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For perhaps the last decade or so, the metaphor of the inmates running the asylum has seemed to fit the GOP perfectly, what with so many conservatives saying and doing so many batshit insane things. Here are 21 political songs to help you get through the coming Republican Congressional era. Beyond that, the track is worth a listen for its distillation of reggae into wonky, brittle British punk rock and Zappa-esque noodling. Their second album "Hardcore '81" is cited by some as the first usage of the term in reference to their music by a North American punk band. Originally recorded in German, the band later released an English version that also became a hit.

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore

Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris wrote: "the Labor is winning the Reagan era hardcore in the Neesa model Bob Hennelly. Corrosion of Conformity at AllMusic. Hardcore sprouted underground scenes across the United States in the Reagan era hardcore s, particularly in Washington, D. Alternative rock black metal crustcore [8] death eraa emo grunge noise rock post-hardcore screamo skate punk speed metal street punk thrash metal.

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Teanna Kai Mandy Bright The term "Reagan Era" is often used to refer to the United States only during Reagan's presidency, but it has also taken on Reagan era hardcore extended meaning that incorporates other periods. Rolling Stone Australia. The Kansas City's Grammy -nominated Blue Riddim Bandrecorded the satirical track "Nancy Reagan" in about what the band considered to be misguided priorities on the part Bdsm personal ads the President and his wife. In the concurrent congressional electionsRepublicans won several seats in the House Reagan era hardcore Representatives and took control of the Senate for the first time since the s. Nyomi Marcela Mentions of Ronald Reagan in Reagan era hardcore music. Uptown Almanac. Retrieved 2 July

Disco Assault.

  • The appearance of Ronald Reagan in music includes mentions and depictions of the actor-turned-politician in songs, albums, music videos, and band names, particularly during his two terms as President of the United States.
  • The Reagan Era or Age of Reagan is a periodization of recent American history used by historians and political observers to emphasize that the conservative "Reagan Revolution" led by President Ronald Reagan in domestic and foreign policy had a lasting impact.
  • Native to both Kentucky and Arizona, Rachel broke free of her former religious ideals as soon as she was able to fly on her own.
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Retrieved 5 January Huffington Post. Kelly Kline Omnibus Press. Monica Sweet Red wrote the track after having been refused government benefits, and expresses preference for Reagan's western films over his politics.

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore. Navigation menu

Reagan's longevity as a public figure, and the legacy of music written about him, has driven musicians to continue making comment on Reagan well after his political career. While Ronald Reagan began involving himself in politics in the late s and early s, other cultural and political shifts in the United States coalesced to create a surge in protest music.

Simultaneously the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam War fueled folk singers like Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs to write and record numerous topical songs that reached a large fanbase of primarily young people.

In his introduction to "Ringing of Revolution", Ochs sets up the song by speculating on a future where the last of the bourgeoisie are besieged in a mansion atop a hill. Ochs imagines a film based on his own lyrics:. And Lyndon Johnson plays God. Ochs interchanges actors and politicians [7] and pokes fun at Reagan for following in George Murphy's footsteps: [8] Murphy, like Reagan, had been a film actor and became president of the Screen Actors Guild SAG , then went on to be a Republican US Senator for the state of California.

Two decades later, Reagan also ran for office and became California's governor. Tom Lehrer made a similar comparison in his song "George Murphy", which opens:. Helen Gahagan was also an entertainer turned politician, progressing from Broadway to US Congress until Richard Nixon unseated her after claims that Gahagan was " pink down to her underwear".

In Creedence Clearwater Revival mentioned Reagan in their science fiction-inspired song " It Came Out of the Sky " in which a flying saucer landing in the US Midwest spirals into a commercial and political fiasco.

In the song vocalist Paul Kantner recants, "the dogs of a grade-B movie star governor's war" [16] in reference to the previous year's actions taken against students at the University of California, Berkeley to create a People's Park as part of the political counterculture of the s.

While Presidents Johnson and Nixon had come under lyrical fire from songwriters for the role they played in waging war both in Vietnam and against protesters in the US, songs about presidents Ford and Carter were scant in comparison. These attitudes, along with his domestic and foreign policies, made Reagan into a target for a new generation of protest music. After Reagan's election as US president in , many pop music artists responded in their song lyrics.

