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Swinging sware

Swinging sware

Swinging sware

Swinging sware

Swinging sware

All it took was a club specifically engineered for the purpose Swinging sware chipping. Close X. But the Webelez anal thing you really need to know is this:. Hmmm… What about an hour with a teaching pro? If I recall correctly, the 60 degree is Swinging sware version of a sandwedge but is to be swung like a putter.

Bk babar hosiery. The Square Strike Wedge

Only a few years ago, before the Internet era, swingers were essentially a Swinging sware society, meeting each other through dating magazines purchased at adult bookstores. When a new family moves in next door they take pity on a young girl with a muscular disorder. It's a great success, and Kathy's the main entertainment. Sex party plan. MF, reluc, wife, husb-voy, swingers Happy Birthday - by The Ferrous Juggler - It was Saturday night, the day after Lesley had surprised me for Swinging sware birthday by fixing Lisi and I up together in a hotel room after work. Adult Swingers, have you seen a neighbor walking from the front door to the car, wearing a long overcoat, in August? Parents: Tubegalore. I had decided, with my husband's encouragement, to try another man for the first time. Little does she know that Paradise Valley Family Swinging sware is not only a nudist camp. Jim gets the surprise of his life when Susan lets her hair down and becomes the wife-slut he'd been dreaming about! It's about Susana Gaint clits as Erica Swinging sware head to her boyfriend Neil. With all the things for swingers to do, it's obvious there History of body waxing plenty of people in the LifeStyle. This is my story of how I dipped my toe into the world of swinging.

If you watch the Golf Channel on a consistent basis, you have likely seen tons of infomercials for golf clubs like the GX

  • A1 Wife Conversion - by LJDoofus75 - This is a story about a wife's sexual awakening and what her husband had to do to make it happen.
  • Parents: Tubegalore.

Guaranteed to cut strokes from your short game or you can ask for your money back. If you rated your chipping in the 5 — 7 range, I advise you to stick around. A smidgen of comfort and an ounce of confidence standing over the ball. Amateur golfers from here to Timbuktu struggle with this seemingly simple part of the game. The setup is a cinch. And for crying out loud, the pin is right there. Yet for whatever reason, chipping proves maddeningly difficult to a huge swath of golfers.

Open champion and a TV golf commentator since No doubt, they made chipping look easier than it really is. Amateurs, on the other hand, can make it seem harder than folding a fitted sheet. Not just beginners and high-handicappers, either. Andy North, two-time U. Andy is a paid spokesman for the Square Strike Wedge. Some fellows in the equipment business had, too.

These guys are…. Is this a legit club? Being hyper-curious, solution-driven engineers, they began exploring. Then one of them noticed the similarities between a proper chipping swing and a pendulum putting stroke and asked the others:.

The answer came quickly: Because the putter is purpose-built to match the putting stroke, while the clubs used for chipping are made for other tasks — like full shots, high lobs and blasting out of bunkers. Traditional Wedge vs. Hit behind the ball and the club will dig; catch a fluffy lie and it will snag.

Consider this, too: You putt with the same club, from the same lie, using the same stroke every time, eliminating the variables that make chipping so tricky and your confidence so shaky. Some would call such a mission impossible. I don't think I could chunk this wedge. I can't wait to put it in my bag. All it took was a club specifically engineered for the purpose of chipping. So can Boy Brainerd, Marcus Boray and the other amateur golfers who got to try the Square Strike Wedge before we deemed it ready for market.

Their stories, stats and seeing-is-believing testimony are coming up. The Square Strike Wedge is engineered like a putter with upright lie angle, plus heavier weight. Versus a traditional, thin-faced wedge, the Square Strike Wedge promotes less rotation and a simple straight back and through motion.

The Anti-Chunk Sole also features a series of shallow grooves to reduce friction in sticky or matted grass. I tried. Put another way: The blade is engineered to stay square to the target line , so wrist cock and good timing are no longer needed to hit a solid shot. Test golfers hit shot after shot directly in line with the target. To further aid alignment, the designers added vertical lines which frame the ball and guide the eyes to swing straight back, straight through.

