Probe meat thermometer with silicone coating-

Accu-Temp Smart Cooking Thermom Accutemp Pro Instant Read Ther Accutemp Compact Folding Thermome Accutemp Wired Meat Thermometer I really liked this thermometer.

Probe meat thermometer with silicone coating

Fats coatinng as fuel, propelling an open flame up to the grill surface, and sometimes higher. The probe is not sold seperately. Sell on Amazon. Amazon Renewed Like-new products you can trust. Indeed they can get grungy! You can use it as both a timer and as thermometer to make sure your food is the perfect temperature to serve safely.

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The great thing about leave-in probe thermometers is that they allow you to track changes in temperature over time and can alert you when you get to your target. But is using them when grilling a good idea?

Grilling is, by definition, cooking food over the intense heat of an open flame. Because of the intensity of the cooking environment, the internal temperature of grilled foods usually increases rapidly—making it easy to miss your target temperatures and overcook. So using a leave-in probe thermometer sometimes called a cooking alarm to track internal temperatures would seem to be a winning idea. In fact, it can be if you use the right kinds of probes and follow a few safety precautions.

There is one thing, though, that can easily burn out even ThermoWorks probes: the flare-up. Flare-ups occur when liquids fats or oils are expelled from meats on the grill and drip down onto the fire or coals. Fats act as fuel, propelling an open flame up to the grill surface, and sometimes higher. Our leave-in probe thermometers and probes are purpose-built for low-and-slow cooking environments, like ovens and smokers. But even our high-quality, high-temp probes can be burnt out by flare-ups on the grill.

The probe tip itself should be safely tucked away in the meat or whatever you are measuring, but you still need to be careful with your cables.

So to help mitigate risk to your probes, here are some steps that careful cooks take to make it possible to use leave-in probes and thermometers like the Smoke, DOT or ChefAlarm while grilling:. Keep all four cables off the grill surface.

If necessary, wrap the probe cable and transition with aluminum foil to further reflect the high heat of flare-ups. You can also use a little foil to group multiple probe cables together, directing them toward the grill grommet or opening and away from the grilling surface.

But since each brand of thermometer actually calibrates their readout electronics to work with their own brand of probes, their electronics might give false readouts with our probes. While our probes are designed to be best of class each batch is tested to make sure they meet our high-quality standards and are much heartier than those of our competitors, all cooking probes—no matter what type they are, how expensive they are, or who makes them—are subject to decay over time due to the harsh conditions they are used in.

Professional BBQ teams always keep extra probes on hand for this reason. Flare-up temperatures are too high for probe cables and transitions and can easily burn them out.

But the simple steps outlined above, if carefully followed, can help you avoid exposing your probe cables to flare-ups or hot spots and help them stay in good working condition. The thermometer featured in the pics for this post appear to be a 4 channel Smoke. Am I correct?

Please let me know! Great Article! I am in need of some way to color code both ends of the probe wires. I usually run three to four probes using the Smoke, ChefAlarm and a Dot. I noticed in your article that the one probe had a green ring and got excited! May I suggest that you consider selling a high-temperature-resistant sleeve to fit over the probe cable when smoking meat so that the lid can be closed? Adam, What you see is Signals. Keep an eye out for an announcement very soon!

How far into the meat does the probe need to be to avoid heat conduction from the grill temperature affecting the temperature at the tip of the probe?

Is that a 4 channel Smoke in the pictures? If a probe or cable does go bad will there be no reading at the meter or will there be an inaccurate reading? What should I be looking out for? I just had this happen this weekend. Is the pictured probe thermometer in this article what I think it is?!?! Hi, I own the Smoke 2-channel Alarm. For deep frying a turkey can either of these probes actually go into the breast and then into the cooking oil while the turkey is cooking? As you know, the peanut oil gets to degrees.

Sadly you cannot submerge it like that. Oil will work its way into the transitions and start to corrode the insulation and the coatings on the wires. Hey — thanks for the article. In my experience GrillGrates are an excellent way to prevent flareups while giving perfect grill marks.

Adriaan, You can buy a Signals from our website and we will ship it to South Africa. Yup, although it was NOT clear and I used a DOT for grilling and it burned out first time, the company was nice enough to replace the probe.

KB, You are not the only one, indeed! Like it says in the article, it really is risky, but it can certainly work. But it is totally a personal decision! This is all very helpful information. However, it would be great for a design that would withstand temperatures approaching degrees. Even at a higher cost, these would be a valuable investment. What is the temperature measuring unit in the picture above?

It has 4 inputs….. Thanks for your informative warning. The thermometer pictured in your article about probe safety has 4 probes plugged into it. Please advise were I can find that one. Thanks for this info on protecting our probes during high heat cooks.

Indeed they can get grungy! A little degreaser kitchen cleaner something like works well. Spray some into a cloth and use the cloth to wipe it down.

I hope that helps! What is the device that shows 4 probes connected. See picture under your item 2. A couple of outdoor cooking groups I follow on Facebook have, allegedly , scoured your Thermoworks site looking for this specific setup. It this gear ready for sale? You spotted it! I am soooo upset! But now you are making a 4 probe version?????

I should have waited. I have a Kamado Joe and a Chef Alarm. Is it safe to use the probe threaded between top lid and top of the main smoking chamber with the heat deflectors in place? The unit seals with a wire mesh fiberglass gasket.

