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The first time i received a proper spanking from my Husband i was shocked. Shocked that i would love it, and Him, so much. We had talked about it all week. How He was going to spank me. What position i should be in.

Marital spankings

Marital spankings

Marital spankings

Marital spankings

Sternhusband said: October 30, at Marital spankings. She thought she might smother it was so intense. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Those who support the domestic discipline lifestyle give their reasons, which are often at odds with what Marital spankings says about the practice. In recent years I have started looking at websites such as this in an attempt to sort out my feelings about my marriage and my late husband. Needless to say, I am now in a bind to pay the bills my husband thought I was paying. You are commenting using your Asian inspired catalog account. He came up with a solution to take care of them.

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I had toyed with buying a bench similar to Marital spankings a couple of years ago, but was afraid to have it in our home. Among Marital spankings may very well be the possibility of spanking. Nor were these necessarily pro forma Jes rock of love nude photo. People are often shocked by how long my wife and I have been together. One reason is, while spanking is fairly simple and straightforward, separations and divorces are often complicated, disruptive, and messy. I think maintenance will help me in this area. While this can be a precarious arrangement, it can be done. He enters a sort of trance when practising, and interruptions can really throw him. Also give it time, as his learning process naturally will involve some mistakes and adjustments. I'd come to find it wasn't always a secret nor was it a rarity. Marital spankings then asked Henry why he was being disciplined.

I married my wonderful husband in August of and quit work at the same time to become a housewife.

  • I really enjoyed the break down of the spankings!
  • First of all, for spanking there needs to be consent.
  • Following up on the post about bridal spanking traditions , here as an overview of various spanking traditions pursued once the bride is safely married.

The first time i received a proper spanking from my Husband i was shocked. Shocked that i would love it, and Him, so much. We had talked about it all week. How He was going to spank me. What position i should be in. It was precisely one week after we reconciled. He picked me up from work, we ran a few errands and headed home. After showering He affectionately called me over to Him. He was seated at the edge of our marital bed, naked from the waist up.

Unsure of what to expect and a little giddy, i playfully flop into His lap. His entire demeanor changed. His chest got harder. His voice became stern and gruff. He possessively placed one arm across my lower back holding me in place. And then came the first spank. At first it was light. He was very careful in warming up my backside. Steadily He rained down a cascade of spanks, alternating from my left cheek to my right cheek.

Vaguely i remember Him saying something to me, but it only registers as background noise. Each spank rings in my ears and stings my soft bottom. Suddenly i could feel my mood change. No longer was i aroused and having fun, i was starting to get upset and feel defiant. Relentlessly He continues to spank me. Slow determined spanks, then quick stinging ones. And then the tears fall. The full force of my betrayal hits me. A series of questions buzz through my head as i admonish myself. I am your Husband.

And I love you little girl. And my tears begin anew. How could i have been so thoughtless and disrespectful to my Sir? The self flagellation begins again in my head. Silently i resolve: if it takes me my entire life to make it up to Him, i will.

He is my Husband. He is my Dominant. He is my lover. He is my life. January 29, at pm. Thank you DW! So lucky! February 2, at pm. February 4, at pm. I am a bit envious I wish my husband would have ever said something like that to me. He could spank me raw but it would just be an act, there would never be anything else to it.

The best part of this post for me was when he asked you if you knew why he had to do it. Sternhusband said:. October 30, at pm. In a DD marriage, spanking is always out of love or should be. Sounds like he did a very good job of spanking you to the point of submission. I applaud you for finding the true nature of the woman inside as the Lord created women to be happiest when they are submissive to their husband.

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We are both fallible human beings. Oh God! I was only getting spanked about three or four times a year by then, except in a sort of playful way. We talked it out. Sunday, February 5, An Interesting Night. Today some of us have fun spanking in our marriages which are only to do with sex.

Marital spankings

Marital spankings

Marital spankings

Marital spankings. Recent Posts

Such was the time when we borrowed a camper van and went to tour some lakes. The weather was really hot and I was clad in T-shirt and a very brief pair of shorts for the journey. I was quite excited as it was one of our first holidays and I was admiring my man sitting next to me in the driving seat.

He looked so good to me I just couldn't keep my hands off him, and started tickling him and squeezing his bear leg. I was just eight years old and very cute — at least I thought so. I was feeling quite sassy so I decided it would be fun to tease my teacher, Mrs Stacey, by making funny noises from the back of the classroom where I sat. My teacher took it in good part at first, but then it began to irritate her so she told me to stop it at once.

