Hyuga twins waruasobi-

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Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Twin Properties: Chakra conductor, slightly strengthened silk. The figure turned itself to her form and let out a guttural sound. So here you can have one. Remembering his Hyuga twins waruasobi last words to him before his death, Hiashi stated that there Hyuga twins waruasobi no such fate and that Neji and Aaruasobi were on the battlefield fighting alongside one another to prove that, not as branch house and main house members, but as two comrades protecting one another. Those within range can have this radiating fearful aura become the trigger for genjutsu, allowing genjutsu to be cast by acknowledging the user. This takes shape in waeuasobi form of a pink diamond. She's been known to help people, and occasionally say something intelligent. Being orphaned just months after her birth and taken in by the instructors and students who literally became her new family.

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After a couple days of crying and wandering alone and hungry, he was found by huge mother Grizzly bear, who took him in and raised him along with her cub. Waruasoni Sutansu Can be used to counteract Genjutsu Hyuga twins waruasobi sheer Narcissism expending the Genjutsu's Hyugq in Chakra costing a rank higher than a typical Kai. Guild Description: The saturation extends out from the user to a total of 10 meters, while the floating occurs out to 30 meters. She still cares for people that are around her but will no longer give quarter in any sort of combat. Be it sparring, missions, or defending her home. Enter both words below, separated by a space :. When the opponent is close. It instantly cancels at the point of death, making it ineffective for killing, but for those with the fears, it is great for putting them into an unconscious state. Duration: 5 posts. He Hyuga twins waruasobi genuinely compassionate and empathetic about others. To clarify, these are custom techniques that must involve and utilize the characters bloodline. He has not once yet to leave the village though, Movie porn private would like to.

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Full Name: Ty Q. To be killed by me. He was very skilled in his Lightning techniques and his Taijutsu. He then found the Leaf village and became a ninja. He was promoted to A Speical Jounin and become a very strong ninja. Now, Ty is a Oinin and is willing to help anyone in their time of need. He was in a little argument with two Akatsuki members a little while ago and after that struggle to x kage gave the title of Hokage to Ty so now Ty Shwallon is now Hokage.

It specializes in movement, agility, and countering an opponent's strikes. Not holding to any standard conventions, users of Fox Style have an odd stance: arms out to the side, fingers splayed, with a slight curve. Legs apart, bent low, with a slight curve to the back. This provides a good spring point, allowing for quick movements, and the low center of gravity aids in defense.

Chakra is concentrated in the limbs, for movement, speed, and power. The loose formation of the style allows for kicks, even in a style as mobile as this, similar in mechanic to Drunken Master. Fox Stance has excellent movement and range, good kicks and grapples, and fair punches and blocks. The very open structure of the stance make the users very unstable. It does not work well with Earth, which it is resistant to. It is weak to Water and Wind. Unlike other, similar styles, Fox Style is relatively new, and, as such, relatively unknown.

Created as an alternative to the Three Stance Styles, Fox Style incorporates elements from all three, balancing the strengths and weaknesses of the three to create a sort of "jack-of-all-trades style".

An amalgam of different fighting techniques, first introduced by the Sangre Clan, Fox Stance is well-suited to anyone with an incredible natural defense, such as a rock-hard body, or a body that can easily absorb impact. Any strong defensive attribute.

If the concentrated pressure successfully lands on the opponent's temple, it will stun them for seeral seconds and cause blurry vision. If it lands on their solar plexus, it will take the wind out of them and stun them for a moment. When an incoming attack is made, the user attempts to deliver a straightforward attack at a weak point on the enemy, such as a armpit or groin.

Because the attack is so perfectly timed, the target must either pull their own strike or take the full force of the user's. This technique is especially effective with bladed weapons. By exerting enough force, they are able to send out a ripple that can stun or trip any moving ninja caught in the effective range.

This technique cannot be used in quick succession, as it puts a strain on the user's chakra network and arms. The user grabs the stunned opponent around the abdomen and picks them up. Then, with a sudden twist of the arms, they invert their captive and slam the defender's head into the ground.

