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In so many romance novels, when women lost their virginity the pain only seems to surface for a second before feelings turn into earth shattering pleasure. Did the pain quickly turn to pleasure? How about the guys? From Anonymous My first time was not the best way one should lose their virginity. I was 16, and he was

Erotica loss of virginity

Erotica loss of virginity

Erotica loss of virginity

Impotency: How do you handle it? By the time he started fingering me, I was so wet and so open, I could hardly feel his fingers, and believe me—my pussy was tight. That's not how everyone would have gone about cashing in the ole V card, but it was perfect for me. From Cat My first time Erotica loss of virginity neither a horror story or mind blowingly amazing. Her brother walked in, she grabbed the blanket to cover herself up and quickly jumped off of me, and for some reason I quickly grabbed my phone and pretended I was texting. Alas, she had to return to Israel although we would stay in touch for many years and I thus technically remained a virgin, but in my mind that day would forever be My First Time even though I never even got out of my pants. Erotica loss of virginity had to forcibly pull him off her bed and walk him out the door. It was freshman year of college. And with this horrified look on her face she shook her Erotica loss of virginity no. Choose your country's store to see Japan nude outside available for purchase.

Default loan private student. Should have googled "how to give a hand job" first.

First Time Loss of Virginity. My Hitchhiking Adventure A young hitchhiker Erotica loss of virginity gay sex for the first time. All 18 yr. At this point, I understood the saying of hoping Erotica loss of virginity be swallowed by the earth. He was a construction worker and his body was nice and strong, I had to admit that much. What's going on? Fun for couples - cams online now! Uncommon Family Ch. He asked if he was hurting me. You wicked, wicked thing.

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In so many romance novels, when women lost their virginity the pain only seems to surface for a second before feelings turn into earth shattering pleasure. Did the pain quickly turn to pleasure? How about the guys? From Anonymous My first time was not the best way one should lose their virginity. I was 16, and he was He pressured me into having sex with him until finally one night I did. After he finished I got dressed and went home. I was soo sore and I bleed for 2 weeks after that, and every other time we had sex.

From Suzie I lost my virginity to a small vibrator…hardly the fantasy scenario. That did hurt — a lot, but really turned me on as well. From Jane Noel Owie, owie, owie that first time. He went where no man had gone before slowly and considerately I had a really wonderful guy in my life at the time and sex got much better within a week or so.

But the first time? That hurt. I did have someone who knew what it was like to make love to a virgin, and for a teenager, he had a lot of self-control. No mad thrusting! I feel like the exception, not the rule.

But the pain lasting but a moment, then earth-shattering pleasure? When I read those stories where the pain only lasts a moment, then ecstasy descends, I usually snort. In derision. I had read enough on the subject not to feel completely lost or fumble-fingered but to this day I am still amazed at how easy and natural it felt when the day came. I was 22, madly in love for the first time with a beautiful visiting Israeli girl, and on that day I received not only my very first kiss but then she also guided my hand to her breasts.

I ended up not only getting to adore her stiff dark nipples but also to fully explore her orally, an act I of which I had dreamed ever since I first learned the concept of cunnilingus.

Alas, she had to return to Israel although we would stay in touch for many years and I thus technically remained a virgin, but in my mind that day would forever be My First Time even though I never even got out of my pants. From No Pain, Much Gain! Ladies, ladies ladies. Do not ever have sex if you are not ready, and truly in the mood.

Being mentally and emotionally prepared for sex is the only way to have a pleasurable—at least non-painful—first experience. I lost my virginity during a one-night-stand with a sexy, confident, experienced and satisfying man. He was approximately four years my senior 22 , and very smooth.

Foreplay is key—good foreplay! He did not know I was a virgin, but continued to take his time to get me in the mood. To make a long story short, I was extremely aroused before he went below the border. By the time he started fingering me, I was so wet and so open, I could hardly feel his fingers, and believe me—my pussy was tight. By the time his penis finally entered me, my mind was reeling! As soon as he entered and began thrusting, I felt like my head was going to explode.

From Emily I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of about two months. We actually did it in his car classy, right? I told him I was really nervous, and he told me that he was too, he was a virgin as well. He left the final decision up to me, which I think was really respectful.

After removing our underwear, we held each other for a minute, which gave me some time to mentally prepare for what was about to happen. It hurt so much that I dug my nails into his back and gritted my teeth. But even though I was in pain and did not have an orgasm, I had this amazing feeling of closeness and trust with him that was like nothing I had ever experienced.

