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And we provide four methods to solve it by array formula, user defined function, and third-party add-in of Kutools for Excel. Full Feature Free Trial day! Please do as follows:. Keep selecting the cell, and then drag its Fill Handle to the range as you need. And now you will see all letters are removed from original text strings as below screenshot shown:.

Free strip text cell

Free strip text cell

Free strip text cell

Free strip text cell

Download the free trial Now! Cells rngCel. This looks like it should be straightforward, but Excel Free strip text cell throwing an error not enough stdip for this function. Forum Get forum support. Skip to main content. Create Office add-ins in. From all appearances, the trimmed values are text stringswhile we want numbers. Keep selecting the cell, and then drag its Fill Handle to tedt range as you need. The following screenshot shows the difference:. Finally, replace Free strip text cell values in the original column with the trimmed data.

Transexual nascar. How to remove letters from strings/numbers/cells in Excel?

Google Chrome 8. Indunil says:. I need to extract the first 3 numbers, Free strip text cell the 2nd and 3rd dash. You can visit the English version of this link. For example below data is in a single cell. Instant access. Here, the MID function can do you a favor. Tanmoy says:. September 27, at Fre. Many thanks. Hello, All the formulas discussed in this tutorial are available for download in this sample workbookso you can make sure they all Free strip text cell as described. The screenshot below shows the result:.

This step by step tutorial will assist all levels of Excel users in removing text based on their position using two different methods.

  • In this case, we want to remove hyphens from telephone numbers.
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  • Method 1: Remove first or last x characters from text strings with formulas.
  • The MID function returns characters using a fixed starting point and ending point.

We can remove text in Excel by matching the content. The steps below will walk through the process. Figure 1: Result for Removing Text by Matching. Figure 2: Setting up the Data. We will remove the hyphens - from the phone numbers in Column A by following the steps below:.

Figure 4: Result for Removing Text by Matching. It requests that excel removes the hyphen text to remove and the inverted commas serve as the new text without the hyphen that has been removed.

It is this new text that is returned as the output. The generic formula to do this is:. We will do the following to ensure that we have only the numbers as the output. If you want to save hours of research and frustration, try our live Excelchat service! We guarantee a connection within 30 seconds and a customized solution within 20 minutes. Connect anytime to free, instant, live Expert help by installing the Chrome extension Add Excelchat to Chrome.

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Skip to main content. Alex B. Method 1: Remove first or last x characters from text strings with formulas. The MID function returns characters using a fixed starting point and ending point. The Excel MID function extracts a given number of characters from the middle of a supplied text string. I need to insert a ". Nice primer, however, extracting a number from a string leaves me with another string.

Free strip text cell

Free strip text cell. Extract substring or after a given character

Or return the numeric text values will be converted to number. You can create a new function to remove numeric characters from a cell that contain text string in Excel VBA. Just refer to the below steps:. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the third wizard, select a destination cell to put the separated contents and then click the Finish button. For only getting the email addresses from cells, you can use the Extract Email Address utility of Kutools for Excel. With this utility, you can easily extract only the email address from cell.

In the popping up Extract Email Address dialog box, select a blank cell for locating the email address, and then click the OK button. The Split Cells utility of Kutools for Excel can easily help you get the certain text by splitting cell contents into multiple cells with certain separator. If you want to have a free trial of this utility, please go to download the software freely first, and then go to apply the operation according above steps. It will be a time-saving tool and irreplaceble in your work.

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Forum Get forum support. How to remove unwanted text from cell in Excel?

Excel TRIM function - quick way to remove extra spaces

The tutorial demonstrates a few quick and easy ways to trim Excel spaces. Learn how to remove leading, trailing, and extra spaces between words, why Excel TRIM function is not working and how to fix it.

Are you comparing two columns for duplicates that you know are there, but your formulas cannot find a single duplicate entry? Or, are you adding up two columns of numbers, but keep getting only zeros? These are only a few examples of problems that you may be seeking answers to. And all are caused by extra spaces hiding before, after or between numeric and text values in your cells.

Microsoft Excel offers a few different ways to remove spaces and clean up your data. In this tutorial, we will investigate the capabilities of the TRIM function as the fastest and easiest way to delete spaces in Excel. It deletes all leading, trailing and in-between spaces except for a single space character between words. For example, to remove spaces, line breaks and other unwanted characters from cell A1, use this formula:.

Now that you know the basics, let's discuss a few specific uses of TRIM in Excel, pitfalls that you may face and working solutions. So, how do you remove all leading, trailing and excess in-between spaces in all cells at a time?

The detailed steps follow below. As the result, you will have 2 columns - original names with spaces and formula-driven trimmed names. Finally, replace the values in the original column with the trimmed data. But be careful! Simply copying the trimmed column over the original column would destroy your formulas. To prevent this from happening, you need to copy only values, not formulas. How to remove leading spaces in a numeric column As you have just seen, the Excel TRIM function removed all extra spaces from a column of text data without a hitch.

But what if your data is numbers, not text? At first sight, it may seem that the TRIM function has done its job. Upon a closer look, however, you will notice that the trimmed values do not behave like numbers. Here are just a few indications of abnormality:. From all appearances, the trimmed values are text strings , while we want numbers.

