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Danny Fenton is a 14 year old boy when his parents attempt to make a Ghost Portal. He wears a white T-shirt with a thin red collar, red cuffs, and a red circle in the middle, light blue jeans, and red-and-white sneakers. He wants to be a ghost hunter when he grows up. Updated Soul Eater!

Danny fantom having cartoon sex

Spectra mainly sees Danny as an excellent source of whatever she's seeking in that episode, whether it be his misery that she can feed off of in "My Brother's Keeper" or his unique half-ghost DNA in "Doctor's Disorders. They were just kids, forming a harmless little club. Kitty was voiced by Chynna Phillips. Rogues Portal Loading. Danny fantom having cartoon sex It's been a month since the accident and I barely have any control.

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Horny Canyon: The Bar. Ember Mclain with Danny Phantom 9. Well, Fuck you dad! MairaDuran Recognize a pornstar in this video? Here is some unexpected turn of events in Danny Phantom in form of sex art! She had a flowery scent to her. All comments Cheyenne bottoms wildlife area moderated Danny fantom having cartoon sex may take up to 24 hours to be posted. Rogelio February 15, He was an average height and had a slim, fit body from fighting ghosts. Join RedTube Premium and never look back.

From the start, I admired all of the delightful and clever cosplays that I saw.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Hiding from his friends Danny joined Freakshow travling circus as one of his "Freaks". He has a plan to keep the Ripper ghost uncer control but it gets harder and harder to quiet that voice in his head. Not expecting anything good to come out of their new stopp Danny is suprised to find a friend he hasn't seen in awhile.

Meanwhile things are happening in Amity Park, Sam and Tucker isn't taking thier best friends death all to well and when a ghost appears looking exacly like him Sam has to know. Based off of the double episode 'Reality Trip' which held a lot of untapped potential in my opinion.

A closer look at the trio's cross country trip, and how Danny's family started to come to terms with his identity. Sam and Dean thought they were dealing with some centuries-old he-witch. They were just kids, forming a harmless little club. They solved mysteries, uncovered secrets, and helped those who needed it along the way. They had no idea it would lead to this. Chapter "Whatever it takes. Some will be multiple chapters, others will be one-shots. Requests acceptable.

Thankfully, Danny still has both his friends and they'll always be here for him, no matter what. Wandering his new home as a teen, Danny Fenton once discovered a hidden door leading to a better version of his own life. Ten years later, Danny takes up an old promise and return to the Green Palace to end the curse and close the little door forever. A bit socially awkward, mainly because of the fact she lived in Wisconsin in a log cabin in the woods and was home school by her brilliant parents.

Read about her adventures of fighting ghosts and trying to fit in at her new school. This is My story, so get your own. And of course, came across the one and only danny phantom. Wanna Take a better look at my life? Read to find out. When both Danny and Jim get themselves locked up together, it's up to their best-friends to rescue them. In order to recover a relic stolen from him, Phantom must team up with a strange team of young superheroes.

After going to a karaoke jam with her friends, Dani still finds herself doubting Vlad's feelings for her, despite him essentially admitting his affections through a powerful love ballad. However, she quickly forgets about all that when Circus Gothica comes into town; with its death-defying acts and macabre displays of everything strange and weird. The ringleader, Freakshow, invites everyone to experience the dark side, and dazzles the audience with his charisma and his performers.

When he lays eyes on Dani, he doesn't think much of her, but when he sees her go ghost, he is immediately smitten. Using his staff, he ensnares Dani and attempts to take her for his very own. With Amity Park's ghost girl indisposed, its up to Vlad to set things right, and there's no way in Hell he will allow someone to take his little badger away from him, but will he be too late? Another summer, another story, another city. Dipper and Mabel Pines go to spend the summer with their mum's friend Maddie Fenton and her family.

Dipper originally feels like it will be dull, until he meets Phantom. Ghost hunger AU; will involve some gore and squicky moments. Constructive criticism highly encouraged. What if Freakshow had found a way to keep Danny under his control? A never ending brain wash.

The things he could get that naive ghost boy to do for him, the possibilities would be endless for a guy like Freakshow. He hasn't had a sweeter spot than the place in his heart that he keeps reserved just for her.

