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Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum

Sakisaka Offline Hairy girls armpit forum Sep Posts: Fri Nov 22, pm EthnicLover. Armpit hair has all this sweat and bacteria on Hairy girls armpit forum which is why it stinks, which is why you need to shave your pubic region as well. I stopped shaving in college and never looked back. I have this neighbor that tries to seduce me whenever she can when I get Girls undressing naked from work. Either way, I hope she was joking! Not to mention the taste! Whether or not you think shaving is attractive, it has nothing to do with health.

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Sun Nov 17, pm dadi01us. Asian Armpits New Asian ladies have a special look—soft, gentle, light, exotic, mysterious and shy in a way prized for centuries. Cute 18 Yr Old Amateur Teen Mon Oct 20, pm EthnicLover. Hiry Order Ascending Descending. Alice - Hairy Asshole. Welcome to Girlpits. Got a great story Hairy girls armpit forum Hairy encounter? Sri Vidya. Mon Sep 16, pm sinss Last Page HandyMandy. Thu Jan 26, pm dadi01us.

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Matu wrote: Men, do you mind if a woman you are intimate with shaves her underarms or not? Alfrun Unndis wrote: Hair holds scent. If I'm going to be working hard but still have to be with regular folk without clean up it's easier to do a quick swipe with the razor. Operations Manager for Want to harmonize your relationship with nature? Forum: meaningless drivel. Matu Collins. I like Women, do you shave yours? If so, how often and with what? If not, why? Men, do you mind if a woman you are intimate with shaves her underarms or not?

Jennifer Wadsworth. Ah armpit hair! Jessica Gorton. I stopped shaving in college and never looked back. My husband loves my hairiness; boyfriends before him were a mixed bag of acceptance and putting up with it because I'm a damn awesome girlfriend.

Landon Sunrich. Honestly I don't know if I could get any hairier. Things that are not attractive: razor burn, ingrown hairs, and stubble. Craig Dobbson. I've known hairy pitted women who wore it well and some that didn't. I guess it's like a mustache. Yes for some and no for others.

My preference is clean shaven but hey I clear cut mine for a while, so I know what it's like to have razor burn in the pits and elsewhere. Not fun. Jay C. White Cloud. I say leave it natural I see y'all snickering Alfrun Unndis. Hair holds scent. G Freden. Definitely unshaven here; I stopped shaving in high school. My husband doesn't care. In fact, none of my boyfriends ever cared, even at About smelly armpits He says I don't either, but I was never very sweaty to begin with And like Paul, I'm no soap and no poo husband is just no poo.

Rick Roman. I love hair. For me it's all about equality. Women, do what you what with your body. Americans now have an abhorrence for any hair on men or women. The Hollywood and porn trend is to be shaven. Haircuts are super short, militaristic. The newest high fashion hair cut trend for men and women are downright Third Reich. American culture has an obsession with youthfulness, cleanliness, purity, and militarism.

What a difference from the s and 70s! Judith Browning. I managed to shave pits once since highschool and that was for someone elses comfort Rick Roman wrote Hi Rick, et al, Uhmmmmm So yes my arms have no hair, everywhere else there may be a bit of fur is clipped short and I do where a "high and tight," military style hair cut I am not sick. Yes, many Americans and other cultures as well do not like hair at all If you like furry Hell yes Judith!

That is one beautiful and sexy woman! Iconic image! It's also one of the greatest rock albums of all time IMHO. White Cloud - You are correct, poor choice, no offense intended, my deepest apology. No worries Rick I do agree that some are "obsessive" about it and look down upon their "furry" kin William Bronson.

I go both ways I even like a woman with a some facialhair. On the other hand I have shaved every part of my body at one point or another. Stubble is a bitch, on ones skin or against ones tongue Variety is delicious. Compelled conformity is dismal. Nicole Alderman. I shave my armpits once a week. I've used the same razor for the past seven years, so it doesn't cost anything, either. I tried going without shaving a summer during high school, and I really didn't like the feeling of long hair there.

So I shave it for comfort. On the other hand, I've never shaved my legs. I thought, at the time, that I'd shave them if my future husband didn't like hairy legs, but my husband was thrilled when we were dating to find out I'd never shaved them. So, they remain unshaven to this day. Much less work! Jocelyn Campbell. I might have talked about this in a podcast , but I have several opinions and experiences with shaving or not shaving. Obnoxious opinion: women have hair. Prepubescent girls do not.

I used to shave. As a teen, I started shaving my pits and my legs from just above my knees to my ankles. Not my thighs. I started having hair follicles with two hairs sprouting out, not just one. And I didn't have that happening where I wasn't shaving.

Then, had my first child and hormones wreaked havoc with my skin. Shaving any where - pits, legs, etc. So I stopped. Apologies for the TMI to squeamish folks. I began shaving again briefly while working a corporate job, but since then, I've happily gone without shaving. In professional scenarios, even on hot days, I wear loose shirts over my tank tops, and long skirts or pants, so no one has to observe hairy pits or legs.

I'm not a girl, and I'm not bound to "fashion" that potentially creates health issues for me. Julia Franke. You hold your energy there, and everywhere you have hair is a very important energy point. I did this yoga for sometime and decided to give the hair growing thing a shot to see if I did feel any different.

I can go without shaving my legs, but can NOT deal with the stubble elsewhere. I also feel cleaner when I do it.

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Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum. The newest ATK Hairy galleries


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Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum

Hairy girls armpit forum