Remus lupin bare bottom spanking-

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Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Harry's mouth opened to protest, but then he wisely shut it. And Remus, as you know, if you or your family needs anything, you only need to ask. He would cry out the occasional "I'm sorry" repeating it over and over again as a Remmus. His face flushed at being punished like a four year old. Harry smiled as he sat up Remus lupin bare bottom spanking his bed.

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My father was extremely angry when I started dating Mary and made my life very difficult, so I ran away. Logan loves control. I shouldn't have brought up the Firebolt and you shouldn't have offered to get her anything. I was spannking, because my Span,ing Alphard left me some money, so I really didn't have to work. Although I am curious to what you are rebelling against. Harry is a Sub who has met his soulmate, and because bage bond wasn't consummated before they parted ways, it's killing him. I'm going to give you five smacks Remus lupin bare bottom spanking the tantrum and ten each for the lying and disobedience. But I have different opinions on alcohol and drugs. Lupin chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm. Tapping the ruler to Harry's already reddened bottom, Remus lupin bare bottom spanking asked. Sense day 1 as well. If you don't… I shall know. Bare bones amd systems 4 5. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

This IS a spanking story.

  • Harry discovers just what the map can do in the 'wrong' hands
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This IS a spanking story. I also wanted to make an announcement; I have started my own user ID for this site. I will continue to host this fic on Supergirl's profile, but whenever this gets finished the sequel will be under my new penname, which is starblaz You can PM me directly now. I have an idea for a new fic and when I have something I will post it under my new penname. Snape strode through the halls; students parted to let him by.

Seeing the terrifying expression on the feared Potions Master's face, they quickly moved away. Severus Snape was smiling. Yes, it must have been the end of the world. Nothing good could be afoot if the evil greasy git from the dungeons was actually happy, if you could call that evil smile a sign of happiness. Snape quickly made his way to his destination, and knocked loudly on the door.

Sirius opened the door and looked out curiously. Curiosity quickly changed to disgust as he realized who it was. Sirius was about to close the door on the greasy git's face when Snape stuck his foot in the door, preventing such an action. Whatever Sirius was about to say was cut off by Remus covering the man's mouth with his hand.

Turning to Snape, he asked. Blasted werewolf, ruining his fun. Ah, well, there was the matter at hand You're going to fail Harry just because you don't like him, aren't you? Snape sneered at him. Potter has always done substandard work, but recently he couldn't even be bothered to turn in his assignments. His grade is no one's fault but his own. Why are you personally coming to deliver this anyway?

You're just doing this to gloat, you evil git! Why, yes, yes, he was, but he would never admit that. Snape leveled Sirius with a withering glare. Because I am SO sure that your precious golden boy would have told you anyway. Remus interrupted Sirius before he could say anything in response. We'll deal with this. Is there anything else you wanted to discuss? Inwardly he growled, damn werewolf, stealing his fun.

Harry had a sinking feeling. While he was elated that the winter holidays had just begun, he was worried because of the note he had received at lunchtime to report to the marauder's quarters. In his experience being summoned to see his guardians was never a good thing. He opened the door to find Remus on the couch, reading a book.

Upon hearing the door open, Remus looked up. Closing the book, he leveled Harry with a stern gaze. This is definitely not a good sign,' was all that Harry could think as he took a seat in the comfy armchair across from the couch.

Do you want to tell me what that is about? Remus fixed Harry with a firm gaze. But, what's this about you not turning in assignments? Harry squirmed. He hadn't realized that Remus would know about that. It's just I've been so stressed out with the tournament, I just felt overwhelmed. I mean, my life was only in danger," he said dramatically, trying to play the sympathy card. Remus let out a sigh. He knew that Harry was overplaying the role of the tournament, but he did have a valid point.

A slow smile spread over Remus' face. Why didn't we think of this sooner? Sirius is technically not staff; he's a volunteer for Moody's classes. He's not even considered a teacher's aide. Harry, I want you to go to Sirius for any help you might need for the rest of the tournament. A flood of relief washed over Harry as he realized that he might not have to flounder as much as he previously thought.

I'll go talk to Uncle Sirius now. Remus caught Harry's arm as he made his way out of the room. Sit back down, we're not finished," Remus said, a wry smile on his face. Harry pouted a little; he had really thought that would work. Grudgingly he returned to his seat and looked up expectantly at his guardian. I know things have been hard for you, but if you were really having difficulties keeping up, you should have come to us.

I understand why you couldn't speak to Professor Snape about it, but I could have spoken to him for you. As it is, I notice that Potions is the only class you have a failure warning from. If you were really having difficulties juggling the tournament and schoolwork, why didn't all your classes suffer? Harry huffed. So I didn't do the assignments because I just didn't feel like it! I was sick of it and just didn't want to deal with it," Harry said petulantly.

Harry squirmed under the man's gaze and bowed his head. Are you Remus leaned back in consideration. While there was no question that he would punish the boy, the matter was how. I was considering a spanking, but I have decide on a different punishment.

You are going to spend at least four hours a day making up the assignments you missed. I don't care that you cannot receive a grade on them any longer. Next year is your OWL year, and if you slack off this year, it makes next year that much harder," Remus explained. But it's the winter holidays! Harry was half tempted to ask for a spanking instead.

I think you will find this a valuable lesson on why not to slack off," Remus pointed out. And, I have acquired the list of assignments that you missed from Professor Snape. Your punishment starts now. I want you to go to your room and start your essay on moonstones. Harry dearly wanted to stomp his feet, but managed to refrain from exhibiting such childish antics. A sullen teenager made his way to his room, just barely resisting the urge of slamming the door. Remus sighed.

Shaking his head, he returned to his book. It was three days into his grounding when Harry made a great discovery while reading the latest edition of Quidditch Monthly. There was a new prototype training snitch released called the 'Snitch-It'. It was top of the line, behaved just like a normal snitch, but had the ability to create an illusion opponent, and would respond to both it and the user.

It also had a recall command so that you would never lose it and could end the practice anytime. Harry bounced excitedly at the prospect of owning one of these, and checked to see when they would be in stores. Harry was excited to discover that it would be offered at the quidditch store in Hogsmead. But, when he read the rest of the article, he was disappointed to find out that there was a limited stock because it was a prototype, and that it would be released the next day.

He was still grounded, so there was no way that he could be allowed to go to Hogsmead, unless Harry dug through his trunk and pulled out the marauder's map.

A sly smile slid across his features as he considered the possibilities. The next day, Harry woke up early. He needed to be there when the store first opened. A bleary eyed teenager emerged from his room at am. Harry checked his map. Sirius was in his room, no doubt sleeping, and Remus Remus wasn't in his bedroom.

Sirius was talking to Dumbledore, both men smiled widely at the children. My father appeared at the door moments later. It was a Friday night so it would be ok to drink beer. He is chosen, but unsure by what, until over a year later, when a figure from his dreams takes the Defense position, asking for a favor. You must accept those consequences and remember them so you won't repeat the same mistakes.

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking.


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Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking

Remus lupin bare bottom spanking