From Anonymous I lost my virginity when I was 16 years old to an older guy. After the first few minutes of pain…it hurt so much I had to scoot back on the bed so I could breathe for a second.

From Stacy I was 14 when I lost my virginity. To be honest, it was with a guy I had just met he had no idea I was a virgin. A total one night stand. I was and still am an avid reader of romance and erotica stories so I was expecting fireworks and for the earth to move. None of that happened and I was highly disappointed. Highly disappointed that is, until I met my steady high school sweetheart about a year after I lost my virginity.

He was the first one to bring me to orgasm. The earth really did move and I really did see fireworks. From Joni I was young when I lost it to a very loving and gentle man. He took the time to make sure that I was ready and when he gently put it in me it was heaven! Yes it did hurt and I did bleed a bit but the pain lasted just for a minute or two. The next morning I was just a little sore and he made love to me again. After that first time wow! Even now at 52 I still enjoy the memory of a wonderful time.

From Cat My first time was neither a horror story or mind blowingly amazing. As I accommodated him he moved in a bit further and further each time until he started thrusting very gently. I was 22 and not inexperienced with sex, in fact, quite experienced in everything but intercourse. When my good buddy B figured out that I was a virgin, he went to his girlfriend S and asked her to tell her friend C, who I knew and dated a couple of times, to see if she would have intercourse with me.

Well, as it turned out, my buddy did alright for himself. Turns out that C wanted to try my buddy out after seeing his cock! So he expedited the process the next morning, unbeknownst to me, spent the morning at his apartment having sex with C, and that afternoon I got my booty call. C had her diaphragm in and was ready to go!

Remember, at this point I had no idea of the bargain my buddy had made with the two girls. C spread her legs and like a good novice, I popped my aching cock in and came with two thrusts. How satisfying not! Good news is that eventually I met my wife of several decades now. She taught me how to give her oral thank goodness for her boyfriends that she practiced with before me!

She comes prolifically and I restrain myself while she rides me until she has to stop. I occasionally think about my old buddy B and my old girlfriend C, and how we all got what we wanted.

B had sex with his girlfriend S, and my girlfriend C, and then an hour or so later C and I had sex… a right bargain! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Submit Comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Pubic Shaving: Bush or Bare? Name Your Dingle… Body Piercing. Clit Notes Big Clits vs. Small Clits. Blasphemous Fantasies: Why are they so titillating? Women: During The Act — What do you think about? What Do Men Want? Erotica vs Porn: Is it the same thing? Erotic Lactation: Your thoughts? Masturbation Memories: Do you remember your first time? What is Your Favorite Masturbation Aid?

Books, videos, toys…? Mutual Masturbation: Doing it solo, within a relationship. Oral Sex vs Intercourse? What is your preference? Cum Shots Faking It: Why the deception? Your Best Orgasm? Tell us about it…. Porny Problems Select Porn is not for Women, or is it?

Kaity at the Club Ch. Please Rate This Submission: 1 2 3 4 5. Mable's Breasts Pt. All of a sudden, I felt a finger enter a place that has never been entered before and the pain made me jump. But so far, so good. Jenny's Journey Pt.

Erotica loss of virginity

Erotica loss of virginity

Erotica loss of virginity

Erotica loss of virginity

Erotica loss of virginity. Change picture

I leaned back, resting against him, and he moved up to my neck After a minute or two, I felt his breath on the side of my neck. I asked him what he was doing.

He replied with, "I love your perfume. It was followed by a seriese of kisses trailing down my neck and on to my shoulder. Had I known for sure where this was going, I would have stopped it then I didn't. He turned around and the kissing continued, eventually meeting with my lips. Before I knew it, I felt pressure as he started to gently press against me. I knew what he was trying to do- but again, for reasons I don't even know, I allowed him to ease me down on my back.

Soon after, he let all his weight fall over me. I knew then that if it was going to stop, it would have to be that moment I felt his hands run up my back, forcing their way between me and the mattress. HIs mouth once again made its way to my neck.

I said his name and gently pressed against him to indicate things had gone far enough. He stopped for a moment, and shot those strikingly blue eyes at mine. He said nothing, but gazed at me, then gently trouched my face. He then leaned in again and whispered in my ear, "It will be all right.

Goosebumps rose all over me. That along with the fan blowing the scent of his cologne in my face, and the warm weight of his body on mine, made any possibility of stopping disappear.