What really surprised me, though, was its versatility. The Square Strike Wedge is far from a one-trick pony. I also don't think I could skull it that often, and definitely not hit it fat. At least, not on the golf course. And man, did it show. Using the SSW, Marcus hit five consecutive foot shots within 8 feet of the flag — compared to just one with his own wedge.

To prove it was no fluke, Marcus moved to our foot chipping station and, with the Square Strike Wedge, holed his very first try. Yet our test golfers said it time and time again while using the Square Strike Wedge. If you can putt, you can save strokes fast with the all-new Square Strike Wedge. We conducted the study on two separate days with two groups of golfers 20 in all.

Their handicaps ranged from 5 to 20 , with half the golfers at 16 or higher. Many of them — including several of the better players — rated the short game as their 1 bugaboo. The experiment was straightforward. We set up a series of chip shots of varying distances and slope, played from fairway-height turf and light rough. For example, 14 handicapper Karleen Wooster used her gap wedge. Then we handed Karleen the Square Strike Wedge and gave her a brief tutorial on swinging it like a putter.

Not bad. Our very first tester, Boy Brainerd, set the tone for the day. The 14 handicapper showed off his solid chipping technique by knocking 4 of 8 within 8 feet using his own wedge. Hitting solid, square shots straight down your target line is effortless and easy.

For Juanita Rosenfeld, a solid 6. And that's a really good feeling. After trying the Square Strike Wedge, Bob professed no qualms about putting it in his bag. In fact, the designers wrestled with it long and hard as they developed the club. Think about the other end of your set, too. Those clubs may well be costing you strokes. Why not pitch one in favor of the Square Strike Wedge? A couple other ways to look at it: Replace the least used club in your bag, or the least effective.

Yes, indeed — I tried it myself and was amazed. A few testers wondered that, too. Tony Sodoro was among the skeptics, but the 7-handicapper changed his tune after trying it. It might make the ball dance with its cutting-edge grooves and impress your buddies with its custom-designed sole grind. Or eliminate those stroke-wasting fat and thin chips. How great a deal is that? What about an hour with a teaching pro? Sure, that could help.

But real swing improvements usually require multiple lessons, and who-knows-how-much practice time, to really take hold. A clubfitting session? New golf shoes? Golf-specific sunglasses? A pair of white golf pants like all the young tour studs wear? Shipping on the All-New Square Strike Wedge Guaranteed to cut strokes from your short game or you can ask for your money back. Close X. Shipping Day Money Back Guarantee.

On a scale of 1 — 8 - 10 … Excellent. But inconsistency is my downfall. Shoot, you may want to give the Tour a try. Which leaves those in the 3 — 4 and, gasp , 0 — 2 groups. Or… Things go wrong when I open the clubface.

Or… My swing is inconsistent from one chip to the next. And they were just as baffled as you and me. Why do you miss-hit so many chips while striking your putts so solidly? Bottom line — the putter is a perfect match for the putting stroke. Now contrast that with your chipping clubs, the wedges and short irons.

Together, these factors increase the odds of something going wrong. Once the design team had accounted for all these factors, their mission became crystal-clear:.

Their mission became crystal-clear …. To craft an all-purpose chipping and pitching club. Not this bunch. Chipping, easy? Yep, easy. Like Sunday morning. But the one thing you really need to know is this:.

Karleen Wooster can confirm.

When they announce they're going on a two week vacation Hazel permission from her mom to go with them. Wife Wants To Try Swinging. After a few drinks and some stimulation by our hot honeys, we were open to try quite a bit. Will they be able to continue to provide this free service? He moves in and helps her live her dreams.

Swinging sware

Swinging sware

Swinging sware

Swinging sware

Swinging sware

Swinging sware. The Swingers Next Door

Monopoly - A Game of Chance Pt. A September to Remember A concert, a strip club, and a swinger party. Bible Belt Bride Ch. The Half-time Show My hot wife puts on a half-time show for my clients. Making Her Pay Pt. My Friend's Wife Pt. Angie's an Adult Redux Pt. The Descent Ch. A Slave's Journey Ch. The Swingers Party My first swingers party. Swinging Heaven or Hell? Swinging I meet swinging couple. Time to Add Something Interesting Empty nester sex life needs some variety and spice. A Fortunate Rescue Ch.