This causes fairly intense pain and a loss of concentration. Name: Shoulder Catapult Rank: D Range: Grapple close-medium range throw Jutsu Type: Taijutsu Element: None Description: This technique can be used when the defending warrior has one arm outstretched, such as the apex of a strike or other horizontal punch. The user ducks low, grabbing the defending warrior at the armpit and the wrist. The user then applies torque with their torso and throws the opponent over their wrist, launching them away and upside down.

Requires a piercing or slashing effect in the hand used. This is a very fast technique, using chakra to accelerate the user's leg and arm movements. Blocking this attack will be difficult for same-level ninja. It also works well when followed with the Tiger's Fang technique. They release that chakra through a punch, and a shockwaved of chakra will come out for a short distance. If the fist hits, it will send the opponent flying.

If the shockwave hits, it will knock the opponent over. At the moment at which a fast moving high inertia attack hits, the user expends a burst of chakra to transfer that momentum into a burst of short range movement. When used properly, the user will appear behind the attacker and take half damage from the attack. This cannot be used on elemental or energy attacks. Name: Side-Step Rank: D Range: Close Jutsu Type: Taijutsu Element: None Description: Used in a way very similar to the Pounce technique, the user exerts a wave of chakra to deflect an incoming attack and instantly move themselves in the opposite direction.

For example, deflecting a strike to the left and stepping to the right. The twisting of the opponent's torso and the stepping motion allow the user to get behind the target easily, although aiming the chakra wave can be difficult. He will roll over his shoulder and stop directly in front of the opponent stopping on his upper back for a brief moment. Then, with all the force he can muster, he launches upward with both feet, kicking the opponent in the chin with enough force to snap their head back and cause severe disorientation and numbness.

Using this technique, they are able to strike four times twice per arm so quickly that the target will think they have only been hit once. Higher ranked ninja can strike up to six times.

Despite feeling like a single blow, the target will suffer multiple wounds. Keep in mind that after a gate resolves and another is not opened, then the user WILL be tired and slower than usual until the ninja sleeps for a night or opens another gate. The first gate requires ten posts of training to use. Gates two through six require twenty posts to learn.

Gates seven and eight cannot be trained, but opened by instinct. On gate seven, a post action roll of a six sided dice will be required after the gate is used.

If a one or a six is rolled, the player will die immediately after the three posts, unless the user is a taijutsu class that is jonin or higher, which will not die. Any person who uses the eight gate will die after use Maneuvers Name: Leaf Hurricane Rank: D Description: Notoriously used by Rock Lee from Konoha, the user uses their body so that they always have a way to dodge or strike.

A limb may on the ground so that the ninja may pivot to serve their needs. These attacks are powerful and hard to dodge once the user gets up close. Name: Severe Leaf Hurricane Rank: C Description: Same as the regular, except it allow you to do midair acrobatics and attacks with a lot of power. This can stun the opponent or at least knock them off balance.

Great setup for the inverse roundhouse. Unrelinquished Despair. Everyone's dead That was the only thought that raced through the girls mind at the time as she sat beside a tree. Her eyes were drifting around the dark, dreadful scene of the flickering fire, and the organs that were strewn across the area. No one that she'd even known or knew of could do such a thing. Bodies, appendages, digits, heads, and other bodily things were torn, ripped to shreds and strewn across the place.

Blood was everywhere, several faint moans, groans and screams could be heard as the dying slowly became abiotic like the rest of the crowd. Rustles of movement could be heard, and the female immediately turned her head to the noise. With what her strained eyes could see, it was made out to be a person, hunched over and checking the gore with its hands.

Whatever it was didn't matter to her at the time, and the idea that they could still be there didn't spark. Her hand shot into the air with drained force, waving slightly as if something was restraining her.

The figure turned itself to her form and let out a guttural sound. Suddenly, fear washed over her stricken mind and adrenaline began pumping furiously, as she realized what she had just done.

