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Foam latex female masks at target

Foam latex female masks at target

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Foam latex female masks at target

Foam latex female masks at target

Foam latex female masks at target

Foam latex female masks at target. Why realflesh masks


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The suit has been depicted in various ways, and the stories themselves have described Batman as modifying the details of his costume from time to time. However, it usually consists of a grey body suit, the chest emblazoned with a stylized black bat, and blue-black accessories: a wide scalloped cape, gloves with a series of fin-like projections, boots, and a close-fitting cowl covering the upper half of his face with ear-like projections to suggest a bat's head; and a utility belt containing a variety of gadgets.

Batman's costume is used to conceal his identity, protect himself, and frighten criminals. Reflecting that "criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot," Bruce adopts the persona of a bat in order to conceal his identity and strike fear into his adversaries.

In the later elaborations on the origin, Bruce is terrified by bats as a child, and in the Silver Age story The First Batman later retold in the miniseries The Untold Legend of the Batman the inspiration for the batsuit comes in part from a bat costume worn to a costume ball by his father Dr.

Thomas Wayne, M. Batman's cape, cowl, gloves, briefs, and boots are usually either black or dark blue with the body of the costume being grey. Originally the suit was conceived as being black and grey, but due to coloring schemes of early comic books, the black was highlighted with blue.

Hence, over the years the black cape and cowl appeared as dark blue in the comic books. Thus artists' renditions depict the costume as both black and grey or blue and grey. The yellow ellipse was introduced in as part of the "New Look" Batman stories. A subsequent issue of Shadow of the Bat re-established the concept. The yellow ellipse was eventually removed in after a year run and replaced by a large black bat-emblem, which resembles the one from the Golden age comics. Other elements, such as the utility belt and the length of the cowl's ears, have been changed by various artistic teams.

Bob Kane's original sketch of the character was very different from the Batman we know today. Kane showed the very first drawing of a character he had first named the Bat, then Bat-Man, to Bill Finger who was the writer he hired to write the first Batman stories.

Bill thought that the character looked too much like Superman, so he suggested major changes that would prove to be everlasting to the character's legacy. Finger took a Webster's Dictionary off the shelf, looking for a drawing of a bat, and found one. He then said to Kane, "Notice the ears, why don't we duplicate the ears? Finger didn't like the bird-like wings, so he also suggested to Kane to re-design them and make a cape instead, and scallop the edges so it would flow out behind Batman when he ran so it would look like bat wings as well as adding a bat symbol on the character's chest as its chest emblem.

He also suggested that the color of his bodysuit should be gray instead of red and a pair of gloves were added, colored purple from the start but later changed to blue.

Similar to many other superhero costumes, the Batsuit's basic foundation is a tight bodysuit. In early depictions, contrasting briefs were worn over a one-piece suit, similar to the garb of early 20th-century circus performers and strongmen. Batman 1 June revealed that there is a bulletproof vest sewn into the costume.

Modern depictions of Batman's suit do not incorporate contrasting briefs, and the character's suit consists of pants without a color change. The Batsuit is also no longer portrayed as a one-piece suit, as the top and pants are separate pieces. The Post-Crisis version of the bodysuit is not constructed from simple fabric, but from fictional advanced materials that gives it resistance to tearing. In addition, the suit also contains various defense and protection mechanisms layered into the suit's fabric.

These protective layers in the Batsuit are necessary since Batman, although strong, powerful, and intelligent, is still a human being with no inherently superhuman powers. The basic version of the Batsuit is insulated against electricity and is mildly fire resistant.

Batman utilizes many different body armor designs, some of which are constructed into his Batsuits, and others which are separate. Other versions are entirely bulletproof to small arms fire, and have advanced flexible armor plating. As different artists have taken over the responsibility of drawing the costume, the details of the suit have changed considerably.

The original incarnation of the cape was a wing-like structure that may have been inspired by drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. The material of the cape has varied with different writers, sometimes being depicted as bulletproof [3] and fire resistant, and other times being made of simple fabric that tears easily and is continuously replaced. For example, in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Robin's Reckoning", Batman fell through a floor heavily compromised by machine-gun fire and landed badly, hurting his leg.