Mystery Nudist Couple Surprise A strange woman blows my mind at a nudist beach. Threesome Next Door Ch. Shorts Pt. First Time with Marty and Lynn Pt. Swingers Bisexual Party Pt. Pornstar daughter dates naive boyfriend. Weekend Getaway A weekend trip turns into a sexy night for four. First Swinging Experience Wife First swinging experience from wife perspective. First Swinging Experience Hubby Our intro to swinging from a husband's perspective.

Donna Super market find. Watching and Watched A sex club where people like watching and being watched. Vacation Swingers Pt. As the Girl Turns Jake turns Jane, his 'good wife', into a 'hotwife'. Our friend Henry My wife's first taste of black cock. The Making of a Hotwife Ch. Amber's July 4 Holiday fun with bf and friends. First Time at Hedonism - Day 06 The last day of our trip - and an orgy in the evening. I also shot blanks but didn't tell her that, and she picked me to be the daddy of her babies.

T - My boss was an idiot. His wife was a slut, but a good looking slut. She would not let him or anyone else fuck her without a rubber, but she also liked to drink.

MF-cpls, reluc, swing, preg Infertility Assistance - by yeswayted69 - A couple want a child but his vasectomy is irreversible. Swinger friends suggests a solution. Two gorgeous housewives join an interracial swingers club.

They are about to be initiated into the club tonight as their husbands watch them take their first black cock. MMF, exh, voy, intr, swing Inn, The - by Mike Logan - A man and a woman spend a weekend at a New England bed and breakfast and find that the innkeeper has an interest in them both. Kat is a swinging housewife who loves sex with all kinds of people and describes what it's like to be a swinger.

So go read it, and then come back and enjoy this one. MMF, voy, reluc, oral, mast, swing In The Hold Of Swingers - by Aceinthe Hole - A young teenage couple who have sneaked away from their families for a weekend together only to be seduced by a rich older couple who shows them the possibilities of the swinger lifestyle.

MF, exh, voy, 1st-swing, intr Introducing A New Wife - by KarenKay - Story about a husband and wife being introduced into interracial swinging and the husband becoming a cuckold. Santa drops in by accident at the wrong house and finds three beautiful naked girls trimming the Christmas Tree.

He finds out that they have been very naughty and decide to give him a blow job so he will put their names on the 'Nice' list. It's about Susana watching as Erica gives head to her boyfriend Neil.

It's a well-written erotic story about a swinger couple and a little threesome orgy. Pure stroke. I decide to fulfill a secret fantasy of mine and let him fuck my wife. Afterward, I never knew for sure if she knew it wasn't me. To this day I wonder. With swinging parents and a sex starved grandpa they found experience, not to mention the party goers at their house.

As they grew older they realized they had a sexual gold mine. MF, cpls, inc, swingers, creampie, voy, preg Joan's Lessons In Success - by Lingus - When Hal Jensen left the Spencer's on Saturday morning he didn't know what he would tell his wife Joan about what had happened at the "poker party.

MF-cpls, exh, swing Judge, The - by KrisC - Attractive female judge is married to a cuckold with plans for seduction by a black lover but she is surprised by an ex-con and ends up submitting to him in her chambers. Ron and Karen introduce Jack and Diane, Jack's new girlfriend, and to their unusual lifestyle. He encourages her to meet another black bull so he can video tape it and ends up being the clean up man. It's a great success, and Kathy's the main entertainment.

I had made no secret of the fact that the couple I was living with had introduced me to bondage as well as group sex and I enjoyed them all. When one of the guys I was dating suggested a weekend at a beach house with another couple, I was eager since he is great company and I love the beach. MMF, inc, voy, swing Kitchen Gang Bang - by Wife Watcher - Newlyweds attend a party at swank digs with older couples and the new pretty young wife pulls a "train" in the kitchen after being plied with too much alcohol.

