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Rating: T should cover this one. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. My TV just gave me these puppets and now I'm playing with them. This time I'm not even going to try. Who knows, maybe someone other than me likes it.

Xander and dawn fanfiction

Xander and dawn fanfiction

It's their senior year and they're stronger than ever, but what sort of madness will the Pack face this year? Sweet and adorable ship fic, just like I like this pairing. There's also romance and a great daw of Xander as house Hard wired rope light to a bunch of young slayers. After a few of upbeat songs the band turned to the slow ones again. Xander and dawn fanfiction Tapestry. Xander Harris and the Matchmaker of Doom. Xander and dawn fanfiction has fantasies. Xander ends as a version of Xanderr, just not the version of Superman he was hoping for. The story takes place after season 7 of Buffy and season 5 of Angel.

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Besides, Dragonball Z was gay anyway. In the Aftermath of Silence. And it had developed a taste for grimdark much! Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. This is a response to my own Challange. Now he has to start again with its consequences. Waiting for Sunrise. Doing some mental gymnastics Xander tried to find ways on how to Xander and dawn fanfiction himself as a Ranger. Stupid Angel! Spike has an unwanted mystical experience, as he was the original target Xander decides to help him deal with it. Through a variety of means, Xander has met a few Xander and dawn fanfiction scary to the bad guys groups and individuals. One thing leads to another The consequences are like knocking over the single pebble that Anus dilate video the avalanche of change fanfivtion only for the Scoobies, but for the world. Which is Xander and dawn fanfiction why they kidnapped him for the interview. Burkle: Buffy comes to L.

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  • This was my first ever piece of fanfiction.
  • Usually I'm not a big fan of leaving stuff unfinished as my current Original of the Species story is still far from complete.
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Discussion in ' Story Search ' started by Cyclops , Dec 22, Many forums are only accessible if you have an account. Why don't you register? Q4 Story Competition is kicking off! Dec 22, 1. I just went through Buffy: The Vampire Slayer for the first time and became intrigued by the relationship between Xander and Dawn. Are there any good fics out there with this pairing? Dec 22, 2. That man writes some quality fics.

Too bad that story will be incomplete for a long time. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads. Good Xander Harris Centric Stories? Replies: 11 Views: 18, Eyron May 31, Replies: 7 Views: 1, Ched Sep 3, Replies: 11 Views: 4, Replies: 11 Views: 5, Anya Jun 27, Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Chapter 4 5. Doing some mental gymnastics Xander tried to find ways on how to dress himself as a Ranger. Now he knows how Giles must have felt. Let us never forget the true Gods who came up with this stuff long before I did. At least she didn't eat me. Through a variety of means, Xander has met a few rather scary to the bad guys groups and individuals.

Xander and dawn fanfiction

Xander and dawn fanfiction

Xander and dawn fanfiction

Xander and dawn fanfiction

Xander and dawn fanfiction

Xander and dawn fanfiction. Dawn of Xander

Password: password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Search Archive Catergories :. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. Moving On By : devon Published : July 30, After the hellmouth Buffy and Xander are still mourning the deaths of their lovers. One thing leads to another A super-powered Xander has his way with Buffy.

Solace By : Aydrian Published : January 13, The intense stare Xander and Buffy share in "Phases" turns out differently. Xander and the Buffy get together but not in the fun way they'd hoped. Because, even slayers have needs. Takes place in season 8, sort of following the Graphic Novel. She just wants to know the truth about her family, and the events that tore them apart.

She was raised by a collection of weird family friends-pretty much everyone but her parents. Now she wants to know why, but the story seems to be darker than her surrogate family wants her to know.

Buffy and Faith were decades past childhood and still needed to get carded at half the bars they went to. Faith always wore her darkness on the surface. Faith wondered when the word hero stopped being something to aspire too and started sounding like a curse.

The New Watcher's Council gets wind of a couple of female vamps up to world-ending trouble in a certain neighborhood in Japan. These two have got to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. They send their best people. Buffy Summers and Xander Harris. Set in Season 12, with reference to past comic seasons. The gang have defeated the demon Harth from the future and are getting settled back into normal life.

Some dialogue from The Reckoning by Christos Gage. Spike returns to Los Angeles to visit Buffy at her new apartment and meets her new roommate, Cat. But, his visit becomes a hassle when a good deed is caught on tape. Soon the whole city is looking for the man to thank. Or is it to blame? During this first person account, Spike struggles with his feelings for Buffy while also navigating through an unwanted adventure with both familiar and new adversaries.

The story takes place after season 7 of Buffy and season 5 of Angel. Buffy knows Spike is alive. The story includes a few details from the comic books, such as Xander and Dawn's relationship, but storylines from the comic books have not occurred.

Willow discovered this and tracked her down, but on returning with the news to Buffy the Slayer disowned her sister. Dawn gives Xander his birthday present, it's nothing special. A little post 'Chosen', 'Potential' follow up. A Post-Chosen AU which does not reflect the comics. Previously published elsewhere, now revised and collected here. Part one of a series.