He ripped up his cape and used some pieces of broken wood to make an impromptu ankle splint. He is also commonly seen with the cape able to wrap around his entire body, usually whenever he is standing or sometimes when walking. In The Dark Knight Strikes Again , the ends of the cape contained razor-sharp blades which Batman used to slice through several corrupt government officials. Batman's usage of the cape as a mode of transportation differed over the years.

A hang-glider version of this concept was presented in Batman Returns , in which a harness folds out of the cape to make it a rigid wing-like structure, then folds back when the wearer rolls forward on the ground after landing. In the show Justice League Batman ejected from the Batplane with his cape acting as a parachute using a harness.

In the film Batman Begins , the cape was also used as a sort of wingsuit ; when an electric current was applied to the cape, the shape-memory fibers much like Shape memory polymer aligned into a semi-rigid form resembling a bat's wings, allowing Batman to glide over the streets and rooftops of Gotham.

After Dick Grayson took over the identity of Batman, he and Damian Wayne , the new Robin and Bruce Wayne's biological son, developed a "para-cape" for their costumes which gives them an ability to glide. In the comic book mini-series Batman Beyond , Dick Grayson explains that there is also a tactical reason for adding a cape to the costume: misdirection.

It "hides the body, makes it difficult to know where to strike" when Batman moves, with the result that villains attacking him at long range cannot determine whether they are shooting at Batman's body or just the cape.

A flashback reveals that after armor-piercing rounds from the Joker's gun penetrated the cape, it saved Bruce but Dick, who was behind him, was critically wounded. It explains why Bruce eliminates the cape on the Batman Beyond incarnation of the Batsuit, as he'd rather be the one who got shot instead of others. The cowl mainly conceals Batman's features and contributes to his imposing appearance.

Instead, the eyes appear white without any visible eyeballs. This motif of white eyes behind a mask has been replicated in nearly every masked superhero following Batman's debut in There may be something added to the cowl that alters how people see Batman when looking at him directly. To avoid suspicion, Wayne orders very large quantities of 10,, each part sent to different location, and under different aliases. However, because some metahuman criminals have the power to see through solid objects, Batman also lines the cowl with lead to protect his identity.

Batman's cowl has also been depicted with shifting optical lenses that identify suspect's identities, as well as their weak points through medical records , while simultaneously avoiding the possibility of eye identification. The cowl's lenses incorporate multiple vision modes like infrared vision heat sensors , night vision, and ultraviolet vision, [11] and a digital camera for obtaining evidences.

This technology is utilized by using echolocation to triangulate objects via cell phones. In Detective Comics January , it is revealed that Batman also has an echolocation system in the cowl.

In Batman: The Animated Series , Batman wears a special motorcycle helmet when riding his Batcycle that is molded with bat ears to accommodate his cowl's ears. In Batman: Arkham Asylum , Batman extensively uses a sophisticated "detective mode" vision enhancement built into the cowl that allows him to see enemies in darkness, including through walls, see their condition and state of alertness, and detect and identify hidden objects and analyze evidence.

It also gives him the white eyes while it is activated. It also carries an inertial navigation unit to keep him in balance when facing foes such as the Scarecrow or Count Vertigo.

The front of the skull and the sides of the temples also have small armor inserts to increase the effectiveness of skull strikes and protect from concussive blows. Repeated encounters with the Mad Hatter also forced Batman to shield his cowl against the villain's mind control. Its basic design has remained unchanged; however, it has been frequently updated for Batman's needs.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold shows that the cowl's ears are able to change lengths for various uses in. However, artist Karl Kerchl has drawn Batman's costume vault showing that he has a wide selection of cowls with ears of different lengths.

In Batman: Cacophony , during Batman's hunt with the masked serial killer Onomatopoeia , he reinforced one of his cowls with a secondary armor beneath its kevlar headpiece with bloodpack lining in anticipation of being shot in the skull, to create an opportunity to fake his own death to get himself closer to the villain. This was based on assassin Deadshot 's helmet designs. The first gloves were purple in color, ordinary looking, and lacked any sort of scalloped fins or other stylings, and only came to the wrists.