MMF, wife, husb-voy, swing Let's Do It Your Way Frank - by fadedglory43 - A man and wife enjoy an "open marriage" and the wife discovers her bi sexuality in an unusual way.

But they had a dark side that would have surprised their friends. They enjoyed going out and getting drunk and letting Lillie be fucked by complete strangers. MF-cpls, bi, cd, voy, alcohol, swing Little Lisa - by Greg - This is a true story that involves myself, my wife and a young woman named Lisa. Lisa is 23 years old, however she looks like she is MMF, wife, voy, bi, oral, swing Lust Weekend - by Shooter - A wife yearns to share her favors with another man other than her husband.

The opportunity arises when an executive from work comes to dinner one evening. They actively search for a bachelor to make up a threesome swinger situation. They advertise and fine Ron. MF, wife-sharing, exh, swing Making Of A Cuckold: Unintended Consequences - by Cindi's Toy - The story of a couple experimenting with a threesome and how that experiment played out over the course of thirty years.

MF, husb-voy, mast, swingers Marie Loves Boys - by Kewtieboy - Thirty-something wife has a liking for young lads and when her husband realises the nephew of a friend of theirs likes her, he helps create a new sex-life for all three of them. Or how a boy learns about sex and how it can never really let go once learned. The good, the bad and the absolutely fabulous times fucking an older couple. Finally one night she does. MMF, 1st-inc-expr, mast, oral, wife-exh, husb-voy, swingers Mother's Day Surprise - by Horny Toad - This story is about the turning point in my life and turns me on even to this day.

MF, slut-wife, swing, cuck, creampie My Cock Crazy Wife - by J Boswell - A husband finds out just how willing his wife can be when her sister introduces them into a foursome. MF, reluc, mast, anal, voy, swinger My First Bi-Experience - by Icemantaz - It's about my first bi experience with a couple of friends and how much I enjoyed it, much to my surprise. MMF, 1st-bi-expr, oral, anal, toys, swing My Nephew and My Wife at the Beach - by MickyandMinney - A husband recounts the details of a family beach gathering sexual experience involving his wife and his nephew.

MMF, wife, inc, cuck, oral, anal, swinger My Sexy Wife - by LD - A husband talks his wife into a swinger life-style that progresses into giving sex for money to complete strangers. All four parts of this story are included below. From persuading my wife to get naked in public to starting a swing club and many of our sexual experiences.

MF-cpls, exh, bi, swing, orgy My Wife's Submission - by Wifedogger - The journey we took to get my wife to fuck other men. During my visits there I met many nudists and swingers and had a lot of fun. This story is part truth and part fantasy. Since a couple of decades have passed since then I felt that it was about time I shared some of my experiences.

I hope you enjoy the story. In this story Karen finds satisfactory with a German Shepherd named Satyr, then ends up swinging with friends and introducing Satyr to her intimate group. Satyr, seems to be the real stud of this story, you even get to know what he's feeling.

Editor's note: This is the first story I've seen that describes DP with a man and dog performing together. Who knew it would take 48 years to make it happen. MF-cpls, bi, inc, oral, anal, voy, swingers, orgy New Deception - by Anon - A young man learns the hard way that things aren't always what they seem. He answers a swinger ad looking to take part in a gangbang but ends up being gang raped by four rough hicks. Her husband is less than hopeful that things will work out since he believes that Susan is a prude.

Jim gets the surprise of his life when Susan lets her hair down and becomes the wife-slut he'd been dreaming about! MF-cpls, swingers New Years Eve - by Al Steiner - Thanks to the alcohol we consumed, quite an intimate rapport had developed between the four of us. We could say things to each other that would have caused other couples to storm out of the house in outrage. For instance, I could say how nice my friend's wife's tits looked in her new sweater and then make a snide comment about how much I'd like to squeeze them.

MMF, wife-sharing, voy, swing Oops, I Might Be Pregnant - by Anymouse - A swinger couple decides to not only try a black cock, but hubby wants to see his cum in the wife's pussy. Wife cannot take the pill and plans on using a diaphragm. She forgets the diaphragm and decides to risk it. Only time will tell. MMF, wife-sharing, oral, anal, husb-voy, toys, asian, preg Our First Threesome - by Wonderlove - A couple experience their first threesome encounter.