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Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Fanfic Recommendations. The Monks of Dagon, constructing a girl. Really fascinating look at what the monks were thinking and what that means for Dawn.

Faith has fantasies. They're never gonna happen. Too bad it's not enough. Sweet and adorable ship fic, just like I like this pairing. I love this portrait of Sam and the way her job wreaks havoc on her life, and then makes it all okay again.

Cute and fun friendship fic. Buffy in Gotham, fighting vampires. This story has a little bit of a dark edge to it, which fits with Gotham. Speak Link Share Flag. An extremely flammable guy. And she owed him. Take time off from that, and this is how it ends. Dawn wanted to go home, and there was no home.

So she wanted to go to California. It was close enough. A sweet fic that picks up with these two characters right where the show left off. Super long. Vala Mal Doran steals a cargo ship, but wrecks it on a backwater little farm planet whose people don't even speak a dialect she can understand.

Fortunately, there is a stranger living among them who is able to translate. I was injured, and this fic got me through two whole days flat on my back. It's ridiculously long, full of romance and piracy and banter and sexual tension -- so, everything I love about this pairing. Veil , by eve11 team gen "Oh my god--" Daniel said. Jack finished the thought. A well-written story that packs a strong emotional punch. In the meantime, I've been on quite a Xander kick lately.

But then when do I not love Xander? Xander, Africa, gen For sixteen palm nuts Xander hires an interesting guide. Sly and thoughtful -- this fic just makes me grin. A perfect Xander-in-Africa fic. Xander, Sunnydale and Africa Love this. Xander looks back on his life in Sunnydale and the things he wishes he could've taken with him. A great portrait of the man and his life, both before and after "Chosen.

Sweet and sad, with Xander's memories of Anya and all that she represents. Six months in Cleveland changes some things. Sweet, slowly-developed romance fic with Dawn coming into her own as a Watcher and as a woman. Crossover Father Goose and the Black Knight , by litmouse chaptered, complete. Mysterious abductions. Suspicious one-eyed men living with underage girls. Evil wizards. There's also romance and a great depiction of Xander as house mother to a bunch of young slayers.

Please stop being such a whiny emo bastard in public on the world wide web. I dont care what you do in private with your friends or family, but I live with fifteen teenage girls and they have all of your blogs bookmarked. Sweet and fluffy -- just the thing for when you need a fic to put a smile on your face. The pregnancy plotline scared me off for a long time, but it turned out to be quite different from what I was expecting.

What will she do when she stumbles? Three connected one-shots with a nice exploration of Faith's struggles with redemption, once Angel's support is gone. Post-HBP Dean paints the final battle, and remembers. Sad and sweet, and very well done. Here are three shippy Buffy fics and two Buffy crossovers. What If? Sweet and a little shippy. A sweet, tender fic in which Xander and Dawn connect over their shared not-Chosenness. A little bleak, as the title suggests, but a little heartwarming too.

Look but Don't , by voleuse. One part, R Short and sexy. And such a random pairing. Forgotten Girl , by Mary Borsellino. Dawn, gen. After the end of season 5, Dawn falls through the cracks and lands in Neverwhere. A perfect crossover. Buffy is my new love I tend to read all over the place, since I'm so new to it. Short ficlet, sweet and bittersweet -- my favorite combination. Council Business , by entrenous88 one part. She's young, she's flawed -- and that's what makes her real.

Administrative Leavening by Voleuse one part, Harmony, gen A very nice little character vignette on Harmony. Reasonably short, and worth reading. Gods and Monsters , by marenfic long, complete, NC Faith is in South America, doing the slayer thing, averting apocalypses, but she's off her game, and she keeps seeing a mysterious woman everywhere she goes. Just a totally fantastic fic. I mean, I think this is worth reading just for the pairing it's post-finale for both Buffy and Angel , and how the HELL do you even do that??

Lilac City by nwhepcat long, complete, NC He manages a supermarket in Spokane, stays sober, keeps to himself. But now, five years later, his quiet life is about to change forever, in ways he can't possibly imagine.

This fic totally sucked me in. I was completely engrossed, wrapped up in the characters and the story and oh yeah, the fighting-evil bit. They get rarer if you don't accept them with grace. Buffy and Xander on a road trip, post-"Chosen". Recs Rainbow. Crack Broom. Better Buffy Fic. Unfit for Society.

Beak in a Book. Nomad's Gen Recs. My Recs Filter. July 1. If we don't hold each other up, we'll be drowned by all the flotsam surrounding us. I mean, money will buy me food for my body - but squees are food for my soul. They're not comparable.

They're both necessary. Everyone needs to be told that they are worthwhile, that they have done something that has touched another person in some way. It's a wonderful feeling that money can't buy.

Xander and dawn fanfiction

Xander and dawn fanfiction