Spanking forfeits-

Why am I here, I wonder. I lost. Still wondering if I was set up. Slapping Jane, our Head Girl, was an easy choice; at least I might as well enjoy the reason for the forfeit. The door opens and Jane comes out.

Spanking forfeits

Spanking forfeits

Spanking forfeits

Spanking forfeits

Only four months to my A-levels. Dolores stood up and walked around the table. It is long, a warning Spanking forfeits to get in trouble again, how lucky I am to be allowed to remain. In just a few moments she cried out once again. I took the Spanking forfeits out to make sure the defective one was off and the next forfeit was a spanking. It was obvious she was close. None of the second generation of members are still active. The forfeit is from the loser to the winner— or at least controlled by the winner— and is witnessed by the entire club.

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It's lovely. This is about one forfeit that I found particularly objectionable. Lost bet tits flash Leleleo. Next John Mortimer. This is a compilation from the first Spanking forfeits of the series, with a number Sanking girls getting Model kye Spanking forfeits punishment. Posted by Kaelah at on 11 Jul X 9 July at I had agreed to the rules and being masochistic, I really revel in being made to do things. Especially from Bailey! Please vote for us. He got Forfeit 5 Spanking forfeits got a 3 min OTK slippering from each other lad!!! Trending The Laundromat film.

Recently, a visitor requested information about spanking games for adults to play.

  • Recently, a visitor requested information about spanking games for adults to play.
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Home Features Contents. Comments: Volume 1. Volume 2. Articles Items of interest regarding all things spanking. The same is true of this genre but I've come up with 9. The same ones keep being recycled in various iterations and combinations. Far and away the two largest categories are stories using plots 2 school and 5 domestic discipline of children. They are, in no particular order: 1. Typically it requires infraction of some rule imposed by a dominant character in a relationship, such as marriage or sometimes just roommates.

The other character then violates the rule or forgets to do the thing, is confronted, and ultimately punished with a spanking. The setting is a school in which corporal punishment is employed and the characters have broken some rule.

Many of these stories are mere descriptions of the scene in the Headmaster or Principal's office, while others are highly inventive in setting up the infraction and its logical outcome.

The Shoplifter or embezzler, or petty cash borrower The shoplifter who is caught and then given a choice is one of the oldest plots in the book. Other common blackmail type plots that leverage damning knowledge into a spanking are those involving infidelity, theft, or cheating but in each case knowledge gives a dominant character power and it is used to exact punishment.

The Secretary If you want to keep your job, you will agree to a spanking. That's basically it. It's using economic leverage to spank or get someone spanked. Hard to make plausible today in the era of lawsuits. Talk about a hostile work environment! Very popular in fiction written in the 50's and 60's.

It is by far the largest of the nine categories in terms of the number of stories devoted to this theme. Often very procedural, these stories tend to explain the infraction and then dwell on the details of the punishment ritual, from the clothing worn to the implements used to the number of strokes. At other times it's all about the decision to spank and its aftermath. A variation on 5 above, it is different because it covers any plot in which an outsider lands in a situation in which, for everyone else, punishment by spanking is normal and routine.

The dramatic conflict comes from the outsider's reaction to this state of affairs. Spanking Services, Inc. There are a great many of these and they often tend to evolve into multi-episodic serials. But as wishful thinking turned into fiction, it remains a powerful and oft-used plot line. Also includes games with spanking forfeits.

Many stories feature foreigners caught unsuspecting in a judicial nightmare. For example, my story, Dr. Forbin's Method is a mixture of plots 1 and 2. Plot 6 often morphs into plot 8 and plots 2 and 5 frequently go together. The challenge is to keep them original.

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Spanking forfeits

Spanking forfeits

Spanking forfeits

Spanking forfeits. Not a free member yet?

If the game ends in a skunk, the spanking is equal to the number of pegs lost by. If the game ends in a double skunk, the spanking is equal to the double the number of pegs lost by. The winner may chose any position, any implement or implements, and additionally has the right to access an additional forfeit in the event of a double skunk.

My husband naturally loves it when I play so badly that I end up double skunked. Without fail, my additional penalty is a firm rogering with him fondling my red hot bottom. We have a list a aspects of spanking such as position, severity, implement s and so on.

