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Swiffer WetJets come in a variety of styles and are great for convenience and easy to assemble. Whether assembling a battery powered model or simply changing the batteries of your Swiffer, use your WetJet to clean tile, wood, laminate, vinyl or linoleum floors. To assemble your Swiffer WetJet, first remove all of the parts from the box and unwrap the packaging. Then, snap the 3 poles together. Remove the battery panel and add 4 AA batteries to power your Swiffer.

Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle

I would like to do this for a framed artwork with an initial for a friend's bar. To use your Swiffer, lay it on the floor pointed at the mess you wish to clean. In short, you can't refill it. Buy medium styrofoam ball and cut a hole in it so that it can fit on the cap of the Video take off strip bottle liter bottle. The concept of orientability has important implications. For example, a tangled pair of earbuds is in a topological sense the same as an untangled pair of earbuds, because taake one into the other requires only moving, bending and twisting. Do not flush them.

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The following is a list of recurring or notable one-off strips from the British adult spoof comic magazine Viz :.

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This mathematical object is called a Mobius strip. Another mathematician named Listing actually described it a few months earlier, but did not publish his work until The concept of a one-sided object inspired artists like Dutch graphic designer M. For instance, try taking a pair of scissors and cutting the strip in half along the line you just drew. While the strip certainly has visual appeal, its greatest impact has been in mathematics, where it helped to spur on the development of an entire field called topology.

A topologist studies properties of objects that are preserved when moved, bent, stretched or twisted, without cutting or gluing parts together.

For example, a tangled pair of earbuds is in a topological sense the same as an untangled pair of earbuds, because changing one into the other requires only moving, bending and twisting. No cutting or gluing is required to transform between them. Another pair of objects that are topologically the same are a coffee cup and a doughnut. Because both objects have just one hole, one can be deformed into the other through just stretching and bending.

The number of holes in an object is a property which can be changed only through cutting or gluing. Imagine writing yourself a note on a see-through surface, then taking a walk around on that surface.

The surface is orientable if, when you come back from your walk, you can always read the note. On a nonorientable surface, you may come back from your walk only to find that the words you wrote have apparently turned into their mirror image and can be read only from right to left. On the two-sided loop, the note will always read from left to right, no matter where your journey took you. When the GIF starts, the dots listed off clockwise are black, blue and red.

This transformation is impossible on an orientable surface like the two-sided loop. The concept of orientability has important implications. Take enantiomers. These chemical compounds have the same chemical structures except for one key difference: They are mirror images of one another.

For example, the chemical L-methamphetamine is an ingredient in Vicks Vapor Inhalers. Its mirror image, D-methamphetamine, is a Class A illegal drug. If we lived in a nonorientable world, these chemicals would be indistinguishable. For example, last year, topology led scientists to discover strange new states of matter.

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Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle. Porn Videos

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Bottle Cap Table With Poured Resin Surface: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Hello, today I want to talk about PET strip, which is, if you don't know, a strip cut from plastic bottles. And today I want to talk about straigtening of plastic strip for giving it some new interesting qualities that can widen the variety of usages of plastic strip in DIY projects. So, what do I mean by "straightening"? This way, by "straigtening" the plastic strip I imply the process of applying of heat to the strip under a tension in order to change the profile of the intersection How can it be used in projects?

Well, the first thing I was thinking about is for making brushes. Bristles in particular. And if you want to see some brush made this way - there's some photos at the end. The other thought I had, was about weaving ropes using multiple thin plastic strips. In this case I was wondering, which will perform better: regular or straightened strip. I'll experiment on this later and let you know. Some time after posting this nstructable, I came acros this video of The King of Random, where he makes the rope with plastic strip, so, once again, I turned out to be not that original with my ideas as I thought I am Anyway, I guess, I'll play with it someday too.

I don't know. I didn't think about it much yet. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. And I also made a video. This is my first full video made for a tutorial, so enjoy some 5 minutes of poor ligting, unfocused picture and heavy breathing in awkward silence. Since the video covers the whole process, it kind of breakes continuity with what I'm going to show with pictures, so take following steps rater like a comment to different parts of the video.