Paul, Watch the angle going in, but it should be ok from a crimping standpoint. Just make sure your cable goes over one of the legs of the deflector! Hoping this 4 channel is going to be compatible with the Gateway. Actually, the Signals has the wifi built in! It needs no gateway to connect with your phone, and it still uses the same app.

It has native Bluetooth and Wifi built in, so no additional equipment is necessary. Nice article. My Smoke probe connects to smoke and the display frequently goes to — — — until I twist it around in socket until temp display comes back on.

Is this typical of a fritzed out probe??? Allan, You might want to give our experts in our Tech Support department a call. Call ThermoWorks at and ask for tech support. Track Your Order. Account Specials. Flare-ups are common while grilling, and can mean the end of a good probe.

So to help mitigate risk to your probes, here are some steps that careful cooks take to make it possible to use leave-in probes and thermometers like the Smoke, DOT or ChefAlarm while grilling: Insert your cooking alarm leave-in probe through the holes and grommets specifically designed for probes on grills rather than closing the cable in the grill lid.

This will help keep the cables off the surface of the grill where it can get too hot. Insert the probe into food on the grill NEAR the grommet or opening, so that the cable does not need to be draped across the grill grates themselves.

ThermoWorks probes have reinforced transitions. ThermoWorks probes feature reinforced heat-resistant transitions and springs around the cables to prevent kinking. ThermoWorks probes feature reinforced cables. ThermoWorks probe cables are insulated and reinforced with silicone or metal braiding for great heat resistance and durability.

Print Friendly. Comments Oooh! Love it! Tom, Keep your eyes out for an announcement soon. Dave, An announcement is coming soon.

They are advising not to have the naked probe sitting in the smoker while using it as an cooking temp probe, probably because it is a food probe and could get damaged at high temps. Enjoy the flavour of cooking over charcoal with this premium kettle. Handle twist design: Can be mounted on any grill at any angle for rotation and positioning. Sample: It is our pleasure to send you our stock sample, for stock sample , we will arrange to send it in days. Outdoor Sports. Durable, easy-clean stainless steel construction Ensures meat is cooked to a safe internal temperature.

Probe meat thermometer with silicone coating

Probe meat thermometer with silicone coating

Probe meat thermometer with silicone coating

Probe meat thermometer with silicone coating. Recent Posts


Accu-Temp Smart Cooking Thermom Accutemp Pro Instant Read Ther Accutemp Compact Folding Thermome Accutemp Wired Meat Thermometer I really liked this thermometer.

However, in spite of the plastic coating, the actual wires in the cord broke after about six uses, just like every other cheap probe thermometer. I'm disappointed. I even emailed Kitchenaid to see if the probe could be replaced but they were no help. At least with the new one I can order new probes if they break. Used less than 10 times, the wires broke inside the metal probe.

Guess what? A nice thermometer is now a piece of junk; no replacement parts. This gadget lasted a total of about 4 months after which it would not display even an accurate ambient room temperature despite "reset", new batteries, etc.

Very disappointed with this product and would NOT recommend this useless piece of In less than a year's use, this thermometer will not work. I purchased it because of the Kitchen Aid name - foolish.

Must be made in China. Should have checked the reviews first. Purchased a little over a year ago, worked great for just over a year and now the digital information is non-functioning.

Another product only as good as the limited One-year Warranty. Looks nice - worked fine for about 20 uses. Then, as several other people have reported, the wires come out from the probe. I thought Kitchen Aide would be better.

I've had this for about three years and used it maybe three or four times a month. Suddenly it starts going off a few minutes after the meat having been put in the oven, the temperature is in the range Fahrenheit or it just shows "Hi", I tap it a bit and the reading goes back to what it should be for about a minute and the alarm goes off again. All this after using the reset button numerous times and several changes of batteries.

I regret this purchase. Temp probe poorly made stopped recording temp due to a break in the wire lead at the top of the probe. The probe is not sold seperately.

If defective, this product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store. Unsure why it would be used in a double boiler as water is either C boiling or not but it is not really intended for that it is typically used as a meat thermometer. However, if you wanted to, you probably could and the clip would work on the edge of the double boiler.

Only challenge would be the shape of the double boiler pot and the angle of the probe, you might end up having the probe rest on side of pot and give improper reading.

Could this thermometer be used to determine the internal temperature of a steak degrees F and then see the temperature of oil for deep-frying degrees F? The KitchenAid Digital Probe Thermometer is undiluted for indoor oven make use of or for monitoring beef temperatures outside upon a barbecue.

With a programmable heat turn underline with involuntary alert, we can name a compulsory heat for your fry as well as afterwards not have to be concerned about checking a thermometer constantly. The stand-up digital arrangement is easy to read, as well as a additional prolonged immaculate steel examine is preferred for in progress incomparable meats.

Requires 2 AAA batteries, included. Programmable heat turn with involuntary alert Extra prolonged immaculate steel probe Easy to examination mount up digital display Perfect for indoor as well as outside use.

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Temp probe made to break after little usage Questions Ask a question. Does the probe stay in the meat while cooking t in the oven? Doesn't the plastic melt Does the plastic on the probe and wire melt if it remains in the turkey with n the oven?

Answer this Question. Thank you for your inquiry. No, it does not. Can I buy the probe separately? Got the thermometer but the probe didn't work for long. How long is the probe? What is the range of temperatures that this thermometer will function at?

Probe meat thermometer with silicone coating