Numbers are assigned to each of the possibilities and I roll the dice which determines my fate. Sometimes, I get lucky and have a short light spanking. Other times I am not so lucky and endure long severe punishments.

We also use spanking as a method of behaviour control. For some time, we agreed to a diet plan that used spankings as a method of punishing transgressions.

For example, I would have to receive one spank for each French fry I ate. They rapidly lost their appeal and I was able to stay on my diet successfully. Now we are changing it and I will receive a spanking for each pound under my monthly goal I fail to lose. My goal is five pounds per month. If I only lose three pounds, I will receive two spankings.

If, heaven forbid, I gain weight, I will receive five spankings, plus belt whippings for each pound I gained. SHEET GAME hang up a sheet, have some players stand with their bottoms against it and from the other side try to guess who they are by feeling with your hands.

Great for getting things going. GUESS who is spanking, implement etc. Please also visit the Straight Lads Spanked website. I love it but, they could of hit Bailey a little hard.

Because bailey give them both hell. Come to find out she was real cool about it, i was just a little embarrass HI Regina, yes Bailey really does hit hard!!!!!! I can't believe you got sprung at work! How embarrassing! Glad your colleague was cool about it though! Maybe she will be a new customer! It's great to think that my movies are bringing people together! Do you have plans to used a girl in your movie?

HI Regina! I don't have any plans for girls getting spanked! The only thing that might happen is one of the lads getting spanked in front of their girlfriends or wives! Having girls spanking guys might be fun, but I guess that would be on another site! That would be cool, see as bailey is the only guy that girlfriend know about him doing this.

So, what going to be the next video? Hi Regina! All being well there will be a video preview of my next video put on my blog this evening! I'd like to suggest a story line for you. He drives it into a tree and writes it off. I like it! Though it would be a pretty long movie if I filmed all the spankings! You don't need to film all the spankings, but it would be fun watching Bailey's face when he's told how many spankings he has to take. At the end, as hes rubbing his bottom you can hear the Dad's voice echoing in Bailey's brain as he thinks about it :P.

HI There! Have you found the 'hidden' text in the post above? If you drag your mouse of the black space everything will be revealed. Exactly who gets spanked in each round. You can become a member now and access all of my male spanking movies. Hi Everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying the Spank Jenga movies? So I think it's time to reveal what acually happened in each round. If you are keen to know, all you have to do is highlight over the space below and all will be revealed.

First of all here is a reminder of all the different forfeits.. Forfeit 1. Forfeit 2. Forfeit 3. A two minute, hard bare bottom hand spanking from one lad that I choose………….. Followed by…………………… having Deep Heat rubbed into my stinging cheeks afterwards!

The criteria for membership are simple. You have to be a member of the country club. You have to be invited to join. You have to be a woman. The Friday Night Card Club meets at the old clubhouse located at what is now the back of the golf course. Before the interstate came through and cut off Country Club Road, that was the main entrance to the Westhill.

The oldest portion of the old building has been torn down, but the newer hall, which had been added to the old building, still remains and is sometimes rented out for special occasions Some of the women in the Card Club are very young— in their early twenties; some are older— thirty-nine and holding; but all of them are rich Careers are made or destroyed. This innocuous little club is the center of power for Westhill It takes a very good excuse to miss a Card Club night.

When you are rich Multimillion-dollar deals are sealed with a handshake. What then is a few hundred or even a few thousand that might be won or lost on a game of cards? Two wheels are spun each Friday night. One at the beginning of the night and one at the end— well, at the end of the card game itself. The first wheel determines the game. The second determines the forfeit. Like life itself, it only matters if you win or lose. The forfeit is from the loser to the winner— or at least controlled by the winner— and is witnessed by the entire club.

At one time there was an actual wooden wheel with six numbers on it which was spun by the chairwoman of the club. Now there are virtual wheels on the same computer that calculates the final scoring. The game wheel has six choices: bridge, euchre, pinochle, rummy, canasta, and poker. Those are old card games, but the Card Club has been playing cards for well over half a century.