Of course, I could not take the telling and within a very short space of time was suffering the humiliation of being spanked over Mrs Stacey's knee in front of the whole class. Did I get teased by my classmates on the way home! When I got home, Mom gave me the happy news that I would be getting a spanking from Dad when he got home. She was a great believer that a spanking at school should earn one at home. Luckily for us, Dad's heart was never really in this, unless we had done something really awful, and so the spanking was usually only a token.

However, I still had to go over his knee and hence went to bed that night nursing a sore bottom as a reward for my misbehavior earlier in the day. You'd think I would have learned from this, but the same scenario was repeated quite a few times during my school career. Now, of course, I was misbehaving again, this time to my husband. I kept tickling Tom and poking him in the ribs. I thought he couldn't get me as he was driving so I erupted into "sassiness" and started poking my tongue out at him in between tickles.

Of course, I had forgotten that we had a rather large motor home at the back of us instead of our little car. Hence I was totally taken aback when Tom pulled off the road, pulled me out of my seat, and carried me bodily round to the back of the van. He then took me inside, and, having locked the door, pulled me over his knee. I kicked and squealed as Tom's hard hand descended on my thin, tight shorts a fair number of times as he delivered a well deserved marriage spanking to my squirming bottom.

When he finished, I stood up rubbing my tingling hindquarters as Tom put his arms round me and backed me on to the bed which he had let down. I just can't resist you! We can park here for an hour so let's make use of it! It was the first time I had ever made love in a car park, but I got the idea and we pulled each other's clothes off and made love.

The camper van rocked from side to side as we stimulated each other. I then told him that he can call it quits anytime he wants. However, I added that if he does so, our relationship would be over.

I took that opportunity to hold up the six pair of panties and advise the owner that Henry will take all of them. I then added that I couldn't wait to throw out all of his tighty whitey jockey shorts. That quickly got the attention of the newly arrived customers.

After leaving the panties on the front counter, I asked the owner if she carries any chastity devices. I added, loud enough for some of the other customers to hear, that I need to find a way to control Henry's need to masturbate. Henry immediately pulled me aside and whispered in my ear "What are you doing? I simply responded that we had just had this conversation in the dressing room.

I reminded him that he can call it quits any time. I also reminded him that if he continues we will return home with a number of new toys and ways to explore our relationship. We continued. The owner took us to an area where she had multiple options of chastity cages.

She initially showed us one that was obviously designed for a small penis. Henry seemed quite pleased when I immediately shared in a loud voice that it was much too small for Henry's pecker. After reviewing the various options, I let Henry pick the one he wanted to wear. Of course, his choice would have been nothing After the chastity device was added to the panties on the front counter, I shared with the owner that "we" would like to purchase a quality strap-on belt and dildo.

I could see several customers' heads turn as I made this request and I'm sure that Henry saw them as well. He turned to me and mouthed the word "please". However, I continued. The owner suggested that we first look at dildos and we had a lengthy discussion about size. We settled on buying two dildos, one about the size of Henry's penis and one a reasonable bit larger. We then worked on a belt to hold them, focusing on my comfort and how securely the belt would hold the dildo as I used it on Henry.

He continued to be mortified about what other customers were hearing. I'm sure he was also mortified for the owner to be learning all of this information about him. I couldn't help bu share with Henry how excited I was to look forward to using these dildos after seeing his collection of photos on his PC about pegging. I was so happy that it would excite him. I have to admit that I was also aware of the reaction of the growing number of customers in the store.

No one was leaving and everyone seemed to be staying close to us in the store in order to hear what we were saying. At this point, I asked Henry if there was anything else he would like to look for in the store. He quickly replied that there was not.

As the owner began to check us out, I left Henry at the register alone to pay for the items we had selected. I returned just as he signed the credit card slip. I thanked the owner for being so helpful and let her know that we would be back.

She returned a very big and kind smile as she shared that she loves to be of service. When we got back to the car, I asked Henry how he felt about our little shopping trip. I was very pleased to hear him say he loved it, but it was extremely embarrassing. Further conversation confirmed that the embarrassment was OK and loved, as well. When we discussed what to do next, it was very clear that we were both ready to head to Henry's home and play - even when I reminded him that he was still going to be punished for not having shaved.

I also let him know that I now planned to shave him myself. I heard no argument from Henry. So I will pick up here with my next sharing. Several days after that first play time, Henry and I met for coffee again. It didn't take him long to ask if I'd like to play again. When I agreed, he invited me to his home, if I was comfortable with coming there. By that time I was feeling OK about it, and I agreed.

Henry suggested we do another role play, this time using an office setting. He explained that he has a large home office with a large desk and sitting area that would provide a good setting.

He also suggested that I be his boss who has discovered that he has a large amount of pornography on his work computer and has been masturbating in his office. Finally, she said that I could bring whatever toys and implements I'd like, but that he has a large collection from which I can pick things to use on him.