On another After Reagan's inauguration Prince released the album Controversy , including the song "Ronnie, Talk to Russia," a song that Rolling Stone called a "hastily blurted plea to Reagan to seek disarmament" [36] in which Prince pleads with the president not to start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. In Australian rock band Midnight Oil critiqued American military intervention in other nations' affairs on their single " US Forces. Although the song was performed with the help of musicians from the Cologne rock band BAP and Ina Deter at the heyday of the Neue Deutsche Welle it failed to make a larger impact even with the left alternative scene.

Blues musicians also sang about Reagan. Red wrote the track after having been refused government benefits, and expresses preference for Reagan's western films over his politics. Kennedy two decades earlier. The cover featured the puppet versions of the Reagans that appeared on the show and later starred in the video for " Land of Confusion " by British band Genesis. The song follows Reagan's career to an imagined future in which Jesus Christ can only return after a nuclear apocalypse , and Barrie, as Reagan, quotes Don McLean 's " American Pie " and parts of an Adolf Hitler speech.

On the heels of 's presidential campaign, the rock group Supertramp featured spoken voice-overs from both Reagan and Bush on the right audio channel and their Democratic opponents Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro on the left audio channel during the fade-out for their song "Better Days". You can run They counted wrong," in contrast to Def Leppard's anti-war lyrics. In former Police frontman Sting released " Russians ", with lyrics leveled at Reagan, the Soviets, and both countries' pro-nuclear rhetoric, all set to Sergei Prokofiev 's Lieutenant Kije Suite.

Reagan" mimics Bob Dylan 's protest music of the s but rails against Mrs. Reagan's Just Say No anti-drug campaign. The band continued to perform it until Reagan left office in January Mitchell saw the rise of the religious right as a dangerous and manipulative force on US politics and likened Reagan to a puppet being manipulated by powerful religious leaders.

Mitchell told The Guardian :. Reagan feels that Armageddon is inevitable and it's dangerous when you have a President who thinks that way since he's the one who can call for the pushing of the button.

He sees himself in his personal drama, I think, increasingly as a religious leader and he has public lunches with some of these very powerful evangelists, Pat Robertson and The Club for instance.

In other words, you have the church stroking Reagan and saying "Yes, yes, aren't they saying nasty things about you, they must be communists. Therefore they threaten both you and me. Don't you think we should silence these communists from speaking? U2 's song " Bullet the Blue Sky " from The Joshua Tree was inspired after lead vocalist Bono visited El Salvador during the Salvadoran Civil War and witnessed how the conflict between rebels and the US-backed government affected local civilians.

Bono said the person he had in mind while writing these lyrics was Reagan, whose administration backed the military regimes in Central and South America that Bono encountered on his trip. Stepping Razor 's single "Latin Tears Uncle Sam Is Coming " [63] has the various involvements of US policy and forces in Latin America during the Reagan administration as its main theme, with the lyrics being set from the viewpoint of a child witnessing the events in her village.

Frank Zappa was an outspoken critic of the Reagan presidency and what he saw as a pandering to the religious right wing. During a televised debate on CNN 's Crossfire , Zappa said, "The biggest threat to America today is not communism , it's moving America toward a fascist theocracy.

And everything that's happened during the Reagan administration is steering us right down that pipe. Written and recorded during Reagan's final year in office, the song's last line thanks God that "he went back to California.

In the s, punk rock emerged as an antithesis to establishment, authority, and the status quo, and by , president-elect Reagan became a prime pariah for punks to rally against in both the United States and abroad. Some punk bands even named themselves after the president or events related to him, the first being the anarcho-punk band Reagan Youth who formed in Queens, New York in as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Hitler Youth.

Hinckley eventually attempted to kill the president as a means to impress the actress. Giger 's Penis Landscape painting as an insert the album Frankenchrist.

Singer Jello Biafra chose to include in the album the first time he saw it, saying, "This picture is like Reagan America on parade. Other songs deride members of the Reagan administration, including Attorney General Edwin Meese , and the band recorded an updated cover version of The Fugs song "CIA Man" to be about atrocities committed by the Central Intelligence Agency during Reagan's presidential terms. Other bands during that part of the '80's, both major and not-so-major acts, were really getting on the political bandwagon for one stupid reason or another.

