Gulnaaz Certified Buyer 8 days ago.

Gijith Thomas George Certified Buyer 1 month ago. Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 2 months ago. Shy Products 6 feet swimmin Bharath Bobby Certified Buyer Mar, Back to top.

Peace Love Organic Mom. She is also learning as you clean and talk to her. Bath-time has many benefits for baby besides just getting her clean. Cups fit together for easy storage. Please provide a valid price range. Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab.

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Unique baby rubber duck toys. All Listings


Bath time can easily turn into a nightmare for any parent when the child starts crying as soon as water is involved. But you can turn bath time into a fun-filled time for your baby when baby bath toys are included. Babies have a creative imagination and love playing in the water. Providing them with the right toy can benefit both you and your child in many ways.

Bath toys for babies consist of a wide range of products that are meant to fascinate your baby while also distracting them from the anxiousness they might have during the bath. So, if your baby is scared when it comes to a bath these toys are sure to be a valuable savior.

There are many different types of baby bath tub toys available in the market such as duck toys for toddlers that swim, squeaky toys for smaller kids to distract their mind etc. You easily find baby toys online since many platforms now sell them, it also helps you to compare features and price. The following section in this article explains a selected few types of bath toys that are designed especially keeping in mind the safety of your child.

Squeeze toys are available in the forms of animals like cats, dogs, fishes, octopus, frogs etc. They are made using non-toxic rubber and float in the water. The sound, shape and colorful design of these toys keep your baby distracted during bath time. Ball toys are available in different designs. Certain balls come with plastic toys present inside them that rattle and wobble keeping your kid distracted. These are letters and alphabets made out of foam making it float-able in the water of the tub.

You can teach your child during bath time so that he or she can identify the different alphabets, numbers and also spell out small words.

These toys make bath time fun, interactive and educational for your baby. These are designed to resemble a yellow duck and are made using non-toxic soft rubber. It produces a squeaky sound when pressed and floats on the water. Your child remains fascinated while playing with this bath toy. These are boat-shaped toys that are made using non-toxic safe plastic that is of good quality.

They are designed to float in the water like any other boat, keeping your kid engaged during a bath. It encourages interactive play and also helps in enhancing hand, eye coordination.

Your child can also play with them by pouring and scooping water using the wide decks. They have brightly colored pictures and are completely safe, waterproof and non-toxic. Certain books can also float in the water. You can easily read from the book while giving your baby a bath, keeping him or her well distracted and occupied. You can go for a toy that keeps your child occupied during bath time so that he or she does not get anxious.

You can go for a squeeze toy that comes in shapes of animals. These toys keep your child distracted with the sound and bright colors. Rubber ducks and balls also are great options that float in the water with your child can play. You can also go for floating alphabets and numbers if you are looking for a toy that helps your child learn.

These floating letters and alphabets will help your child in identifying alphabets, numbers, and colors while also creating words. Always choose a toy that is interactive, fun as well as educational.

It helps in hand and eye coordination as your child is kept fixated with the colors and design of the toys. He or she will always want to touch, see, smell and taste the toys which in turn enhances the senses of listening, hearing, seeing and feeling.

They also enhance muscle movement for faster growth and development. The size of the toy should be small enough to fit into the little hands of your toddler. This ensures an easy grasp so that he or she can play with it comfortably.

They should have a textured structure for ensuring a secure grip. The toys you purchase should be baby approved.

They should be made using soft and non-toxic plastic, rubber or foam. Also, ensure that the toy does not have any sharp edges to prevent any unwanted injuries. The safety of your child is always of prime importance and the material plays an important factor. The baby bath toys should even be big and safe enough for your child to place it in his or her mouth.

Go for toys that are brightly colored so that it attracts the attention of your toddler. The colors also help in identification. Colorful toys also act as a medium of learning for your bundle of joy. Certain toys might not be ideal for the age of your child. However, it is always necessary to check the minimum age requirement of the toy to ensure complete safety of your toddler. Go for toys that come with sensors that notify you when the water is too hot for your baby.

It changes color or denotes that it is hot. The temperature of the water should neither be too hot nor cold. It should match the body temperature of your baby. Thus, having this feature in the baby bath toy ensures that the temperature of the baby is safe for your child. Gross motor skills include the movements related to the large muscles such as the legs and arms of your child. The toy you buy should gain the attention of your child so that he or she plays with it by picking it up constantly.

These toys help in enhancing the muscles of your child so that he or she can learn to crawl, walk faster. This also helps in creating synchronization between hands and eyes which in turn aids in the growth of intelligence of your child. The toy should be able to occupy your child in playing by moving it around. The Ramakada Chu-Chu bath toy is our number one choice when it comes to buying a baby bath toy. The 12 pieces set consists of squeeze toys that are designed to resemble the shapes of certain animals.

The colorful design and sound will distract your baby during baths while also ensuring a fun-filled interactive and educational time. These toys are made using non-toxic soft plastic which is absolutely safe for your little bundle of joy. The Magnifico Toddler Baby bath Toys come in a set including 15 brightly colored animal shaped toys that provide a fun, interactive and educational bath session for your child. This is one of the safest product as it is made using rubber that is both non-toxic and BPA free.

Thus, it is safe even if your child puts any of the toys inside his or her mouth. The My Angel Rubber Duckies are the ideal choice if you are looking for a rubber duck toy for your toddler. It comes in a set including a big duck and three baby ducks that float in the water.

The cute toy also produces a squeeky sound when squeezed hence ensuring a fun filled time. This is a set of 12 squeaky rubber marine animal toys that are brightly colored. They ensure a fun-filled bath time for your kid along with helping them in identifying the types of marine animals. They come at a reasonable price and are able to distract your child when anxious during a bath. These toys are completely safe to use for children over the age of four months.

These are ball bath toys that come in the form of two bubbles that are made using good quality safe plastic. They have textured colorful rings around them that help them float in the water. The bubbles come with a weighted penguin and turtle that rattles, shines and wobbles inside while remaining.

This fascinates your child and also improves his or her motor skills along with hand and eye co-ordination. The Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers are the ideal educational bath toys. They come in a set of 26 alphabets and 10 numbers that help your child learn to identify alphabets, numbers and colors. The foam letters stick to the wall easily when wet allowing your child to form new words.

This is a great product that keeps your child occupied while he or she takes the first step towards learning. It has a water-proof and tail design with motor power that enables it to swim freely in the water while your kid is taking a bath. The doll is absolutely safe to use and keeps your child occupied while enjoying fun-filled bath time.

A squeaky baby bath toy comes with a sound when squeezed. The sound itself grabs the attention of your child and keeps him or her distracted. This is very helpful if your child gets anxious during baths. The toys have to be safe for the use of toddlers. The toys should be soft and free from sharp edges so that they do not hurt your child in any way.

However, certain toys are designed to suit even babies of 2 months. So, it is important to check the minimum age requirement to ensure the safety of your child. For a baby, you can simply give him or her a sponge bath by keeping warm water in a bowl and wash cloths near you. You can sit on the floor with your baby on your lap and sponge him or her down. The water should be around the body temperature of your baby, i. It should feel neither hot nor cold. You can easily check the temperature using your elbow.

Baby Bath Toys are the best gift for your toddler. These products enable your child to have a fun time playing even during a bath. It diverts the mind while also helping him or she learn.

Unique baby rubber duck toys

Unique baby rubber duck toys