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Watch Alisha grow incredibly desperate to pee, wearing nothing, until loosing hands and peeing all over the floor. In this movie we find Alisha in her living room completely naked and badly having to pee. She really loves seeing just how long she can hold on before leveraging control and pushing herself to the limit. We get to see as she struggles to carry, dancing around and furiously holding her crotch, all to attempt to hold on just a little longer. Finally, while still holding himself, she looses control.

Bursting to pee piss

He could see that Riley's shadow stopped moving around from under the door and everything was quiet for a moment. She could tell by my reaction that I was aroused. Amateur Drinks Pee Flavored Tea! Riley's cheeks began to turn red and he rubbed the one arm with his free hand. Desperate to pee so I went in my yoga Bursting to pee piss. The match went on for Celeberity wedding dresses 45 minutes, with Alex holding a decent lead over Riley. He backed up Burstinh looked down at himself to assess the damage. Riley could only shake his head and exhaled deeply in relief as he gazed into his friend's eyes. You might also like these videos:. He let his mouth hang open for some time as the raging torrent of yellow piss splashed Bursting to pee piss against the urinal's surface.

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Jake grunted and used all his power, so much so his face turned red.

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Jake grunted and used all his power, so much so his face turned red. Alex's heart started to beat faster and faster with excitement. Jake was so close, he just knew it. He sat back against their dorm's wall and relaxed his muscles before throwing the wine cooler on the bed next to them.

Alex groaned and dug his hands into his scalp with frustration. He ruffled his long, brown hair until it was messy and all over the place. What a waste of money," Jake said, sighing. Alex pulled his knees up to his chest and sat at the end of the bed. His cute, smooth feet resting a few inches from Jake's hand. Jake looked over at his friend's nice petite toes sitting on the mattress next to him.

He kind of admired how even and neatly trimmed they were before pulling his thoughts away from how attractive he seemed to think Alex's extremities were. After all, what the hell was he even doing letting these thoughts cross his mind? This was his closest bro from back in high school and they grew up together. There was no reason for him to be needlessly gawking at Alex's physique like he was, but it was hard for him to pull himself back to reality. He peered over to watch Alex sigh in defeat over the stuck wine cooler bottle.

I have to drive anyway, so it's probably better I didn't drink I'm just waiting for Riley to get his little blonde ass here because we're both riding together," Jake said as he proceeded to take off his shirt. Alex's voice kind of trailed off for a second. As Jake finished lifting the shirt over his head he looked over to catch Alex's innocent turquoise eyes fixated on his naked upper body for a moment. Alex mouth sat slightly ajar briefly, as if to say something, but he seemed to lose his words as he gazed upon Jake's fit abs and pecs.

Jake felt his face turn a little red and blushed at his friend's staring at him. I-I'm just shocked, that's all. You've must have been working out, dude. It shows a lot A loud, furious knocking sounded at their dorm room door. Both boys jumped at how abrupt the sudden noise was, but the voice that followed was immediately recognized the second it spoke. Open up, open up! Jake and Alex both laughed to themselves at poor Riley's expense.

What do you think, Alex? Alex simply shrugged without answering. Jake chuckled without paying any attention to Alex's cavelier response. I bet you won't even pull your dick out, let alone full-on piss," Jake said. Jake waited to see what was about to happen. He could see that Riley's shadow stopped moving around from under the door and everything was quiet for a moment. Jake looked over at Alex, who returned a confused stare with another shrug. Then suddenly, Jake heard a familiar sound from in the hall.

The sound of liquid lightly pattering against the wooden surface on the outside of his dorm door. He quickly dropped to his knees and leaned down to look underneath the crack of the entrance. No doubt, a steady stream of liquid ran down the frame and onto the carpet, along with Riley's feet facing forward in flip flops toward the door.

Jake grabbed the handle and yanked the door open to be confronted by a startled Riley. Jake looked down to see that Riley was holding onto a half empty bottle of water with the opened nozzle aimed toward him. Jake gave a less than pleased expression as Riley broke out into an uproarious laughter at his prank. Jake began getting his clothes on while Riley sat on the bed next to Alex and chatted.

Jake finished getting dressed before grabbing the keys and motioning for Riley to come with him. Look, I gotta pee too, alright. If I can hold it, you can too. I'm not about to be late for this job. You wasted all that time talkin' with Alex when you could have been draining your dick, bro. Riley smacked his lips and got up from the bed. He clutched himself a bit, but regained his composure before heading out. Before long the two were on the road and on their way to the community pool at the town gym.

