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Permanent seed brachytherapy is when your doctor puts very small radioactive metal seeds into your prostate gland. The seeds slowly release a low level of radiation into the area of the prostate over a few months. It is a type of internal radiotherapy. With brachytherapy, your doctor puts the radioactive source or seeds as close to the cancer as possible. So that the cancer gets a high dose but nearby tissues and further away the levels of radiation are low.

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Sometimes you have a sex question that's not just, you know, an idle passing thought. In America today, it's all about anal. As anal has increased in popularity, curiosity and concern about the potential long-term effects of being on the receiving end of it—or, as some call it, "bottoming"—have also spiked. I've seen this firsthand in my work as a sex educator, where questions on this topic have been on an upward trend, both in my classes and in my email inbox. Some websites claim that anal is perfectly harmless, whereas others argue that it inevitably causes a host of health problems.

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Its headquarters are in the village of Woodlesford , six miles south east of Leeds. Affiliated members benefit from access to support and guidance on such areas as health and safety and access to finance or grants. Clubs located within the geographical area of the old West Riding of Yorkshire boundaries are eligible for affiliation to the Association, including those participating at the higher levels of the Football League System in England. The latter covers virtually all of South Yorkshire excluding only the area around Askern , Hatfield and Thorne and some southern areas of West Yorkshire such as Emley, Hemsworth and Nostell. Clubs who enter teams into Saturday and Sunday competitions are required to have a separate affiliation for each.