The above formula removes all leading and trailing spaces, if any, and turns the resulting value into a number, as shown in the screenshot below:. In some situations, you may type duplicated and even triplicated spaces between words to make your data better readable. However, you do want to get rid of leading spaces, like this:. As you already know, the TRIM function eliminates extra spaces in the middle of text strings, which is not what we want.

And then, you supply that number to another MID function so that it returns the entire text string the string length is calculated by LEN starting at the position of the first text character.

The following screenshot shows that all leading spaces are gone, while multiple spaces between words are still there:. As a finishing touch, replace the original text with the trimmed values, as shown in step 3 of the Trim formula example, and you are good to go! Sometimes, before removing spaces in your Excel sheet, you may want to know how many excess spaces are actually there.

To get the number of extra spaces in a cell, find out the total text length using the LEN function , then calculate the string length without extra spaces, and subtract the latter from the former:. The following screenshot shows the above formula in action:. When working with sensitive or important information, you may be hesitant to delete anything without seeing what exactly you are deleting. In this case, you can highlight cells containing extra spaces first, and then safely eliminate those spaces.

The formula instructs Excel to highlight cells in which the total string length is greater than the length of the trimmed text. If you are not familiar with Excel conditional formatting yet, you will find the detailed steps here: How to create a conditional formatting rule based on formula. As demonstrated in the screenshot below, the result perfectly corroborates with the extra spaces count that we got in the previous example:.

Nevertheless, if someone wants to have a closer look at the formulas discussed in this tutorial, you are welcome to download the Trim Excel Spaces Workbook. The nonbreaking space has a decimal value of , and the TRIM function cannot remove it by itself. Assuming the text is in A1, the formula goes as follows:. As an extra precaution, you can embed the CLEAN function to clean the cell of any non-printable characters:. The following screenshot shows the difference:.

If the above formulas do not work for you either, chances are that your data contain some specific nonprinting characters with code values other than 32 and In this case, use one of the following formulas to find out the character code, where A1 is a problematic cell:.

In-between space where n is the position of the problematic character in the text string :. For example, if the CODE function returns 9, which is the Horizontal Tab character, you use the following formula to remove it:.

If you'd rather not waste time learning a handful of different formulas to deal with a trivial task, you may like this one-click technique to get rid of spaces in Excel. Let me introduce you to Text Toolkit for Excel. Among other things such as changing case, splitting text and clearing formatting, it offers the Trim Spaces option.

In this example, we are only removing leading and trailing spaces, keeping multiple spaces between words intact for better readability - the task that Excel formulas cannot cope with is accomplished with a mouse click! If you want to try this handy Excel Trim Spaces tool in your sheets, a day evaluation version can be downloaded here. I thank you for reading and look forward to seeing you next week. In our next tutorial, we will discuss other ways to trim spaces in Excel, please stay tuned!

Hi, I have tried all the method above but still cannot remove the leading spaces. When I used LEN to see how many spaces were there, it showed zero. I have attached few data from excel below for your reference. Many thanks. Hi, can I check how do I trim the figures as such to derive the section that I would like to have? I only need 4. I have a large number of cells each consisting of multiple lines of text ending in a line break.

Many cells have a space immediately preceding the line break and I want to include those particular spaces but no others. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is a fantastic blog post. Thank you so much for helping me with an ongoing problem I've had in excel! I now understand the function better and will be bookmarking this article should I encounter any problems in the future!

Thank you so much for writing a clear and concise article - very helpful indeed! Hi, when I used below formaula, I can see the leading spaces got removed but trailing spaces still exist. Please suggest to remove trailing spaces also. I'm afraid there's no easy way to solve your task with a formula. Using a VBA macro would be the best option here. However, since we do not cover the programming area VBA-related questions , I can advice you to try and look for the solution in VBA sections on mrexcel.

Hi, please can someone help? I want a formula that combines with the above formula. Greetings, does anyone know how to remove spaces in between a numeric text? However when I try to use it with your sample data, it won't work. By the time I get your sample in an email I can't really tell what you're working with. How many spaces are in front of the numbers?

Are they spaces or another character. Hi, how do I remove the black space behind a series of numbers for example, I have used find and replace, trim, substitude, it all didn't work.

How can I remove space s at the end of cell range as these are not visible in cells but problematic when referred to value anywhere else? It removes leading and trailing spaces. Hi there, How can I remove only the trailing spaces but retain the leading spaces. Thank you Monica. Monica: I don't believe there is a function in Excel to remove only leading or only trailing spaces.

If you are comfortable with VBA here is a macro you can use. Sub TrimTrailingSpaces ' 1. Select the cells that hold the trailing spaces you want trimmed ' 2. Cells rngCel. Value Next End Sub. If we understand your task correctly, please have a look at our Remove Characters add-in. It can help you remove extra spaces from your cells. The add-in is included in out Text Toolkit for Excel that contains 8 useful add-ins to manage text data in Excel remove extra spaces, substrings and non-printable characters, change case, split cells, etc.

You can install a fully functional 7-day trial version of Text Toolkit and see if it works as you need. Here is the direct download link. I copy a lot of information from excel into other programs How do I keep these extra spaces from happening?

Free strip text cell

Free strip text cell