We spent New Year's Eve moving into our new condo, and by the time that was finished, we were both exhausted. But we were determined to go to our swing club's New Year's Eve party. By the time we arrived the party seemed to be in full swing pun intended. Everyone was wearing formal outfits and they were already having a lot of fun, however the action was a bit tame. But that changed after midnight A serial about a horny husband and his lovely wife Sue, and their sexual encounters.

We were both nervous but excited. We went because we were both interested in being with another woman. Man what a surprise I was in for. Couple's first time. A tropical paradise until six horny men arrived to make it even better. After years of being friends, finally patience pays off. The combination of an unexpected thunderstorm and the rapport of really good friends over many years combine to make this husband's fantasies come true. MMF, exh, swingers, rom Persuading Lucy - by kewtieboy - I found the young lad at work really cute and when I found out he fancied my girlfriend I found a way to get in his pants.

Fm, underage, wife-exh, husb-voy, rough, intr, cuck, indian Pictures Of My Wife - by Hotcouple - My wife's longtime friend has asked multiple times for nude pictures of her. We finally decide to not only give him some, but let him be in them with her as they're being taken.

This is a true story. As usual I am wearing something easily removed, a dress and pantries, Mathew would always be in his boxers and t-shirt.

He also had to be careful and not wake the other guy he shared the room with. Mary replied. I brought you here, the method is very complicated and even I don't really understand the process. Just think of it as another Earth in another dimension, only on this Earth, we have no wars, no diseases, but that's not what I want to talk about with you.

Tony has no luck picking up single women at the bar. Cindy found herself a nice black boyfriend she brings home to meet Tony. MF, reluc, voy, swing, cuck, intr, rom Revealed Fantacies - by SecretLover - Jessica has a secret crush on her brother's wife, but when both girls start talking about girl stuff, some fantacies are revealed that will ultimately affect their relationship.

Mike finally tells her why and Stephanie comes up with a workable solution. MF-cpls, FF-bi, voy, swing Resort Slut - by ZWolfen - A man and woman hook up on the web and he discovers her professional demeanor is a cover for what she really wants to be, "a suck slut".

He moves in and helps her live her dreams. I've got to walk home. I help a guy whose truck has broken down and he says he'll give me a ride home. I end up being ridden by his wife The huge old house had been converted into apartments, and I had the small one at the very top with my own balcony. Life was good, if a little humdrum. But when Peter and Carmen Mallory moved in next-door things got very interesting. It's fun to watch but soon turns into an orgy of rough fun for all. MF-cpls, bi, swing, orgy Runaway - by LarryArcher - Larry and his swinger wife pickup an 18 year old runaway girl for purely humanitarian reasons but little do they realize their sympathy for a lost girl just before Christmas will turn into a torrid fuck session between the three of them and a new addition to their household.

Even if it means forced interracial breeding. So far just the prologue has been posted MMF, exh, voy, reluc, mc, intr, swing Samantha - Good Wife Goes Hot Wife - by Noel - First time swinging for a beautiful wife and first time voyeurism and cuckolding for a very horny husband.

MMF, intr, swing Sandie's First Swing - by JennyGently - Two families on their first holiday together find an unexpected way to spend their last night away. MF-cpls, wife-sharing, voy, swingers, preg Sandra The Swinger - by Norm - Sandra and her husband decide to pep up their love lives by swinging with another couple. Unfortunately for Sandra the couple's dog joins in. MF-cpls, orgy, swing Secret Party - by Speedwire - A husband spices up a couples sex life by arranging a swing party for he and his wife.

Firstly the straight guy seduces the gay guys and then persuades them to have sex with his wife. Written by one of the gay guys. Written in 2 parts, both posted here. MM, MMF, bi, mast, oral, anal, voy, swingers Seduction of Elizabeth, The - by wildman - A story about best friends discovering sex, sharing partners and the seduction by trickery of Elizabeth and her blossoming into a sex-a-holic. MMF, reluc, 1st, bi, mast, oral, mc, swingers Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 Sex After Fifty - by Rodney - We were into swinging very much during the mid 80's but now I am 69 and my dick has gone limp but my mind is very active and I'm into watching.