The thing she was calling to, it was one of them. Once her feminine figure became clear to its defying eyes, it let out a hungry sound and began laughing. Fear still held the girl as she stared blankly at the being, imminent death the only thing she could thing of happening. As it charged, something snapped within the organic compound of hers called the brain, and before it could lay a hand on her soft female flesh, she jumped to the left and allowed it to collide with the tree.

However, the second time movement was slowed due to her state, and the timing was a small bit late. The disfigured human snatched her right hand before she could get away, and easily tossed her through the air, allowing her to slide into the ground. Nothing was in her mind at the time.

She is girly and perky which tends to annoy those who are around her at times. Flowing, formless, yet soft, nothing is softer than water. Jenni Deer. Additionally, the cost to perform bloodline techniques is reduced by 10 chakra, to a minimum of 5. Being pushed to go to the academy, she showed amazing skills in Eiseijutsu. However he was too fast and was already ontop of us again by the time we had recovered..

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi

Hyuga twins waruasobi. Quick Reply


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Azeiel The Risen. Feline Pumpkin 5, Points Posted: Fri Apr 20, am. Governed by one eternal law, all that begins must end. This does not alter its strength in collisions in any way from a standard simple technique.

The user also gains access to this technique: show spoiler hide spoiler. This takes shape in the form of a pink diamond. The shinobi is able to seal away chakra for later use. When used it battle, it causes black bands to wrap around the user and release the chakra back to the user. Other methods of lethal injury that may not involve direct physical damage, such as having your soul sealed into a Shiki Fujin, also cannot be healed through.

This lasts for 4 posts and can only be used once per battle. Weapon Description: This katana and wakizashi has been passed though the family for generations. Now that it has fallen to her she wears it with pride. It was crafted using the Soshu Kitae method of forging creating an incredibly sharp and durable blade.

They have white scabbards with an engraving of a dragon with a black ito over a rayskin same. The habaki of the katana also has the uchiha clan crest carved into the silver. Weapon Description: Valkyrie is a rather unique weapon though it holds no special abilities. The blade is a standard mono-steel construction with a fuller down the length of the blade on both sides to reduce its weight.

It is edged on both sides with a hollow grind to give it a superior slicing edge to lacerate cleanly. Though due to the shape of the edge it isn't the greatest at removing limbs.

During construction it was heat blued and then acid etched to stain the blade a sapphire color. The quillons crossguard are sculpted and shaped to represent a pair of fanned out wings. Compared to the rest of the blade the grip is plain with a simple leather spiral wrap.

However set into the pommel is a large sapphire which she took from the locket her mother gave her. The scabbard is quite simple in contrast to the weapon itself. The body is a simple oak dyed blue to match the blade with a sterling silver Chape and Locket. The locket contains a simple depiction of an eagles wings spread in flight similar to the quillons.

Take care to remember which one you are. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but still maintains an overall laid-back demeanor during tense situations, and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. Although seemingly shown at times to be uncaring or callous, Shiro maintains a very strong sense of justice like his sensei, and prefers to fight fairly, never fighting people without chakra. He also prefers not to fight opponents weaker than him. He can be counted on to do the right thing, even if he makes humorously cynical quips about it the entire time.

Unusually, while he has displayed discomfort with his own faults and vices, only coming to accept it quite recently, Shiro has little qualms about accepting them in those that that choose the path of "honor"and admires their desire to be better.

Though he is quite familiar with just how unspeakable people can be and is quoted as believing that "Humans are often worse than demons or nightmares" Despite this he refuses to kill a defenseless person or someone without chakra for any reason, believing it would make him no better than a murderer. In addition,Shiro values family and friends very highly.

He cares deeply for his comrades, despite any moral differences and conflicting ideals they may have. Shiro also enjoys fighting, as such he restrains himself from using his full potential. Though he often gets bored with fighting weak opponents and only finds entertainment in fighting strong opponents who will give him a challenge. Despite Shiro's handsome appearance, he often has terrible luck with women, a condition he ironically reflects upon every time he gets shot down.