It was at this time that I began to realize how deeply Henry was involved with spanking and kinky sexual activities. When I arrived at Henry's home on the designated evening, we first sat in his sun room and had a cup of tea. I think he was trying to make sure I was comfortable being in his home. He then took me to his home office, which is located in the basement. He explained that the basement was designed as an in-law's apartment and contains a living area which is now his office with a sitting area as part of it , a bedroom with attached bathroom and a small kitchenette.

I suggested that the setting for the role play be that I have called Henry into my office to discuss a serious matter. He would arrive, not knowing what issue was to be discussed. He was agreeable to this plan. I then asked him to show me where the pornography is located on his computer and where he keeps his spanking toys. After he dis so, I then asked Henry to leave the room and return in 15 minutes for his appointment with me. I thought that would give me sufficient time to review the type of pornography contained on his computer and make some decisions about spanking implements.

Before he left, Henry shared with me that I could spank him harder than what I previously did. He told me that he actually enjoys quite a hard spanking. I thanked him for sharing that. I then asked him how he felt about being completely submissive to a woman. He provided the answer that I expected, which confirmed my preliminary plan to step things up a bit during this play time with Henry. My brief review of the porn folders on his PC also confirmed the extent of his kinky interests, especially spanking.

When Henry returned, I put on my stern and serious face and directed him to take a seat in the chair to the side of my desk. I then calmly, but sternly advised him that our IT office had discovered a serious amount of pornography on his computer and a history of him visiting pornographic websites while he was working.

He first tried to deny everything, but quickly realized it wasn't working. I then told him that we have security cameras in everyone's office and asked him if he had been doing anything in his office that he wouldn't want anyone to see. He played the role quite well.

He stammered and hemmed and hawed and eventually said "no". But he then asked why I brought that up. I just said "I think you know" and added that it was interesting to watch a man masturbate. I then suggested to Henry that we needed to talk seriously about his situation. I explained that I should fire him. I quickly added that I really didn't want to do that because he was such a productive employee. I also added that I was willing to find an alternative solution. He was very open to that, so I explained that I also enjoy the kinky sexual aspects of life.

I offered that, based upon the porn on his computer, he would like to be spanked by a woman. I suggested that I would not fire him if he was willing to submit to corporal punishment from me for this situation and any future work related performance issues. Henry quickly agreed.

I then informed Henry that I would start out with a prolonged spanking and asked him to tell me his favorite position. Since he had a folder labeled "spanking positions" on his PC, I suggested that he show me his favorite.

This is what he selected. He then showed me a video of the same gentleman being spanked in this position. It was quite interesting. He bottom was thoroughly spanked, but so was the head of his penis and the tender areas around his anus and lower bottom. It was quite a spanking. After making Henry strip, I placed him in this very position and thoroughly spanked him in the same way. I was amazed to see that he remained hard through out the entire spanking. That made me decide to give him a very hard spanking with an implement.

I suggested that he provide me with his favorite spanking implement. I was a bit surprised when asked me to use a leather sandal that I was wearing this was back in warmer weather. I quickly agreed.

After turning him back over my knee, I proceeded to apply the heavy soled sandal quite vigorously to his bottom. This time his erection disappeared and he did a lot of squirming and begging me to stop.

We eventually retreated back to his sunroom for a glass of wine, which gave us time to discuss what had taken place and our budding relationship.

We each agreed that we would like to continue. However, I suggested that our next play time should be a bit different. I shared with Henry that it should not be a role play, but something real. And I added that it should be completely controlled by me. I wanted to see just how far he was willing to go with giving me control. Henry quickly agreed and we decided that I would get in touch with him when I had made some plans.

If Susan wants me to do so, I'll continue to share how our relationship developed. I have never tried to write in a journal or share things about myself, so this is a huge challenge to me. But I thought I could give it a try and see how things go. I realize Susan has shared some things about Henry and me, but I thought it might be best if I start from the beginning.

I have to thank Susan for introducing me the the kinky life she and Barry enjoy. I would have never explored this area if were not for them. And, I would have never met Henry. I met him through a personal ad he placed in FetLife. It was totally unlike me to look or respond to something like this, but I'm very glad I did.

Henry is in his early fifties and has never been married. But he has led a very interesting life and has a very kind and gentle spirit about him. He is also very kinky and submissive, which are two traits I have come to appreciate in a man since my husband passed away at too early an age. I ended up meeting Henry for coffee at a local Starbucks one afternoon.

We ended up spending three hours over coffee. It was amazing how much we had in common. After two vanilla dates, we were still enjoying each other, and Henry asked me if I would consider exploring his kinky side with him.