They were all so fucking serious, trying to be a voice for a generation or some shit like that, but worst of all they remained within the parameters of social acceptability. There was also a big censorship flap going on at the time. We looked at it as a chance to catch up with our obscenity quota. Many of these groups, along with the Dead Kennedys, organized a series of " Rock Against Reagan " concerts and tours to infuse awareness of then-current politics into the punk subculture.

Some hardcore punk songwriters made a conscious decision to avoid putting Reagan in their lyrics. In wanting his music to outlast the administration, Washington, DC , musician Ian MacKaye , who was in the bands Minor Threat , Embrace , Pailhead , and Fugazi during the Reagan years, has said, "I remember clearly resisting the urge to put the word 'Reagan' in any of the songs".

When the drunk-rock group Murphy's Law praised Reagan and his films in their song "California Pipeline", fans could take it as either actual pro- Republican patriotism, or a tongue-in-cheek take on anti-Reagan irony.

By the late s, references to Reagan in hardcore music had become so commonplace that the joke was no longer on the president, but on a punk scene where bands were practically obliged to put a Reagan song on their setlist or album. As hip-hop came of age during the s, Ronald Reagan became the first president to make mention of its music and culture, and Reagan in turn became the first major political figure to recur as a subject in the genre.

In P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins and Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads teamed up as the supergroup Bonzo Goes to Washington [94] named for Reagan's early s films Bedtime for Bonzo and Bonzo Goes to College [95] to release a single that heavily sampled the president saying, "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever.

We begin bombing in five minutes ," during a microphone test. The single's B-side also sampled Walter Mondale talking about Reagan. The Kansas City's Grammy -nominated Blue Riddim Band , recorded the satirical track "Nancy Reagan" in about what the band considered to be misguided priorities on the part of the President and his wife.

The song was later versioned by Ranking Roger in and by Big Youth in The rise of the importance of music videos coincided with Reagan's presidency with the launch of MTV midway into his first year in office. Also in , Frankie Goes to Hollywood released a video for their anti-war song " Two Tribes " featuring actors playing Ronald Reagan and Russian leader Konstantin Chernenko who were fighting as though they were professional wrestlers. The video was televised several times during the Democratic National Convention.

In Genesis collaborated with the producers of British sketch comedy show Spitting Image on the music video for their song " Land of Confusion. Reagan appeared as an actor and spokesperson on spoken word recordings as early as and was first pictured on album covers in the early s. In his speech, Reagan purports that Social Security is a socialist attempt to supplant private savings, and eventually concludes that, "Pretty soon your son won't decide when he's in school, where he will go or what he will do for a living.

He will wait for the government to tell him. The first musical album which featured Reagan on the cover was Ronald Reagan Recommends Award Winning Music from Hollywood , a promotional item produced by General Electric during Reagan's tenure as their spokesperson from to Both in his two terms as governor and during his run for the presidency, Reagan was introduced with the pop americana standard, " California Here I Come ".

Soon after Reagan's speech, Springsteen expressed discontent with the president and his policies, and "Born in the U. Reagan's team then reached out to John Cougar Mellencamp to use his song " Pink Houses " and were turned down. The Beach Boys had played a free concert on the National Mall every July 4 since until Watt declared that rock music attracted "the wrong element" and that the administration was "not going to encourage drug abuse and alcoholism as was done in past years.

Reagan's speech made several references to Jackson's songs. From the opening remark, "Well, isn't this a thriller? In , thrash metal band Municipal Waste formed the spinoff group, Iron Reagan. The band's name pays double tribute to the s with a nod to the group Iron Maiden who enjoyed heavy airplay on MTV during Reagan's presidency.

Musical references to Reagan continued to persist in the late s. Bright Eyes founder Conor Oberst 's song "A Little Uncanny" comments on Reaganomics and explores the irony that Reagan's charisma distracted from the darker side of his policies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mentions of Ronald Reagan in popular music. This article may have too many links to other articles , and could require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

Per the Wikipedia style guidelines , please remove duplicate links, and any links that are not relevant to the context. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding subheadings. August We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes. Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 26 August Britannica Educational Publishing. Retrieved 27 August Phil Ochs in Concert.

