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Fred Thompson and his wife, Jeri Kehn Thompson. Jeri Kehn Thompson is the widow of politician and actor Fred Thompson. The former U. Fred and Jeri Thompson in Jeri Kehn met Fred Thompson, then a U.

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

The question is will a young sexy wife help or hurt his candidacy? Dick Morris, an influential political strategist, last week highlighted how the consulting firm of Daniel Thompson, one of Mr Thompson's adult sons from his wwife marriage, had benefited financially from his father's political operations. I'm a lawyer. It is unclear how that reality will play out with voters. Beldar, it would be extremely helpful, not to mention polite, if you Tjompson have read what I said rather than what you wanted me to mean. Being unversed in insults, Thompson and his trophy wife honestly had A week after cervix freezing idea that the term was associated with brainless golddigger, which I don't think Jeri is. Fittingly she is memorialized in a picture showing her decked out in jewels, including a tiara-like chain of stunning, shiny gems on her head. Did she not intend that which I've attributed Thompson and his trophy wife her, and was she instead just asking, hypothetically, whether some bigoted person — not her! Was she a Trophy Wife?

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Good column, Rick. Some women have father complexes. The definition repeatedly suggests that the man's purpose is to enhance his status. Although it often has a pejorative spin, the term originally meant the second or third wife of a corporate titan, who was younger, beautiful and — equally important — accomplished in her own right, which describes Mrs. Will she yrophy a Thompson and his trophy wife or a hindrance? Surely there are equivalent patterns in other cultures. Now he and Julia had another seven. This article has not yet received a rating on the project's importance scale. Age twenty-two, she was thirty years his junior. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thompson and his trophy wife made the following changes:. THAT is what I have a problem with.

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  • Given that the guy is running for president, it seems kinda in bad taste to put him up as an example of a guy with a trophy wife, joking or not.
  • Marriott hotel in downtown Washington Monday night, Fred Thompson began by introducing "my campaign manager -- oh, I mean my wife.
  • She has sometimes been dismissed as a tanned and bleached blonde "trophy wife", only ever glimpsed in sleek and glamorous outfits on the arm of her much older spouse.

At 40, Fred Thompson's attractive, blonde wife of five years, Jeri Kehn, is considerably younger than he is. And while Fred is the TV and movie star of the pair, he looks his 64 years, while in the photos I've seen of her, she often looks younger than hers. This has given rise to mumblings ranging from mildly gossipy Dr. Henley's later post , and the comments to it also, for a less trenchant take.

The Nashville Post , however, in a report entitled "The 'Inner Fred,'" lists her first among "political operatives who have been there for him on previous campaigns, are with him now, or can be expected to play a significant role in the coming months" and that's consistent with other reports which have suggested that she's been a major, and very encouraging, factor in his deliberations over whether to run :.

She was an attorney [ update : this statement is wrong; she's not an attorney — Beldar] and political media consultant at the once-powerful Washington firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, and McPherson and Hand. Before that firm merged with DLA Piper in , some of her "co-workers" were former presidential contender and U. Prior to her tenure at Verner Liipfert, she worked for the U.

Laura Bush will, quite frankly, be a tough act for anybody to follow as First Lady, and I don't know enough yet about Ms. Kehn or Mrs. Thompson to even know, for example, which of those forms of address she'd prefer. But as with Thompson's reaction to Michael Moore's criticism of reports that the former senator has a fondness for Cuban cigars — which was to release a fabulous internet video response that features Thompson chewing a cigar — I very much like Thompson's very emphatic reaction to the possibility of a controversy over his wife's looks, as reported by U.

Like Nancy, Jeri is her husband's adoring, hand-holding top adviser — and even his driver. She's also elegant, like Nancy. So much so that in preparation for Thompson's early July entry into the race, Jeri suggested to friends that she might "frump it up," to which Fred barked a " Hell no.

John Kerry and Fred Thompson both notoriously dated around as senators. Kerry, for example, dated Morgan Fairchild, Michelle Phillips, Catherine Oxenberg, and Dana Delany, but ultimately chose to marry another senator's widow who, as it happened, had finished raising a family, is older than Kerry, is ultra-rich, and is perhaps a bit, umm, idiosyncratic. Thompson chose to marry someone who wanted to raise a family with him, and who is apparently both smart and politically savy, but who's definitely younger and not at all frumpy.

But even if age, beauty, or wealth were among the mix of factors that went into those decisions, then who's to gainsay that either? Libby Spencer , who posted about this yesterday on Newshoggers , would now have us believe she didn't mean to use "trophy wife" as "necessarily a derisive term. But she thinks the marriage "does raise some questions about his character" — and explains in comments: "I think [the new] wife isn't so much the issue as his leaving his first wife after 30 years so he could go out and get laid by every groupie in town before he finally settled down with a the [ sic ] sweet young thang.