When I agreed, we decided that he would come to my home and explore a simple role play. I asked him what he would like it to be. Without hesitation he shared that he would like to play the role of an older teenage boy 17 or 18 and have me play the role of his new stepmother.

He suggested that our role play begin with his stepmother confronting him with evidence that he has been peeping on his teenage stepsister and has been borrowing her panties and using them to masturbate.

He indicated that I could punish him in anyway I thought appropriate, and even indicated that I could make him masturbate in front of me if I so desired. That was my first clue that Henry might be overly attracted to masturbation. We set up a date and time and I suggested to Henry that he could bring a long a few of his favorite spanking toys for me to consider using to punish him.

I also planned to borrow a few things from Susan. Henry arrived on the designated evening dressed appropriately casually for a teenaged boy. I was dressed appropriately maturely. After some normal small talk, including Henry showing me the three spanking implements he brought along, I suggested that we start in the family room where Henry would be watching a sports event on TV.

Henry made himself comfortable with the TV turned on. I shortly appeared and began to confront him about his behavior. I informed him that his step-sister Molly had told me that he had walked in on her in the bathroom without knocking on two separate occasions and that several pair of her panties had recently gone missing.

Henry, of course denied everything, but didn't have much to say when I produced three pair of Molly's panties that I had found under his bed. He also had no good answer when I asked him to explain what appeared to be cum stains on the panties.

His sole response was that he didn't understand what I was talking about. I finally got to the point where I informed him that it was very clear to me what he had done and that I planned to punish him appropriately. I then proceeded with requiring him to remove his shirt and trousers and come stand before me. I then slowly lowered his underwear as I continued to scold him about his behavior.

I also talked about how I was going to spank him. As I did this, Henry became quite aroused. I used this as a reason to justify that he needed to be punished. I ended up turning Henry over my knee and giving him a very prolonged spanking with the implements he brought a ruler, hairbrush, and a small wooden paddle. I decided not to use the items I had selected I also wanted to keep this first meeting at a moderate level and made a conscious decision to not make him masturbate.

There will be time for that later. I was also very much aware of the fact that Henry still had an erection when we finished. Saturday, December 3, News Flash. Life has been busy, including some fun events together with Carol and Henry.

However, I just haven't had the time and energy to appropriately share them. I promise to do so soon. However, this weekend I have some exciting news that must be shared. Carol and Henry are going to get married. I know it may seem a bit quick, but their relationship has developed very nicely and they both are extremely happy together.

In the meantime, Carol is in the process of moving into Henry's house while she puts hers on the market. I am extremely happy for both of them.

I suggested that she start her own blog, but she is not game for that. However, she has expressed a willingness to periodically write and share along with me in this blog. I think she will bring another perspective to how we deal with the needs of our subbie hubbies Wednesday, October 26, Henry's Playroom.

Henry was away last weekend, but suggested to Carol that she introduce Barry and me to his playroom while he would be gone. He thought it might be easier for Barry if the three of us explored and tried out some of his toys without him being part of the process. Barry and I thought that was very kind of him and liked to idea, so we accepted Carol's invitation to visit it Sunday afternoon. We were each very amazed and the three of us had a fun time.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Henry had been seeing professional doms and disciplinarians prior to meeting Carol. His playroom is part of an unused in-law apartment in his basement. As you enter the apartment from the outside or a staircase in the home, you enter what would have been the living room. Henry now uses that room as his home office and a sitting area.

The office area serves an office setting for appropriate role plays; and the sitting area provides a lovely domestic setting for OTK spanking, light domination, etc. As we entered the room, my eyes were immediately drawn to a two foot heavy oak ruler on the top of the desk, as well as a crock sitting on the floor in the corner containing several canes. What was originally designed to be the bedroom had been converted to an exercise room by the previous owner complete with mirrors on the walls and a flat screen wall mounted TV..

Henry has now converted this room to a very tasteful room containing his 'heavy' furniture. This currently includes a wonderful spanking bench and an old gynecological exam chair that he purchased on eBay. It also contains other serious equipment such as his collection of paddles and straps; as well as a Venus penis milking device and electrical stimulation toys.

Off the former bedroom is a larger bathroom, which contains a large walk-in shower and significant floor space. The space allows for fairly large wicker bench 2 x 3' and a rolling medical stand that holds a medical grade two quart enema bag.

The facility is quite impressive. After giving us a tour, Carol asked us if we'd like to play. We quickly took her up on the offer. We started out with the spanking bench. Henry didn't want us to take any photos in his home, which we respect. However, Barry found his bench on line. Carol didn't waste any time in getting Barry secured to it. Once Barry was on it, I fell in love with it. It presented his bottom in a wonderful position for spanking and his legs were spread quite wide, so it allowed options for many other types of play.