Your Speed and Reflexes are moderately enhanced and you gain an additional 4 ninjutsu slots per rank. Once every other post all three of your activations in a post can be used for offensive taijutsu. Additionally, the user gains a keystone technique and two additional custom slots for taijutsu.

Opponents are able to sense the user's terrifying fighting spirit five feet from the user per body rank of the user through chakra sense. Those within range can have this radiating fearful aura become the trigger for genjutsu, allowing genjutsu to be cast by acknowledging the user. In addition, should an opponent be targeted by a melee technique that is greater in rank than the target's body rank that target has tier two paralysis applied to their legs, requiring it to be broken by Kai equal to the user's body rank, costing the target no activation for that specific instance of kai.

In addition, they gain one of the following Specialization options. Only 1 can be chosen. Limiting themselves to three of their class's styles, designating one their primary style and the remainder as their supports. Any additional slots that would be awarded for their class's styles are converted into a moderate increase in a selected descriptive of their choosing. In addition, these masters of their arts are able to have a moderate increase added to their passive DR caps. The user's primary style gains the overwhelming property up to S Rank.

This aura streams off of his body likes flames, the intensity of the flames is directly dependent upon the amount of chakra hes using, or the strength of the emotions hes feeling. In some cases this is a good thing as it can push him forward.

Hes somewhat predictable when it comes to chasing an enemy. Once he sets his mind to killing an enemy he will do it regardless of how far he has to go to do it. However the one thing that he cannot accept from himself is when he makes a mistake that costs lives. As such the very idea of being called a traitor, or a coward, terrifies him.

One's gentle fist application allows them to reduce 1. For example, if one spends 80 chakra on a gentle fist technique, the attack robs the target of instead of the normal clansmen would reduce. This totals in a supreme increase for one or a moderate increase for both at S-Rank.

In addition, the Hyuuga gains a single custom slot to be used exclusively for the gentle fist style and one taijutsu slot. The user throws the talisman on the ground, forbidding chakra use in the topic for two posts. This is not a reusable item. Limit of 1 per rpc april first thing -- 1 x Gimmicks Grab Bag april first thing -- 1 x Ninja Chewing Gum: Takes 20 stamina to chew, makes a C-ranked bubble. Includes 5 pieces. Specifically his village sat nearly on the northern border to the land of lightning and the village of Kumogakure within it.

While the village of Shion wasnt known for much it was known for the utterly exceptional archers that the Kyujutsu dojo there created. It was here that Shiro spent the vast majority of his life. Being orphaned just months after his birth and taken in by the instructors and students who literally became his new family.

Despite being raised in a strictly militant environment he did not have a hard life growing up. In fact, he actually had quite a good life. He wanted for nothing but never hungered for anything out of the ordinary. This cycle while boring at times, was contenting for him and he was quite happy. Though like all things, his happiness would soon come to an end. Due to the Land of Frosts location, and its nature as a minor village situated directly between two major villages.

When the UHV began occupying villages to the east of the land of sound his land was the second to fall. Being a man of duty he accepted the orders of his adopted father but with great hesitation knowing that those who had become his family had every intention of apposing the UHV by force.

Though he still, to this day does not know exactly what happened to them. Having fulfilled his task to escort the Shion refugees to Kumogakure, he decided to stay in the village and do what he could.

Despite not being an official citizen of Kumogakure, he has nevertheless decided to enlist in its defense by appealing to the Raikage to join his forces Though time can only tell if he will be able to leave the past behind him or not. Posted: Thu May 03, am. He treats people equally and has no problems expressing himself to strangers and bonds with them easily, showing a lot of confidence. When faced with entirely new social situations, Kairi's confidence leads to bold behavior.

Though this can become out of hand and backfire when pursuing romance. Specifically when Kairi tries too hard, it can cause a misunderstanding. At heart, he is a kind, amiable person and means well. Kairi maintains his unselfish manner regardless of the situation, going as far as to defend those who plot against him as long as they do not go as far as committing treason.

Hyuga twins waruasobi