Elektra Records. Die at the Right Time! Gegensatz Press. The Washingtonian. Washington Magazine, Incorporated. July In his patter before 'Ringing of Revolution' Ochs's patter was itself one of his genres, a famous form of political commentary , he acidly casts a movie about Vietnam 'and Ronald Reagan plays George Murphy'. The New York Times. Retrieved 30 January New Brunswick, N. Free Republic. Retrieved 24 August We're with Ya, John!

New York: Little Brown. John Fogerty: An American Son. London: Routledge. Bearded Gentlemen Music. Retrieved February 5, The Daily Californian. Archived from the original on 18 September Tihe Daily Californian. Berkeley Daily Gazette. May 30, Microhistory and World Report. Retrieved July 23, San Francisco Chronicle. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 9 October Rosamond Press. The Washington Post. Retrieved 1 February Stick this in your memory hole. Retrieved 15 December Banned: Censorship of Popular Music in Britain: — Ashgate Publishing.

Radio 1 remained wary in the political arena and in its legal department advised Heaven 17 that their hit 'We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing' libelled American President Ronald Reagan by calling him a 'fascist'. So the BBC dropped it Retrieved 8 July Rolling Stone. The Pop Culture Experiment.

Retrieved 31 January Rolling Stone Australia. Archived from the original on 9 May Retrieved 19 September Chicago Tribune. In , he ran for the Australian Senate as a candidate for the fledgling Nuclear Disarmament Party. Retrieved 17 July Retrieved 1 September Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. MTV News. Diamond Foxxx Jayden Jaymes Ava Rose Isis Love Catalina Cruz Jasmine Byrne Tyra Banks Ann Angel Annette Schwarz Christine Alexis Selena Spice Lucia Tovar Ginger Lynn Avena Lee Bobbi Eden Zdenka Podkapova Jayna Oso Vanessa Cooper Samantha Ryan Suzie Diamond Nevaeh Nikita Denise Mia Stone Mili Jay Leanna Sweet Lux Kassidy Ally Celeste Star Charlotte Stokely Paulina James Christina Bella Katie Morgan Regina Ice Ginger B Mandy Bright Karina Kay Prinzzess Sahara Brooke Belle Veronica Rayne Courtney Cummz Lena Nicole Mandy Lynn Kina Kai Amia Miley Tia Ling Sabrina Maree Rachel Aziani Holly Sampson Lovely Vanessa Teanna Kai Teri Weigel Stacy Silver Stephanie Swift Suzie Carina Rachel Elizabeth Roxy Deville Xoxo Leah Leah Luv Lexie Marie Lindsey Meadows Adriana Malkova Alyssa Lovelace Angelina Crow Cameron Cruise Carmen Gemini Daria Glower Kelly Kline Kirsten Andrews Angel Kiss Anita Pearl Sugar Baby Veronica Da Souza Wivien Misty Anderson Renae Cruz Erin Avery Jasmine Tame Cassandra Cruz Kelly Wells Heather Summers Brooke Skye Alexis Silver Alicia Tyler Maria Bellucci Franziska Facella Dylan Ryder Pamela Spice Alexa Loren Carmen Hayes Angelina Ash Misty Stone Brittanys Bod Kimberly Kato Lisa Sparxxx Barbie Cummings Ashley Long Cassie Young Gianna Lynn Ginger Jolie Jenni Gregg Jezebelle Bond Stracy Stone Diana Doll Samantha Star Marlie Moore Monica Miller

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Disco Assault. Very soon we head to the studio for the first time in five years. The last two years we have been back actively playing and writing. We're looking to put out our first full length with label info pending. Check out the upcoming shows page for details as they come together.

Looks like the "Dinner In America" movie is in lock down, not too sure what that means but guess it's close to being done. Our drummer Matty had a role as the drummer in the movie go figure and there are cameos from two other band members The script was good and the actors we interacted with were awesome. We're stoked to be a part of the movie and can't wait to see it on the screen! Dinner In America. The movie will include some band cameos on top of the songs we recorded for the soundtrack.

The video is in post production with plans to be released in early This site was designed with the.

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore

Reagan era hardcore