Carol was also very nice to make sure that his genitals were pulled back and fully exposed as she secured him to the bench. I had toyed with buying a bench similar to this a couple of years ago, but was afraid to have it in our home. It is truly a fun piece of furniture. I wanted to keep our play fun, but I also wanted to try some of Henry's toys that were new to me.

I started with a wonderful bamboo paddle. I suspected that it would provide a lot of sting If anyone remembers the "SpankingMyHusband" blog by Deirdre, you may recall that she used to secure her husband, Evan, to a bench and then spank him for a predetermined period of time.

I decided to use that technique with Barry. I announced that he would receive a five minute paddling with the bamboo paddle. It was then that Carol suggested we attach some electrodes to his penis and use the electrical stimulation device to keep him excited.

So, with his penis undergoing constant stimulation, I began to paddle him at a reasonable intensity for five minutes. I managed to maintain a wonderful balance of making him feel the paddle, but never losing his erection. I then selected what appeared to be a very old leather belt from Henry's collection of implements.

It was about two inches wide and very soft and supple. However, it was clear that it had a different impact on Barry It was then that Carol asked if I had ever used a cane on Barry. I had not, and I heard Barry grown and softly say "Please, no". Carol went out to the office and returned with a selection of canes. She and I chose a relatively thin one and she asked if I would like her to demonstrate how to use it. I agreed and she gave Barry several light strokes as she demonstrated proper technique to me.

I took over and started out quite gradually. However, when I finished, I had left three very pronounce stripes across the lower portion of his bottom. By this time, even with the electrical stimulation, Barry was quite soft.

We then discussed other possibilities with the spanking bench, especially how easy it would be to make a spit roast out of Barry with each of using strapons. However, we decided to leave that for a later time. I was much to anxious to get Barry on the exam chair.

Again, this is not a photo of the actual chair. Henry had purchased his on ebay. It was a bit older, but it was similar to this photo. It had arm rests to which Barry's arms could be secured; and leg rests that spread his legs.

It also left his genital area and anus completely exposed. Once Barry was secured in it, I began play with him and tease him. His erection came back to life.

Carol then showed me how to use the electrical stimulation toy with a large butt plug that would then pulsate in his bottom. Since the chair's height is adjustable, Carol also pointed out how easy it would be to peg him and be able to watch his facial expressions and play with his genitals Carol then showed me how to use the Venus penis pump.

She installed the cylinder over his penis and set it to slowly pump him. She then suggested that we go have a cup of tea and talk about Henry's play room. I agreed; and we left Barry with a butt plug pulsating in his bum hole and his penis being slowly pumped.

We enjoyed the tea in the office, so we could be aware of Barry's sounds of arousal and frustration. When we returned to him about a half hour later, Barry was clearly in need of relief.

Carol then showed me how to turn up the Venus to a rate that quickly brought him to orgasm. However, Carol was not showing any interest in quickly turning it off. Consequently, it continued to pump on Barry's spent organ, which caused him a deal of frustration.

We subsequently released Barry from his ordeal and we all enjoyed a glass of wine together as we debriefed and talked about Henry's wonderful playroom. Thursday, October 6, The Rest of the Story. However, I have decided to share what took place with Barry and me on Monday evening.

Even after my meeting with Carol, I was still dealing with my feelings of jealousy towards her because of Barry spanking her. I was convinced that the reason he had such an erection while spanking her was because it was her bottom. I was sure that spanking me would not have generated the same response. Carol tried to reassure me that Barry will have the same reaction from spanking me as he did from spanking her. She even challenged me to try it and see if I can prove her wrong.

She told me about how sexy it makes her feel and how much Henry loves it. Later Monday night, I ended up taking her advice. I told Barry that I would meet him in the family room in a few minutes. I stayed in the bedroom and changed into the outfit I wore Sunday night. When I entered the family room, Barry was sitting on a dining chair in the middle of the room, wearing only his pajama bottoms, waiting for me. After calling me over to his side, he told me how much he loved the outfit I was wearing.

He then told me that I had been a very naughty girl lately and deserved a good spanking. He then gently took me over his knee and started going through the same routine he did with Carol. At that point I began to relax. By the time my panties had been lowered, his tent pole felt huge and he also began to put his fingers between my legs and search for my clitoris.

At this point I began to feel extremely emotional and upset with myself for having let jealousy take over my life. I started to shed some tears of joy and frustration all mixed into one. Barry immediately sensed that something was different and he asked me what was wrong. I then shared with him about the jealousy I had been feeling and how guilty I felt about it.