Rumors from the underground have been hinting that the Joker and Harley Quinn have found a new teen sidekick, a kid that they call Puppet; and Batman is determined to find out why this red-eyed kid is working with the Joker…. When Sam and tucker loose their best friend, they find themselves uncertain on how to react.

Tucker just wants to shut everything out, but Sam is determined to do anything to get Danny back, even if she loses herself in the process. He was wearing an entirely white outfit, his hands clasped together in his lap as he stared at the wall. His eyes were unfocused, his skin was still just as pale as Danny remembered. Part of his insanity had been caused by a mental break.

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Warning: either you have javascript disabled or your browser does not support javascript. Please try again later. Mature 2, Videos. Sam sat on Danny balls and started rubbing on them. July 20, Recently Updated.

Danny fantom having cartoon sex

Danny fantom having cartoon sex

Danny fantom having cartoon sex

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From the start, I admired all of the delightful and clever cosplays that I saw. It was there, on my way to hunt for yet another piece of superhero merch, that I saw him. In fact, I only got a glimpse of him. But there he was, a guy dressed up as Danny Phantom, weird jumpsuit thing and all. My heart lit up like a menorah on Hanukkah. To be honest, Danny Phantom is probably not my first crush. My memory is pretty bad and I was consuming a lot of media at a young age thanks, mom, for the pre-pubescent Sex and the City viewings.

He is, however, definitely the start of a pattern of my fictional crushes. I watched a lot of television growing up. I guess my parents figured that I read enough to offset all the potential brain damage, or whatever parents worry about when they think their kids are watching too much TV.

Danny Phantom was a personal favorite. Aside from being a big reader, I was also kind of a weird kid in the way that a lot of us bookworms were. I had read the Harry Potter books quite young, and the Magic Treehouse books still hold a warm place in my heart. Safe to say, a show about a boy who is half-ghost was right up my alley. I watched every episode of Danny Phantom , including the longer quasi-movie ones.

I knew the theme song by heart. Luckily, neither could he. Like many girls I know, I hated the love interest of my fictional crush. I thought Sam was whiny, demanding, and not a lot of fun. Internalized misogyny gets the best of us all. But like all children, I grew up. Cartoons were replaced by live-action Disney Channel shows which morphed in CW dramas.

I had spent some time poking around the internet for ways to watch the show, but never fully dedicated myself to it. I was worried. Danny Phantom was cool when I was younger because he was 14, a real teenager!

Upon discovering recently that the whole show is on Hulu, I could no longer claim accessibility as an excuse to avoid a rewatch. Thankfully, it was still as funny as I remembered.

Danny was still cute and I give myself points for having good taste in fictional men at such a young age. And yes, I could still sing every line to the theme song, even the instrumental parts. And Danny seems to prefer it that way. In an episode where they learn about his ghost powers and accept him, Danny still chooses to reset reality so that they never discover his abilities. This is a feeling I knew all too well. Teenagers with superpowers are often metaphors for the teenage experience as a whole and Danny Phantom is no different.

Danny fails a test the same episode he keeps falling through the floor because his limbs randomly go intangible on him. The episode starts with Danny obtaining the answers to the in-universe equivalent of the SATs. The theme of that episode is that nothing is set in stone, even what appears to be. Clockwork, master of time, even looks a little smug from his post in the Ghost Zone as he and the mysterious ghosts known as the Observers watch Danny turn in the answers instead of using them.

As I have gotten glimpses of in the past, there is a Danny Phantom fanbase on Tumblr. The continued love for the show is what helps Danny Phantom keep my interest all these years later. I had no one to talk about it with then, but now I have the whole internet at my fingertips. Though he often struggles to not use his powers for selfish reasons, it only adds to his compellingness.

My first crush was a nerd because I was a nerd. He gets consistently picked on by much of the school while the adults remain either unaware or just plain useless. They eventually come to accept him as their defender, but he protects them anyway despite the large amounts of trouble it gets him into.

Danny Phantom is, as the theme song says, here to fight for me and you. I feel proud that he manages to do so much with only his two best friends and his sister. Hell, we even have the same haircut. Who was your first fictional crush? Do you want to write about them for Rogues Portal? Email pitches to Samantha! Submissions are unpaid at this time. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Danny fantom having cartoon sex

Danny fantom having cartoon sex

Danny fantom having cartoon sex