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We've already seen that the water in a swimming pool needs to circulate through a filtering system, to remove dirt and debris. The main drains are usually located on the lowest point in the pool, so the entire pool surface slants toward them. The skimmers draw water the same way as the main drains, but they suck only from the very top of the pool the top eighth of an inch, typically. Any debris that floats -- leaves, suntan oil, hair -- leaves the pool through these drains. The diagram below shows a common system.

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

This eliminates the Contructing a vacuum bottom drain on the blocked drain. A small water change in these Ebony pleasures thumbs may help in improving the water quality of the pond, but you certainly don't need to drain the entire pond. Why do you need the tank on wheels?! If you have no fish in your pond then simply adding complementary bacteria without vacuuming your pond might be a cost-effective and better solution to cleaning your pond. Although algae is Contructing a vacuum bottom drain occurring and a common occurrence in a healthy dtain that provides shelter from predators and is a tasty snack for goldfish, it is good to regularly control the growth of algae in order for it not to cause problems with water quality and contribute to a buildup of sludge. Proper fish keeping. They are aerated and work great.

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If the cost of raising the patio is too great Contructing a vacuum bottom drain could get an angle grinder or perhaps a better choice would be renting a concrete wet saw and cut Teen poy penis a strip about 6 inches wide from the edge that meets the house wall. Inground Pool Kits and other large items are shipped via freight truck. Keep in mind that a machine can do in minutes what it takes hand labor hours or days to accomplish. In phase III there will be a gravity drain installed that will have a hose nozzle at the end for easy drainage and cleaning likley semi-annually and we clean the filters weekly by simply hosing them off and hosing off the pea gravel that Contructing a vacuum bottom drain the secondary filter takes about 20 min total. Concrete decks and any surfaces using gunite are checked for smoothness and integrity. The popularity of swimming pools did not begin to increase until after the first modern Olympic games in We did so, and it only took about inches of lift on the side of the house to make the water drain away. Shallow and play swimming pools can be excavated using a rented skid loader. Thanks for the answers! These pipes then drain into a leachate pipe, which carries leachate to a leachate collection pond. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? You can read about these four options and each one's benefits here! Subscribe to E-Mail Updates.

Pond Sludge.

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Attached Images. The other one is a regular BD that goes below the bottom of the pond altho Im not familiar with that particular one. Which are you doing, installing a retro drain or complete rebuild? Bruce "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

A regular BD is always better. Had a VBD on my old pond and had problems often. Installing a BD during the original build is always better. Like Bruce, I don't recognize that BD on the right. What's your situation? Building now? Or remodeling? If this is a new construction, you do not want to get the "retro" black bottom drain on the left. Also, the white one on the right seems to have a tapered lip that requires debris to go up before entering the slots.

Also the slots will only allow very small items to enter, so your pond will eventually accumulate larger things like leaves at the bottom that will block and clog the bottom drain and eventually starve the filtration system of water, possibly destroying your pump or killing off the good bacteria in your filter if the openings to the drain are not cleaned on a regular basis.

The type of bottom drain a lot of people use is like the one in the photo. Good luck! Originally Posted by bammbammkoi. Can I user either drain to gravity feed it to my sump? My problem is I have a fiberglass tank thats about 8' by 4 by 3' depth And I would like to install some bottom drain into the tank.

This is my new holding tanks and maybe grow out tank during the winter. Is it going to be inside or outside? If outside then that grated one would work fine. I'd not go with the vac drain if you can avoid it. Mary www. Why do you need the tank on wheels?! Now that we better understand your situation, yes, you do not need the full size 4 inch bottom drain.

The tank that you refer to will hold a little less than gallons assuming you leave a few inches from the rim. But that will weigh a lot - close to pounds! So if you have to have the entire system on wheels for some reason, be prepared to have something bullet proof. On the other hand, if you do end up with the tank raised up, you do have room under the tank to install a flush mounted bottom drain.

For that size tank a 2 inch line for the bottom drain is adequate. Aeration still helps alot. Also, you can make your own bottom drain pretty easily if you are handy. I bought the tanks and it has wheels on it. Do you have any photo of Wayne DIY bottom drain?