And, I asked him to spank me much harder to remind me to never let jealousy take over again. He then began to do just that. It was a wonderful feeling. When he finally finished, he sat me on his lap and hugged me and told me how much he loved me and how sexy I was. After a few moments, I slid off his lap onto my knees in front of him and gently exposed his rock hard penis. He smiled back as I lowered my head and began to lick his tent pole.

Barry got on his back on the bed and guided my pelvis over his face where we could then offer each other mutual oral pleasure. Suffice it to say that it was a wonderful evening which took away my feelings of jealousy and my guilt for having them. Now you know "the rest of the story"! Monday, October 3, The Masturbation Competition.

Last night was the masturbation competition between Henry and Barry. We decided to have dinner at our house. When Carol and Henry arrived it was clear that Carol had dressed for the occasion. I could also tell that she was wearing a garter belt and stockings underneath it. I also dressed in what I thought would be appropriate to administer a disciplinary hairbrush spanking to Barry since I expected him to lose, I thought I would dress in a way that he enjoys when being spanked.

I was wearing a snug black pencil skirt and a fitted white blouse. I was also wearing my sexiest white bra that reveals significant cleavage along with a garter belt and stockings. The Challenge. We enjoyed a relaxing informal dinner, after which we retired to the family room and lit a fire in the fireplace. Carol said that she was sure both men were wondering why they had been allowed to not wear a chastity device tonight Carol and I had agreed on that, as well as telling them only that we were planning a special surprise activity for them after dinner … and that they would not need their cages for it.

After we settled down by the fire, Carol then explained that we have planned a friendly competition between the men. However, he kept quiet and let Carol continue. She explained that she and I would enjoy watching them masturbate; and she added that we had decided upon a way to make it interesting and fun.

She explained that the goal would be to be the first one to climax, and that the winner would earn the right to turn Carol over his knee for a friendly bare-bottomed hand spanking. It was clear that he was thoroughly motivated by the possibility of getting to spank Carol. Henry was not so quick to accept the challenge, which concerned me a little bit. However, he eventually agreed to be part of the competition. The Rules. Carol then provided the following ground rules:.

Spanking is not to be so hard as to cause Carol significant pain. This length and severity of this spanking will be determined solely by Susan. The loser must endure whatever she chooses to dish out.

After Barry and Henry agreed to the above rules, Carol and I seated ourselves comfortably on the sofa and Carol directed them to remove all of their clothing. I was surprised to see that Henry was now wearing panties. As they became visible, I nudged Carol and smiled approvingly. She smiled back. The Competition Begins.

Once they were naked, we had the men position themselves in front of us. Then Carol stood up. Turning her bottom towards them she placed one hand on it and reminded them that the winner would get to spank her. I then held up a heavy wooden hairbrush and reminded them that the loser would get to experience a heavy dose of it.

May the best man win. It was quite interesting and somewhat amusing to watch the two men start to masturbate. However, this quickly became interesting. Requiring them both to be flacid at the start was not an issue. It was apparent that each of them was embarrassed by having to strip in front of each other and Carol and me. As they began, I could tell that each was trying to mentally overcome that embarrassment and to achieve arousal. It was also clear that each was also keeping an eye on the other one.

Henry achieved an erection first, which was no surprise. Once he did, he started to work vigorously to bring himself to a climax. Henry then began to work harder, but not as hard as Barry.

Carol and I both looked at each other and were quite puzzled. We Have a Winner. After a number of minutes, Barry climaxed into his wine glass. Apparently, that was one secret that Carol had not shared with Henry. I needed some time to prepare myself for what was to follow. I did not expect to have to watch Barry spank my sister. And, I did not expect to have to provide a disciplinary spanking to Henry.

While Carol and I were alone in the kitchen preparing dessert, I asked her if she knew what was going on with Henry. I asked her if I should try to sort it out when I gave him the disciplinary spanking. She agreed that I should. Carol Gets Spanked. After having dessert by the fire, I brought a dining room chair into the room and placed it facing the sofa, about four feet in front of it.

I announced that I thought the winner should go first, so Barry took his place on the chair and directed Carol to come stand by his side. As she got up to join him, Henry joined me on the sofa and I reminded Barry of the rules that were established about spanking Carol. I also told him that he had better follow them completely or he would find himself getting a disciplinary spanking along with Henry. I could tell that Barry was enjoying this moment immensely.

He guided Carol into a position over his lap, using his right hand to grasp her bottom as he did so. He then took his time shifting her a bit to get her into a comfortable position for him to spank. It only served to accentuate her already shapely behind.