I watch my 50 year old wife with her array of sexual partners while she does not know I am watching. I fixed a two way mirror in our basement storage closet where I hide and watch her at her pleasure.

FFM, 1st-inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, bi, oral, swingers Sexy Sisters - by Tony Tiger - We had all learned to enjoy a wide variety of fun with both our gals and the other guys too. We were basically straight but not homophobic. After a few drinks and some stimulation by our hot honeys, we were open to try quite a bit. So we share my wife one evening when celebrating the birth of his baby. Loosely based on fact. MF, wife-sharing, husb-voy, anal, swingers Sharing is Indeed Caring - by James - This is a four part series and is based on fact, these events really did happen.

It is a story about how a really bad thing prostate cancer can lead to really good things lots of fun sex if you are willing to explore and experiment. And just a few miles inland from this major city is another, smaller town named Toowooba. In this much smaller town is a night club named Tellbury's. Alt Tellbury's, anything goes. The town is Toowoombe just inland from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

This story takes place later the same night. The sex club is mainly for housewives, and there is an "inner circle" of a select few that have a penchant for horseplay, black men, and playing exposure and slave games.

The story centers around my wife, her sister, and my reaction to all the goings on. MF, cpls, swap, swing Sloppy Seconds - by Terri Madison - A female business executive on the fast track at work, becomes a submissive slut at home. Boyfriend also has a hidden bisexual past and a holiday in Asia broadens both their horizons. MMF, bi, oral, anal, swingers, voy Soft Swing - by Mannydcamp - Next door neighbors become friends and find that they have a lot in common, including their sexual preferences.

MF-cpls, wife-sharing, swing Strip Poker - by Anon - Two couples playing cards, one thing leads to another. My wife is in her late 20's, about 5'3" and pounds of exquisite flesh. She has large tits with nipples that can stick out about a quarter inch. We went to visit Carl and Kathy, who are very close.

MF, alcohol, swing Strip Poker - by John - A fourteen-year old boy and his girlfriend lose everything in a strip poker game.

Each seeing each other naked for the first time, leads to a whole new experience for both of them! MF-cpls, teens, orgy, exh, 1st Sunrise At Sea - by Mannydcamp - A couple shares an unexpected adventure with a best friend. MMF, exh, swing Surrogate - by TheStork - A teenage girl fantasizes about getting knocked up, but fear of taking care of a baby keeps her libido in check.

That is until she finds a way to indulge her fetish and skip the consequences. Her husband learns to accept his changed but now sexier and happier spouse.

The club had its start about five years ago when Suzi and Bob and Candy and Paul began swapping in college. They continued to swap after graduation and slowly added to the group.

We are currently six couples and have an auxiliary member, Linda. MF, FF-bi, wife, strip, exh Swap Meet - by KK - A husband whose marriage is in trouble and who wants to have sex with his friends beautiful wife, talks his wife into going to a wife swapping party.

MF-cpls, wife-swap, swing Swappers - by Merlin - A Couple learns to swap and swing through the aid of porno magazine, and meeting other couples. MF, nc, swinger Swingers 1 - by Anon - On Saturday night my wife, Sue, invited her sister, Pat, and Pat's new boyfriend over for drinks and to watch a couple of rented movies.

We had never met Joe, but Pat had a lot of good to say about him so he had to be okay. At p. It all started when Joe knelt down and kissed Sue and said Merry Christmas. He placed his hand inside her top and squeezed her right tit, making Sue moan. I told the others to join their brother and enjoy themselves. They didn't have to be told twice. They were really curious but very apprehensive about actually going through with it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the stories of my wife's and my experiences. Sue is helping me write these, we are both enjoying sharing our personal experiences with everyone. Your neighbor could be having an orgy right now. Just think what you could be missing! I told John I'd like to try telling you all about one of our adventures. John is going to write the story while I try my hand at telling the story from my point of view. Sometimes a woman's point of view is different from a man's. John is laughing and Sue can't figure out why.

