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Defenders 1. Wells etc. Wells : hit by explosion blast and slammed through a glass; Cisco Ramon : bloody noise and laying in bed in the infirmary bed, intense emotional pain and argued with Barry, fought against Killer Frost, hit by explosion blast and slammed against the wall, upset; Joe West : hit by explosion blast and slammed against the wall, worried; Wally West : still entrapped into a cocoon, into a dissociate state, fainted; Julian Albert : kidnapped, manhandled, punched and passed out, in hospital, concussion and freeze burnt, nightmares and tormented by Savitar. Wells : shot and fallen to the ground, sore, kidnapped, hands tied; Cisco Ramon : hit and roughly fallen to the ground, argued with Barry, into a duel and rough fights, bruised face. Wells: hit by freeze explosion blast and fallen to the ground; Cisco Ramon : hit by freeze explosion blast and fallen to the ground; Joe West : attacked by Abra Kadabra and fallen to the ground, punched, hit by explosion blast and fallen, sad; Wally West : fought against Abra Kadabra and fallen off a building, rescued; Julian Albert : attacked by Abra Kadabra and badly fallen to the ground, injured arm, treated and dressed in the infirmary bay, hit by explosion blast and fallen, worried, hit by freeze explosion blast and thrown through the room, fallen to the ground.

Iron fist fanfiction

Iron fist fanfiction

Iron fist fanfiction

Iron fist fanfiction

Iron fist fanfiction

The two monks look at each other silently as if contemplating what to do with the boy. Chapter 17 Tiger fist. Heather sits in the pilot seat with Wendell as co-pilot. Nelson, I'm Blushing by Iron fist fanfiction. DaddyAinz 2d.

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He had spent hours searching up and down that river, not caring as he tore his skin to pieces, as he pushed himself faanfiction exhaustion. At least Peter has Ned back and his Cute sexy lesbians behind Iron fist fanfiction. The main Doombot attacked the nuclear reactor of the Helicarrier, while Iron Fist helped take care fanfictlon one of the Fafiction. As the team discusses what might have happened, Peter shows up. Namespaces Page Talk. He must learn to hold the energy in balance, because at any time, he poses the possibility of unleashing it on the entire world. Too bad Thanos is loved by Death Trans south decides to come back. Iron Fist was then training with the other teammates until Spider-Man arrived with his new armor Iron Spider and trouble began to brew between them. He'd been a good soldier, a shitty husband but Iron fist fanfiction was an amazing bartender. After that, he arrived at the rooftop along with the others tanfiction helped hold off Venom. When Nova sets off the S. Iron Fist lead Spider-Man back to the room the wolf Iron fist fanfiction. When Fury is talking to Harry about Peter being captured by the Goblin.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Peter's identity is out and now he's wanted for the murder of Beck's Mysterio. With his face plastered all over Manhattan and the media adding fuel to the bonfire of rumors, Peter is forced to take drastic measures in escaping New York in order to protect the people he loves. How can Victor Creed being soulmates with various Avengers change things?

Hopefully, for the better. They were partway into negotiations with three arms dealers in a dockside dive bar in Jakarta when Ward said in a strange voice, "Danny, we gotta go. While Tony's assistance with all of Peter's technological needs has been invaluable, he hasn't managed to be much of a mentor when it comes to the actual hero aspect of being a powered person. This exposure to the grittier side of the city and vigilantism as a whole leads Peter to discover a conspiratorial plot to destroy New York City.

Everythings getting better. Sort of. With May still missing and Lord Death still plotting there's a lot to be desired. At least Peter has Ned back and his family behind him.

But all isn't as it seems. Criminals that would normally turn up on the streets after a couple of weeks in prison were disappearing, and Peter is having to go further and push harder to follow Mays trail. There is only so much humans can do, can take. But there is light there. All they have to do is save May and keep Peter sane while doing it.

It's rushed and panicked and I know the story I want to write for this is going to be fantastic but for me to do that I'm going to pull the chapters I've written and rewrite this.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Moon Knight: five solitary human beings, each burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they might actually be stronger together. This is a chronicle of street heroes that defend the city they love on a day-to-day basis.

So she has just enough time to pause her tv show when she hears a knock break through the rain. There was something about the way Fury was looking at her that told her the gig was up. She knew that her biggest secret was out and this man of many secrets had the intention of using her unique skill set and capabilities to further his own agenda.

The model smirked and leaned onto her shoulders keeping her tea up to her face, his response was to drop the dossier he had managed to scavenge in front of her.

She was an impossibility and she could see the questions whirling behind his eyes. Unfortunately, she was not cut from the same cloth as her childhood hero Captain America. She had lost her patriotism in the war that wasn't a war. Nor did she have any sense of dedication to the country or the organization he spoke for.

For the second time since she woke up in that ally, Jane Hope found herself an outcast within her own kind. Rogers waking up or not. He stood up and the fact that he didn't grab that stupid dossier told her that she knew that she hadn't fooled him.

Tony is brought to the realization after a conversation with Peter. His real problem wasn't with the Accords. It was personal. But the world still needs the Avengers. And other heroes are popping up all the time. The visions haven't left his mind, or Thor's warning. The Avengers need to be back. It's time to train the next generation. To put their minds together and pool all their resources. The first 23 chapters of this were written before Infinity War. They were a Civil War fix-it.