Barry then asked Carol and me if it was OK if he began the spanking over her dress instead of starting out immediately on her bare bottom. We each agreed. I figured it was that much less time that he would have to observe and touch her bare bottom. Barry then asked Carol if she was ready for him to begin. After each spank, he allowed his hand to remain on her bottom for a second or two.

I had to force myself not to make a comment to remind him to behave himself. I also had trouble watching what was happening. I also wanted to watch his right hand to see what he was doing. You can probably guess that I was a mess! However, I managed to keep myself together. After several minutes of rhythmic spanking, Barry eventually announced to Carol that it was time to raise her dress and asked her if that was OK. I had to admit that he was being the perfect gentleman that I know him to be.

Carol replied affirmatively. Barry then slowly slid her dress up above her waist to reveal, what I am sure, she had worn to please Henry. As he did so, he revealed stocking tops attached to a silver grey garter belt, and a bottom encased in sheer pink panties.

Again, a perfect gentleman. I was focused on watching what was happening, but by the sound I heard emitted next to me by Henry, I was aware that it took his breath away. My mind was in overdrive at this point. He asked her if she objected. When she said that she did not, he slipped his finger tips into the waist band of the panties. As he did so, Carol raised her bottom slightly to allow him to lower them. Barry slowly lowered them to her knees. I could tell, even from where I was sitting, that she was providing Barry with a delightful view.

It also appeared that Carol was cleanly shaved in that exposed region. Resting his hand on her bottom again, Barry announced to Carol that this is when a real spanking takes place. He then resumed spanking, not any harder than before, but at an increased pace. Barry immediately paused and asked her if she was OK. When she replied affirmatively, he resumed the spanking at a similar pace, but with less force. After another minute of causing Carol to squirm, he announced to her that he was going to administer ten hard spanks rather rapidly, which would be the end of her spanking.

He asked if she thought she could take that. Carol was very actively squirming and groaning after the first five, but she took them all. When he finished, he patted her bottom again and told her it was a lovely shade of pink, which should nicely match her panties.

Barry then helped her to her feet. She immediately reached down to pull up her panties. Since her back was facing me, I could see that Barry was correct about the shade of pink. His eyes were fixed on her crotch.

At this point, Barry thanked Carol for allowing him to spank her and told her that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Carol immediately responded that she did; and that it was obvious that he did. Barry hesitated to stand, and she reached out a hand to help him.

There was definitely a tent pole in his pants! A Surprise for Barry. Carol then stated that she thought Barry needs to get rid of his erection; and she proposed that he be required to masturbate for us again. She also justified her request by stating that she helped him get that erection, so she should get to say how he relieved it. Barry looked shocked. Jealousy again reared its ugly head in me. And, feeling a need to punish Barry, I quickly agreed.

We then took a break for a second cup of coffee before proceeding. Time to Sort Things Out with Henry. I then stood up from the sofa and turned to Henry who was sitting next to me.

I could tell that my abruptness took him by surprise, which was the effect I wanted. As I did this, Carol and Barry moved to the sofa. After being pressed further, he finally admitted that he had decided that he really wanted to experience being spanked by me, so he decided that by losing the contest, he would get what he considered to be the winning prize.

Carol piped up and asked what happened to his desire to spank her bottom. Henry, unwisely, remarked that he thought he could talk her into that when they were alone, but getting spanked by me was harder to arrange.

The Christian wife-spanking movement [TW] | Morgan Guyton

From the front page of the Los Angeles Times 70 years ago today, Jan. The Iowa housewives who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary—Daughters of Spanking Parents.

Any girl above the age of 11 years is eligible to join, Mrs. Rae wrote. Spanking creates a better understanding between parents and daughters. I am a spanking husband, I started spanking my wife soon after we married and on the advise of my father in law.

It came about when I complained to him about his daughter, about her over spending, staying out late and behaving as if she was still a single girl. He turned around and told me that I was not being firm enough with her and that I should take her across my knee take her panties down and give her a good sound spanking because if I did not she was going to make my life difficult and unpleasant. I took his advise and 21 years later I am still spanking my wife when the need arises.

My husband biggest would have to be attitude and putting myself in any danger. So when he caught me sitting in the dark by the lake by myself he felt that was a warrant for my Ass to be spanked and he thinks as well heat to the sest is the best. I am 25 and spanked by my husband, we married a little over a year ago, he is older than me by 20 years.

When I have broken one of his major rules overspending, lying, disobedience he escorts me to his study with a firm hand on my bottom. Then he pulls my panties down and spanks my bottom, HARD. After that he removes a large wooden school style paddle from his desk drawer, pulls my panties back up for the first few swats and then lowers them again all the way and gives me at least ten wallops with the paddle completely bare until I literally fall into the corner clutching my behind.