Sue is a blonde. In our last episode, Sue and I had a really exciting time with our babysitter, Alexia. Car trouble had ruined other plans and we came home to find Alex masturbating to one of our "home movies.

It was a very exciting night and my wife, Sue, and I were hoping to be able to get together with Alex again sometime. Neither of us was expecting our chance to come as soon as it did. We were sitting around watching TV one night and I asked her what she would like to do for her 39th birthday.

She said she would like very much to turn 30! I asked her if there was maybe something else that I could realistically help her with. Sue really surprised me with her answer. She told me that she had a fantasy about going out to a bar and picking up some guy, or maybe two guys, and letting them fuck her. She said that she wanted to dress up like a very sexy slut, tease some men and pick out one or two to get laid by.

We had some very interesting conversations, enjoying the company of this year-old girl. Alex told us that she and her mother had been enjoying themselves together about twice a week since we all had been together. She told us that she and her mother were even closer than they were before having sex together. Alex said her brother was visiting for a couple of weeks and that Moni, her mother, and she had had to be very careful not to get found out by him.

Alex didn't think he would understand their relationship. Sue and I hated to be separated for so long, but I was working on a new account that meant a lot of money to the business. Sue and I talked every couple of days on the telephone. We had not been separated like this since we had met. It seemed that at least every other call ended up with a very graphic and sexual conversation.

We were both horny as hell and it didn't take much to get both of us going. MF, phone-sex, swing Swingers by Anon - Time again for another story in the series.

In the last story, 9th Swing, my wife, Sue, told me on the phone about her escapades with our friend Alexia and her friends. I'd been away out West on business for quite a while and Sue and I agreed to see what it would be like to enjoy sex with others whenever I had to be gone for extended periods.

So far, Sue was the only one who has had the opportunity to get laid without me there. It was Saturday, though, and I planned on hitting the town that night to try my luck with the local girls. We meet on weekends for evenings of sucking and fucking so to speak. MF, exh, swing Swinger's Haven - by Anon - A man convinces a couple he's just met into have a threesome. MMF, threesome, swingers Swinging Holiday - by Art West - A young married couple who have not managed to have a baby go on a last holiday with two other couples before undergoing egg harvesting and in-vitro fertilization.

They expect that some swinging will occur, but are not worried as the other two men they are playing with have had vasectomies. But there's been some misunderstanding.

Well, she's gotten hooked on reading these stories and told me that I should continue to send them and write about what we're really doing. A thick cocked man and his hot wife. MF-cpls, voy, orgy, oral, swing Switch, The - by Anon - A story about a guy and his girlfriend who try out a threesome with two females and him.

And then just for kicks his girlfriend makes a switch on him without his knowledge when he expresses his curiosity to her about how it feels to be fucked. MMF, wife, forced, husb-voy, intr, swingers Thanksgiving - by Tom - They say that a man has a sexual thought every 15 or 20 seconds, and I was certainly having one about Sue.

MF-cpls, cons, swing Three Isn't Always A Crowd - by Sandy Maddox - Karen had discussed having a threesome with her boyfriend, Jimmy, and another woman on a number of occasions and finally they decided to do it since Jimmy wanted it and Karen had fantasized about it.

But when things happen, she turns out to be a good sport. To his surprise, she approaches him with an offer to romp with her. The only catch is, he has to do her husband, too. MMF, MM-bi, swing Tom and Lotti Do the Club - by JonboyS7 - A husband and wife like to walk a bit on the wild side and maybe it was that streak that induced them to joining "The Club" an exclusive Swinger's Club that allowed a no-holds-barred approach to swinger orgies.

T - A wife wants to start a family but her husband is never home due to military duty to impregnate her -- so she looks elswhere. MF, rom, exh, orgy, ws, v, mc, bi, swing Truth Or Dare: Bar Style - by James - Husband and wife find a friend to play a little game with, while a the bar. She considered his fantasies only to tell him she would perform any fantasy of his, if he performed the same fantasy first.