The second Batman adventure depicted the character wearing no gloves at all. A few issues later the gloves became longer, and by the familiar fins were added. In early stories, these fins originally resembled miniature, scalloped bat wings, but eventually became three simple triangular fins. In some later incarnations, the scallops are attached to a separated bracer worn below the glove around the wrist. In Batman Begins these bracers are part of the costume Wayne wore during his League of Shadows training, painted black — this set are hard enough to slice Ra's al Ghul's sword into many pieces.

The scallops typically serve a defensive purpose and are used to defend against bladed weapons, such as swords or knives. Additionally, Batman hides a few pieces of his arsenal in his gloves, such as a lock pick [16] and miniaturized batarangs.

Similar knuckle reinforcement can be seen in the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum , where Batman actually sprays his knuckles with an explosive gel to drastically increase the force of a punch shredding the glove and nearly breaking his arm in the process. In the series The Batman , Batman's gloves have sharp claws embedded in the fingertips. In Batman: Year One, it is depicted that Batman hid a few pieces of his arsenal in his boots, such as a blowpipe its length made it impossible to fit in Batman's belt compartment with fast-acting anesthetic darts and an ultrasonic device built into his left heel.

The bottom is a flexible split sole design and is textured for a variety of surfaces. Although Batman is already an elite swimmer, during the Batman: Hush storyline, it is revealed that he installed underwater propellers in the heels. In Batman: Year One and Batman Begins , a boot heel is revealed to contain an ultrasonic signaling device capable of calling live bats to it as a form of protection and cover for Batman during a getaway.

The Batsuit has been repeatedly updated in order to reflect advances in technology. Originally the costume was a simple jumpsuit which contained no protective armor: however, the real world advent of various forms of personal protective materials like Kevlar and the realization that being shot while wearing such protection should still be avoided, has led to the costume being re-imagined with varying forms of bulletproof protection which employs the aforementioned use of the suit's chest symbol as a bull's-eye to lure shots at the armor's strongest point.

In the film "Batman", the chest-plate is designed to look like a ripped upper body and one of the Joker's men shoots Batman nearly point-blank in the chest. In the film, numerous people shoot Batman in the chest. He falls over and "plays dead," then jumps up and catches them off-guard. Although the suit often included a neck brace and other preventative bracing, after recovering from his spinal cord injury resulting from Bane 's attack, Batman reinforced the armor with a spinal brace and a material to dampen shocks and impact to protect him from such attacks.

The Batsuit also has a magnetic signature harness, allowing Batman to attract his body to a gargantuan metal object such as an airplane. According to its legends, it can impart strength and speed of its wearer but also would completely corrupt anyone whose heart and soul is not pure. At first, the Dark Knight was dubious of the legend, but eventually experienced an aggressive behavior while wearing the armor during patrols. Dumas , that the armor once belonged to a knight named Geoffrey de Cantonna, who massacred hundreds of people in an alpine valley in The Suit of Sorrows becomes one of the trophy displays within the Batcave, to remind the Dark Knight that he must be ever vigilant not only in his crusade against crime, but also himself.

In all eight one-shots of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home , which sets after the events of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne , show that Batman, acting as "The Insider", has developed an exosuit mimicking Amazo 's capability of copying metahuman powers, includes Superman 's heat vision, superspeed which is labelled with SF as in The Flash 's Speed Force , Martian Manhunter 's invisibility, emitting a Green Lantern 's ring 's energy, a lasso mirroring Wonder Woman 's Lasso of Truth , and superstrength.

There is a design flaw on this suit: it uses too much power to keep it functioning. Thus, Batman must only use it for a limited amount of time. Lucius Fox also supplies Bruce Wayne and his son Damian a pair of experimental jetsuit prototypes. They can provide artificially enhanced strength and endurance as well as short-range flight capability.

Foam latex female masks at target