The gym was about a half hour drive, which Jake could easily hold his bladder for, but he could tell the ride took a toll on Riley. Jake drove at a steady rate as Riley sat in the passenger seat and scrolled through his phone. He shook one of his pale legs in his blue, denim shorts rapidly. Jake looked over to watch him periodically. Every now and again he would switch positions, or place a hand between his legs and huff.

Watching Riley was fun for Jake and he genuinely liked messing with Riley about his bladder, though he tried to be covert about it. His face contorted as he fought against his growing urge. Riley rubbed his forehead, wiping some of the sweat from it that began to accumulate; his bright yellow wristband slid down his arm slightly as he did so.

He returned to scrolling on his phone for a while and shaking his legs. Jake smiled and patted Riley on his shoulder, to which Riley looked up and smiled. He drove around row after row, somewhat stalling to see how much Riley could endure before he reached his limit.

Riley had kicked off his flip flops already by this point and was bawled up in his seat with his feet tucked underneath him in a very tight indian-style position as he lightly rocked back and forth. Jake continued slowly moving through the aisles. Near the street, a fire hydrant could be seen with a vast flood of water erupting from its end. Someone had knocked off the metal piece on the side of it causing it to spew out a continuous torrent of water that splashed down the sidewalk.

Finally, Riley sucked air through his gritted teeth and bounced up and down in his seat like a trapped jack-in-the-box. Jake could see his poor friend was about to explode any second. Jake complied and pulled into a random spot about three rows from the building's entrance. He watched Riley immediately undo his seatbelt and forcefully push the passenger door open before slamming it shut behind him and making a mad dash for the building. Jake laughed at Riley's peril as he watched Riley run barefoot across the parking lot, cutting through cars as he grabbed himself trying to make it in time.

Jake quickly grabbed their bag of swim trunks from the back and jogged not too far behind, as he didn't want to miss what would happen next. After Riley's flood in the car a year in the past, he had always been longing to see his blonde-haired, twinky friend lose it again. Riley hurriedly opened the front doors and ran down the hallway toward the locker rooms.

Jake felt the need to pee too now, and though it wasn't as bad as Riley, he definitely didn't want to have to hold it the whole way through his lifeguarding shift.

He decided that he would just take a quick leak before his shift started, no big deal. Jake looked up from his thoughts to see that Riley had stopped and leaned against one of the walls in the corridor with both hands tightly shoved between his legs. It was only when Jake peered down at Riley's shorts that he realized why his friend had shrieked suddenly. Down at the bottom opening of his denim jean shorts, Jake could see little droplets of liquid that dripped from from his pant leg and onto the marble floor of the gym hallway.

Jake's heart began beating faster with excitement. Riley tried his best to hobble toward the locker room doors, leaving a tiny trail of his golden fluids dribbling behind him as he trotted. After a second he and Jake rounded the corner and entered the locker area, much to Jake's dismay. It seemed like Riley got lucky this time. Several stall doors lined the wall and Riley picked one at random to run straight into without even locking the hanging door behind him.

Jake sighed in disappointment before he entered the stall next to him. Confusion ran through Jake's mind as he walked into the stall. However, the quick exhilaration that once filled his body returned the second he looked into the stall and in front of him sat a bench with a long mirror instead of a toilet.

The two had entered the changing section and not the restrooms area, which was likely on the other side. Jake, not knowing what to expect, made his way to the other stall where Riley was. He entered to see Riley attempting to unfasten his front button on his shorts, but with no luck.

Riley overlapped his sexy, toes while he struggled to open his shorts. I'm just gonna whip it out and go in the corner in here. Please, just help me get these damn shorts off!

I can't focus on undoing them and not pissing myself, too! He swallowed hard and proceeded to grab onto Riley's waistband lining and fiddle with the front button. His fingers slipped down into Riley's shorts and could feel the soft, threaded fabric of his underwear. Jake discreetly pulled down on the waistline of his shorts to reveal the top of his dark blue Hanes boxer-briefs.

The tips of Jake's middle and index finger ran along the inside lining of the denim shorts and could just barely make out the feeling of Riley's bulge, along with a slight dampness of his underwear from his leaking dick. Jake intentionally pretended to struggle with opening his friends pants, not wanting to let this opportunity slide by.

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Bursting to pee piss

Bursting to pee piss. Bursting to pee

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