Says a lot about his character, or lack thereof. It's a sexist view of men, too, but whatever. Oppose her, or them both, for their politics if you want. But, with due respect, these sorts of comments make you look unattractive, and I don't mean physically.

Your blog's motto, apparently, is "Blogging to the highest common demoninator. He also spoke lovingly about his 'partner for life,' his wife, Jeri, and their two small children. If Britney were 40 instead of And had been married only once, but it was for five years, after dating the guy for six years before that. And hadn't shaved her head and gotten those tattoos. And had already had a career as a political media analyst with a top Washington law firm.

And was a good friend of Mary Matalin. And had lots, lots better fashion sense. Spencer and I have a dialog going on in her blog's comments, and as always, I appreciate anyone from the opposite side of the political aisle who will carry on a civil debate with me, on my bandwidth or theirs. Have I misjudged her? Did she not intend that which I've attributed to her, and was she instead just asking, hypothetically, whether some bigoted person — not her!

Thompson dropped his first wife who, as I read on someone else's post, he had "impregnated as a teenager! Golly, if Ms. Spencer wants to disavow that accusation, she might want to actually expressly attribute it to some hypothetical other person, and join me in pointing out that it would be unjustifiable bigotry.

We can probably agree, then, that there are indeed bigots and racists and sexists out there who will vote against Fred just because of Jeri's looks or who will vote against Hillary just because she lacks a Y-chromosome.

But as always, gentle reader, decide for yourself; and feel free to comment here, or there, but always in civil tones please. Meanwhile: Scarborough claims to have been merely secondarily suggestive rather than directly insulting, or something like that.

Lame, but probably true. Note to Joe: "Doing the pole" has one fairly well-known meaning in gay street lingo, a different one in strip clubs, and the meaning you claim to have given it increasingly commonly used exercise equipment? Spencer in her comments has concluded, and in a way that disappoints me.

She writes in her latest comments , replying to mine:. As for Fred's promiscuity, judging from the various comments I've seen, it's legendary. And I don't think it's so untoward to speculate on what the timeline reveals about his character.

I may not know much about insults, but I do know about cheating husbands and other womanizers and he fits the classic pattern. If and when, his ex-wife comes out publicly to say he's a really swell guy who never cheated on her and starts campaigning for him — I'm happy to eat my words and apologize for suggesting otherwise.

So we now have a new standard from the likes of Ms. Spencer: Anyone who divorces, dates, and remarries — or maybe this is only Republican men?

I'm not quite sure — is presumptively an adulterer from the time of his marriage and a liar then and ever after. I thought she might disassociate herself from her earlier accusations, but she instead has chosen to double down on them.

I am quite confident that engaging in such presumptions, without evidence and regardless of evidence, is a form of bigotry, and as I said on Ms. Spencer's blog, I hope it will cause an appropriate backlash. I don't disagree, but from the comments others are leaving here, the comments I've been trading with some of the left-of-center bloggers I've linked from here, and the for my blog very large volume of Google and Yahoo image searches that are pulling up this page today, I'm increasingly convinced that that's about the least interesting story here.

I'm persuaded that at least some elements of the Hard Left blogosphere are deliberately, thoughtfully testing, and trying to sharpen, an ugly meme that they'll be using against Fred Thompson and spouse that has nothing to do with facts and evidence — that's actually scornful of facts and evidence — but that they think might be a useful wedge to play on the shallow, the narrow-minded, the sexist, and the bigoted. Elsewhere: This post was certainly prescient, back at the end of April.

Finally, I neglected yesterday to link this thoughtful post from Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard, which also has some interesting comments after this blast in the body of the post: "That Libby [Spencer] at Newshoggers is cheerfully recycling the sewage from Wonkette in an attempt to get that little innuendo into the marketplace of ideas just plain wrong.

Oh she does a pro forma preemptive denial, but it is despicable. Other weblog posts, if any, whose authors have linked to Fred Thompson and Jeri Kehn: Trophy wife, trophy husband? Fred Thompson with wife Jeri and kids from BeldarBlog. Jeri is a gold digger in true form. If she becomes First Lady, she will give hope to hundres of thousands gold diggers everywhere! I suppose that "mildly gossipy" is fair, but I actually had a real point, that perhaps I didn't make clear: there is a lot of buzz about Thompson and a lot of people tossing their support his way, but really we, the public even the engaged public knows very little about Thompson.

For example, I had no idea of his marital status until last night. Given the issue of marriage and families in the GOP, this strikes me as a legitimate question when assessing the field. And, I would note, Thompson isn't the only GOP candidate with questionable marital circumstances--he is just the one who has the wife who by her very appearance has the chance to automatically raise questions.

