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Log In Sign Up. Review of Buffalo, New York. I moved to NC to become a Police Officer. After 7 years, I can't wait to move back to Buffalo. The pay is terrible.

Buffalo ny sucks

Buffalo ny sucks

I"m a Buffalo native. It just doesn't seem to exist in Buffalo, unless you really like sports bars. I ducks love Ted's Hot Dogs. Detailed information about all U. With eight seconds remaining, the Bills attempted to kick that field goal, and as a result, win the Super Bowl. We may get into the teens for a total of a week over the winter but generally its mild enough to be outside and Buffalo ny sucks comfortable with just minimal clothing. Then I start calling Buffalo ny sucks police on German shepherd pregnancy term days as the neighbors were afraid to. I find it hard to believe Schenectady didnt even get an honourable mention…has anybody actually been up here? For shame, Turtleboy!

Tranny vanity homepage. The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York 2019

And yes, pick pocketers preying on unsuspecting tourists is probably a high Bufgalo of those crimes. Its just concrete and buildings. Eddie Floyd August 24, at PM. In terms of Buffalo ny sucks of crimes per person, Newburgh is certainly up there. Yeah Buffalo fans are so abrasive, Buffalo fans are the worst. I think it's Buffalo ny sucks very good place for people who like to seek out fun and interesting things to do. In less than four minutes, approximately the amount of time it takes you to eat a slice of pizza, dump it out, and eat another one, the Dallas Cowboys were able to kick a field goal, score a touchdown, recover an onside kick, kick a game-winning field goal and send Buffalo spiraling into a self-loathing vortex of mediocrity. There are few large companies, and many small locally owned and family businesses, making upward advancement at a Granny and young cock movies very difficult unless you're related to the owner. Anonymous August 7, at PM. June 2, at pm. He is in charge, BBuffalo they are along for the ride. People in Bufalo lick flagpoles. There are Buffalo ny sucks weight women pushing children in strollers and scroungey men whom along with women sit in front of the building sitting idle. Grew up in Richland and have lived in five of the ten worst places to live in New York State.

The state of New York.

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We do it every, single year, and I literally get moist just thinking about it. Buffalo is a magical place where everyone is a miserable industrial worker who just wants to drown their sorrow in cheap beer on the weekends and call Patriots fans faggots. This is why we go to Buffalo. This is why fight. It usually only takes about halfway through the first quarter.

I am personally looking forward to biting into my first Buffalo dick sandwich once we arrive at Ralph Wilson Stadium!! Do you like cold weather? Does a weekend at the beach involve trying to wade through dead hookers in Lake Erie? The Patriots have had some shitty years before, but at least the Hugh Millen Patriots never were on the wrong side of a legendary NFL play.

And guess what? Think about that. Yea EJ Manuel will be just fine. A football team playing another football team, and one of the teams will emerge as a team. At least we had some time to grieve in between Super Bowl losses. These miserable souls got kicked in the balls four fucking years in a row. And it all started with a chip shot missed field goal from Scott fucking Norwood.

I mean, it sucked to lose, but at least the Giants jammed the ball down our gullets on game winning drives. Imagine losing on an Adam Vinatieri miss?

Kick in the balls city. I mean, sure, sometimes teams are better than others. But these stats are nothing less than emasculating:. Ya got that? And they do it even better when the Bills are at home. This is why we go to Buffalo every single year. To get really drunk, watch the Patriots creampie the Bills, and have a bunch of grizzled Buffalonians call us faggots.

Ho-ly Shit. At on point J. That actually happened. There are rivalries, and then there is riding the turtle. Tom Brady is Turtleboy, and the Bills are the Turtle. He is in charge, and they are along for the ride. The worst part is that he represents everything these blue collar ding dongs hate.

He wears uggs. So gay. So unbeatable. I will give them credit though. Some the shit they come up with is pretty funny. Go soak your head. Born and raised in WNY. I will say the points about some of our fans is spot on. Sadly, many of those comments come from full grown men. No wonder people around the country think WNYers are behind the times idiots. Oh, by the way, the weather jokes are tired.

For shame, Turtleboy! How day you point out what animals those people are! Especially being from Worcester! Way to prove Nuckys point for him, you moron. SAY IT! Do not turn your back on what you truly are! I like his blogs. But Yankee fans talk the same shit as Sox fans… and Pats fans talk the same shit as Bills fans. It comes from all sections. The Frank Reich comeback against the Oilers is what turned me into a Bills fan for life; that, and thinking my dad was a Bills fan, even though he was a closet Pats fan because the Pats sucked at the time.

I, however, am not a bandwagon jumper. Yes… its painful. Yes… they lost 4 straight superbowls… etc etc. Just like I am with the Sox, and was for 23 years before they won a WS. Yeah Buffalo fans are so abrasive, Buffalo fans are the worst.

Oh wait. But hey, say what you will. Like, ever. Oh yeah and- I was called a faggot for wearing a Yanks jersey in a Boston bar every night when I was there for 4 nights last summer. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Fried rice. There are over weight women pushing children in strollers and scroungey men whom along with women sit in front of the building sitting idle. This article is correct with the towns that were listed as the worst on Long Island. They're Zubaz, not zebra pants anytruefootballfanwouldknowthis. I grew up in Herkimer and still have family there. If a place's biggest selling point is it's proximity to Canada, that's pretty sad. What makes matters worse, is that Tony Romo had thrown six interceptions during that game prior to the comeback.

Buffalo ny sucks

Buffalo ny sucks. LISTEN IN:


Log In Sign Up. Review of Buffalo, New York. I moved to NC to become a Police Officer. After 7 years, I can't wait to move back to Buffalo. The pay is terrible. The cost of living and traffic is horrendous.

I lived in Wilmington, and currently Charlotte. The food and people suck. If you like living pay check to pay check, come on down to beautiful NC. One great thing is the weather. Reply to this Comment 2 Replies Hey David--you mean you didn't know what you were getting paid or the cost of living before you made the move? Quit whining! Enjoy the high taxes when you move back.

David Buffalo, NY. Take another look! Have you been to the "Old First Ward" lately? That cheap, poorly-insulated year old house you dream of comes with terrible schools, high crime, population loss, job loss, and very expensive government [including law enforcement]. The overpaid police [and fire, and everything else] are a big part of the reason your old neighborhood ain't what it used to be.

I grew up outside Buffalo proper by the Bills stadium I literal There are so many reasons not to move or visit here. The weather is atrocious for mont D Buffalo, NY 2 Replies.

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Buffalo ny sucks