Originally Posted by Cowiche Ponder. The white drain on the right is a swimming pool drain and not really suitable for ponds. The grating will be constantly clogged up. Don't use it. Use a pond drain. I'm with Wayne on this: I don't think you need a full-size; 4" BD for that tank. I think a 2" bottom drain would do nicely. May I recommend one to you?

I've built a couple of these, and they work really well. The parts are cheap, and it's easy to build. Pond and Construction Forum good place for any first timers to the forum. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Thank you for choosing the Worldwide Koi Club! Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search.

Is there a particular reason why adding a thin layer of concrete on the house-side of the slab wouldn't work? Featured on Meta. Many have seen our pond project on other threads on this site but we used a baby pool for the first few months and then I was talking with our landscape friend and he decided to build us a pond as my bride has breast cancer and he thought this would also be therapeutic. Fiberglass pools are manufactured in a factory and the prefabricated pool arrives at its destination and is set in a previously excavated site. A methane "flare" is used for burning landfill gas. Once the cell is made, it is covered with six inches of soil and compacted further.

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain. Background


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Pond Sludge. What is Sludge? It is simply an accumulation of organic debris that settles in the pond bottom. Is Sludge Harmful? A thin buildup is to be expected but if kept unchecked this will thicken and begin to create some issues. The decomposition process of the organic material will reduce oxygen levels in the pond.

The debris will create anaerobic conditions. This oxygen-free zone can harbor harmful bacteria as well as produce hydrogen sulfide. The hydrogen sulfide will begin to cause harm to other living things in the pond environment starting with the beneficial bacteria.

It also can create unpleasant odors in the pond. How Can Sludge Be Prevented? You are not going to completely prevent pond sludge but there are certainly some steps that can be taken to reduce the level of buildup and therefore mitigate the potential harmful effects.

How Can Sludge Be Removed? There are different methods and products that can be used. A water garden is a functioning ecosystem that requires some oversight from us as pondkeepers.

Taking the steps to maintain the water feature helps ensure a beautiful and healthy pond and in the long run maximizes our enjoyment of our ponds.

Nav Menu 2. Good Filtration. Ensuring the pond is set up with good mechanical and biological filtration will go a long way in reducing the sludge buildup and keeping the pond much healthier. Proper fish keeping. The fewer fish you keep the healthier the pond will be.

Overfeeding the fish can also be a significant problem. Uneaten food immediately adds to the buildup of debris in the bottom.

Beneficial bacteria. By adding packaged beneficial bacteria as directed to your pond it will help keep the beneficial bacterial colonies strong and the ecosystem functioning. A higher level of dissolved oxygen in the water will improve the ability of the bacterial colonies to their job.

By adding additional aeration you can also help save fish if the sludge buildup is reducing the oxygen within the water. Manicuring aquatic plants. The normal part of the life of an aquatic plant is for foliage to decay and be replaced by new growth.

Clipping off yellow and brown leaves before they have a chance to rot into the water will have a big impact on reducing pond sludge. Leaf netting. If leaves get in the pond in autumn you can cover the pond with leaf netting. It is far easier to keep leaves out than to try and remove them later. Sludge digesting bacteria.

You can add these to help accelerate the decomposition process. This is usually not quite enough but certainly better than nothing. Pond vacuum. There are several good pond vacuums that can remove both large and fine debris from the pond. If your budget does not allow for a pond vacuum and you have an area near the pond lower than the pond level then you can start a siphon with a section of hose. Once the siphon has started simply run the hose along the pond bottom where the bulk of debris is located.

This will involve removal of a significant amount of water so you will need dechlorinator for topping the pond off. Complete pond drain. If the sludge and debris buildup has gotten a few inches thick or you are unable to solve the issue with the other methods then you may need to resort to a complete cleaning of the pond.

We typically try to avoid this as it destroys the balance in place and restarts the pond ecosystem from scratch. If this is the step you take you will need a temporary housing for the fish during this process.

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain

Contructing a vacuum bottom drain