Taylor, thanks for the comment and the trackback. Your points are fair ones, and I'd characterize my own post as "mildly gossipy. Thompson, too, which is why I haven't endorsed him or any other candidate yet, and why I described myself in a post over the past weekend about Rudy Giuliani as "flirting with Fred. Henley here , in the comments. Sounds like a typical Republican match to me. Don't you mean, "especially if some repeatedly flog her as a "trophy wife", using the classic dodge "some say The problem I've seen is not the raising of a legitimate question, but of trying to discover whether voters' biases can be used against them short answer:yes.

Great summation post and comments of this kerfuffle. One very very minor quibble, if you'll allow me. Thank you, David, that is actually a nice and potentially useful distinction that I shall try to remember for the future!

The point is, she was whoring around DC looking for a meal ticket when she started dating Fred. For some reason, maybe its the fat arms or the cheap dye job, she couldnt do better, but the money was there, so she inked the deal!

Its obvious. I do so for educational value, while banning the commenter's IP; he is obviously beyond education or educating, but his shallow, witless bile is a good reminder of what these attacks look like when fully stripped of every shred of artful pretense.

Yes, Figgins, it's clear she was living hand to mouth back then. So what's it like being a member of the tolerant party? Elsewhere, in response to the "pole-dancer" crack, I asked, "Assuming it's true, it's still better to elect Fred Thompson and put one pole-dancer in the White House than to elect Hillary and have Bill fill the place up with them.

It's worth noting that Thompson would certainly NOT be the first President with a relatively young wife. James Madison, for just one example, was seventeen years older than Dolley Madison who had been previously married! It's also interesting that so many self-described "liberals" have such rigid views about what a First Lady is supposed to look like, or how traditional she should be. Why does all of this matter? Why aren't we focusing on Fred Thompson? He is the potentail president, not her.

The rest is just "stuff". Trophy wife, schmophy wife, let's get back to the real subject at hand and not get side-tracked. How dare a Republican make a choice I might make! How dare a Republican take an action that doesn't fit into my close minded stereotype of a group that I'm prejudiced against! How dare he!!! Fred Thompson looks a lot older than 64! His face has completely fallen and is sagging all over the place.

New York Times. Not only was Tyler remarrying less than two years after his first wife died, his new wife was considerably younger than he was. But reading the rest of the first section, I'm struck by the censorious slant of the prose. Please take a moment to review my edit. If she loves him, does that spoil it? The essay on trophy wives is quite interesting and informative, and I have no wish to disparage it.

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife. Klay Thompson Brothers

Jeri and Fred Thompson had two children together, a daughter, Harden, born in , and a son, Samuel, born in She was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. Like her husband, Jeri Thompson has spent much of her life involved in politics. She also worked in a political consulting job at Verner, Lipfert, Berhnard, Mcpherson and Hand, a law firm, but left that role to focus on her family. Views 0 Shares.

By Tom Cleary. Updated Nov 1, at pm. Published Nov 1, at pm. Even Thompson supporters grumble that Jeri, 40, is too alluring, should modify the way she dresses and even then should not practice her skills as a professional political operative on behalf of Fred, That Thompson made light of this at his fund-raiser reflects the cool reaction to crisis he has displayed as GOP counsel of the Watergate investigation, U.

That he is in a commanding position for the nomination may explain the extraordinary attention paid to his wife. Murmuring about Jeri Thompson hit a peak of attention on Fox News Sunday July 22 when its round table engaged in whimsical contemplation of debate between spouses of Democratic presidential candidates. That ended the discussion. I asked Williams, a respected journalist, whether he had regrets about his "trophy wife" comment.

The archetypal "trophy wife" a phrase coined by Fortune magazine 18 years ago conjures up the image of a rich corporate executive who tires of and abandons the woman he married when they both were young and has grown old with, and turns to a young, chic new wife, usually seen as a home wrecker.

Thompson does not fit that mold. Thompson had been divorced for 17 years and was on friendly terms with his first wife when he married Jeri Kehn in They also have two small children -- not the trophy wife caricature either.

Nor does Mrs. Thompson's background fit the caricature. After working for the Senate Republican Conference and the Republican National Committee, she became a big-time political media consultant in Washington. She has been intimately involved in the planning of her husband's campaign, including last week's staff shakeup. Indeed, Fred Thompson's close associates maintain there was no chance he would be a candidate for president were he not married to Jeri.

He tells friends the reason he abandoned what seemed a promising campaign for the nomination was that he did not feel he could manage that endeavor as a single man. The spectacle of Thompson's Republican adversaries demeaning his wife in conversations with newsmen suggests how seriously they regard his prospective candidacy. He starts his campaign in the top tier of candidates, and is already the candidate of the South and the favorite of social conservatives.

Jeri Thompson will be at his side as an asset, not a liability. Related Topics election thompson. Copyright Creators Syndicate Inc.

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Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife

Thompson and his trophy wife