His "tongue exploration" continued down my neck to my collar-bone. It wasn't long before the buttons of my shirt began to come apart. My heart was racing. I was somewhere between desire and sheer panic. I can't even describe all the thoughts that were going through my mind- all the what-if's. What if this ruins our relationship? What if he doesn't like it? What if he hates me afterward?

What if I get pregnant? At that moment he stopped. He came back to my ear and asked, "Do you want me to stop? Part of me wanted him to go on, but my sense of morality and logic were warring against my lack of willpower. So I laid there in silence a moment. Just as he was about to get off me, I managed to say, "No. That's when I made the decision that if I was going to go through with it, I was really going to go through with it all the way.

So I took it upon myself to help him out of his shirt as well. Colin took no time in undressing me. His hands presently found my breasts It was then that I could feel something firm poking into my skin. He didn't seem to care, but kept with his exploration of my body. My own curiosity took hold, so I reached down and began to fumble with his belt-buckle. It wasn't long before we were no longer hindered by clothing. I was surprised at Colin's sudden fervor. He's always been the mellow one Yet, suddenly he was quite But then he did slow down long enough to take in the view of my nude body lying beneath him.

He must have liked what he saw, because he made his way down. I could hardly believe what was happening. He gently pushed my thighs apart, and buried his head between them.

I arched my back as I felt his tongue slide into me Then he began gently sucking it, and slowly inserted his fingers into me.

I don't know how long it was, but the sensations were incredible. Once he had tasted all he wanted of my cunt, he crawled back over me, once again allowing his weight to fall He looked into my eyes with an expression that was indescribable. Still looking into my eyes, he gently pushed my thighs further apart. I then felt him reach down, and a pair of long-pianist fingers once again slid into me.

His other hand travelled upward, once again finding my nipples and lightly squeezing them, one by one. He leaned in and began kissing my neck and shoulders. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Virginity Lost by Lady Aingealicia. He leaned forward and kissed her softly, his hands traveled down her body as she shivered again. She responded by kissing back passionately as her hands traced through his hair and down his back.

He pushed her back on the couch and moved his mouth across her jaw bone and down to her breast. He had started to remove her dress. His kisses covered her shoulders and then be '.. His kisses covered her shoulders and then between her cleavage.. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Virginity Lost , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Jun 09, LiLu rated it it was amazing. Variety There were a lot of different types of stories.

All short, and to the point, and not lacking creativity. They all had a unique story, and some were better than others, but none of the stories were bad. I liked them, and they were fun to read. Feb 25, Mary rated it it was ok. Preditable It was a typical story. He sees her, instant attraction, then sex.

No imagination as we all know show girls are in Vegas and the prerequisite is that they are beautiful. Whitney Stone rated it liked it Aug 11, Kim A. Hutchinson is currently reading it Jan 08, Tammy Caole is currently reading it Jan 11, Kate Taylor is currently reading it Jan 23, Amy Crawford is currently reading it Feb 03, Victoria S. McElfresh marked it as to-read Feb 04, Ashlee Mieczkowski added it Feb 05, Jamie M Kamberalis is currently reading it Feb 14, Mike McGill added it Feb 15, Ruth is currently reading it Feb 15, Ashley N is currently reading it Feb 18, Thais Gherardi is currently reading it Feb 28, Tyler Harris is currently reading it Apr 03, Nina is currently reading it Apr 15, Chandler P Benson is currently reading it Apr 17, Graham Thurgood is currently reading it Apr 18, Shirley Bradley marked it as to-read Apr 19, Lauren Wrightsman is currently reading it Apr 30, Quincy Graham is currently reading it Apr 30, Jan Grass added it May 01, Hong Trinh is currently reading it May 13, J Doyle is currently reading it May 14, Reese is currently reading it May 21, Amy marked it as to-read May 23, Thomas Berry is currently reading it May 24, Sheila Franklin is currently reading it Jun 08, Shelby Clark marked it as to-read Jun 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Lady Aingealicia. Lady Aingealicia. About me I grew up in Colorado and began to travel the United States at a very early age. Living in many states along the way from Alaska to Maine, my experiences have helped develop and encourage my love for writing. Finally moving to New York City for 7 years, my writing career began in creative writing and journalism. Writing has been a passion and love of mine since I was 9 years old.

You can follow my tweets, blog or send her an email at ladyaingealicia gmail. Books by Lady Aingealicia. Trivia About Virginity Lost: E No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Erotica loss of virginity

Erotica loss of virginity