So, first thing you have to do is to find nice plastic bottle and prepare it for cutting. I like these beer bottles, since they have simple cylindrical shape, which great for cutting, so I allways collect them for future projects. In order to prepare the bottle, remove the lable and rub the remaining glue off with some suitable solvent I used acetone. Then cut the top part of the bottle off and trimm it nicely with scissors. I'm using my improvised cutter. My improvised cutter isn't best cutter, so don't ask me to show how it's made.

It does the job, though. Different width is an option. I didn't try. I do recommend to wind the strip onto a bobin or spool after cutting, as I did in the video, to prevent it from tangling and creating knots, which will be pretty annoing in the process.

As you can see I made my experimental stripe strightening contraption in a quiet crued way. It consists of: spool holder, tensiton corks and first thick-wire-gide-ringy thing all screwed to the scrap wooden block; my Impovised Heat Gun Substitution and second thick-wire-gide-ringy thing. Also I put a piece of wire mesh ontop of the "heat gun" because I had tongues of flame going out of it, which is not good.

You can see how all componets work together on the video, and at this point I want to say, that, in general, I do not recommend to do this if you don't have a propper heat gun.

The important part of the process is to visually controll the strip at the airflow. You have to advance it at a speed that allows the change to occur, and you can see it "curls" under the heat.

Regulating the tension of the strip with screws at the tension corks can as I discovered influence the result, so it makes sence to play with it. If your strip burns and tears when you pull, reduse the tension. And as I promissed, heres pictures of a brush, I made with straightened strip. It's really good for scrubbing dishes and other jobs, and I'll show how to make one in my next instructable. Also I'm on Patreon and all that stuff After posting the instructable, I've seen a bunch of videos and had some ideas concidering the theme, and here I want to share some interesting and usefull information on working with plastic strip.

I want to pay attention to the ways the PET strip can be processed and manipulated, rather then showing different projects involving the plastic strip, although I'll provide links on some examples of practical uses for processed strip along with some my thoughts on topic.

It applyes winding the strip between two distant points, like on some sort of a frame or just two nails, hammered into wood board, and then applying heat to it by, either usage of a heat gun, baking the coil in the owen or submerging it into boiling water. Here's two videos demonstrating this technique:. As you can see this method works well if you need straight strips of certain lenght. At the same time you, don't neccesserally need it to be strictly straght, like for bristles.

Here's my suggestion on straightening plastic strip for this porpouse. You can use the method, similar to the previous one, but instead of using two distant points, wind the strip on round basis, like, for example, a tin can or large glass jar. This way, you'll get nice decorative "domed" strip I suppose, I didn't try this method yet without a lot of tedious work.

The leather strip, he uses can be easyli substituted with plasic one. It's pretty easy to accomplish and here's two wariations on how it's done:. One or multiple strips can be used. He has a bunch of other interesting projects involving PET strip on his channel, so do recommend to check it up. I tend to believe that he's original author of represented ideas, although with all that plagiat going around the internet I can't really be sure I guess, I'll write on it some other day.

He suggests using this fleece as thread sealler for water pipes, as hair for custom made dolls or a decorative hairdressing pieces. And here I want to share some links on different useful videos concidering plastic strip cutting.

Master Bobrov on his Youtube channel has a lot of videos on his experiments with various bottle cutter constructions and their improvements. I want to highlight these particular videos:. Edyak K. Another obscure channel from my countryman. Contains videos on weaving ropes from plastic bottle strip, some other DIY projects and random stuff. And this is kind of it for now. If I'll find some new interesting information on the topic in the future, I'll try to share it in some way. WIth all the links I've provided I tryed to searcg down to the original author of the idea or atleast to somone, who takes original approach to it, but, as I said, I can't be quiet sure with this.

Anyway, I wanted to share some information I discovered during my research and I hope it'll be usefull for somebody. Add Teacher Note. Then cut the bottle into strip. This is it for now, thanks for your attention, and have nice strips. Other Manipulations with Plastic Strip 1 Making straws.

Other Useful Stuff And here I want to share some links on different useful videos concidering plastic strip cutting. Participated in the Trash to Treasure View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Cardboard Gramaphone Passive Speaker. Starting a Handmade Business.

Video take off strip bottle

Video take off strip bottle