Soon to be an Infinity War Fix-it as well. Colleen knows there's something really wrong with him, she just knows it, but she can't get him to let her look until they're away from the fight. Bucky, Danny, Wanda and Robbie have all run away from their homes at one point, now they are trying to survive on the streets together.

Steve, Luke and Daisy are popular High School kids from rich familes but they all have their secrets that they are hiding from the world or themselves. One night, worlds collide and things will change forever. But maybe, change doesn't always have to be bad. He had looked at Ward, silently begging for help, and then he had been gone, his attacker falling after him a moment later. By the time he had scrambled down to the fast-flowing river below, Danny was gone, only a hint of pink in the water suggested he had even been there in the first place.

He had spent hours searching up and down that river, not caring as he tore his skin to pieces, as he pushed himself to exhaustion. Eventually, when it had become too dark to continue searching, he had been forced to give up.

There was no sign of Danny. Either he had been washed down to the sea, miles away, or he had been picked up by the men who had been hunting them. Either way - Danny was gone. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.

June 24, If only they could figure out who the intern Peter was. Iron Fist chased Living Laser with the rest of his teammates, when all of sudden Iron Man destroyed it and decapitated him. Alternative name s. Views Read View source View history. While Wolverine was in Spider-Man's body, Danny, not knowing he was talking to Wolverine, asked him what was wrong with him and if he was okay, as he believed that Peter was not acting like himself.

Iron fist fanfiction

Iron fist fanfiction

Iron fist fanfiction

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Iron Fist (TV) - Works | Archive of Our Own

Hey guys! I know that Netflix's "Iron Fist" got a ton of mixed reviews, but I actually really loved it. I couldn't help but start a fan fiction after I watched the last episode of Season 1.

This takes place where the series left off and is my totally made up idea of what happens next. Hope you like it! Colleen Wing's knuckles were bleeding through her wraps. She wiped at her forehead sweat with the back of her bloody knuckles, embracing the pain. Last punch. Sighing, dripping sweat, the pretty samurai exited the dojo and went into her tiny apartment. She unraveled her bloody hand wraps and tossed them dismissively on a small, square table by her kitchenette.

Defeated and tired, she took a seat and studied her hands with great interest. Anything to keep her mind preoccupied. If she was not careful, she would get lost in her thoughts and eventually fall deep into her buried emotions…. Still, even with her mind transfixed on her hands, he broke out of the cage she tried to keep him in and ran to the forefront of her mind's eye. Danny Rand. Iron fist. He left. He left her after their journey back from K'un Lun. Overpowered by guilt, Danny vowed to find out what happened.

She assumed they'd do it together—up to this point they'd done it all together—but she woke up one morning and he was gone. Everything was gone. There were no signs of the Hand, Claire had left the city when she got a call from a friend that needed her help, neither Joy or Ward had seen or heard from Danny, her students had disappeared and Gao, who was supposed to rot away in a cell at the compound, had escaped and was nowhere to be found.

Colleen was completely and utterly…. She was standing at the edge of the pit, looking down, peering into a thick blackness that wanted to swallow her up. She punched the table suddenly. A cavity the size of her fist dented the wood.

Searing pain infested her bones and then her mind and she embraced it like a friend, her only friend. Regrettably, though, the distraction came and went.

The air smelt of sin: Sex, beer, blood, marijuana. She wasn't there for any of that bullshit though. The 6 foot high cage that reared above the masses of heads—that's what she had her eyes on. Dressed in black pants and a black hoodie, she made her way through the rowdy crowd and went right up the steps which led into the ring.

The leader's face lit up when he saw her. Grinning from ear to ear, he yelled at the crowd. Colleen circled the cage, her adrenaline peeking as hundreds of dirty, drunk gambling mongrels chanted her name. Come on , she thought. She needed this. She skimmed the crowd again. Nobody was stepping up. At that moment, a figure appeared from the crowd and stood at the entrance of the cage.

Much like Colleen's, his face was hidden behind a black hoodie. She fell back to the other side of the ring as he stepped up. The crowed was going wild as the announcer asked the opponent his name. Colleen's heart dropped. No, this can't be, she wrestled with the impossible possibility. As he lowered his hood, she had no choice but to accept it.

He was alive and well, smirking at her, his eyes twinkling with mock and ridicule. You are a failure, Colleen, she could hear, loud and clear, what his eyes were saying. Anger seared inside her, burning up all the reservations she may have had before. She would not hold back this time.

She was going to tear his head off. Without pausing, she attacked. He kicked her in the back and she went flying. She caught her footing, turning right as his fist come down on her head.

He got her back, her nose bucking under the pressure of his fist. Blood trickled from her nostrils down into her mouth, salty and warm. He laughed, his smile revealing a bloody mouth. This time she was on the ground and he had the tiger fist, only he didn't pause. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

TV Shows Iron Fist. Seek Always Peace Chapter 1 Hi-yak! Grrr… Colleen Wing's knuckles were bleeding through her wraps. She'd been at it for hours. She needed a better distraction. Come on you bunch of pussies! The announcer ran to the exit, saying, "This is going to be a good one…" He locked the cage behind him. She punched but he blocked. Back and forth they spared, neither of them weaning.

Tiger fist. She landed a blow right to his nose. Blood gushed. Suddenly, a realization came over her. He knows. He knows what happened at K'un Lun. Her world went hazy as he landed the blow.

He drew back to hit her again. Her world was getting darker. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she could see something glowing. Chains rattled nearby. The crowd fell silent as her world went completely black. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Iron fist fanfiction