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If you watch the Golf Channel on a consistent basis, you have likely seen tons of infomercials for golf clubs like the GX So I decided to put one of them to the test to see if there is any merit to their claims. The Square Strike wedge is very similar to the chipper clubs you have seen for years. Additionally, the leading edge is angled in a way to stop the club from digging.

On top of that, they have moved the weight of the club all the way to the toe, which is intended to promote a pendulum motion. These players struggle with chunks and skulls that always lead to double bogeys or worse.

I tested out the Square Strike wedge several times at the practice green at my golf course. I hit it from various lies that you would encounter on the fairway and in the rough. Despite my initial bias, the club performs very well.

No matter what lies I threw at it, the Square Strike was very good at producing a low running shot. It had better feel than I anticipated, and the weight did not bother me that much. There was a golfer next to me who was the perfect specimen to test on. He agreed to take a few shots with the Square Strike, and he easily recreated the same low running shots I was hitting with it.

I believe this club can be very effective at getting the ball on the putting surface if you have plenty of green in front of you. Based on what I saw, I do believe golfers who struggle with these kinds of shots can benefit from using a club like this. The main issue with the Square Strike is that there is no versatility to the club. It is very effective at producing a low-running chip or pitch shot, but that is about all it can do.

Now that is a critical shot to have on the golf course, but part of being a good wedge player is having shot options for many situations. If you are using this club, that means you are giving up one space in your bag for another wedge. I did try hitting yard pitch shots with the Square Strike.

Usually, I use my degree wedge for those shots so I can land the ball softly on the green. The Square Strike launched at a lower angle, with less spin, and reached a lower height. You would expect this because it has much less loft than my lob wedge. It might not be the mythical savior that the website and infomercials claim it is, but this club can help golfers. If you are someone who struggles with wedge shots around the green, to the point where it is debilitating, the Square Strike can likely provide some relief.

If this club can help eliminate those shots and your fear of them , who am I to tell you not to try it out? Modern wedges provide so much versatility around the greens, and they are easier to hit than ever because of improved design. My recommendation for anyone who struggles with pitch or chip shots is to learn how to play them properly first. I would rather see golfers do that first than purchase a club that limits the kinds of shots you can play and not allow you to develop your wedge technique.

I came into testing the Square Strike thinking it was not going to be a viable option for golfers. However, the club surprised me. On the other hand, the club is only capable of producing a narrow range of shots. So if your short game is bleeding heavily, the Square Strike could be a nice band-aid.

You can purchase the Square Strike off their website here. He is the author of the bestselling book Mistakes All Golfers Make and how to fix them. You can find him on Twitter here - practicalgolf , where he is happy to chat about golf with anyone. Could you produce the same low, running chip with an 8 or 9 iron? I LOVE this club. I always, and I mean always, hit it in the direction I am aiming it, though I may hit it too hard or not hard enough.

Seldom skull it, and if I hit it a little fat, the effect is negligible. The sacrifice I made was taking my lob wedge out of my bag, so. For me, the trade off was well worth it. I have purchased this club for one shot only, the short off-the green , pitch and run, say up to 10m off the green? Sure, you can use the 8 and 9 iron, but the club length means gripping down and this changes the lie angle.

Also I assume the weight of the square strike is down lower and heavier than the short irons. Alignment is also key in putting, so if you can get your line right then this is half the battle.

Anyway, lets see what happens soon with my new club! One as was a 55 degree and the other a 60 degree. And if any of these can take a few strokes off my game, worth every penny of it. If I recall correctly, the 60 degree is their version of a sandwedge but is to be swung like a putter.

I am hopeful that at least 2 of these help!! I would be very interested in how the 55 and 60 degree perform. Still limited but not quite as bad. Might also work to get out of those under tree recovery shots. Probably the type of course would influence how you would use it.

If a links course with a lot of runout, might be a good club to have. Plus the green color would look great in that bag of retired clubs we scrapped. How Can I get these other wedges? There is a short par 3 that I always used to use my sand wedge. That would be a nearly full swing for me, a choice with a high chance of major disaster. However, it is true that the Square Strike Wedge has its limitations. Based on my experience with this club, lots of golfers with higher handicaps will benefit from using it.

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