Later he takes me in my arms and gently rubs my sore bottom and helps me get my panties back up smoothing them with is hand over my swollen ass and patting me very lightly on the rear as we leave his study.

I am a spanking husband and spank my wife when she needs it. I really enjoy the posts from the womens poiint of view. I enjoyed the posts here. I both like to be spanked with the hand, paddle, ruler, etc.

I need the focus on the homefront. Go to spankfinder. You could also try groups, such as on Yahoo!. I dream of Jeannie…I may have already met you on the web…maybe I could help you. I live in Chicago, am a happily married lady at My husband spanks me and I will be honest, when he travels out of town for extended periods of time, I cannot wait until he gets home.

Luckily I have not had another man paddle me but I have come very close! I was spanked all weekend because, i would not learn to just say ok and do what was aske of me. I am still wearing a sore bottom, but i dont question what my boyfriend says to do. When i know what he is saying is for the good. It all started when we were a couple before marriage. Won day she got angry at me and we started to argue. She did not like it at all and we had an argument for days after.

Technically it was my fault but as a man i had a had time saying that i was wrong. I agreed because i loved her so much. We had many arguments but never as long. She told me to go to our bedroom and wait for her.

And paddled me over the make up table man it heart. I realized that this is what i need. But ad least wons a week. That is 1 of her rules even if i did nothing it keeps me strait. She tried less it dose not work. I got spank for punishment many times by my daddy and now by my husband. Daddy uses belt and canes. Husband uses cable as well. He spanks whenever and wherever I am naughty atleast time per month.

Of cause, very painful. I hate it but I agree that it is needed for me to be good woman. I am a very attractive woman, 26 years old.

My parents used to spank me growing up but not enough to be effective. I was a true brat, dressed like a slut, and men dropped at my feet. After dating about 4 years with about 15 guys, I realized something was missing. I began to think I was a lesbian. It just seemed that every guy I met was a wimp.

Then when I was in college, I got really drunk one night and barfed everywhere then fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning I was on my belly with my wrists and feet tied to the bed. My roomie beat the living s— out of my ass with a hairbrush, paddle, thick leather belt and a tree branch.

When I apologiged to my roomie the next day, she told me that she was spanked by her boyfriend quite often and he would never stop until she was crying and begging. NOW to the point about DD relationships. About 2 years ago, I met a handsome dude, who treated me like a queen, but before the marriage ceremony, he had already whipped my but with his belt numerous times and told me that I could expect the same treatment forever.

My hubby has spanked me very hard for DUI, telling my boss that he was a neele-dicked, fat, bald, worthless piece of meat. I got caned for that one. The moral of this story is, wait for the right man who has a pair of b—ls and sets reasonable rules, and thank him for punishing you. One last example. Last week I told hubby that I needed to be punished. I admitted that I had started smoking again, after having quit for 2 years, and that I wanted to be punished so that I would be afraid to do it again.

I agree with your roommate. She taught you a very valuable lesson that you will never forget. Now you are also right when you say stop saying abuse and just obey your husband and save your ass. I spank my wife whenever she is overtly disrespectful towards me or is disobedient. She usually gets paddled only about once every month or so, since she is an excellent wife.

My husband spanks me when I am bad. He punished me last night, which I did deserve. It was hard to sit down and I can still feel it today.

I am glad he does spank me — some times I am desperate for a good spanking. It makes me feel much calmer and loved afterwards. My husband and I have been married 2 years now and I was the one that recently brought this lifestyle up. I firmly believe this has made our marriage so much better on so many levels.

I have always thought of him as the hoh. I am glad we practice spankings and corner time because I need it, and I also know he loves me that much to want to do this. I will be receiving my maintence tonight and believe it or not I am looking foward to it because my behavior has been poor. One night I came home like real drunk, and he whipped my bare bottom with his belt about 50 times. Then he made me stand in the corner for one hour. I hafta say it worked much better than a fine.

Believe me it works! I live in tulsa ok if there is one please let me know. I think I am in BIG trouble today. This morning a loan company decided to run the check that was Needless to say, I am now in a bind to pay the bills my husband thought I was paying. I becane so angry that I went to the loan company and slammed the lady onto the counter!

Yes the police came and they chose not to arrest me. Mother and wife pretty innocent looking but needless to say, I am thinking that my husband is going to punish me. I am divorced now but once I had accumulated some bills he did not know about. He answered a collection call n found out about one of them. After a long talk I confessed about all of them. He came up with a solution to take care of them. He told me to strip down to my panties.

He put me over his knee and began with a panty spanking. After awhile he pulled down my panties and spanked my bare bottom until it was cheery red all over.

Marital spankings

Marital spankings

Marital spankings