The forfeit wheel also has six choices: money, self-abuse, spanking, electro-punishment, rug munching, and riding the bull. Some of those choices are obviously much newer. The severity of each forfeit is determined by how badly you lose. There is a formula in the scoring program that adds together how far behind the winner the seven losers finished. If you lose by less than twice the average, your score is one.

And so on. After the wheel has determined the forfeit, a small table appears on the computer screen with the severity of your forfeit highlighted in bold. The losers always hope for cash being the forfeit. In this club, even if you lose badly, the cash amount is trivial. Remember, when you are rich Thus the money spot on the wheel is effectively a pass on the forfeit.

The one in six chance is much better than the chances in real life, but the cash spot on the wheel reflects the reality of life that sometimes— even when you lose badly— cash can help you can find a way out of your problems.

If money comes up, the amount goes into the club treasury to help with the sundry expenses of the club, including the upkeep on the old building. Eight women started the Friday Night Card Club. Only if someone moves away or dies or becomes enfeebled does an opening come up in the club. Then new members are proposed by the current members of the club. After much discussion and several votes, a new member is chosen. None of the charter members are still alive.

None of the second generation of members are still active. Only one of the third generation is still an active member. But the club remains at eight members. Harriet Buchanan is a great-granddaughter of one of the charter members. Her mother was never invited to join, but she was. At age twenty-two, she was one of the youngest members ever invited, and she has been a member for twelve years. That makes her Harriet has one very irritating habit.

She is always late. By the time she arrives, everything is set up, drinks are poured, and the other seven are waiting for the first spin to tell them which card game they are playing for the evening. She says that her lateness on Friday night balances out her having to be an hour early for the Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club. That club was started by her mother when it became obvious that she was never going to be invited to Friday nights.

It is strictly for playing bridge. Harriet has to come an hour early on Wednesdays to make sure the tables are all set up and the bidding and scoring cards are all properly in place. Tonight, she was running her customary five to ten minutes late. What caused her surprise was the fact that all the women were sitting around a single, oversized circular table.

It was one of those intended for conferences where four narrow, curved tables push together to form a circle, leaving a big hole in the center. Only three of the tables were set up, so it formed a giant C with the seven women sitting around the outside and a single empty chair sitting in the opening facing the seven. She then opened the laptop that held the wheel and scoring software. It was my fault. I accidentally closed the screen with my keys sitting on the keyboard.

Then he checked if everything worked. After he repaired things, he checked that our programs ran correctly. Then he checked that your bridge programs ran correctly. And being the thorough man that he is, he rechecked our programs before shutting down the computer. She nodded and Judy pressed the key that would spin the forfeit wheel. It came up with the cash forfeit.

Again it came up Cash. Judy turned off the scoring tablet and held down the button on the key fob while she again spun the forfeit wheel. It displayed a cash forfeit. I took the battery out to make sure the defective one was off and the next forfeit was a spanking.

She looked around the room and continued in a very strained voice. It just does that Lois Brookman, the chairwoman of the club who was sitting in the first chair, started laughing. It was a deep, slow laugh. Everyone turned to look at her as she sighed deeply and looked directly at Harriet.

She took a loud, deep breath in through her nostrils and then continued. It was against our club! Harriet looked around the table. Can you? I think four years of being a lowly fool should make up for that. Your clothing will come off when you arrive— at least a half hour early— and you will remain naked throughout the game.

You will be the one to serve drinks and snacks to the other players during the game, and afterwards, you will clean up before putting your clothes back on to leave. And tonight you do seven forfeits. Harriet looked confused. The faces of the other women at the table— except for Marcia— showed a mixture of confusion and anger. Besides, since cash would have come up once in six times we should give her one But we will disregard any cash forfeits that come up on the wheel tonight.

Harriet sat looking at the floor for a long time. Harriet stepped back into the middle of the circle and pressed the proper key. The screen flickered as the wheel spun. An artificial clicking sound came from the speakers as the different forfeits flashed past. That means three orgasms. Her thin face showed all her thoughts. And right now, she was wishing that she was lying on the mat in the center of the circle.

Harriet bent slightly to roll out the extra wide yoga mat. She knew that this meant that everything she did to herself would be very visible to all seven women.

Spanking forfeits